Latin shemale with small tits take hard cock up her dirty tight asshole

Latin shemale with small tits take hard cock up her dirty tight asshole
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Cindy's First Threesome I got Cindy to dress in a very short mini with a revealing top. Her tits were half hanging out of her top with her nipples clearly visible through the thin tight fabric. I also forbade her to wear any underwear as I wanted her to look the slut she would be tonight. We went down to the bar and Cindy sat on a bar stool which made her skirt ride up her legs, I ordered some drinks and surveyed the room to see if there were any likely takers.

I noticed a youngish guy sitting on his own on the other side of the room. He as yet hadn't noticed us. I positioned myself to the side of my wife leaving the side toward the young guy open to his view. I whispered into Cindy's ear to open her legs slightly so as to give anyone who happened to look a view of her delicious cunt.

The guy o the other side of the room had noticed us and it was obvious he was staring at Cindy's slightly exposed cunt. I placed my hand on her thigh and rubbed her inner thigh slowly thus causing her to moan softly and open her legs a little more. The guy hopped up and went out to the loo and with this I decided to go and see if I could get a glimpse of his package to appraise its suitability to service my wife.

As I entered the toilet he was standing at the urinal and had his cock out with quite a good stream coming out. It was obviously a reasonably sized cock by the stream of piss. He saw me looking and deliberately turned so as I could get a better look. I could see that he was above average in girth and even though was still reasonably flaccid he was probably about 8" in length. I asked him about the view in the bar and he smiled and I noticed his cock twitch.

It was obvious he liked what he saw. I told him to go and sit next to my wife and he could get as friendly as he liked. He left the toilet and went over and sat next to my horny wife. I followed shortly after and pulled another bar stool over and sat next to them. We introduced ourselves. The guys name was Jack. I could see him looking at Cindy's tits as he sat there and could sense he would love to be enjoying the soft feel of them as soon as possible.

I suggested that we should depart the bar and go upstairs to our room where we could all get to know more intimately. Once in the lift I lifted my wife's skirt up to expose her bare hot juicy cunt for Jack to see. I also reached out and manipulated her tits through her top as I new this would make her cunt even wetter. Cindy reached down and grabbed hold of Jack's cock through his Pants and gasped and smiled at what she could feel.

The lift stopped at our floor and we quickly headed for our room. We were no sooner inside the door when the action started. Jack embraced Cindy and gave her a long passionate kiss, his hands caressing her ample tits through the thin fabric covering them.

He could feel her nipples become erect as they strained at the fabric barely hiding them. Cindy reached down and rubbed Jacks now stiffening cock through his pants. I just stood there taking this hot scene in for a while before going over and getting the video camera, I wanted to get a record of this first time that my wife was going to be fucked by another man.

My cock was straining to be released from my trousers so I thought what the hell and stripped of all my clothes. Jack and Cindy were so occupied with each other they didn't even notice what I was doing. I set the Camera on the tripod and went over to them and began to undo the fasteners on Cindy's skirt.

She gave a little wiggle and her skirt fell to the floor exposing her cunt and arse. Cindy undid Jack's trousers and pulled out his large 8" cock.

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Jacks trousers fell to the floor, they both stepped out of their lower clothes. They continued to explore each others bodies and jack lifter Cindy's top off over her head exposing her firm round Tits.

He could hold back no longer and bent down and greedily sucked on first one nipple then the other. Cindy moaned in delight at the sensational tingling that began in her engorged nipples and moved down to her on fire cunt. She could feel the moisture and heat building inside her cunt and could feel the wetness starting to ooze out between her pussy lips.

Jack had taken off his top and they both stood naked fondling each other. Cindy was impressed with the size of Jacks cock, it was bigger than her Husbands and was growing with excitement as she wondered what it would feel like to have this size probing her cunt. Little did she know it wouldn't be all that it was going to probe tonight.


I, in the meantime had picked up the camera again to be able to get some close shots of the action. My cock was harder than I had known it to be for a long time as I took in this horny action unfolding in front of me.

I hadn't known exactly how I would feel about my wife being seduced and fucked by another man, but was surprised at how turned on I was getting. The action was getting hotter all the time as Jack moved a hand down Cindy's body toward her pubis.

Cindy groaned in anticipation and her legs involuntarily opened as his fingers moved over her freshly shaved cunt mound and found the top of her slit. He probed further and she felt a finger start to probe the entrance to her love tunnel. He could feel the heat being generated by her cunt and was amazed at how wet her cunt lips were.

