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Curvy tattooed punk Alby Rydes gets fuckedgets fucked
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He smiled. "Well now, demanding aren't we?" He teased. "Just remember that I am here for you and not here to order you around, though some others may think of Drow that way." "I did but you are changing that opinion." She replied to him as she turned back into her pixie form and flew off. He watched her and sighed. "And where do you think you are going?" He asked as he got up out of bed. "Away to think about everything I'm not allowed to fall in love with my master." She replied.

He chuckled.

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"Well you know where to find me." He said and got dressed. "I'll be around, have to take a visit to my master to get my next mission." He said slightly muttering to himself. "Well now look who's finally home so is she dead brother?" his sister asked him. He turned around and nodded before kneeling down on one knee. "Yes she is. I ran into a little bit of trouble but she is dead. What is your next wish for me?" "We have another problem there's a small group of rouge pixies spying about.

I hear you brought one of them home with you she will be your next target I hope you haven't become too close to her." She replied to him. He sighed. "Would you like her dead as well or would you like her taken as a prisoner?" He asked as he looked up at her.

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"Prisoner first she may be able to lead us to the others like her then you will kill her after you torture her." She said. He took a deep breath.

"Yes mistress, what would happen if I failed?" "Then you would be considered the spy questioned then tortured your self. After that you would be executed." She explained to him.

"And I would hate to have too kill my own brother so don't fail." He stood up and nodded. "I won't disappoint you." He said. 'This is going to be a bit harder than I thought.' He thought to himself. "Anything else I can do for you, Mistress?" He asked. "That would be it for now. Oh one more thing before I go I know she is bound to you brother so it shouldn't be that hard for you too kill her you've already gained her trust." She replied to him but little did she know that Juliana had heard the whole conversation and was already gone, Knowing that they would not believe that it was not her but her twin sister that was the spy.

He nodded. "I will get you what you want; I will also let you have a chat with their leader as soon as I can find them, before I kill it." He said with a bit of coldness in his voice.

"You have my word." "Good I expect nothing less from you, you are dismissed brother." she said to him. He nodded and bowed to her before he gathered his things and left the house. He knew what he had to do but he was not sure he could pull through with it. She was the only one, other than his kind that did not fear him. He left the underground in search for her. "So you have to kill me?" he heard her ask him from some where in the forest. "I have to bring you in for questioning and we'll see from there." He said.

"Come out of hiding." "No I know what you have to do to me I heard the whole conversation it is not me you are looking for. But you don't care about that as long as you get your mark and impress your mistress." She replied to him. He stopped walking. "Who am I looking for if it's not you?" He asked and looked around.

"Do you really care?" she asked him. "Why don't you come and find out." He said. "And if anyone is with you bring them.

We'll see how things go." "I didn't think you did the rumors were true I never should have given myself too you." she replied to him. "Rumors were made for a reason. Now if you don't come out I'll just have to come in and find you and I really don't want to do that. Just come out and talk to me about this whole thing." "Why so you can kill me or shoot me with something that is going to knock me out.

I am not that stupid." She replied to him thankful he didn't remember what she had said to him in the beginning about her having to obey a direct order from him. He sighed. "Well then I guess we are doing things the hard way." He said, he did forget about the whole obeying direct orders.

"I guess this is what you get for meddling in a Drow's work and letting him take you without a fight." "I made the mistake of falling in love with you that's what I did." She replied to him as she walked out from behind the trees in her human form. She then slowly walked over too him her head down to the ground. "Just do it and get it over with already I know I have no chance against you and I also know that your people are not going to listen to me." she said her eyes still looking down at the ground.

He turned around and lifted her head gently with his hand. "How do you know that I won't believe you? All you really need to do is show me something that says you are not involved and you have my word that I will not harm you." "Yes well we all know that's not going to happen.

Listen the one you are looking for is my twin sister Abriel I don't know where she is so don't even ask me. she was sent to start a war between the races by gathering information for my father. Please don't hurt me I beg you." she explained to him as she broke down into tears her whole body trembling in fear. He sighed.

"Where was the last place you know where she was?" He asked and let his arm rest down by his side. "If you don't help me I may just go back on my word and harm you." "That's what I am waiting for. Because if you don't kill me my father will. And I would rather be killed by the man I love than a man I hate." She replied to him. "No one is going to harm you, they would have to go through me first." He said.

"So is your father in on this? If so I would like to meet him now." "He is the reason for all of this. If he sees me he'll have me killed on sight by know he already knows I belong to you now and not the man he wanted me to." She said to him. "But if it is the only way to keep you then I'll do it master but only if you order me to." She added.

