Hot male age in gay porn Fist n Fuck Fest for Three Pigs

Hot male age in gay porn Fist n Fuck Fest for Three Pigs
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Suddenly he was on top of her lovely upturned ass, humping like crazy. Betty's pussy was already impaled on Dino's big cock as he plunged it into her cunt with unbelievably rapid thrusts. She gasped and cried out clutching Wilma as the dinosaur cock quickly filled her pussy and womb. It thrust in and out so quickly the friction was making her gasp and groan as her mind spun with lust, her thighs spread wider and her luscious tits swaying in time with his stabs.

Wilma slid out from beneath the two and sat on the sofa watching the hot, horny action.Wilma slipped one hand up to her pendulous breasts and began working them with her fingers. She licked her fingers and began to rotate their wet tips rapidly over her nipples. Her breath started coming faster.

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The hand between her legs bobbed faster, furiously thrusting her fingers into her dripping wet cunt as she watched Dino pounding his immense purple cock into Betty's overwhelmed little pink pussy.

A wet sloshing sound was very distinct in the quiet room. Betty panted loudly with each stroke. Dino fucked her faster and harder, he looked crazed with the joy of fucking his new little bitch.


His prick jerked out, coated with her pearly cunt cream, and then rammed back up into Betty's smoldering pussy with a violence that seemed to rattle Betty's bones. He was tilting her ass up higher as he stuffed her full of his gnarled, dinosaur cock-meat. Betty writhed and thrashed about under the brute, meeting him in mid-stroke, pushing her horny pussy back as he fucked in, and rolling her hips as he drew out.

Her lovely cunt walls molded themselves around the contours of his nasty, beefy prick, as she clung and massaged every inch of it inside.


Cunt juice sprayed from her pussy around Dino's big purple cock as he filled her fuck-hole and pumped the hot cream from her into froth. His scaly balls were soaked with the overflow from her fuck-hole as they slapped against her engorged, sensitive clit with rapid, meaty whacks.

Betty moaned, and Dino fucked her cunt full of rock-hard cock-meat. Wilma could only marvel at the lewd thought of his nasty cock-head cramping into her little human womb, like a lump of molten iron, his prick-shaft twisting like a crowbar, levering, wedging and prying up at her steaming, hot-pink fuck-hole. Wilma's cunt flooded around her plunging fingers as she remembered exactly what that big, purple dinosaur cock felt like.


Betty's face was a beautiful mask of raw, sexually charged, female lust. Dino was hunching over her writhing, humping ass as the little dinosaur fucked her into a tizzy right before Wilma's eyes. She had never been so aroused in her life.

"Oh Betty!


Dino's fucking you! God you two look so fucking hot!" To Wilma it was obvious that Betty was about to have an orgasm. Wilma recognized all the signs. That was all it took, when Wilma said those naughty words Betty started coming and the orgasm just kept going, and growing more intense, renewing itself with every thrust of Dino's huge, pulsating dinosaur cock.

Suddenly a new type of pain began to surface as Dino's cock grew a knot. He slowed, and then pounded deep into her with one hard thrust after another.

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Betty felt the knot grow to about the size of a large orange. Betty was crying, she had never felt something so good and so painful at the same time in her whole life. Dino kept on rapidly thrusting into Betty, as he fucked in, his thick tail would whirl like a propeller behind his heaving ass.

Betty whimpered as she felt his huge cock throbbing inside her, spreading the moist walls of her cunt out as his cock knot swelled up and expanded in her. Wilma could tell Dino was going to climax at any moment, he had a look of concentration as he rode horny little Betty. Meanwhile, Betty was only barely babbling incoherently about how good it felt. Wilma was dieing to see Dino fill Betty's cunt with his hot, thick dinosaur goo. "Oh, God! Oh, Fuck Wilma, he's coming!" Betty wailed, when she felt Dino's cock-shaft buck and he began squirting his load deep inside her.

Dino's spewing cock hosed her cunt-hole in creamy jets. He shot his hot cum, flooding it up her fuck tunnel, and streamed into her quivery womb. Each time Dino squirted another shot of cum up into her, Betty seemed to cum again as she moaned like a demented little whore. Her cunt cream gushed out, mingling with his dinosaur sperm as he unloaded his balls.

Dino had squirted his load of cum into Betty, then began to slow down, as his balls drained their massive load. Betty was a spent mess on his prick, having milked him bone dry and having had the most wondrous waves of multiple creamy orgasms of her life.

Whimpering, Dino pulled his prick out of her flooded pussy. As his cock came out, his knot dragging against the suction of her fuck-hole. Then the naked cock-knot popped out with an indecent wet sucking sound. His prick swayed up and down as he moved away from Betty. Wilma saw a thick flood of cum and cunt juice drooling out of Betty's now vacated and gapping fuck-hole. Betty whimpered low and quivered from head to toe, still sprawled on the floor, ass in the air. "Betty? Honey?

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Are you all right?" Wilma asked, worriedly. Betty looked like she was about to pass out at any minute, yet she rolled onto her back on the floor with a million dollar smile on her face. "Am I alright?

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Yes! Oh, Yesss!" She giggled and panted just like a drunken slut. "FUCK that was . fuck. I have never been so. I've never been fucked so well! Oh, Wilma.please.come and eat me now!"