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Naked teen straight cock movietures gay They just went to the
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INTRODUCTION My name is Emily Davis and I am a high school girl from Wisconsin. I live with my mother Hannah, sister Evelyn, half-brother Liam, and stepfather Oliver, who I and my sister call dad, in a 2-bedroom apartment.

My biological father left mum when I was one year old.

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I don't remember him at all and mum doesn't like to talk about him. Mum works as a waitress at a local diner next to the train stop and stepdad owns a car garage with his brother Owen. Evelyn or Evie as she is usually called, works in the town mall as a cashier. She started working here after graduating from high school. I and Liam study at the local high school. I live in a relatively small town in Wisconsin with a population of about 10,000.

We have a town center with a library, gym, sports facilities, indoor activities, and a club. There's a train stop with a diner where mum works and a motel close to it. A town mall is also here for shopping and stuff. A local post office is located close to the town center. There's also a central park next to the Michigan Lake.

Wisconsin University is located a few miles north, so the town is always abuzz with students. Next to the town center is a catholic church and there's also a small hospital for the local residents. Milwaukee is the closest big city, approximately 28 miles to the north. I am a five-foot-three red-haired green-eyed athletic girl with an hourglass body.

Volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics are my favourite sports to participate in. I am a rather shy girl with just a few friends. Most of my friends and classmates live close by. Nathan, Sophie, Chloe, and Jack and his father Gavin live in the same apartment building as us. Our landlord Brad is a chubby 60-year-old guy, who is always smelling of cigarettes and weed. Mum warned us not to get too friendly with him since it was rumored he used to be in a gang.

I do a number of odd jobs in addition to the measly pocket money mum gives me every week. Once a week I work as a postwoman for the local post office, as well as distribute pamphlets for local businesses sometimes. The local hospital and train stop also provides cleaning jobs. Although the pay isn't much, it is enough to get by for the week. Mr. White is the school gym coach who oversees all sports activities.

Mrs. Bartley is the school headmistress and Mr. Adams is our class teacher. Coach Parker is the local volleyball coach who trains amateur and pro players for the town team. WEEK-1 Day-1 I woke up hugging my pillow in the bedroom I share with my sister Evie. I checked my phone and saw the time 7:15 am. Evie was sleeping in her bed wearing her panties only, snoring lightly. I decided to get up and start my day. The school was starting day after tomorrow and I still had a lot of stuff to buy for the school.

I laid down on the floor and stretched my body as I got ready to exercise. I did a few push-ups and sit-ups, working up some sweat.


I got out of my room and went to the bathroom. Passing through the living room, I saw Liam sleeping on the couch. His morning wood was clearly visible in his white undies straining to get out. "He is probably fantasizing about some girl," I chuckled to myself as I got in the bathroom.

I closed the door tightly and hoped no one would come in, since the lock on the bathroom door was broken and dad hadn't come around fixing it. I got in the tub and turned on the shower. I started rubbing soap all over my body as the cool water splashed on my head. After half hour of thorough cleansing and feeling refreshed I got out of the shower and turned on the water in the sink to brush my teeth.

My period started today, so I put the tampon in my vagina as I put on my clothes. I was wearing black underwear and purple top with denim hot pants. I went back to my room and started brushing my hair in front of the mirror.

My make-up supplies were almost finished. I made a mental note to myself about buying the make-up kit along with groceries and clothes. It was 8:00 am now and dad was in the living room watching telly as I passed by.

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"Morning dad," I said to him smiling as I bent down to kiss him on the cheek. "Morning Em," he replied promptly returning the kiss, without looking away from the screen. Mum was in the kitchen making breakfast. She didn't notice me coming in as I sat down on the coffee table.

"Morning mum," I said as I poured myself a glass of orange juice.

"Morning Em," she said sweetly coming over giving me a quick kiss on the cheek as she set the pancakes and syrup in front of me. "Hey mum! Can I have some money, please?" I asked, eating the pancakes, "I need to buy school supplies and some clothes." "Sure baby," she replied without turning around, "I will give you $200 after breakfast. Is that okay?" "Couldn't you like give me $300?" I asked hopefully, knowing full well the answer.

"No Em," she said looking at me, "Money doesn't grow on a tree you know. If you need more than $200, you need to earn it yourself.

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You aren't the only kid around here." "Alright, alright," I said gloomily, "No need to start the lecture again." "See you later, mum," I said as I finished eating and got up. "Be safe," she replied, handing me $200 as promised. I trotted across the town towards the train stop for the cleaning job. I spent the next 3 hours cleaning the platform and the washrooms. Done with the work, I went to the supervisor office to collect my $50. "Alright, Fred?" I asked the supervisor as he counted the money before giving it to me.

"Hey Em," he replied smiling, before getting back to his work. I went to the washrooms for a quick touch up of make-up before going to the mall. The mall was abuzz with shoppers even though it was just noon time yet. I went to the clothes section first and picked out a green summer dress. Thankfully it was on sale for just $100. I also bought a new set of maroon underwear for $20.

