His wife on the balcony waiting for sex

His wife on the balcony waiting for sex
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Five years had passed since we graduated from high school. The Twins and I were 23 now. My children, one with Nina, named Kyle, and one with Nancy, named Selena were both at the age of four. About six months after moving into our apartment, I had been promoted at my full time job to manager. This was great, because I could now afford the rent per month, along with my children's toys and what not. My parents had gotten over the fact that I had two children with two different women.

We had definitely matured as parents and people. Both twins had gotten part time jobs. Nina worked the day shift at a local doctors office as a secretary and Nancy worked as an office clerk at the local town hall also during the day The twins had befriended a local housewife, named Claire Bontsman, who used to be a schoolteacher, but was laid off and decided to open up her own daycare.

This woman was only four years older than us, at age 27, she had one kid, who was the same age as my two children. All in all, leaving my children with this woman, was a good opportunity. My children were able to interact with other kids, and I was able to get to know other parents. My father had asked me two years ago if I was going to marry one of the twins. At that time of my life, I was not ready. I could barely drink legally after all. My father said to me "A man is only as strong as the woman he chooses." With that I knew that i definitely was not ready for marriage.

It was weird to come to that conclusion since I had two children at the age of eighteen, but I could not show favoritism towards one of the twins. Nancy and Nina were both really supportive of me and I could trust them both with my life, so to choose just one of them was hard. On the way home from work on a Friday afternoon I stopped in the mail room of the apartment building to pick up the days mail.

I took notice that there was a letter in the mail for the three of us. One addressed to me, and the other two addressed to the twins. The letters were from our high school. I walked up the flights of stairs and finally reached our apartment.

I opened the door and was greeted by my two kids and my lovers. Kyle and Selena yelled "Daddy!" and the twins came over to me and gave me a kiss each. Ever since the children were about two years old, the twins and my sex life had diminished. I wasn't sure if this is how every parent felt, until I held a conversation with the landlord Mr.

Kantiso. I asked him if he and his wife's sex life had diminished as much as the twins and mine had. "Undoubtedly," he told me. "My kids made it impossible for me to make love to my wife, but when they went away to college, I never felt so proud of my entire life." I handed the twins their letters from our high school. I opened my letter on our couch. "Dear Alumni: You are invited to celebrate your 5th year high school reunion.

Our celebration will be held on June 24th of this year. Please take the time and consider your options. This is an opportunity to reconnect with your former classmates, so we at the alumni office hope to see you at this celebration." I turned to the twins as they sat at the kitchen table reading their letters with a smile on their face.

"We have to go!" Nancy said excitedly. "Yes we doo." Nina agreed. "I haven't seen anyone from the cheer squad since graduation day." Nina added. "Jeff don't you want to go?" Nancy asked.

"Not too much. I left that place wanting to leave everything behind except you two. You girls were the best thing that happened to me there." I admitted. "Well I think you should go, you haven't talked to your friend Mike in a long time. I'm sure he would be happy to see you and talk to you again." Nancy suggested. "Yeah, why don't you give him a call tomorrow afternoon and you guys can grab a beer." Nina said.

"I'll have to sleep on it girls, I'm tired tonight so I'll see you in bed." I said. I got up off the couch and walked into the bedroom. Getting home at 9 o' clock every night made me tired, and work had me worn down everyday.

"Goodnight girls." I said walking into the bedroom and hitting the door. "Okay Kyle it's time for bed," I heard Nina say. "Yes, Selena it's your bedtime too." Nancy agreed. Nina and Nancy loved to read bedtime stories to the children, and I appreciated that, excuse my mother did the same for me when I was a child. Around 10 o' clock the girls had quietly came into the bedroom and crept into bed.

"Still awake huh babe?" Nina asked me. "Yea, I just can't see myself confronting all my old friends and telling them I have two children, and I'm the manager of the local electronic store.

I thought my life would be filled with prosperous things by now, but in stuck at a dead end job and need to scuff for almost every dollar." I said. "Well Jeff, I think you should bring yourself to the reunion." Nancy said. "Yea, the children can stay with Claire that night." Nina said. The time for the reunion had arrived. I had gave in and decided to go. "Have a great night Jeff." Claire, the babysitter said."Thank you Claire, if the kids give you any problems give us a call." I said.

