Novia cojida por novio y taxista

Novia cojida por novio y taxista
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Chapter 1 My first night with Maria had been incredible. I was totally drained, and had no idea how many orgasms she had. The following morning we woke up late and ate a hardy breakfast together.

We both needed carbs, juice, water, and coffee I guess. The woman I thought was a conservative, demure, middle-aged Filipino lady turned out to be one of the most incredibly sexy women I had ever encountered. I assumed that she had several people that she had sex with, and knew that besides me, she also fucked Yvette, the 20 year old Latina who worked for her. She had told me about two other lesbian affairs, and one German Shepard she had fucked. I wondered how I could ensure enough "face time" with this incredible woman.

It turns out that my concerns were misplaced. Over the next month or so she and I fell into a rhythm of sex two or three times a week. The sex was different every time. Sometimes I was strong and dominant. Sometimes she was in charge. Sometimes she told me stories about her past while I fucked her. It was a great six weeks. One evening when I arrived at Maria's apartment, she announced that I had graduated to a new level.

This seemed like a promising development! I walked into the apartment and realized that there were three other men there. Thankfully I did not know any of the other men. Maria walked up behind me and rubbed my ass. "We didn't talk about anything after my husband died, did we? Well, every so often I need to be filled completely. Tonight is one of those nights, lover" she said. I had never been in a gangbang before, but I knew Maria, and I decided to go with it.

Maria walked into her bedroom and all four of us followed her.

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As I approached from behind Maria pushed her ass back so that it rubbed against my crotch. I started to get hard, and rubbed Maria's ass through her pants.

I looked forward to see that her shirt was being pulled off while she was pulling off the belts and shirts in front of her. I stripped while tugging at her pants and underwear. In a few minutes there were four hard cocks pointing at Maria, and she was completely naked.

"You have all fucked me before. You know what I like. Make me cum" Maria demanded. I had definitely fucked her, but never in the ass.

I dropped to my knees and started licking and rubbing her asshole. I could feel her body shake as she jerked a cock in each hand, and was bumping up against a man eating her cunt.


After working her asshole with my tongue, I took a huge glob of lubricant and worked two fingers in her asshole. I lubed my cock with another huge glob of lube, stood up, and pressed the head of my cock against her asshole. Maria whimpered and pushed back against my cock. I could feel the head of my cock pop into her tight asshole. It was incredible. Suddenly Maria stood up, which pushed my cock out of her ass, and pushed one of the men on to his back on her bed.

She stepped up and impaled herself on his cock. She leaned forward and her little asshole winked at me. I took my chance and slipped back up behind her to slide into her asshole. I could feel the cock in her cunt gliding by as he pulled back and I pushed in. Maria was letting out little grunting noises as we fucked her in both holes at once.

The noise was muffled as a third man pushed his cock down her throat. Now she was just sort of gagging and moaning. She held the fourth cock in her hand and rubbed it against her face and cheek. She was cock crazy. As we all got into a rhythm I was pounding Maria harder and harder in the asshole.

She was squealing through the cock in her throat. Her entire body tensed up as she was shaken with a massive orgasm. This caused me to fill her asshole with cum, and the man in her cunt to fill her up with cum. The man in her mouth exploded, causing her to gag and allow cum to dribble down her chin. Very unlike our Maria. The cock in her hand quickly was thrust into her mouth where he soon came too. Maria rolled onto the bed. Cum was dripping from her chin, her asshole, and her cunt.

She was smiling and the men were all introducing themselves. It was clear that with Maria we would all be encountering each other's cum, so we might as well shake hands. Each of us stayed close enough to Maria to have our cocks touching her. Soon she was rubbing a ball-sack here, licking a cock there, getting all of us hard again.

This time I decided I wanted to fuck her cute black bob. While the others positioned themselves at each hole, I took hold of her head and started to rub my cock on her scalp.


Her soft hair felt great, and the movement produced by the other three fucking her was perfect for my action.

Maria even started to twitch her head to the side as I thrust forward. Then, as if they were all related, the man in her cunt exploded, with caused the man in her asshole to explode, which caused the man in her mouth to explode.

I was ready to cum in her hair when she leaned back and swallowed my cock. No wasted cum for Maria! Now she had two loads from her asshole, two from her cunt, and four in her belly. Maria was incredible. Maria knew that we were all exhausted, and we knew that she was not done. Reaching behind her headboard, Maria pulled out an enormous vibrating rubber cock. It looked too huge to ever fit in her twat. She told as all to have a seat and enjoy. She leaned back on the bed, spread her legs as wide as they would go, and rubbed the enormous cock back and forth.

