Sweet babe openning her sweet pussy for quick cash

Sweet babe openning her sweet pussy for quick cash
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Brenda is Shelly's 28 year old sister, she is staying with us while she moves to Dallas. Brenda awoke to a strange sound coming through the wall. At first she had no idea what it was. She rolled onto her back and lay in bed for a while, listening.

It is already morning and faint rays of light shone threw the curtains. Brenda looked at the clock. It is still early. She breathed quietly, then held her breath, waiting for the sounds to become clearer.

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Something told her that she had been dimly aware of this noise for since moving in a week ago. Her dreams had been strange, troubling and erotic. The quite outside meant she is able to hear the unfamiliar sound more clearly. With a sudden quiver in her pussy she realized what the noise was. " Oh yes! Oh yes!


Ooh, that's so good! Ah, right there, yes, yes! Ahh, all the way in, so deep, so deep! Don't stop! Ride me! Ride me! Ahh god, I'm cumming, ahh!" It was the sound of her sister screaming, accompanied by moans and grunts from me. " Again! Again! Fuck me harder this time! Do it to me, do it to me, ooh god, right in there!" Brenda's face and neck flushed hot and she immediately broke out in a sweat. In her soft, cotton pajamas she is suddenly very warm. Her fingers wandered in the direction where she felt warmest.

No! Not here. She unbuttoned her top but is still too warm. The noise continued for what seemed like hours. she decided to get up, hoping that might cool her off. As she passed their bedroom, their groans reached an almost deafening crescendo. As it was too early for breakfast she passed through the kitchen and opened the door to the covered patio.

Brenda is grateful for the breeze on her skin. She re-buttoned her top and went to sit in a patio chair. She sighed and wondered how her sister could have such flagrant disregard for decency.

Tiredness overcame her and her head drooped. After a while Brenda is jolted from her sleep by the sound of the kitchen door slamming.

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She opened her eyes and there before her, standing on the lawn, was a stark naked woman: her sister Shelly. With her back to the house, her bare feet planted firmly in the grass, she ran her fingers through her long, blonde hair. She lowered her arms to her belly, then further down. She bent forward and spread her feet slightly wider and Brenda saw her fingertips between her legs, her nails lightly grazing her blonde pubic curls and her labia.

Then she turned around. Brenda suddenly realized her mouth was open and, strangely, her top had become unbuttoned again. Her sister's right arm flew to her breasts and her left to her pubic region. She glanced to the door, then smiled, dropped her arms and shrugged.

Brenda kept her eyes locked on hers but it was too late. Brenda's arousal was obvious to Shelly. She relaxed and strolled over to the bench near her chair. " I guess you heard everything, huh?" Shelly asked her. Brenda blushed even harder than ever and looked down.

This was so wrong. She should be totally grossed out at the thought of her sister being so sexual. Yet there was a burning sensation between her legs that increased as she imagined them having sex. Brenda clenched her legs together and longed to place her fingers between them. She was so turned on. When her eyes returned to Shelly, Shelly is staring at Brenda intently. Shelly lifted one foot to rest on the bench beside her and Brenda is given a full view of her pussy.

Through the soft hair Brenda saw the lips of Shelly's slit glistening with juice, and possibly also cum. Finally, Brenda managed to tear her eyes away, afraid of where this was going. Shelly clearly found the situation more amusing than Brenda did. Shelly shrugged.

" I suppose we've got a little too used to our lifestyle." It was Shelly's turn to blush just a little. She cleared her throat quietly and asked, " So Brenda, is there anyone special in your life yet?" Brenda shook her head, incredibly self-conscious; conscious of her blushing. John wanted me from the moment he saw me and nothing, certainly not the fact that I'm younger then him, was going to stop us. We have been at it like rabbits from the day we met. " Shelly!" Brenda protested.

" The first time I seen John's cock.