He sighed. "I thought I told you I wasn't going to order you around. But if that is the only way for you to cooperate then I guess I will have to. I want you to show me directly to your father, that's an order." He said and felt weird saying it. "As you wish my lord." She replied to him as she turned back into her pixie form.

She then mumbled a few words and a pathway to her father's home was revealed to them. "Lead the way. Tell your father you have a prisoner that would like to speak with him." He said. "I'm pretty good at lying to people." "We shall see master." She replied to him as she lead the way to her fathers home.

Once they arrived they were greeted by her fathers guards. "Nice to see you again boys." She said to them as they walked over to them and searched them both. "Is this really necessary boys I haven't been gone that long?" se asked them. "I'm sorry princess but it is your fathers orders." One of the guards replied to her. "Tell him I have a prisoner that wishes to speak with him at once." She replied to the guard.

He then turned around and walked back into her fathers chambers. A few moments later he returned and motioned for them to follow him. The other guard followed close behind them. "Juliana how nice to see you again." Her father said her as they entered his chambers.

"You as well father." She replied. "Don't lie to me you are not glad to see me why have you returned to me you have a new master now. Where is he by the way there is no way he would let you leave his side let alone come all the way home with out him?" her father asked her looking over at the drow standing next to her. He grinned. "Who said he had let her come here by herself?" He asked and bowed slightly.

"I have a few questions to ask you, sir, if you don't mind me asking." "I do mind actually so where is this master of yours?" he asked his daughter. He chuckled. "You're looking at him, sir." He said grinning. "Is there a problem?" "Yes there is your not the man I promised her to. He is very disappointed at the fact that he does not have her.

What am I to do about this little dilemma?" he asked the drow. "Hand her over to me along with her twin sister. I have a few things to ask her as well." He said.

"If she was promised to someone else why didn't you have a tighter grip on where she was going?" "I did until she killed her guards to get away." He answered. "And no you may not have my other daughter you already have one you filthy drow." He replied. He chuckled and with a flick of his wrist, he tossed one of his hidden daggers towards the king.

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The blade stuck into the chair inches from his head. "I suggest you tell me where your other daughter is and I'll spare you." "Do you blame me father for what I did I had no choice I had to get away from you what else was I going to do?" she said to him.

"Guards seize that drow." The king shouted to his guards. He chuckled again taking down a couple guards before the rest of the guards knocked him to the ground. "Well, I think I may have underestimated the male pixies.

I thought that they would be more of the pansy type." "Father please leave him alone if it were not for him I would be dead by now." She said to her father. "You still might be." He replied to her.

"Let her live and take my life instead." He said pulling against the guards. "Let her live with the decision that she has made." "Ah yes that would be an appropriate sentence for her now wouldn't it? Her father said. "I'm not sure if it would be, I just suggested it." He said and looked at her.

"It would make her think on who to trust at first sight." "Yes well that may be true but I was thinking on a life with out you for her would be worse than anything. You are her master now and with out you there is no point in her living." "Like I said, it'll make her think in her next life. It may also have the rest of your small kind think about who they trust." He said and shrugged one of the guards off. "If that is what you wish of me father then so be it." she said to him.

Daryn shrugged off the second guard and glanced over at her. "Submissive isn't she?" "That is the way she was raised to do as she is told.

Now come be by my side my daughter while I think of what to do about your treason." He said to her and she obeyed she quickly walked over to him and sat down next to him. He chuckled. "Now who would she obey more?" He wondered aloud. "Guards take our little drow friend here to the dungeon I will be down to deal with him in a moment." Her father said to the guards.

The guards went to go and grab Daryn by the arms. He let them take him and followed them down to the dungeons. They disarmed him and took his backpack before tossing him into the cage.

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One stayed with him at the entrance of the cell and the other went to stand guard at the end of the hall. "Father what do you have in mind now?" she asked him.

"You have no right to ask me that you treacherous bitch." He replied to her as he smacked her across the face. At that moment, Daryn placed a hand to his face as if he had been slapped. He looked very confused. "What the fuck was that about?" He asked himself. "Don't you ever question me you are lucky that I have not had beheaded by now. You are my daughter and I would hate to have to do that to you. So instead, I am going to torcher your precious master while you watch and feel everything he is going through.