The two loads of cum inside of her lubricated the rubber cock, and she slowly pushed it into her cunt. One the head was in, we could only watch in awe as she pushed inch by inch into her cum-oozing snatch. We watched the loads of cum being pushed out of her cunt, and dribbling over her asshole. I was getting a hard-on again, and I noticed that the others guys were too.

Maria closed her eyes when the cock was all the way in (probably a good 14 inches in, and six around) and flipped the vibrator on high. Her nipples shot out like cannons, and her eyes popped open like saucers. Her breath was taken away from her and she let out a silent scream.

I was so excited that I stepped forward, stroked my cock twice and came right across Maria's face. I stepped aside in time to see that all four of us had the same idea. As the fourth load splattered across Maria's cheeks and eyes she ripped the vibrator out of her cunt and shot girl cum across the room.

The room was silent except for the buzz of Maria's vibrator and her panting. "Thank you gentlemen. Twelve loads of cum is enough for today" Maria smiled. "I'll be in touch with each of you." With that four weak-kneed men dressed and limped out of Maria's. We were all sore, ready for a nap, and happy. Chapter 2 I did not see Maria the next day, but when I did see her at her cafe she asked me if I liked her friends.

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"Sure, but I am really into you, not men," I said. "Yes, well, I never did cheat on my husband with a man, so I have some lost time to make up for" she replied. "Besides, you got the fuck my asshole for the first time. That's a treat you haven't had before." "I wasn't complaining. I like watching you getting fucked in every hole" I said.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I certainly did. Saturday come to my apartment and be prepared to be creative. Just you and me and whatever you think of" she said. I spent the rest of the week plumbing the depths of my mind for any fantasy that I could think of that I still needed to act out. I wanted a threesome, but she'd made clear that I would have to earn that, and I really wanted to fuck Yvette, so that would have to wait.

I would have loved to see Maria fuck a dog, or a donkey, or anything else I could think of, but I was afraid it would be so.

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. . 1980s.

. . for her. Besides, I didn't know anyone with a big dog, and I was pretty sure anything less would be looked upon unfavorably. What was I going to do? As luck would have it, I was in the hardware store on Friday and came across a hand roller of shrink wrap. I quickly bought four of them. Maria was going to get a little bondage treatment on Saturday. When Saturday arrived I was at Maria's house right on time. We had a delicious dinner and drank a couple of bottles of wine.

Then we moved to the couch, where I rubbed her lightly, nipped at the nape of her neck, and massaged her breasts. She was getting horny, but was clearly curious as to what I had in store for us.

I told her to strip in her room and put on a blindfold. She smiled at me and moved quickly into the bedroom. I got out the shrink wrap and headed in. She was naked and blindfolded, and standing at attention. Her ass was a perfect curve that fit in my hand like a glove. She had just trimmed her bush so that I could see her cunt lips and clit peeking out.

Her beautiful C-cups were standing at attention, with her small, long brown nipples standing straight out. Her mouth was in a little pout that made me want to stick my cock in it. Instead, I looped the shrink wrap around her wrists behind her back. Then I shrink wrapped from just above her pubic hair to just below her breasts.

I tweaked her nipples so they stood out and pulled her beautiful tits up with the shrink wrap, making sure to leave the nipple exposed.

She looked like she was wearing a shrink wrap corset with a blindfold and wrist restraints. I turned her around and pushed her onto the bed facedown. Now her ass was angled up at me. She moved her as around, trying to regain her balance.

I smacked her ass hard with my open hand. She whimpered and spread her legs. I smacked her ass again, only this time rubbing and massaging it more. When my hand touched her ass her back arched and she moaned.

I got down on my knees and started breathing hot air on her cunt and asshole while I kept slapping and massaging her ass cheeks. She was moaning and trying to push back against my face. I spit on her asshole and started to work my finger in.

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Her whole body shuttered. "Do you want me to fuck your ass?" I asked. "Please" she moaned. "Have you been a good girl? Do you deserve an ass fucking?" I asked. "Yes. Please fuck that ass. . ." she replied. I wasn't quite ready to let her off the hook yet.

I grabbed her wrists and slowly raised them so that she put her knees up on the bed. I reached out and flicked her ass again. She was whimpering and I could see the moisture collecting on her pubic hair. She was going to need to get off soon. My hands are not small, but neither is Maria's cunt. I took a handful of lube and covered my hand, my cock, and her asshole with it. She kept pushing back to make my finger slide into her asshole as I lubed her up.

Then I folded my hand over itself and slipped it as far into Maria's cunt as it would go. She gasped and spread her legs at the same time. My knuckles were almost in when she slid her body back a few inches. Success! I was able to make a fist, which Maria promptly fucked hard until she came. As Maria was reaching the peak of her orgasm I slipped my hand out of her cunt and slowly pushed my cock up her asshole.

