No cuzinho arrombado da safada da minha esposa

No cuzinho arrombado da safada da minha esposa
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As Marrie got home she felt great and disgusted at the same time. It was so wrong but she just loved the feeling of doing dirty thinks like this. As soon as she closed the front door behind her, she did put the backpack down and stripped again.

She was planning on being nude the most part of the weekend.


The rope was still around her breast and between her pussy lips, giving her clit a burning sensation on every move. Also her breasts hurt from being bound this long, but she didn't want to take it off just yet.

First she fetched the box with the slugs from her backpack and went to the kitchen with them. She would feed her little lovers first, so that they would be strong and lively for another round.

She took some salad from the fridge and put it in the box for the slugs. After that she finally loosened the rope, the feeling of her breasts being free again was a relive, but the burning sensation between her legs stayed.

Kneeing down right there in the kitchen on the cold floor she slowly pulled the flashlight from her ass. Standing up again, Marrie went to the sink and cleaned the flashlight with warm water and soap.

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The rumbling of her stomach reminded her, that she hadn't eaten since this morning, but she wanted to take a shower first. So she closed all the shutters, careful not to be seen from outside.

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Then she took the clothes she had worn on her walk and went with them to the bathroom. Throwing them into the basket for dirty clothe. She also pulled her panties from her pussy, they were totally soaked in slug slime and her pussy juices.

She tossed it to the rest and went to clean herself up. Marrie of course masturbated in the shower, thinking of the slugs down in the kitchen that later for sure would crawl again on her soft skin.

After she was finished with showering and drying herself of, she went nude into the kitchen to prepare her some food.

She was thinking on making a salad for herself, so she got all the ingredients, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, some corn and of course the salad itself. Besides cumming three times already this day she started to get horny again. She thought to herself, if I am kinky, I will do it right, so she jumped and sat on the counter, spreading her legs wide. She eyed the cucumber but decided to start with the carrots first.

Her pussy was already wet, or still, she wasn't quite sure, but that didn't matter, what mattered, was that the first carrot slipped easily into her tight pussy. She was not a virgin anymore, she never really had sex but one time she made out with a cute boy at a party, they didn't had sex but he fingered her so hard, her cherry popped, after that the boy was a little shocked, he hadn't thought Marrie was still a virgin so he stormed off.

After fucking herself with the carrot a little, she took a second carrot and pushed it in her butt. She moaned as she felled the carrot entering her, but she was not satisfied, so she to the third carrot and pushed it in her pussy with the first one. She felled really full now and worked both carrots in and out her tight pussy, which got wetter with every thrust. Just before she came, Marrie stopped, pulling the carrots from her pussy, but leaving the one in her ass were it was.

She put the carrots on the counter and grabbed the cucumber, which was much wider than the carrots. She put the cucumber in her mouth, first blowing it a little and lubing it with her spit.

After she gagged a few times on the cucumber, she took one of the carrots and pushed it in her mouth, so that she at the line of gagging but just quite. Then she pushed the cucumber between her legs, spreading her pussy-lips wide. Moaning on her carrot, tasting her own pussy, she fucked her tight pussy hard, till she came, squirting a little. After a couple minutes of rest, Marrie jumped down from the kitchen counter and prepared her salad without cleaning the ingredients of course.

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She liked the kinky feeling of eating her one pussy juice. But before she headed to the living room to eat her filthy salad, her sight fell on the box with slugs.

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Her pussy was already stretched, so now was a good time to experiment a little more with the slugs. Taking the box in one hand and her salad in the other, she went to the living room, sitting down on the couch.

Marrie turned on the tv but she was not really watching, while eating her pussy-salad, her thoughts were with the slugs right beside her. Lying on the couch, spreading her legs wide, Marrie opened the box. One hand at her pussy playing with her clit and one hand touching the slimy mass of slugs. She grabbed one of the bigger slugs and lifted it on her stomach, enjoying the sensation of the slug, she took two other slugs and placed them directly on her nipples.

Closing her eyes, she just enjoyed the feeling for a while, sometimes putting the slugs back onto their starting positions, when they crawled too far. This was really kinky but it did not satisfy her yet. So she took the biggest slug in the box and rubbed it between her pussy-lips. Slowly she pushed the big slug deep into her pussy, this wasn't so easy, because the slug was slippery and she had to squash the slug quite a bit.

Marrie nearly came right then. She felled dirty, she wanted to be a slug slut, just there to be that the slugs could crawl on and in her, touching every part of her. It was so degrading and she loved it.


Slowly she pushed two more big slugs into her pussy, careful to keep her legs spread wide, so that her pussy was open and the slugs could breath. She could feel the slimy slug slowly moving inside her. It made her wild, she rubbed her clit till she came twice in a row.

Carefully she pushed one of the three slugs on top of her into her pussy, she was feeling pretty full so she couldn't insert the other two, so she did put them back into the box, leaving the four inside her.

For an hour or so Marrie just lied on the couch, enjoying the movement of the slugs inside her. She could feel each one of them and loved every minute of it. Lying there enjoying herself Marrie was thinking, that she needed a better way of putting the slugs inside her, because she didn't feel comfortable squashing the slugs so much, also she wanted to be able to walk around without the slugs suffocating. So she thought some kind of tube would be good, for quite a while she was contemplating ideas in her mind.

After a while she got an idea and slowly stood up, her body was a little stiff from being in the same position for over an hour. With spread legs she waddled into the garage, where her father kept his tools. The air in there was chilly and made her nipples hard again, also giving her goosebumps all over her naked body. She took one of the small pvc pipes her father had piled in a box, that she could insert in her pussy. There were a lot of them and her father wouldn't notice.

She sawed two short parts from the pipe, one roughly 2 inches and one roughly 3 inches. She inspected the two tubes, the edges were sharp and unclean, so she used some sandpaper on them, making them nice and smooth.

Standing there nude in the cold air, her legs slightly spread, the slugs moving inside her, she couldn't resist. She rubbed one of the tubes between her legs arousing her again, but her clit was getting sore after all the masturbation today, so she stopped.

The tubes were nearly finished, she just had to drill a hole in the lower third of the tubes and also clean them out with the sandpaper. Proud she was looking on her work, now she went to the kitchen and washed the two tubes. She dried the tubes and pushed the shorter one for a test purpose into her pussy. It was quite big but it fit, so she pushed the longer tube into her butt, what hurt, but also did fit.

Satisfied she pulled them out and cleaned the two tubes again. Getting really tired now, she walked back to the couch in the living room, were the box with the rest of the slugs still lied on the couch. She sat down and tried pushing the slugs from her pussy, three of them came out, she caught them with her hand and put them back into the box. But as hard as she tried she could not push the last slug out, so she had to fish for it with her fingers in her pussy, what was really hard, because she was so wet and the slug being slippery was not helping either.

After a few minutes she managed to pull the slug out of her pussy and put it back into the box. Marrie took some leftover from her salad and gave it to the slugs.

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Carefully she closed the box again and took it with her to her room. Before she could go to sleep, she again had to wash her pussy, which was not comfortable, because how sore it was, her pussy lips were pretty red by now. After she finished Marrie went to bed, before she closed her eyes she looked at the box of slugs on her nightstand. A smile came over her lips, thinking what she would do tomorrow, this was just the first day of a kinky weekend and two whole days still were ahead of her.

With this thought Marrie closed her eyes and slumbered into a deep sleep.