Dark haired slut giving head to black monster cock

Dark haired slut giving head to black monster cock
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Caught My Daughter Writing Porn II ___Baby and I sat there with chills. The thought of the hockey masked creep at my door was making us want to pee our panties. Baby nervously whispered: (&hellip."this is creepy, what do you think he'll do to us?") I thought&hellip.and then replied: ("OK&hellip.when we hear that key in the lock, we'll hide, and then attack him&hellip.

only this time we really 'are' going to rape him!") We giggled and took a deep breath&hellip. We talked quietly for a long time. Then we heard a little noise. I looked at my bedroom door as our hearts pounded. At the bottom of my door&hellip.a piece of twine slowly came out from under it&hellip.Mr. X was just outside my door… This gave us mega creeps!&hellip.we knew it was my dad, but still it was just creepy.

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I tried to think…we have to get ready to attack him if we hear that lock. I whispered to baby: ("…is your pussy as wet at mine?"…) She nodded as her eyes were wide open. We waited and waited. All the lights in the house went off&hellip. We squealed and held each other. We couldn't see a thing. We waited. Soon the bedroom door knob began to rattle. "Daddy Stop&hellip.your scaring us!" I yelled out.

Silence&hellip. Dad…&hellip. I was so enjoying this. Yes I was trying to get a point home&hellip.but who says I can't enjoy it? Two really hot girls and I let them play with me…now It was my turn to play with them. I switch the lights back on at the breaker panel. I listened at their door. I heard them giggling. I inserted my key in the lock.


Silence&hellip.then I heard scrambling in the bedroom. They were getting ready to do something when I came in. I slowly turned the lock.

I heard quiet giggling. I thrust open their door and then quick ducked in my bedroom. They screamed and giggled…then silence. I hid in the darkness and watched from my dark bedroom with my door open.


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Creepy X, where are you?", miss says. They whispered something between them. They slowly ventured out&hellip.both…naked. What a lovely sight. They carefully came to my bedroom doorway and tried to look in the darkness. I jumped up with my hockey mask on and ran for them.

Screams a plenty as they scrambled for miss's bedroom door. I got them before they got in. I pulled them slowly back into my bedroom. I kicked the door shut as they struggled. I flopped them on my bed. I held them with my legs and pulled out two rubber bands. I struggled with them and got both their hands behind their back with the rubber bands in place. They giggled and said: "You better not touch us, you creep!"&hellip.and miss said: "My dad will kick your ass, creepy!" It was totally dark in there.

I slowly removed the mask and got naked. I could hear their labored breathing. I took turns kissing their legs at first. I slowly worked my way up. I could feel their bodies tremble. "What are you going to do to us?" baby quietly asked.

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I said nothing, but rolled them toward each other. I had 4 young tits to lick and play with.


I could feel their hearts pounding as I licked, sucked and kissed their tits. I rubbed both their sweet asses. My hands got closer and closer to their very wet pussy's. Their little moans started. I choose baby to start with. I rolled her on her back and spread her legs wide. I kissed all around her pussy as he squirmed and moaned.

I let my tongue finally go up and down her wet slit. I felt miss's now free hands feeling my body. As I started licking baby's sweet pussy I felt miss's hand on my hardon as she kissed my body. Baby…… Dad X knew just how to lick my pussy and make me so hot. I was in excited heaven as his tongue played with my clit. I had felt him as he fucked miss last time, now I wanted the same feeling.

I was just getting ready to get out of the rubber band holding my wrists when he stopped. I could hardly see but he was putting miss on top of me, on her back. I hear him say in a creepy voice.

"You girls are my sex slaves now. You can't get away. You made the mistake of hooking up with me, and now I must forcibly have sex from both of you. Rough, hard creepy sex which I will just take from you, and there is nothing you can do about it. Now put your arms out, spread your legs wide as I'm going to fuck you both!" "OK…but don't hurt us&hellip.please." miss said, as they giggled. "You won't feel a thing after I…… "After what!" miss said: "&hellip.well I can't very well leave you girls…'alive'… to tell anyone, now can I?" We both squealed in fake fear.

"You won't do that, your are to hot for us. You want us to bad to hurt us." miss said: "…Yeah, you want to keep us and have sex with us forever!" I said.

This was the hottest thing I had ever done, and it also was making me want to feel dad x, inside me. I felt miss under me squirming as he began to lick both our pussy's. Miss whispered breathlessly to me&hellip.(…"I've already orgasmed once I'm so hot for him. I thought he was going to fuck you first, but he's going to fuck us both!") I felt miss's warm wet pussy under me as she had to have felt my wet pussy, dripping down on her.

He was licking both of us and making us squirm. He used his tongue and now fingers in both of us……I was waiting to feel his hardon in me next&hellip. Miss&hellip. Daddy was torturing us with his sexy ways of making us so hot. The waiting was making me want to reach down and pull him up on us. I'd just had another orgasm, and now I wanted to feel him in me. Baby had an orgasm too, as I felt her tremble and moan. I whispered to her: ("…let's pull him …(gasp)…up on us.") We reached down and pulled his hair and arms as he crawled up on us.

I held his hardon and guided it in baby's pussy. Our arms went around him as finally the fucking began. Baby squirmed and moaned on top of me. It was so hot to feel all this and my hand felt his hot slick hardon going in and out of her. I took my finger and rubbed her clit as they fucked. He stopped. Out came his hardon and in my pussy it went. I gasp as It went in deep. My pussy squeezed him as we fucked&hellip.it was beyond anything I could describe.