If you two are as connected as I think you are then this should get very interesting." He said to her. Daryn started to pace in his cell trying to think of how he could get away without having to kill a lot of her people. He didn't want to leave her here as well. He leaned against the back wall of the cell to think. "We are not that connected father so it would be just a waste of time." She said to him.

"Well is that so." He replied to her as he grabbed her by the hair of the head and dragged her down to the dungeon throwing her on the floor in front of his cell. When she looked up at him he noticed a bruise forming over her eye where she had been struck earlier. "If you are not connected with him then why is there a mark showing up on his face in the same place I hit you earlier?" he asked her as he hit her again causing Daryn to hit the floor in pain.

He dropped down to one knee and looked up at them. He slowly got back up to his feet. "There is no need for that. Leave her out of this." He said and walked up to the cell door placing his hands around the bars. "Torture me, kill me, whatever you want just leave her be." He said and then looked down at her.

"You see my little friend whatever you feel she feels as well and vice versa so I am going to enjoy this. First I'll take it out on her then I'll come back for you." the king said as he grabbed her by the hair once more and dragged her back up to his chambers.

He sighed and pulled out some of his lock picks that he hid in his boot and picked the lock so that he could leave the cell. He walked up behind the guard that was near the cell and quickly and quietly broke his neck.

"Sorry you had to be a part of this." He said and started making his way towards the main stairway. Before he could reach it he could hear her screaming for him calling out his name. then he once again fell to one knee as he began feeling her the pain of her father beating her. His breathing began to quicken but he pulled himself up to his feet again and pushed himself to kill the second guard at the end of the stairs.


He leaned against the wall to take a breather but once again felt a large rush of pain go through his body. The rush of pain made him slam his whole body against the brick wall behind him, slightly causing a little more pain.

After a while the pain stopped and he was able to move on. "Take her away I am done with her for now. There is no sense continuing this if she is out cold." Her father said as one of his guards dragged her over to the wall and chained her there. He felt weak as he walked through the palace searching for her.

He hid in the shadows when he sensed guards approaching him. He finally found the door that lead into the king's chambers. He took a deep breath before opening the door. He presented himself as if nothing had fazed him.

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"Where is she?" he demanded. "Ah I new you would back to get her she is there dead on my wall." The king said to him as he pointed to his wall. He looked over at the wall and sighed. He walked over to her and knelt down at her feet, saying a small prayer in his native language. She slowly came to too see him at her feet. "You stupid drow what are you doing?" she asked him. He looked up at her a bit shocked. He didn't answer her but stood up and glared over at her father.

He reached behind him and pulled out one of the daggers the guards forgot to take. "How dare you lie to me. For that you die in your sleep." He threatened. "Only in my sleep I knew you drows didn't have it in to kill me when I am awake and looking right at you." her father patronized. He chuckled. "First I'm going to put you to sleep, and then kill you. I just hope that your wife is either dead or will forgive me in time for what I am going to do." He said and approached her father.

"She is she died giving birth to my daughters so you know." He stopped walking for a second. "Well, I guess she knows that you've become a dark king that seems to want the world and how you treat your own kin." He said and started walking again. "We end this today." Before the king was able to reply his door opened once more and Abriel walked in to find her sister chained to the wall. "Juliana look what you have gone and done to yourself now.

Didn't I tell you too stay out of things? You just couldn't listen could you?" Daryn noticed her and looked between the two girls. He stopped in his tracks towards the father and quickly ran to grab Abriel. "What are you doing?" she asked him as she slapped in across the face for touching her. He chuckled, grabbed her by the neck, and picked her up.

"Don't try to change forms." He said and looked her up and down. "Well, you and your sister look the same. I wonder…" He paused to think. "Don't try anything king, I will not hesitate to slit her throat." "What are you going to do to her?" the king asked him. "Whatever I wish if you don't let Juliana go." He growled and licked Abriel's face.

"What do you say, king?" "Leave her alone Daryn don't do this to me if you take her then I'll will mean nothing to you. she will be your slave and you her master. I couldn't live with that I would die with out you." she said to him. "Who said she would live through it?" he asked and looked back at the king. "What do you have to say to that? Loose one daughter to the Drow or loose both, one to the drow and the other gone to see her mother." He pushed her back into a wall.

"I promise Juliana, no other being means more to me than you." He said. "And from what I can tell I have found my next target. It wasn't you, it was your sister." "Alright take her and go before I change my mind." The king said to him as he walked over to Juliana and unchained her from the wall. He looked back and held out a hand for Juliana. "Come." He demanded still holding her sister up against the wall.