I was stunned," she steamed ahead regardless of Brenda's embarrassment, " He had to push my face into the pillow, I was making so much noise. I remember the feeling of him entering me for the first time. Oh," she gasped with her eyes closed, " it hurt being stretched so wide. I wanted him so much I was so ready to take him, and he's so big!" She winked at me. " A girl has to be relaxed to take it, especially the first time. Nerves make you tense and then you can get hurt." Shelly glanced at Brenda pointedly, crossed her legs, " Yes, it always hurts the first time.

" Shelly continued, " So we do it all night, every night." Shelly laughed quietly. " He makes me so sore, and I think he is cock sore, but we don't care. When he gets too tired, which is only after hours and hours of solid sex, he uses his tongue and fingers." Shelly narrowed her eyes at Brenda and she felt as naked as her.

" He gives me one massive orgasm after another, and then I go down on him." Brenda clamped her mouth shut tightly, afraid of how she must look. By now she is in a state of shock. Suddenly Brenda feels Shelly's soft, warm skin against hers and she realized how much she loved her. Shelly licked Brenda's ear and whispered hotly, " Would you like John to fuck you?" Brenda looked at her sister and nodded yes.

Shelly took Brenda's hand and brought her to our bedroom. Brenda now wanted so desperately to turn around and leave but that is impossible. In finding her voice Brenda now also found the strength to stand there. She stepped forward, to lay down on the bed. My arms caught her, embraced her, and we were immediately kissing like crazy with her on top of me. My penis is already engorged, or maybe it had been hard already, and its tip poking against her belly, my hands slipped up her back while her hands ran through my hair.

We pulled each other closer so that our bodies pressed together.

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Brenda hardly knew what she is doing, she is so driven by lust. Suddenly I push her away gently and ask her, " Are you sure you want this, Brenda?" Brenda smiled, laying back on the opposite side of the bed, spreading her legs. I crawled between her legs, my torso rearing above her and she gazed up at me while biting her lip.

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I took my throbbing penis and pressed it against her slit. Brenda encouraged me with a flood of kisses to my face and neck while she massaged my chest. I grunted and pressed my hips forward. I managed to penetrate her to about half an inch, " Jesus," I said laughing, " you're so tight I can't get in." Brenda caressed me and licked my ear, gently urging me into her, but it seems that she is very tight and I'm so big. Brenda frowned and wondered what she was doing wrong. I grin obscenely down at her beautiful flawless face.

It is all I can do to keep from shoving forward to skewer the squirming little bitch's tight cunt on my painfully aching cock. Overcoming my immediate passion, I will enjoy fucking her. To show her just how much she truly wants a long hard male cock to be shoved into her little belly. Now the wild fucking I'm going to give her will be the best opportunity I will ever have to fuck Shelly's sister.

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Well, I will do it; I will fuck her until she can't walk. The lewd satisfying thought causes me to thrust my hips forward, pushing my cock head harder against her naked young cunt. Brenda gasps as she feels the super-sensitized lips of her now hot tingling vagina being forced wider apart.

The tight elastic opening resisting the hard cruel pressure of my bluntly-pressuring cock head, then suddenly gives way, allowing the huge blood-filled tip to slip just up inside.

The pain is excruciating and she resists, whimpering out loud at the monstrous painful intrusion into her tightly clenched vaginal channel. I feel a wave of sadistic pleasure surge through me at her soulful protest and I'm unable to conceal the evil grin that immediately formed on my lips.

I thrust again. " Oooooooh, noooooo stop, you're hurting me!" Brenda screams. Her up thrust legs jerking spasmodically on either side of my heavy body, kicking futilely into the air to escape the cruel impalement. She stares pleadingly up into my face but found no pity or compassion in my expression, only a sadistic lust that made her blood run cold. Slowly, I force my massive span of lust-hardened flesh into her constricting inner passage, filling her moist resisting vaginal cavern inch by inch.

I can barely contain the excitement that the helplessly protesting young woman is giving me as I slowly and relentlessly penetrate further and further into her futilely-resisting cunt and again and again I flex my hips against her wide-split pussy, until at last, I can stand it no longer. I had to fuck the little bitch and now!