The juices were really flowing and as she opened her legs wider he could smell that delicious woman in heat odour wafting up to his nostrils. All this action had been taking place just inside the door, I decided it was time to step up the action a bit so I once again put the camera back on its tripod and Zoomed out to take in the whole scene.

I then moved over behind Cindy and embraced her from behind. My stiff cock naturally found its way between her arse cheeks. I nibbled on her ear and place a hand on her tits and quietly suggested to them that may be we should all move over to the bed.

Without breaking from a tri-embrace we edged over to the bed and managed to sit down on the edge where Jack and I sat on either side of Cindy. I turned toward Cindy and gave her a long embracing kiss to reassure her that what was unfolding was ok.

She returned by leaning down and taking my cock in her mouth and giving it a good going over with her tongue. Jack in the mean time once again began to explore Cindy's cunt with his hand and slowly probed further and further into the depths of her hot moist womanhood. He slowly but surely moved his head down closer to her lower body and savoured the horny aroma it was emitting. He couldn't wait to taste those sweet juices she was producing in copious amounts.

Cindy stopped sucking my cock and lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Jack took the cue and moved his head down to Cindy's cunt and began to probe it with his tongue. Cindy groaned with the pleasure she was feeling, her cunt and indeed her whole body was afire with lust. She grabbed hold of my cock once again and pulled it to her mouth and began to once again give me a great head job. She was certainly on fire and was sucking and licking my cock with great enthusiasm.

I reached out and found Jack's huge cock and began to slowly masturbate it as he was eating my wife's cunt and she was sucking my cock. I slowly drew his cock closer to me until I could take it in my mouth. I'm not sure if either Jack or my wife new what was happening, but they were so engrossed in what they were doing that I don't think they would have cared either.

I sucked on Jacks cock taking as much of it in as I could. I hadn't sucked cock much and certainly not an 8" one so was taking it slowly. I began to slowly face fuck my wife as I sucked Jacks cock and he in turn was giving my wife's cunt a good going over with his mouth and tongue. You could smell the sexual tension in the air. I wasn't going to last long and could feel my balls tighten as my load began its journey from my balls to my cock. Cindy could tell that I was getting close and intensified her sucking on my cock.

Se likes the taste of cum and was going to take this load into her mouth. I started to fuck her face with more intensity as my load speeded toward the end of my dick, I stopped sucking on Jack's cock and let out a long delightful moan as my load erupted inside Cindy's willing mouth.

She hungrily devoured my cum as it filled her mouth spurt after spurt. I moved away after I had deposited this first of many loads in Cindy's mouth, so as once again I could capture the action close up. As I moved away Cindy reached for Jacks cock and pulled him closer to her mouth so as they were now in 69 position.

She tentatively licked the end of his cock before placing the tip of it in her mouth. She was aware that it would be difficult to take much of this cock in her mouth, but was going to do her best. I was getting some fantastic shots of Jack licking and sucking my wife's cunt, he was probing it with his tongue and fingers.

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I could see her swollen clit quivering as he gave it all his attention. She was humping her cunt into his mouth as he was finger and tongue fucking her cunt.

I could already feel my cock growing at the thought of what was yet to come. Things were really starting to hot up on the bed, my wife was taking more and more of this huge cock into her mouth. Jack in turn was going to town on Cindy's hot cunt. He had spread her piss flaps wide and was probing her inner cunt with his fingers. He was manipulating her clit with his thumb as he probed the inner sanctions of her cunt with 3 fingers.

If he kept this up he would be in for a huge surprise as my wife was a squirter when her G spot was stimulated in this way. Cindy was moaning more and more and was sucking on Jack's cock like there was no tomorrow. She suddenly tensed and I knew that she was about to cum all over Jacks face. He was in for a shower of Pussy Juice like he had never experienced before. I zoomed the camera on Cindy's swollen and filled cunt as she screamed and suddenly a stream of cunt ejaculate shot out and sprayed all over Jacks face.

He looked at first surprised and then began to lap furiously as he savoured the sweet bitter taste of Cindy's cum all over his face. Cindy's Cunt was going to town with her cunt contracting around Jacks fingers. Cindy sucked harder on Jack's swollen member and suddenly it was too much for him and his cock exploded inside her mouth and Cindy got the taste another mans cum for the first time, the second load of cum for her to eat tonight already.

She lapped hungrily at his cock and tried not to spill any of his cum. This was all too horny for me and I had a raging hard on and decided that it was time for Cindy to be fucked in her cunt for the first time tonight.

I moved over to the bed and handed the camera to Jack and told him to film the action. He took the camera willingly and was pleased to have a rest to recover. I lay beside Cindy and took her head gently in my hands and gave her a long passionate kiss.

