Amateur real bitches suck on cock

Amateur real bitches suck on cock
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One For a Millionaire Long story short I'm horny and in the mood to write a sexy story so I'm just going to jump right in. Thanks for reading!

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This story has offensive material like rape&hellip. you have been warned! Xoxoxox It was Lucy's first trip out of the country!

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Being 18 and just graduating high school it was always her dream to go abroad on her own! She had just combed her long red hair and pulled it into a ponytail; she quickly applied a little mascara to her long lashes above her bright blue eyes and red lipstick to her soft plump lips.

She winked at herself in the mirror and headed out of her hotel room to do a bit of exploring! She was only going to be in Paris for 3 days so she had to make it count! That same morning Sam finished shaving and headed downstairs where his servants had breakfast and a paper waiting for him.

He read through the news and had a bit of toast.

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He reads the paper but his thoughts are on the previous night. It was just another night of boring charity dinners that he attends simply to network for his multimillion dollar company. He brought home another woman who flew herself at him.

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He was bored he wanted a challenge. Later that day, after hours of sight-seeing, Lucy was walking down the street looking for a place to grab a bite to eat. She looked into a very fancy little café. There was Sam sitting in a business meeting. They locked eyes. Lucy couldn't look away for what seemed like years. A man talking to Sam cleared his throat to get Sam's attention. Sam looked away and Lucy used that moment to walk away blushing. Sam looked back up and the gorgeous women who had been there was gone but the bulge in his trousers was still very much there.

He excused himself and left the café. Outside he saw her walking away. The sway of her hips was mesmerizing.


He looked at his watch and groaned. He had back to back meetings starting in 15 mins. He followed his mystery girl as he made a quick call to reschedule the rest of his afternoon to tomorrow. After hanging up the phone he caught up with Lucy and said "Excuse me miss"? Lucy jumped and she blushed a deep red. Had this man really just followed her?!?! She simply replied "Yes"? He gave a boyish smile and said "I know this seems a bit odd but I saw you back by the café and I felt an impulse to introduce myself, so hello I'm Sam." Lucy looked around was this really happening?!

Again she simply replied "I'm Lucy." He was growing painfully hard. She was just beautiful! He could tell she was younger but he didn't care. He knew he could have her.

"Would you like to have a drink with me?" Sam asked. She replied embarrassed "I'm only 18." He knew she was young but not 20 years younger than himself, never the less his offer stood. "Well darling, now I know you are a tourist, the legal drinking age is 16 in Paris. Let me take you for a drink." Lucy didn't want to be rude so she agreed.

Sam walked her to his car where his driver was waiting to take them to the nearest bar. Lucy was relieved to see a driver because it meant she wouldn't be alone with a stranger. At the bar Sam order a wine for himself and a cocktail for Lucy. They chatted for a few hours. Sam ordered her another drink and another.

Then he invited her back to his place. He could not believe it, even after 3 cocktails she said NO! He thought she was just being a tease and convinced her to at least let him take her home so he would know she made it there safely. She agreed. Once they were back in the backseat of the car she fell asleep with her head rested against him.


She smelled so sweet and looked so good. Sam took his driver to take them home. He carried her into his house and up to his room. She woke up as he was tucking her into his bed. She sat up and looked around the room. "WHERE AM I?!?!" He smiled and said "Don't worry that pretty little head of yours.

You are back at my place. I couldn't very well send you home in your state." She went to get out of bed and stumbled. He caught her and said "Darling steady now. Maybe 2 cocktails is your limit." Lucy was getting nervous. She was dizzy. Sam kissed her as he was holding her steady. She shoved him off.

No one had EVER rejected Sam before.

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He smiled. Finally a challenge! He grabbed her harder and kissed her soft red lips. Her lips tasted like vodka and juice. She smelled like flowers and a fresh summer night, it was intoxicating. The harder she pushed at him and more he wanted her.

Without even thinking he reached between them and freed his pulsing cock from his trousers. He stopped kissing her to bend her over the bed. She gasped "OH GOD NO!!!!

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PLEASE!!!!" Sam reached under her dress to remove her panties and was thrilled to find she wasn't wearing any. Lucy struggled but she was so cute and petit and no match for Sam. Sam pushed up her dress over her hips. He used one hand to keep her hands pinned above her head and used his other hand to guide his cock to the opening of her sweet little pussy. He didn't play any games; he lined it up and thrust deep and hard.

Lucy started screaming and trying so hard to get away. She was so tight and warm. The beat pussy he had ever had the pleasure of fucking.

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Lucy begged him over and over to stop. "PLEASE! IT HHURTS!" Sam didn't stop or slow down. He fucked her long and hard for over an hour. To Lucy it felt like days.

Half way through she stopped fight, she didn't have the energy. She just laid there and whimpered as he held her hips tight and fucked her in sheer bliss. Sam thrust into her deep on last time and came harder than he ever had before. He laid on her spent and dazed. After a moment Sam stood and pulled himself from her. A mixture of cum and a bit of blood ran down Lucy's tights. He looked at her and sighed. "Lucy?" no reply "Lucy?.darling?" She curled up quietly on the bed wanting her nightmare to end.

"You were a virgin??" he can't help but smile.

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Sam says "I will draw you a bath." He heads into the bathroom. As soon as Lucy hears the water running she sits up, is he joking! A bath! She slides off the bed and looks for her shoes for a few seconds before realizing they are not worth and runs for the door. Sam comes out of the bathroom and sees her.

He runs after her and grabs her arm. "You just lost your virginity. You need a hot bath or you will be sore!" Lucy falls to the floor trying to use her body weight to free herself from his grasp. "LET ME GO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" He smiles she sure is feisty for such a sweet looking young lady.


Sam says "I will not let you go Lucy. Please now come for your bath." She says through tears "You had your fun now let me go!" Sam takes a deep breath and calmly says "Lucy you were the best fuck I have ever had and I will not be letting you go for a very long time! Plus you are to pretty to let go, someone might snatch you off the street!" Lucy is drug kick and screaming to the bathroom. Sam is getting impatient he demands Lucy to remove her dress and get her ass into the tub.

She refuses so he takes off his belt. He pushes her against the wall after she backs herself into a corner and jerks the zipper of her dress down. He weights her firm little ass in his hands after the dress falls to the floor and then he smacks it with his belt.

Lucy jumps and cries out in pain. He gives her 4 more smacks to her ass and then whispers in her ear "Get in the fucking tub princess!"