Nude beach voyeur scenes with amateurs bathing in the sea

Nude beach voyeur scenes with amateurs bathing in the sea
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After learning Bill's secret, I tried to go to his parents motel every day. Most days we would laugh about what we had done but we didnt do anything else for a while He told me that his dad would be pissed if he found out I knew about the peep holes into the rooms.

One day I saw his parents in their car heading out of town. I headed over to the motel and knocked on the door. It took awhile for Bill to come to the door and he looked flush and excited.

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He shushed me and lead me into the secret hall that over looked the rooms. We went fairly far back and he stopped at a peep hole and looked in. He nodded for me to look and I gasped when I saw the naked woman and the men in the room. She was wearing a blindfold and someone was talking to her. I couldnt hear much but I soon realized that she was being addressed by a guy sitting in a chair with his pants down around his ankles. He was stroking himself and smiling as he watched her.

She was feeling the three cocks that were standing at attention in front of her. One guy was big and muscular, one was more normal in stature and one was thin. All had good sized cocks. The aveage sized guy was so black he shined. She was feeling, stroking, smelling and sucking the cocks as if trying to make up her mind.

My cock was stiff as a board and I looked over at Bill to see his cock out with clear precum on the tip. He looked at me and stroked it before looking back into the room. He knew he could stick his cock in my mouth any time he wanted but he would wait until he was desperate from watching first. When I looked back into the room the woman was on her back and the thin guy was eating her pussy. She squealed and thrashed around on the bed as he chased her clit with his tongue.

The black guy was soon sticking his cock in her mouth and she was doing a very good job of getting most of it in her mouth. Being in the hidden hall I was only a few feet from the action and I could soon smell sex. The big guy was patiently stroking his cock and waited for her to have her first screaming orgasm before he pushed the thin guy out of the way and got between her legs.

He was thick but also long so when he slammed it into her she gasped and wrapped her legs around his hips. Thrusting back and forth I could see the veins on his cock as it slipped in and out of her pussy. Her lips were pushed in then strained to hold his cock as he withdrew. He didnt seem in a hurry but suddenly he changed pace just slightly and pulling her mouth off of the black cock, he grabbed he head with both hands and kissed her deeply as he shot his cum into her pussy.

Stroke after stroke until the white sticky cum started to ooze out of her pussy down over her asshole. They both were exhausted and the big guy leaned away and fell onto his back next to her.

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The thin guy wasted no time before he went back down on her. She held his head in her hand and reached out for another cock but there wasnt one there.


The black guy had move behind the little skinny bony ass and was patting and squeezing it. His cock was sticking up at a slight angle and he seemed like he was having a hard time deciding what to fuck. I looked at his cock it was large and uncircumcized. When he pulled the skin back the head was only slightly lighter than the blue black of the skin. He stroked himself a few times and then made up his mind. He pushed the skinny guy out of the way and knelt between the woman's thighs.

The contrast was incredible. He put the head of his cock against her lips and pushed effortlessly into her cunt. He bottomed out and pulled back, his cock now shiny and covered with fuck juices. I watched his slightly hairy balls swing back and forth as he fucked this white cunt. I wanted to run into the room and be there to see his cum run out of her in person but I knew that it would never happen so I pulled my cock out and started to stroke in time with his cock.

The skinny guy came over and squeazed his balls and the black guy reached over and stroked his cock. I was imagining what that would feel like when I felt Bills hand on my balls. I reached out and grabbed his cock with my left hand and stroked it just like the skinny guy was being stroked.

Watching the action, I was soon very close to cumming. I wanted to hold off so I let go of Bills cock. He immediately squeezed my balls very hard and I nearly cried out in pain. I stopped jacking myself and turned to him. I realized that he was getting close and didnt want to hurt me he just wanted to cum.

I turned away from the room and took his cock into my mouth. Stroking with one hand and playing with his balls with the other I could feel him getting stiffer and jerkier.