I could taste Jacks cum in her mouth which just made my dick all the harder. I rolled over on top of her and placed the tip of my cock at the opening to her cunt.

She arched up toward me in anticipation of my cock entering her hot wet cunt. She reached down and guided my cock to her cunt and I thrust my cock hard into her as I knew that this is the way she now wanted it. My first thrust went all the way in and I could feel my balls rest against her arse. I rested there for a moment to savour the feeling of my wife's cunt enveloping my cock. I moved my head down to Cindy's tits and took a nipple in my mouth.

Cindy arched her body to push her tit hard into my face. I sucked on her nipple and gave it little bites. She squirmed and moaned in delight and started to move her hips in a fucking motion indicating she needed me to begin fucking her cunt. I slowly withdrew my cock from the depths of her love tube until the head was almost out and then slowly re-entered her. I moved in and out at a slow tempo for a while and continued to suck her nipples in turn.

Jack in the mean time was getting some good shots of Cindy and I fucking which was once again causing his cock to become aroused. I increased the tempo and even though I had not long cum I knew that I would cum again very soon. I could tell that Cindy was going to cum again and I only had to tell her to cum when she was like this and her cunt would go mad and would squeeze my cock and cover it in her pussy juice as it had covered Jacks face. Our fucking tempo increased to frenzy and I shouted to her to cum all over my cock.

I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my cock and push against my cock. Suddenly my cock was covered in her juice as she ejaculated all over it. It was too much for me and I suddenly exploded into her pussy and filled it with my seed.


I lay on top of her for a while as we both came off our high of Cumming. Jack commented how horny that was and I could see that he was ready for more action and as he handed me the camera Cindy beckoned him over as she wanted to feel what his big cock was going to feel like as it speared her cunt. I didn't want to miss this so I changed the tape in the camera and began to film the action once again. Cindy slid close to the edge of the bed so as Jack could stand and enter her.

She raised her legs high exposing her open glistening cunt to us both. I zoomed in and could see my cum seeping out of her cunt, it was so hot and horny. Jack moved closer and placed Cindy's feet on his shoulders and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He reached down and placed a hand on each of her tits pinching her nipples with his thumbs and fingers. Cindy arched her cunt toward Jack's swollen cock as he thrust forward into her. He took it gently at first as he new she would need to get used to the extra size of his cock.

Cindy gasped as her cunt was expanded to accommodate this huge cock. The wondering was over, she now new what it was like to have a large cock in her cunt. It was hurting slightly, but was also enjoyable. Jack moved slowly in and out and the slight pain in Cindy's cunt was soon replaced by the pleasure of it all. She responded by fucking back as Jack thrust his huge member in and out of her cunt. The tempo increased as Cindy got used to the bigger cock that was now pounding her.

She could sense that it would not be long before she would cum for third time and the night was yet young. She couldn't believe that such sexual wanton could be so pleasurable. She had only ever been fucked properly by her current husband. Her first husband didn't know what sex was really about.

This was so different to what she thought and until now thought that sex was only to be enjoyed with your husband.

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Now she was experiencing what sex for pleasure was really about. The condition of being fucked by another man her husband imposed was that he should know, be present and join in, hence this scene. Cindy was moaning in shear delight as Jack pounded his cock in and out of her cunt.

He was building the tempo up and could feel the first stirrings of his impending climax. Cindy could feel Jack's cock expanding her cunt and rubbing against her G spot. She new that she would once again squirt her juices in copious amounts all over this cock when she came. She had not really cum down from her previous orgasms and could feel that nice familiar feeling hanging in the background since her first one.

Jack suddenly began to thrust wildly as his orgasm neared. This tipped Cindy over the edge and once again she could feel her cunt muscles contracting around the cock inside her and the sudden gush of her ejaculant force its way between her cunt walls and the cock pounding her. Jack felt her cunt tighten around his shaft, he had never felt anything like it and caused him to shudder as his cock exploded inside this hot juicy cunt.

They both screamed in shear pleasure as their sex juices mingled with those already inside of her. They both lay exhausted for a few moments, I suggested that we need to clean each other up. Cindy lay back on the bed with Jack and I on either side of her, but the other way around, in effect a 696 position. The men placed their cocks close to her mouth so as she could lick them clean and the men proceeded to take it in turns cleaning Cindy's cunt with their mouth.

The cum was oozing out of her cunt and the men lapped at it savouring the mixed taste of two men's and one woman's cum.

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It was delicious. Cindy licked at the two men's cocks and could taste her own juices mingled with that of her husband and this stranger. After they cleaned each other up it was decided to have a break and order some room service to regain our strength. We all went and had a shower separately so as to freshen up for the next bout. Cindy was wondering how things could get better.