This seemed to set her off again. I waited until she had come down again and turned her on her back. I used the shrink wrap to make a harness for her legs and pinned them as far back as they would go. Then I slipped into her asshole from the front. She was very tight, and it took me a while to work all eight inches into her asshole.

Once I did, I used both hands on her beautiful nipples to keep her writhing and moaning. It wasn't long until I shot my load up Maria's ass. "Shrink wrap was pretty creative" Maria said. "I can't say I haven't played with it before, but I am pretty impressed." Of course Maria had played with shrink wrap before.

The only thing I could be confident she had not done was been the victim in a snuff film. I mean, she'd fucked a dog! Still, if she was impressed, that was good enough for me. "Maybe this week I should finally give you your chance with Yvette" she said. "Oh no. The deal was a threesome.

I want to see you fuck her too" I replied. "Don't you worry. I am going to fuck Yvette" she said. "Once you see that Yvette's caramel colored skin has tan lines over her DD-cup breasts, and that she wears cute thong underwear to cover her voluptuous Latina ass you will realize that I would fuck her all day every day if I could." Maria knew her stuff. Picturing Yvette gave me another hard on. I ripped the remaining shrink wrap off of Maria and straddled her upper body.

I still had plenty of lube on my cock from fucking her ass, and slipped between her big tits. I rode her tits until I exploded in her hair and on her face.

Maria just smiled at me, and told me to eat her pussy until she was done with me. Even when she was being submissive she was dominant. Forty-five minutes and four Maria orgasms (and one more for me) later we lay in bed together snuggling, with Maria telling me about what she did to Yvette. Chapter 3 "Believe it or not, I did not hire Yvette just to fuck her" Maria started. "She was just a 16 year old kid from a shitty high school. She needed money and seemed to have a good work ethic, so I hired her in the cafe." "Well, that good deed has certainly worked out for you" I replied.

"Yes. Yvette is a very popular employee. She is beautiful, and is such a pleasant girl. I sometimes wonder what all of the middle-aged men who give her those huge tips would do if they knew what a sexual creature she was" Maria said.

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"They'd proposition her, ogle her, come on to her, and do everything else they could to try to get in her pants" I said from experience.

What middle-aged man ever met a hot college girl he did not want to bang? "Of course they would. It's why they leave her 30 and 40% tips. They want to ask her if they can nuzzle her tits, but they won't, so they pay her instead. Well, good for her. And good for me, since that was how I first started Yvette thinking about sex with me.

You see, she had just turned 18. Her breasts were probably the same size as mine when she started, but by the time she was 18, they were the DDs they are now. At the same time, Yvette had lost her baby fat, so that her DDs looked even more stunning.

She noticed that men in the cafe were giving her huge tips, which she appreciated, but also noticed that they started at her tits and sometimes fidgeted around under the tables when she was walking past. She was very upset.

One day after work she asked if we could talk. She said 'Maria, I don't if I should keep working here. I am afraid that I might be hurting the business. So many men come in here and they are very creepy to me.

What if other people don't want to come in because of that?


I don't want to hurt your business. You have been so good to me the last two years!" Yvette started to cry, and I pulled her over to my chair and wrapped her in a big hug. She was so upset I just stroked her hair and tried to calm her down.

I explained to her that if the men were making her uncomfortable I would ask them to leave, but that otherwise business was good and that she had nothing to worry about, and had done nothing wrong. Yvette stopped crying then. She was sitting on my lap with her head on my shoulder. I could feel her heavy breasts resting against my breasts. I have to admit, I was getting turned on, but I knew that Yvette was vulnerable and wanted to be careful before I tried to seduce her.

Little did I know. Yvette looked up at me and asked 'Maria, you are so sexy. Don't you ever feel alone? Like people only want to be near you because you turn them on?' Yvette asked. 'Um, no. I guess I view that kind of attention more positively than you do' I replied. 'Really? So, this kind of attention is good?' Yvette asked as she fondled my breast in her hands.

Then she kissed me on the lips, trailing her lips up to my left eyelid, then my right eyelid. I felt her move so that she was straddling me in the chair. As I opened my eyes she kissed me on the mouth, and I felt her hot tongue in my mouth. I reached out and gripped her ass and hips as I kissed her back. She leaned forward and I whispered in her ear that this attention was perfect.

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We stayed in my office for half an hour or so, kissing and rubbing each other through our jeans. I was afraid I would soak through my jeans, so I suggested that we head to my apartment.

Yvette was almost out the door before me. The whole ride to my apartment she sat in the passenger seat, rubbing her bare stomach and lightly tweaking her nipples. I was afraid I was going to drive off the road, and I was definitely speeding. Fortunately we did not get pulled over! As soon as we walked into my apartment we both started to strip.