Everyone in our apartment building had heard my story with the twins and had accepted the fact that I had two children with two different women, who happened to be twins. The twins and I got in my car and drive to our old high school. We arrived at the school at about 7:45, and the reunion letter had said the reunion would start at promptly 7:30 P.M.

"Girls we have to hurry a bit, I heard Mr. Groneman has become a bigger asshole than he was when we were here." I said. We got up to the front door and there was an usher taking names, and invitations.

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"Good evening sir, and madames." The usher stated. "Welcome to your fifth year high school reunion." He added.

The hallways that the twins and I had once walked we're lit up and had decorations hanging with our class year on the wall. For a few moments I felt proud. "Jeff!! My man!" I heard a familiar voice yell. It was Mike. We walked toward each other and gave each other a brotherly hug. "Boy, the twins still look sexy as hell huh?" He said rhetorically. "Yea.

About that, I have some stories to tell you." I said. "Okay brother, you know I'm always here for you." He said.

"Girls, Mike and I will be back in a few minutes." I said. The ties had the look of acceptance on their face, like they knew I was going to tell Mike what had happened after prom, before graduation, and how I had two kids. "No shit." Mike said. He was absolutely speechless. "Dude, how long we're you fucking those girls?" Mike asked. "All through high school and up until today." I answered.

"They were my firsts and my lasts." I finished. "I have two kids with them, and I don't plan on marrying one of them unless something happens among the three of us and I can keep one of them." I said.

Music started playing in the cafeteria of the high school. Mike and I walked back into the cafeteria where the twins and his date were. His date was actually the twins best friend from high school, Ashley. A girl who was on the cheer squad with the twins and a girl I had fucked in the summer between freshman and sophomore year with the rest of the cheer squad. "Jeffrey!!!!" Ashley yelled. She ran up to me and embraced me excitedly. "Hello Ashley how are you?" I asked.

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I could have sworn she grazed her hand across my dick after I said that. "Whatever," I thought. "Will everyone please find a seat?" Mr. Groneman, the principal of the high school asked. "Welcome to your fifth year high school reunion." He said. Cheers bursted out from the tables. I gave a few claps even though I didn't wan to be there deep down. Time went on and it was evident that people were starting to get a little bored. We all had talked about where our lives had gone and it was clear that some people exaggerated big time on their successes in life.

I thought people were kidding when they said a lot of people lie at their High School reunions. They werent lying however. I seriously found it hard to believe that one of the dumbest student in high school, Joe, was studying to become a pharmacist.

He could barely count to ten and keep attention. Lies, lies, and more lies people told me and my friends and the twins. When people asked what I was doing, I told them the truth. "I am the manager at the electronic store on the corner of Main Street." I didn't have a reason to lie to them because I was happy with my home life, and happy with my job status. The music was now turning up, and Mr. Groneman opened up the dance floor for us to have fun.

The twins and I were one of the first people up. Seeing as this might be the closest thing to action I was getting all night, I figured why not. (Or at least I thought.) I started to slow dance with Nina and than Nancy on the next song.

When a good regaee song came on, the twins sandwhiched me in between them and started grinding on my cock and my ass. I was a little exicted to say the least. I was grinding with Nancy to Eminem's song "Superman," when I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder. I quickly turned around and saw one of my worst fears come true. My world became still, and I could no longer hear the music. I was looking into the eyes of the woman that changed my life forever, Ms. Daniels. "Hello Jeffrey." She said.

I had a blank stare on my face and Nancy turned around when my hands fell off her hips. "Jeff, why did you. Holy shit!!!" Nancy yelled. "Nancy what's wrong did something. No not this bitch!" Nina said just as surprised as we were. All three of us were standing in front of the woman that made our lives change forever.

She was the reason I now had two children with the two twins that I had loved in high school. The thoughts of what I wanted to do to this woman ran through my brain. Part of me wanted to hit her and the other wanted me to call the cops. "Us four need to talk." Ms. Daniels said.


She walked towards the hall, and down toward her classroom, the same one where I impregnated the twins and made a video of it.