"I'm also going to need my things, father." He said. "Well I think that you should get used to it since I am now with your daughter." "I only have one daughter now." The king replied as he motioned for his guards to get his things.

He chuckled. "She comes with me until we are safely out of your kingdom." He said. He glanced at Juliana again. "I said come.' He growled. "Yes my lord." She replied as she quickly tried to grab his hand but still too weak to stand on her own as she fell to the floor covered in blood and lacerations. He dropped Abriel and went to Juliana's side. "Come on." He said and picked her up. "Stay with me." He whispered.

"Daryn I can't I don't have the strength anymore." She replied as she fainted in his arms. He sighed and held her closer. He felt his strength drain from him but he pushed himself to walk out of the kings chambers. A few feet from the door, he dropped to his knees and fell to the floor. "Well now isn't this a beautiful sight." The king said as he walked over to Daryn and punched him in the face knocking him out. "Chain him to the wall naked this time so he can't surprise us for a second time.," the king said Daryn was out for a few hours but when he awoke he had a pain in his face, he went to touch it and realized that he was chained to a wall.

He looked around the room closely and then realized he was naked too. "Great." He muttered. "Just what I need." "Good morning how are you feeling today?" the king asked as he walked up to him and punched him in the mouth. He grinned. "Well good morning to you too father." He said chuckling. "I've been better but why am I like this?" He asked. "Is it because your daughter fell for a drow rogue?

Or is it because I'm an assassin?" He asked. "Or could it be that she disobeyed her father for what she thought was wrong?" "All of the above actually if you really must know Daryn. Bring my daughter to me at once." The king demanded his guards. Several moments later, they dragged her into the room. She was still very weak from the previous night's activities.

He pulled on his chains to get to her. "What is the meaning of all of this?" He asked. "There is no way I am going to give her up either." "I thought you might say that so while you were asleep we had her married off to the man she was going to end up with before you came along.

After today she is no longer yours and you will never see her again." The king replied to him. He sighed. "You really think that is going to stop me?" He asked as he kept his eyes on Juliana. "But she will never really belong to him; she won't listen to his commands. She'll come back to me." He said and looked back at the king. "Unless you had that covered as well.

You were not going to have me killed, were you? "No of course not that would be to easy you see we have our little tricks as well and all you need to know is that she no longer belongs to you." he replied to Daryn with a smile.

He sighed and slammed his hands against the wall. "Well if that is the way it's going to have to be.


What will you do with me, keep me here, or let me return home?" He asked biting his lower lip from the pain on his hands. "Oh you can't go home now. Not in one piece that is." The king replied to him with a small chuckle. Juliana looked up at him tears in her eyes pleading for his forgiveness.

He sighed and bashed his hands against the wall again, this time letting out a slight groan of pain. He dislocated his thumbs and were able to slip from the cuffs but he fell to the floor, sitting down. He looked at Juliana. "Sorry if that hurt." He said and looked at the king. "What do you mean not in one piece?" "I felt nothing Daryn what's going on why don't I feel anything for you?" she asked.


He shrugged. "I don't know." He said and looked at the king.

"What did you do to her?" he asked. "Are you sure that this is Juliana?" He asked. "It is she ahs been purified made new again as if no one had ever touched her before. Now she shall belong to the right man." He explained to them both. He nodded. "Understood." He looked at Juliana. "It's my fault for having us come here." He said. "I shouldn't have made you come here." He rubbed his wrists.

"What about me? More torture?" He asked. "Something like that take her back to her husband that has been dying to make her his in more ways than one." He said to his guards. "As for the drow hill him and send him back to his home in pieces." The king said as he walked out of his chambers closing the door behind him. Daryn stood up and chuckled. "Are you ready to play, boys?" He asked and grabbed one of the kings weapons off of the wall. "I would hate to be you or your families." He said and started to take out each guard one by one without his armor or clothes .When he was finished with them he stole there clothing and began to make his way through the castle in search for Juliana but was unable to find her.

He continued to search. He ran across one of the maids that worked for the king and pulled her into an empty room.

"Where have they taken Juliana?" He growled pinning her to the wall with one hand and in the other hand; he held one of the guard's swords. "She has been taken to her new master's home the king went with them to make sure they got there with no problems." She replied to him frightened. "Where is this house?" He asked keeping her against the wall. "Give me the answer I am looking for and I promise I won't harm a single hair on that head of yours." "It is across the haunted wood.

No one has ever gone there and come out alive." She said to him cowering in fear. He set her down. "Thank you." He said and kissed her for head. "You have done well."