Yvette is about 5' 2", with beautiful caramel colored skin. Her eyes are a luminescent green, and her hair was shoulder-length and shimmering black. I was entranced by her breasts, which were huge and heavy, with large brown nipples, as well as by her dark black bush of pubic hair. I stepped behind her and started rubbing her belly and pubic hair from behind while I whispered in her ear that I needed to taste her pussy.

Her breath was heavy and shallow, and I directed her straight to my couch. As Yvette sat on the couch I dropped to my knees in front of her.

She looked straight into my eyes and gave me a beautiful, charming smile. 'I think this is going to be just like my fantasy' she said, as I dipped my head down and slipped my tongue into her cunt for the first time. I was light-headed with the taste and aroma of her quim. It was a beautiful musky taste and odor that I wanted again and again.

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Even thought I planned to start slow, I realized that I was lapping Yvette's cunt almost immediately. My hands held her huge breasts while my thumbs tweaked her nipples.

Her eyes were huge, and she was making little exhalations while I lapped her juices up. As her eyes rolled back in her head I jammed my tongue up her pussy and felt her spasm and cum in my mouth.

I was afraid she would pass out, but as she recovered she leaned forward to lick her juices off of my chin and lips!" By this point my cock had been hard so long it hurt.

I was starting to be afraid that Maria was going to permanently injure me with the state of excitement she had built me to. Maria reached out and started slowly teasing my cock with her fingertips as she continued her story: "I did not expect someone Yvette's and with her experience to lick her cum off of my chin.

That must have showed because she smiled and said 'I have dreamed about having sex with you since I was 16. I have dreamed about it so much that it is like we are reliving a past experience, not having a new one. I was surprised to hear that, and asked her 'Well, what happens next then?" 'You climb up over me onto my face, and I taste you for the first time' she responded. And so I did. She was not experienced at eating pussy, but she was very enthusiastic.

She licked me from my clit to my asshole and back so fast that I could barely stay on top of her. Then she ran her tongue all around my cunt lips and nipped at my clit until I came and flooded her face with my cum. She clamped her mouth over my cunt and sucked all of my cum out of me, which triggered another orgasm. This was too good for the couch, and when I recovered, I took her hand and took her to my bedroom, where we could spread out on the king-sized bed.

I placed Yvette face down on the bed and put a pillow under her hips. I pulled a medium sized vibrator out of my drawer and slipped it into her very wet cunt. It slipped all the way in at once.

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Yvette let out a grunt and started to squeeze her thighs together. 'No, no, Yvette. Keep your legs open and relaxed. Trust me' I instructed her. Yvette's body instantly responded and spread her legs wider again.

I turned the vibrator on a low speed. Yvette cooed and moaned as she rotated her hips around the vibrator. I slipped it back and forth as her wet cunt squished around it.

Just as she was fully focused on the vibrator in her cunt I leaned forward and started rubbing my tongue hard against her asshole.

Yvette gasped and immediately started pushing her asshole back against my face and moaning. Her pace had picked up, and I knew she was going to cum soon. I turned the vibrator up to high speed and pushed my tongue into her asshole. Her entire body clenched, and she let out a howl as her back arched and her cunt spasmed around the vibrator. She was having a really huge orgasm, and lay back and watched.

She was so fucking sexy. I slowed the vibrator back to low to make sure Yvette wouldn't be overwhelmed and pulled out a large rubber cock for my self. Yvette's cunt and asshole were wide open to me as I slipped the head of the rubber cock up and down across my slit.

I leaned forward and started to nuzzle her ass. Yvette was still grinding out the last of her orgasm, and her sweet ass kept rotating in a circle. I slipped the rubber cock into my cunt and started licking Yvette's asshole again. Apparently Yvette had other ideas. She stood up and pulled the vibrator out of her cunt. Then she climbed onto the facing my feet. She lowered herself onto my mouth and stretched herself down so that she could tongue my clit while I sucked on hers.

She removed my hand from the rubber cock and started working it into my dripping hole herself. She licked my clit while she built up the tempo of the rubber cock. Soon she was lapping my cunt while the rubber cock was slamming in and out of my cunt. As my body started to tense for a big orgasm, Yvette slipped her thumb into my asshole.

As I exploded Yvette pulled the rubber cock out my cunt and lapped at my cum. That sent me into a series of orgasms that seemed to last about a week. As I came back to my senses I realized that Yvette had rolled off of me and was furiously fucking herself with the rubber cock I had been using.

She came again, and we lay all sweaty and tangled up, slowly rubbing and nibbling on each other. We dozed off together, feeling and tasting each other."