The twins and I angrily followed. Ms. Daniels had reached her room and we follows her in. "Sit down." She said calmly. "We need to talk about what happened five years ago." She continued. "What's there to talk about!!?" Nina yelled. "Yea, you ruined our lives." Nancy said. "I don't know what you mean children?" Ms. Daniels said. "What!" Nancy yelled. "Girls calm down I'll explain to her." I told Ms. Daniels the whole story about how we had children, were kicked out of our homes and had to stop our college education.

"Look kids, I am truly sorry about what happened that day as a matter of fact I have something for you." Ms. Daniels said. She reached in to her desk and pulled out a DVD.

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It's in high definition, the cum dripping out of our pussies girls is crystal clear." She said toward the twins. "What did you name your children?" She asked. "Kyle and Selena," I said. "How does it feel knowing their conception is on video and one day they may watch this." Ms. Daniels tormented us. We couldn't do anything to her though, and I couldn't help but get an erection during this conversation.

I sat in front of Ms. Daniels desk looking at her low cut blouse. Ms. Daniels had kept her great figure. Her miniskirt was tempting me. "How many copies if this do you have?" Nina asked holding up the DVD.

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"You'll never know." Ms. Daniels laughed. "I can make you a proposition though kids." Ms. Daniels began. "If you can give me an even wilder time today than your graduation day I will destroy all of the copies I have." She offered. Both the twins jaw dropped at the offer.

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I sat there licking my lips thinking of Ms. Daniels tight pussy and her perfect round, firm ass. "How can you sit there and hold this over our heads, like WE were the bad guys in this situation." Nancy yelled.

"The past five years have never been the same because of you, you bitch." Nina said. "Well in that regard you're right girls, but I'm sure plenty of young men and women, including some of your classmates, that would enjoy this sex tape." She said, knowing that we would now ponder this decision.

I looked at both of the twins and they were still shocked at what was going on. We had almost no choice beside going to the police or going through with fucking our former math teacher. "Alright." I said. "What?!?!?!?" Nancy said shocked. "How can to sit there and take this? She's blackmailing us Jeff!" She finished. "Yea, but remember the rush we had last time?" Nina chimed in. "Yea I do remember, but loo at where we are because of it." Nancy said.

Ms. Daniels dropped her mini skirt in almost a heart beat. Her sexy light blue thing was showing beautifully between her firm ass cheeks. Her top was next and the matching bra was next to show.

Her nipples were fully erect and they poked out of her bra, begging to be twisted, licked, and sucked on. My cock was the hardest it had been in a while. Nina soon followed. Her tight sleek black dress she had on slid down her wonderful thighs. "That's right children." Ms. Daniels said. "Undress for your fate." Nancy didn't seem to be going along with it. Until finally she stood up and walked over to Ms.

Daniels, and said "We're about to make a night you will never forget." Nancy threw herself at Ms. Daniels and started making out with her. Nancy took her sexy red dress off, and all the girls things and matching bras were in clear view.

I was ready now. I slid my pants down as fast as I could, and took my shirt off in a heartbeat. My boxers were rented and I was ready to get nasty.

I was having déjà vu from five years prior. All three girls got on their knees in front of me and started handling my cock through my boxers. I moaned and hissed with extreme pleasure, and they hadn't even started sucking me off yet.

"Jeff, I get first dibs, since you have the twins all the time, and I want you to fuck me the longest too." Ms. Daniels said. I looked at the twins, and since we were cornered by her blackmailing, we nodded our heads at each other for approval. "Great Ms. Daniels, I'm going to fuck you furiously." I said ready to take my years of anger toward her out on her pussy and throat.

I dropped my boxers and my dick sprung out. Ms. Daniels stared at it for a moment than said, "My goodness, I forgot how beautiful it was." She raised her hands, and started to rub my balls. The soft hands of Ms. Daniels felt amazing and I couldn't help but let out a little moan.

The twins were on each side of Ms. Daniels, on her left and we right, waiting for their turns to get a suck on my hard cock. Ms. Daniels finally opened her mouth and slowly placed my cock inside of her mouth. She quickly sucked on the tip of my member. The sudden sucking feeling Ms. Daniels did have me a shirt up my spine. "Woo." I let out. Ms.