I rammed brutally forward, dropping my weight down on her, smashing her firm breasts flat beneath my chest as I rammed my hips forward at the same time. My thick hard cock plunging into her moist, squirming cunt with the cruel force of a battering ram, bruising the soft tender walls of her warm vaginal flesh in rippling waves along its path.

There is no stopping it until I feel my balls smack resoundingly against her tiny wincing ass that had pushed itself deep down into the mattress in an attempt to escape the sudden vicious impalement. " Oh, my God, you're ripping me apart!

Aaaaaaaaggggh!" she wails, her skewered form pinned helplessly to the bed. Her arms are outstretched, palms against my hips, trying to push away the blood-filled head of my cock that presses like a hot heavy rock against the sanctity of her virgin womb. Her vagina feels battered, bruised and stretched as though she had been impaled on a cut tree trunk. In agony, she fights the hard, fleshy invasion, squeezing tightly together the muscles of her helplessly-upturned buttocks to keep the rampaging cock from burying itself further into her tortured young pussy but with every struggling movement the huge throbbing cock head burrows deeper into her.

My outstretched arms hold her shoulders tight to the mattress, my wide- spread knees wedging her shaking thighs far apart. She feels as though her body is being ripped in half, that the fiery cock has gone all the way up past her breasts and is about to come out of her throat.

My heavy breathing, lips curling into a evil grin as I see her face cloud with the pain of my first cruel lunge into her. Glancing down between our joined bodies, I see my graying pubic hairs rubbing lewdly against her, the gleaming knot at the base of my monster cock buried to the hilt between the moist lips of her wide stretched vagina.

I only wished that I could record this moment in a photograph, so that she would never be able to deny, even to herself, that she had been spread-eagled and fucked senseless this way by her sister's lover. By God, I'm certainly making her scream and yell, and I'm about to give her a fuck that she will never forget for as long as she lives. Beneath me Brenda struggled uselessly against the agony of my sudden forced entry.

Though she tries desperately to push it out by flexing the muscles within her straining pussy, each throb of her insides seems only to excite me more and I slide even deeper into her wide-split pussy passage. She feels my huge sperm-laden balls lying down against her tiny softly-flexing ass as I lay buried deep up inside her futilely-straining belly. There is not one ridge or vein on the big hammer-headed cock that she cannot feel as the tender wet walls of her pussy clasps around it like a tight- fitting elastic sleeve.

At the very end of her anguished vaginal passage, she feels the huge rubbery tip throbbing against her cervix. The gentle pulsing of the thick shaft within her sends jolts of pain and pleasure through her trembling body and she moans softly beneath me. I feel the slight throbbing pressure she exerted against my deeply-buried cock and smiled delighted at the hot sensual urgency I feel. I never thought I would be fucking Shelly's sister, I hovered motionless over her quivering body until she became accustomed to my thickness rammed up inside her little belly.

Still not moving my body, I flex my heavy blood-filled cock inside her, stretching her vaginal walls even further apart. " Ooooooh, God, noooo," she whimpers, her eyes tightly shut as she fought the fine line of pleasure-pain.

I flex the hard rod again in the hot-depths of her tight narrow passage, watching her wincing face below.

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She groans again, but more softly as she feels the embedded cock expanding the tight-stretched walls of her passageway. " Ooooh," she gasps breathlessly as I flex a third time. " Noooooooooo, pleeeeeease," she pleads, her eyes clamped tightly shut as she seesaws between the throbs of pleasure and the lingering pain.

I'm flexing the hard rod again deep in her pussy, enjoying the responsive grimace of pain that distorts her now perspiring face. She groans again but this time with less suffering in her tone as she feels the deeply-embedded cock expand and press outward against the tight-stretched walls of her vagina. " Gaaaaawwd," she gasps breathlessly as I continue flexing again and again, setting a teasing rhythmic pattern to my tormenting movements.

Her pain-tensed face relaxes slowly and I feel slight, uncertain answering throbs around the pulsing head of my deeply imbedded cock as her body begins to slowly respond to the maddening flexing of my cock. She groans helplessly beneath me as her smooth buttocks begins the gradual involuntary rolling that signals the unmistakable uncontrollable fires smoldering deep in her naked loins.