I noticed a pretty dark blue halter top on sale for $80.


I counted the money I had and decided to buy the top. Clutching my shopping bags in left hand, I went over to the accessories section and bought some make-up for $50. This would last me a month or so. Heading over to the tech section, I topped up my phone balance for $20. Evie was sitting at the cashier counter looking bored. "Heyya Evie!!" I called her out loudly, grinning toothily. "Ssshh Em!" she replied quietly, startled, "How many times do I have to tell you not to bother me at work." I went home and ate lunch quickly as I changed into sportswear, consisting of blue sleeveless training top and black training capris.

I went to the school ground for a jog before joining Liam and his friends for soccer practice. As I finished stretching after the game, I noticed the boys standing together and talking quietly. "Hey guys," I said loudly, butting in between them, "What are you talking about?" "Nothing, nothing," Alex said all hushed up. "What?" I asked again, "Don't tell me you girls were talking about which boy is more handsome at school." "No, we weren't talking about anything," Liam piped in, getting red.

I was having fun seeing them get all flustered. "Fine, don't tell me then," I faked sulking, "I can hook you up with Matt though, if that's who you fancy." "Oi no," Liam said, "Stop messing with us alright.

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We weren't talking about boys or girls." "Right!" I said, "Then what were you girls whispering about?" Liam looked at Alex and Ethan for a moment before talking.

"Porn," he said, red with embarrassment, "We were discussing porn, okay." "Ha!" I laughed, "You know you aren't supposed to watch porn, he he." "Right!" Liam said pleadingly, "Can you please leave us alone now? We are going to go watch some now. And please don't tell mum and dad." "Ooh!" I smirked, "Nah!

You boys are too young watching that stuff alone, you need elder supervision." "For the love of God, just go away, will you?" Liam sighed, "Which elder do you think is going to supervise us, eh?" "Well, I'm free to supervise," I laughed, pointing at myself. "You want to watch porn with us?" Ethan said in disbelief. "Duh!" I said, "Let's go people. We don't have all day here." "I can't believe it," Liam said exasperatedly, "This isn't happening. Alex please just kill me, would you?" "On one condition, though," he said, "You will sit quietly and we will forget this ever happened." "Young man," I said imitating mum, "You are in no position to bargain." The four of us went to Alex's home.

His parents were out working and would be home late, which gave the boys ample time to watch porn. I was enjoying pushing their buttons.

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We sat down in the living room as Alex put the DVD in the player. "Students Gangbang Teacher," I said reading the DVD title loudly, much to the embarrassment of the three adolescent boys, "Remind me to tell Ms.

Garcia what you guys fantasize about her." "Em, please stop messing with us," Ethan begged, "And please don't say anything to anyone, please. And it's not like we don't know about your crush on Mr. Adams." "Alright, alright, just messing with you guys," I said laughing, looking at the screen as the movie started, "And hey, Mr.

Adams is cute." The movie was a generic classroom porn movie with a blonde bimbo as teacher and three muscular studs as students, having sex in all kinds of positions. I noticed the tentpoles in the boys' gym shorts as we watched the movie. Poor guys were excited watching the porn but were too embarrassed to do anything in front of me.

"Alright girls," I said standing up as the movie ended, "Have fun. I'm out." "You will keep this a secret, won't you?" Alex asked me hopefully as I opened the door.

"Yeah, no worries fellas," I smiled, "I was just having fun with you guys. Till next time." I raced to the town centre as the clock struck 6:00 pm.

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My volleyball practice started at 6:00 pm and Coach Parker didn't like us getting late for it. "You're late," Coach said nonchalantly as he saw me enter the gym sweating, "And you smell.

Go take a bath." I took a bath in the showers quickly and went to the practice. Coach Parker was giving his usual start of season lecture. "Listen up girls," he said loudly, standing in the middle, "I want you ladies to pick up your game this season and go farther than we did this past year, which by no means was a success of any kind.

We will be training long and hard this year and I don't care if you drop dead because of all the training and practice hell that I'm going to rain on you. We have 24 qualifying games and we need to win more than we lose in order to qualify.

Go make us all proud." For the next two hours, we did different exercises and sprints. Coach definitely meant business this year around.

I went to the showers and took a cold shower before going back home. Liam and dad were watching a movie on the telly, while mum was in her bedroom reading a novel.


Evie was out with her friends partying someplace. I sat down on the couch in the living room and started watching the movie with Liam and dad while eating a BLT sandwich.

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The movie was quite boring but there wasn't much on anyways. Dad went off to his room around 10:00 pm to sleep and Liam was also feeling tired now. I went to my room as Liam turned off the telly and went to sleep. I laid down on my bed and started browsing the internet on my phone.

Pretty soon I was sleepy so I put the phone on charging and changed into my sleeping clothes. I laid down in bed wearing black snuggle shorts and pink Henley short sleeve shirt. Day-2 will be posted depending on response of Day-1