Daniels finally started to go all out while she sucks my cock. Her head started bobbing up and down, up and down. Her jet black hair swaying back and forth made me think what it would be like if I came in her hair.

"It would shine so easily." I answered to myself. I was than brought back to the wonderful sight of my sexy former math teacher giving me head. Ms. Daniels stopped sucking for a second, and caught her breath than said, "I'm about to get sloppy on your dick." She let out a wad of spit onto my cock and went back to sucking. "Ughhh." I moaned loudly. "God this feels so good." The slight popping sound of Ms.

Daniels mouth made me more intrigued at her technique of giving head. She slid my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until it reached the back of her throat and she started gagging. I grabbed her head and made her hold that position for a few seconds.

She started tapping on my thighs as her saliva started running down the two inches of my shaft that showed. Her chin was soaking wet with her saliva also as it dripped on the floor and made a small puddle at her knees.

The twins' eyes were wide open at this sight. I was sure they didn't think Ms.

Daniels had the ability to hold a huge cock in her mouth for a while. "Damn, now that's rough." Nancy said, trying to get a taste of my dick. Nina and Nancy were getting anxious to get fucked, but I wanted to make sure Ms. Daniels was getting her "best fuck of her life" so the sex tape could be destroyed forever. I continued to fuck Ms. Daniels throat vigorously, and she pulled back off my dick and said, "Fuck my pussy hard Jeff." I jerked my dick off a little, mainly to get the excess saliva Ms.

Daniels had left. I picked Ms. Daniels up off her knees, lifted her up and cleared off her desk. The familiar desk I had fucked the twins on twice, and Ms. Daniels five years earlier. "Ready?" I said as I grabbed my cock. I slid my erection into Ms. Daniels nice and slow to tease her. The look on her face at this point was absolutely beautiful. Her mouth was wide open, eyes closed, and saliva still dripping from her mouth.

I finally trusted very fast deep into Ms. Daniels, hitting her cervix, and making her scream immediately. The twins had stood up, and Nancy went over to sprea her legs around Ms.

Daniels face. Ms. Daniels was eating out Nancy as Nina went under me. She stuck her fingers into Ms. Daniels ass and was talking very dirty to us. "Oh yea, look at those balls hitting that firm ass." Nina said. "I bet you want that fat cock deep in your ass huh Ms. Daniels?" Nina asked. There was no answer from Ms. Daniels. She was clearly in euphoria, enjoying every second of the fucking.

I pulled out of Ms. Daniels pussy so Nina could clean it up a bit. Nina sucked my cock hard, and using her tongue cleaned up Ms. Daniels vaginal juices. I went back to fucking Ms. Daniels hard in her pussy. In and out, in and out I repeated the motion. I was rubbing her clot hard and getting her to moan loudly while she was licking Nancy's glistening pussy. "Ahhhh I'm cumming Jeffrey!!" Ms. Daniels yelled. Ms. Daniels pussy clenched my dick hard, and her muscles contracted.

I fucked her through her intense orgasm where she stopped breathing. Ms. Daniels regained her breath and let out a yell. I pulled out for a second feeling a lot of fluid run out of Ms. Daniels pussy. A streak of fluid flew out of Ms. Daniels pussy. "Oh my God!!" Nina shrieked as Ms. Daniels squirting fluid shot onto her head. Nina was soaking wet.

Nina and Nancy were itching to be fucked now. "I need a break, Jeffrey." Ms.


Daniels said. "Fuck your two lovers." She allowed. Ms. Daniels got off the desk and wobbled over to a desk where she sat down and closed her eyes. "Okay girls, we have our freedom for now." I said. I kissed Nancy passionately on her lips and grabbed her breasts. "I love you two, I'm so glad we live the way we do." I said. I started to finger Nina furiously and her reaching as shortening, begging to be fucked.

"Let's show her how we will always do this." I said. I laid the twins down in their spots on Ms. Daniels desk. "Fuck me baby." Nancy said. I obliged and shoved my cock deep inside of Nancy.

"Ahh, back where it belongs." Nancy said happily. I slid my fingers back into Nina's wet pussy and started rubbing the top of her vaginal wall, trying to find her G spot quickly. "You like that baby?" I said to Nina. "Mmmmm" Nina moaned lowly starting to get hotter. I was starting to thrust faster into Nancy.