I barely contain myself as I feel her hungrily-nibbling young cunt begin to clench tightly around my achingly-hard penis. Brenda senses her soft warm body reacting, sparking into the beginnings of an ecstasy that she has never known before. The agonizing pain has given way to another sensation, a deep thrilling tingle that rose from deep in her womb and seems to saturate her body with an urgent need to have even more of the brutal impaling cock deep up inside her. Her smooth silken flesh seems totally alive now with lewdly swirling sensations that ripple out in tiny dancing waves across her skin from her head to her toes each time the huge buried cock lurched deep in her.

A burning need centered hotly in her upraised loins, making her heavily-filled cunt involuntarily dilate and twitch around the rock-like pole that was stuffed into her. She wanted more of it, wanted to feel the swollen cock drilling in and out of her moist hungry passage.

Instinctively, she drove her young buttocks upward, grinding herself against his pelvis but he remained motionless, above her, his weight pressing her back down into the cushions. She could not move and she felt like she was about to go out of her mind with the fiery frustration that blazed inside of her helplessly- pinioned body.

"Oh, please, please, do something," she gasped, looking pleadingly up into the unshaven face above her. She saw a sadistic grin of lewd delight crease the caretaker's weathered face. "Did you say something, little lady?" he taunted, sending a particularly forceful throb into the very depths of her being.

"Oooooooh," she breathed helplessly, as she rotated her lush young hips up around the hard fleshy rod. The dilated lips surrounding her pink wet slit nibbled hungrily at the inflated prick, sliding moistly down the penis for several inches then working slowly back up until his curling dark pubic hair meshed with hers and the full length of him was again embedded deep in her softly heaving belly. All that matters is that she wants me now, now, wanting my lust-hardened cock to be set in motion to match the desperate desire that is churning within her.

At last, through tightly-clenched teeth, she hisses, " All right. fuck me now. FUCK ME!" Savoring her, I levered myself up into a push-up position and slowly withdrew my deeply- imbedded length until only the bloated mushroom-like head still rested within the moistly glistening lips of her tender young pussy.

This time there are no cries or pleas for mercy, only the throaty animal sounds of a lustful woman reaching out for pleasure. To my delight, I feel the aroused young woman's trembling hands snaking up around my body to clasp around behind my buttocks, pulling at my tightly-clenched muscles to draw me even deeper into her aching belly.

Confident now of her unconditional submission, I begin to slowly grind my loins up between her open thighs, pistoning my thick cock in and out of the tightly-clenched cavern that is now wet and slippery from the delicious young blonde's unchained passion. The bed shook and squeaked wildly beneath us as Brenda desperately bucked up to meet my slamming thrusts, grinding her nakedly-writhing buttocks higher and higher to get more and more of my skewering cock deeper up inside her.

Her bucking hips became faster by the second, the tempo of her thrusts becoming more urgent, and I knew that she is straining to cum. The inner fluids of her hotly- milking vagina are beginning to flow and I hear the wet sucking sound of the in and out thrusts of my huge jack-hammering cock.

Suddenly her back arches almost a foot off the shaking bed and she bucks wildly against me. " Oh, God, yes. yes, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming!" she wails. " Oh, fuck it! Fuck it harder, fuck it harder!!!" With a groan, her desperately-writhing body begins to quiver uncontrollably, creamy viscous fluids oozing out from her hot pussy to cover my impaling rod with its sticky warmth.

It trickles down the valley between her smooth rounded buttocks and over my sperm-loaded balls that smack hard and noisily against her ass. The slapping of my sperm-bloated balls against her upturned buttocks resounded throughout the room.