Just as my climax was building, he switched again. Baby jumped and moaned out. Her wet pussy was dripping on me…it was awesome. Back and forth between us he kept going. I got to feel both of them as the tension was going over the top for all of us.

Baby started a steady moan as her climax was taking her to heaven. I was right behind her as now we both moaned uncontrollably. He was huffing as he started to shake.

I felt him jolt as he began to cum hard. He shot a load in her and the second one he switched to me. Cum was splattering between us and in us. Baby and I squirmed and twisted our bodies as it felt so good.

My hands felt her and him as we all climaxed. I started to black out with the joy. Mine and her pussy's kept moving to get all the euphonious feelings we could. His warm cum ran over flowing onto and in me&hellip.I lost my breath with both of them on top of me, thrusting away&hellip.I think I blacked out for a few minutes.

Dad finally rolled off baby and continued fucking her with her on top.

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She was panting hard and moaning. Next he rolled her off and was on top of me. I pulled him in me deep, as our weak bodies just enjoyed each other. Poor Mr. X&hellip.we fucked him all night long. At 5am, I sat on his face. I loved the way he licked me. Baby was sucking his hardon and jacking it, as I felt another climax building up.

I moved my pussy firm and fast on his tongue… I said: "I&hellip.hope&hellip.you've learned…oooo…your lesson, Mr. X&hellip.not to hook up&hellip.with not one…mmm…but 'two' hot strange girls on line&hellip.oh my god…I shook all over and climaxed again right on his tongue… His cum shot out, right in baby's warm mouth……as we all moaned and squirmed…&hellip. -------------------- Dad&hellip. I was being played.

I knew it and &hellip.of course I loved it. My 'intent' to make the point not to hook up with strangers on line…it backfired on me.

The girls acted like they thrived on it. I still tried to be 'serious' and warn them. Each time I tried, they would grin, giggle and say: "Oh we would 'never' do that." …then I would find a big note on my daughters door. "Mr. Creep. Don't even try to come in here a 9pm tonight." They would take my hockey mask and put it in my bed…'hint hint'… I would find notes in my pocket and different places.

"Keep away from us Creep!", signed 'Miss' and 'Baby'. "Warning, we can RAPE you! You have been warned!", of course signed by them. They delighted in surprise attacking me.

I would be at my desk in the den and then feel a blindfold being placed over my eyes. I would hear one of them trying to change their voice and say: "We are girl rapists. Come with us or die." They would then lead me to somewhere and start pulling my pants down. It might be on the living room floor. They would&hellip.ahem… 'force' me to feel them up, lick their tits and pussy's.

I would have to fuck both of them as they said they had knives and guns they would use on me if I didn't&hellip.oh how I suffered*&hellip. Miss&hellip.

Baby and I were having so much fun making us all so horny. We came up with a fun trick to play on my dad. We would 'hint' for him to put on his coveralls but be naked underneath.

Put on his creepy hockey mask and come and find us somewhere in the house. He would come to my bedroom door and make creepy noises and rattle the door knob.

When he came in, there would be a note saying we were hiding 'in the house' somewhere. We would be naked but&hellip.turn off all the lights. He came after us. We tried not to giggle as we moved from place to place as he reached out to grab us. He always grabbed us in the end and then pulled us to where he wanted us. He would turn on a light, so we could see his creepy looks. It got us so hot as we struggled.

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Watching a guy with a hockey mask forcing himself on you was the ultimate creepy. We struggled and squealed for him to let us go.

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He held us tight an felt us up. He lifted his mask some and licked our tits and pussy's. He made these creepy noises I can't describe. We both got out of breath and super aroused as we lay victim to him. Then he began to un-zip his overalls. He forced our legs apart and was going fucking us. The more we struggled, the more he held us tight. He then would turn out the light and attack us in total darkness. We got horny chills from all of this and struggled&hellip.but no use. He was so strong he could hold us both down and tease us with his hardon rubbing it up and down our slits.

We squirmed and moaned as the tension build up and we wanted his hardon bad. We had preplanned this and I whispered to baby: ("Go!") We struggled under him and turned managed to get him on his back. We lay beside him&hellip.69. We had not done this before and went for it&hellip.

Dad&hellip. What the hell were they up to now, I wondered. I had them and me super aroused and ready. I soon felt both of them stroking my dick and putting their pussy's next to my face. I immediately started licking their wet pussy's and feeling their little firm butt cheeks. They both started licking my dick and feeling my balls. We hadn't fucked in about a week and my balls were full.

I alternated licking their pussy's as they moaned and squirmed.


They alternated sucked on my rock hard dick. Their dual moans were awesome. My balls were so ready as they squeezed them while humping their pussy's on my face. They felt my balls pull up, tighter and tighter and knew I was about to cum. They both tried to get their mouths on my dick as the head was about explode. I ran my finger in and pushed on their butt holes. They yelled and squirmed as they both climaxed and I shot a huge load of cum in both their mouths.

Their little butts squirmed as I worked my fingers in and out of them. I shot another load splattering their faces as they licked the head of my dick. I had two squirming, moaning, trembling girls and surely &hellip.this was heaven. Baby&hellip. We never expected this. I loved the hot cum in my mouth and on my face, but his finger in my back hole made me climax so hard I couldn't stop shaking&hellip.

Miss&hellip. Oh my god his finger got me to climax beyond my control. I had to pucker and it shook me up. His mega cum was so hot on my face and the shooing in my mouth&hellip.I went dizzy with euphoria…… We all jolted with the spasms we were all having. Baby had lost her breath and was panting hard. I was doing the same.

Dad's alternating licks between our pussy's was testing our sanity&hellip. 'oh… my&hellip. god'…was all we could barely moan out…over and over again……