Her legs were wrapped around my waist, and my free hand was rubbing Nancy's clit, which she loved. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Make me cum hard!" Nancy yelled. Nina started moaning louder as my fingers had seemed to find her magical spot, which got her excited and squirming on the desk even more.

"Look at Ms. Daniels guys." Nina said breathing heavy. We all took a break for a second, and looked over. Ms. Daniels was strung out on the floor asleep. "Should we help her?" Nancy asked through a sigh. "Fuck her, she put us through too much, let the principal find her in here naked." I said. Nancy's pussy began flooding quickly, and my cock was slipping in and out of her ever so often. "Try to keep it in Jeff." Nancy said.


"Nina, I hope you get fucked this good, cuz this I the best I think." Nancy said. "Ahhhhh Oh My God!!" Nancy said, as she reached her orgasm. Her pussy was tightening, and gripping my dick, starting to try and milk the cum out of my dick.

Nancy's head fell back on the desk as she hit her peak. I pulled out of Nancy's tired pussy. It was Nina's turn now. I slammed into Nina wry quickly, kind of feeling paranoid that someone wa about to walk into the room. I did want to give Nina my full pleasure however. "Nina, you feel so good right now." I said. Her pussy wasn't as wet as Nancy's was, but my cock was able to slide in and out of it with ease, as I felt fairly close to letting my load blow on the twins faces. "Nancy, try to wake Ms.

Daniels up, she needs to know we finished here." I said. "especially if we want the tapes destroyed." I finished. In an out I continued in Nina's cunt. "Oh yea baby. Fuck me, that cock is so big Jeff." Nina said. She was about to reach he climax. Her breathing became panting, and the look on her face went from pleasure to absolute wonder. "Oh my God! I've never felt this type of orgasm before!!!" Nina yelled. Her pussy fluttered around my shaft and I felt myself starting to boil with this motion.

Her muscles clamped up and down quickly over my dick and she tried to moan, but no sound came out of her mouth. "Ughhhhh!!!" Nina finally moaned sensually. Her juices were now all over my cock, and I knew she was going to clean it up with her sister and Ms.

Daniels. "Nina you looked so happy with that orgasm," Ms. Daniels said who was now woken up. "Lets clean him up and finish him off." Ms. Daniels said. All three women got on their knees in front of me.

Ms. Daniels was in between the twins, ready for my load. She was sucking my dick with extreme passion. "Give me that cum Jeffrey." Ms. Daniels demanded. She sucked as her head bobbed up and down, with her tongue out which was touching my balls as she deep throated.

She grabbed my cock and turned it to Nancy. Nancy bobbed up and down a few times, adding her own hard sucking technique to the mix. "Girls this feels amazing." I said almost ready to faint. Ms. Daniels than turned my cock toward Nina and she used her hand motion while sucking my dick in a circular motion.

After Nina had her turn I grabbed my cock from Ms. Daniels and started jerking my cock off. I was ready to blow my load all over the three girls faces. "Ugh. Here. It.

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Comes." I said as I stiffened up. I held my dick straight and shot my cum all over Ms. Daniels face. One shot, two shots, three, and than a fourth strung out of my cock and landed from the top of her black hair, down to her chin.

The twins leaned in to Ms. Daniels and helped her clean up. The twins and Ms. Daniels swapped kisses and my cum. I was in amazement as the three women looked so beautiful with my cum in their mouths all at once. "Mmmmm tastes so good Jeffrey." Ms. Daniels said. "Take the DVD on my desk and do what you please with it.

It's the only copy I have. I promise." The twins finished swallowing my cum they had cleane off Ms. Daniels, and started to get dressed. "That wa actually really fun." Nancy said. "Yea." I said buttoning up my pants. "But I wouldn't be surprised if she starts looking for more." I said.

The twins and I were ready to get back to the reunion. We opened up the door to Ms. Daniels office and were immediately surprised. Ashley was standing in front of the door, in e short slutty yellow dress. "So did you have fun with our old math teacher?" She asked. I looks back at Ms.

Daniels who lied bak on the cold tile floor, asleep again. "We can explain. After the reunion come back to our apartment, and we will tell you everything we neer told you before." Nancy said.