Snaking my hands beneath her grinding buttocks, I grasp each soft cheek of her ass, cupping them in my spread fingers and palms, squeezing the warm fleshy orbs and pulling them wide apart. I begin long hard strokes into her seething pussy lubricated from her orgasm, clasping hungrily around my fleshy hot rod, slithering up to devour its length all the way to the hilt. My sperm-filled balls slapping her buttocks as my own breathing came in short bursts. The sight of her magnificent young breasts dancing wildly with the buffeting her lower body is undergoing, the tightly erect pink nipples bobbing before my eyes, made me plunge deeper, driving her several inches back on the bed and making her neck arch with the sudden lewdly- inciting sensation.

" Oh, yesssss, ooooh," Brenda groans her submission to the obscene sensations racing through her cruelly ravished young body. There is no longer any reason to fight the lewd flames of desire coursing through her. Her hands forced themselves desperately from under her legs to slip around my back. Her fingernails clawing a red- streaks down to my flexing buttocks as she pulls me deep and thrusts her fleece-covered mound up hard to skewer herself deliciously on the hot-driving flesh of my cock.

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She sucked voraciously on my wet tongue that is shoved deep in her throat through my open lips, she swallows greedily the droplets of my saliva that ran down it.

Her body begins to match my lunges with her own rhythmic thrashing. The heavily-straining bed squeaking in time to the two tightly-entwined bodies struggling wildly against each other. The sound of deep straining grunts and groans fills the bedroom, mingling with the flat smacking sounds of sweat-soaked flesh banging against sweat-soaked flesh and the wet viscous slurp of my pile-driving cock ramming in and out of her.

I savagely shove my tongue down her throat and with kneading hands pull the wide- spread cheeks of her hungrily-grinding buttocks hard up against my jack- hammering pelvis as I rammed my expanding cock all the way to the hilt inside her.

Brenda is rocketing to a new and thrilling height of pleasure and her breath rasps from her throat in short cries of passion. She feels the delicious hot white liquid shooting into her like molten fire.

Her pussy clasped around it, absorbing it, erupting in reply! Again her cum juices flow out around my jerking cock. This is what she has been needing for so long and now she cannot bear the idea that it will stop. Reaching frantically around under her hungrily-squirming buttocks with both hands, she begins to desperately milk my emptying balls pressed tightly against her buttocks. Her long shapely legs kicking out, shaking uselessly in the air on either side of my body.

My huge rhythmically-throbbing cock continues to jerk inside her, sending white hot spurts of cum into her womb to the bursting point. " Oh, fill me, fill me some more," she babbled incoherently. The smooth hot walls of her cunt clasping and unclasping wildly around my cock, milking the jerking cock like a sucking starving mouth, until it gave one last spasmodic jerk, the last drop sucked dry from it.

Exhausted I collapsed limply across her sweating young body, feeling her still gushing around my deflating cock. It seems to go on forever until, at last, she too sighs and quivers to limp stillness. Her legs fell lifelessly on either side of my drained body and one arm dangling wearily over the edge of the bed.

Her still warm-contracting young belly is filled to the point of bursting with the obscene mixture of our hot sticky cum. I lay panting for a moment to recover my strength and then slowly drag myself off the exhausted young woman's still form, my almost limp cock sliding slowly out of her battered and bruised cunt.

Brenda's blue eyes flutter open at the withdrawal and she feel an immediate sense of loss until she remembers what had happened and who is standing beside the bed on which she lay. A sudden spasm of horror and shame took hold of her mind as she imagined how she must look, lying there exposed, her belly sperm-filled, with her sister's lover standing nakedly over her.

Raising her head, she sees that they are still obscenely connected by a thin gleaming string of sticky sperm that stretched downward from the head of my limply hanging cock and across her thigh to disappear down the blonde curling valley between her thighs.

It pulls taut and then broke as I turn away to go to the bathroom. I returned saying " How'd you like it, honey?" as I grin perverted as I stepped into my briefs.


" Now, aren't you glad your visiting your sister. You fuck just like your sister," I said. Brenda ran back to her room, grabbing a fresh towel from a drawer and dried herself off quickly.

Then she slips on her pink shirt, a pair of pink panties and a long white skirt. She brushed her blonde hair and examined her face for traces of guilt. Barefoot, she went to see if I was still up.