Her husband had some more things in mind and Cindy would be in for a few more surprises and would discover that there is some more stretching to be done yet.

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After they all freshened up there was a knock on the door, Cindy went and opened it, it was room service, a handsome Black man and a petite young lady entered with the tray.

They hardly blinked an eye as they noticed that the three of us were still naked. We hadn't bothered to put any clothes on as we were still eager to continue our sexual exploits. The room service personnel left and we helped ourselves to some food and drink.

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It wasn't long before the sexual tension was building up again and after refreshing ourselves we returned to the bed and began to once again explore each others bodies. Cindy lay back on the bed as Jack and I lay each side of her. We both began to fondle her delicious tits as she moaned in pleasure, It was time to give Cindy some pleasure as we leant over and each took a nipple in our mouths.

The men both sucked teased and nibbled on her tits. She placed a hand on each of the men's heads and pulled them in hard to her mounds forcing the men to suck harder on her tits. Her nipples were tingling with pleasure and she could feel the sensation move down to her slowly moistening cunt. She could feel her clit becoming engorged as her cunt lips were swelling up once again in preparation for another invasion of her wanton body.

This continued for some time as the men heightened the sensations running through Cindy's body. She was writhing around in pleasure at the feelings these men were bestowing on her body. Cindy could hold on much longer she wanted a cock inside her and wanted to be fucked once again. She rolled over and straddled Jack and placed her wanton cunt at the head of his cock. Her husband reached for Jacks cock to help guide it to her open swollen cunt. Cindy lowered herself down onto Jacks swollen cock and sighed as she felt it once again enter her juicy cunt.

Her husband turned round so as he could closely watch his wife impale herself on this 8" of manhood. He then lowered his face and began to lick around the area between her cunt and arse hole.

Cindy loved the sensation and she began to ride the huge cock invading her pussy. Her husband moved his licking to her arse hole and began to probe it with his tongue, He began to ream her rose bud, pushing his tongue deeper in her puckered brown hole.

Cindy weekly said no, but was also enjoying the added sensation this was causing. Her husband started to probe her bum hole with his fingers gradually relaxing itwhich in turn allowed him to probe deeper. He soon had one finger probing her arse hole and then began to probe a second finger inside it.

Cindy could feel her arse hole being stretched and was now enjoying the sensation and continued to ride the shaft filling her cunt. Cindy's husband continued to stretchy his wife's virgin arse with his fingers gradually enlarging the hole in preparation for her next surprise. After a short time he once again probed her arse with his tongue making it very slippery, He then repositioned himself so as his cock was resting against her arse.

Cindy could feel something pressing against her rear entrance but initially thought it was her husband still using his fingers. He thrust gently forward to apply a little pressure to her arse. He could feel his cock head straining to enter her puckered rose bud. Cindy was fucking Jacks cock hard and was not fully aware of what was about to happen.

Her Husband applied a bit more pressure and could feel his cock head move slightly into Cindy's bum. She strained back toward him which applied more pressure and suddenly they could feel his cock move past the tight sphincter muscle.

Cindy could not believe that her husband had his cock in her arse and even though it hurt slightly, overall the feeling of having a cock in both her holes was sensational. Her husband applied more pressure and his cock moved deeper into his wife's arse.


He could feel Jack's huge cock through the thin membrane between the two holes. He pushed his cock further in until he could feel his balls resting against Cindy. He rested for a moment allowing Cindy to get used to having both her holes filled with cock. After a moment or two Cindy began to rock back and forward indicating to the men it was time to start fucking in earnest.

The men could feel each others cocks fucking in and out Cindy's holes causing an unimaginable feeling in each of them. It wasn't long before Cindy could feel another, but more intense orgasm building and began to increase the tempo. The men sensed that Cindy would soon be cumming and also increase the tempo. Cindy's cunt muscles began to tighten around Jack's cock and at the same time her sphincter began to spasm and tighten.

This caused the men to fuck her harder as they could both feel their balls tighten as their seed began its journey from their balls to the tip of their cocks. Cindy suddenly stiffened as her cunt muscles went into overdrive and began spasming spasmodically. She suddenly began to gush fluid once again out around the cock that was filling her cunt.

This caused first Jack to spurt his seed out the end of his dick deep inside Cindy's cunt, This was immediately followed by Cindy's husbands cock releasing spurt after spurt of his seed deep in her bowels. After they all finished cumming they remained still until the two cocks deflated enough to fall out of their respective holes. Cindy and her husband lay on their backs beside Jack and they all drifted off to a satisfying sleep.