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It was nice feeling in control as I sucked just a little harder and was rewarded by him grabbing my head and fucking my mouth. I wished he would go a little slower but he soon started to spurt and I let each gush flow over my tongue while I held as much as I could in my mouth. His thrusts became weaker and his cock softer. When he stopped he stepped back and his cock slid out of my mouth with a slight popping sound.

I showed him my mouthful of cum and then swallowed it. I turned back to the peep hole and saw that the woman now had her white legs wrapped around the black guy and the skinny cum monster was licking the black balls and white asshole. His skinny little butt was bouncing up and down and his cock and balls swaying back and forth as he licked and sucked the fucking pair.

The black guy was soon at the breaking point and he started to grunt and thrust at the same time. It was obvious when he started to cum because you could see the white semen on his cock as it pulled out and was thrust back in. Soon the juices flowed a second time over the brown puckered asshole peeking out of the creamy white cheeks.

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After a brief rest the black guy pulled his cock out of the pussy and wiped it on the bed spread. Without a word the big guy and the black guy got up and dressed and left. The little skinny guy cleaned up the woman's pussy again and then said. "Was that enough dear?" "No." she replied "get me more cock." He looked around and said"OK" and left the room. I hurried out to the front porch and sat down. Just as he rounded the corner from his room.

He slowed and looked at me and I eyed his crotch a little. He looked at mine and could see that it was bulging. "Hey kid want to get fucked?" I said "Sure! Why not?" He turned and took me back to the room. We entered quietly and he just pointed at the woman who was laying spread eagled on the bed with her sticky cunt exposed.

She heard us enter and she pulled her pussy lips apart and said "Fuck me stranger!" I was at the bed in a flash. The smell of fucking was incredible. Lifting her legs I fingered her cunt and asshole. She wiggled some but let me do anything that I wanted to.

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Her cunt was puffy from all of the fucking and her asshole was slippery. I smelled my fingers and then dropped my clothes on the floor. When I climbed on the bed she spread her legs in anticipation. I rolled her over instead and laid on top of her. I put on a rubber then slipping my cock into her cunt from behind, she tried to push against me but I pulled back and put my fuck juice covered cock against her ass hole.

She only hesitated briefly before lifting her hips so that I could enter her. I pushed the head of my cock in and her ass was really tight. Pulling out. I spit into her open ass and slid my cock back in.

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Juice from between her legs helped and soon I was balls deep in her asshole. I looked back at the skinny guy and saw that his cock was standing at attention. Stroking into the woman's asshole, I could feel that she hadnt voided her bowels before the fuck session.

That told me that this was an unexpected outcome. for both of them. I stroked and pushed into her ass, making her groan and then pulled out and indicated to him that he should take over. He practically leaped on to the bed and into her asshole. He started thrusting hard and fast and I stepped back from the bed. I dropped the rubber in the trash and waited to see him fuck himself dry. It didnt take too long before he threw his head back and came very hard into her asshole.

She orgasmed and squealled, nearly throwing the two of them off of the bed. He fell back looking like he had passed out.

She rolled onto her back and lifted the blindfold. Her eyes met mine and she smiled and lifted her knees one more time.

I got between her legs and slid my cock into her pussy. Working back and forth I could feel her cunt walls start to work my cock.

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It took on a life of its own and I let any thought of holding back go from my mind. My cock was sliding in and out, my balls slapping against her sticky asshole. Her eyes never left mine.


I nodded to her that I was about to cum and she shivered all over before thrusting hard against me. She started to cum and I was right there with her. She milked me dry but never took her eyes off of mine. When we were finished we lay there and nearly fell asleep. Her cunt squeezed my cock out and covered it with lots of juice as it lay against her body.

I rolled off of her in looking back, I leaned over and gave her a big kiss.


It was a kiss of friendship and spent passion. I got dressed and glanced back at those beautiful eyes again.

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I blew my best friend Bill's sister a kiss and left the room.