Russische Amateur Porno hinter den Kulissen 1

Russische Amateur Porno hinter den Kulissen 1
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I was excited. I was eight months pregnant and getting dressed up to have dinner with my husband and a friend of his from work. What made tonight more exciting is my husband and I had discussed having this friend join us for a threesome.

Since the night of my affair when my husband got me pregnant I have been horny as hell. It started with my husband joking that I needed two guys to wear me out now. Eventually those jokes became serious and my husband made some arrangements.

He had a friend who was hot into pregnant chicks. Chuck was about 10 years younger than me. My husband, who was just starting to warm up to the idea of a threesome invited Chuck over for dinner, and implied to Chuck that he had a good chance of fucking me. Chuck accepted the invitation and we were set. There are only so many things a pregnant woman can wear and still feel moderately attractive.

What I settled on was a low cut blue sundress that came to just above my knee. At my husband's insistence I did not wear underwear. He was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, though he got to wearing underwear. Chuck arrived right on time, my husband had just finished grilling the steaks and I had set the table with everything else. We spent all of dinner chatting and breaking the ice getting to know each other.

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I knew things were going well since Chuck was checking me out every chance he got. After dinner we went to the living room for after dinner relaxation. My husband pulled out a game he had gotten that I did not know about.

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It was a cheesy truth or dare game where you draw a card and do what is on the card. We all had a good laugh as we played. We all told embarrassing stories, I made out with both of them. Eventually I drew a card that had me do a strip tease.

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Since I was only wearing the sundress I danced as seductively as a pregnant woman can and pulled the dress off. I loved the looks on the guy's faces as they watched. After the strip tease I excused myself to get a glass of water. I still am not sure what was discussed while I was gone, but when I got back my husband suggested I show Chuck our room.

I gave him a questioning look, but still put my arm around Chuck and guided him down the hall to our room. Now Chuck was a fairly attractive man, about 6' with blond hair and blue eyes, so I had no qualms about letting him play with me. As soon as the bedroom door was closed his hands were all over me. He first grabbed my ass and pulled me close to kiss me.

Then he explored my body from groping my tits, to rubbing my swollen belly, to trying to finger my pussy. I was still trying to figure out why my husband wasn't back with us as Chuck walked me to the bed. I sat in the bed and guided him in front of me. I pulled his pants down and stroked his cock. He was a little smaller than my husband, probably just shy of 6", but he was rock hard.

I eagerly grabbed his ass to pull him to me and took him in my mouth. He groaned and grabbed my head as I sucked him. He started thrusting his hips to fuck my mouth. I giggled a little bit, happy I was giving him good head anyway.

I pulled back and smiled at him when I started to taste his pre-cum. He took the message and peeled off his shirt.

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He laid me back on the bed with my legs hanging over the side. He got next to me and kissed me hard on the lips. He the kissed down my neck and sucked on my swollen tits for a long time. He told me later that he was hoping I was lactating. Once he apparently realized nothing was coming out, he spent time kissing and massaging my pregnant belly. He was very gentle and it felt great, making me moan softly as he did it. He finally made it so he could taste my shaved pussy.

That made the moans quite a bit louder. My pussy was incredibly wet and sensitive and every time his tongue brushed my clit or slipped inside me it sent shivers through my spine. Before long I was screaming "don't stop" as he brought me to climax with his mouth.

I only briefly though of my husband listening to me as my orgasm subsided, but that only turned me on more. I told Chuck I needed him in me. I had him lie on the bed as I mounted him reverse cowgirl. I groaned loudly as I slipped him into me. His hands were all over my body as I rode him.

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I was very vocal in how great it felt. I loved his hands on my belly and tits as he slipped in me. I loudly came one more time as we fucked.


Then my idea of disaster struck. Chuck started cumming in me as my third orgasm was building but not quite close enough to release. I love the feel of cum inside me, but really wanted that orgasm. Chuck just about had to forcibly remove me from his cock when he was done, I wanted him in me!

Begrudgingly I accepted we were done and let him slip out of me, feeling his cum start to squish from my pussy. He got dressed, kissed me, and thanked me for the opportunity.


I escorted him, me still naked, out of the bedroom. He went to my husband, handed him something, and left.

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I went to my husband, kissed him, and asked what Chuck had given him. He replied it was just some money Chuck owed him. While my husband never admitted it, and I was never able to confirm, I swear my husband had just pimped me! I asked him why he didn't join and he told me Chuck was shy, though he said he heard me and it turned him on.

I slipped my hands in his pants, confirming that he was indeed hard. He turned me around and bent me over the back of the couch. He dropped his pants and slipped his cock into my sloppy pussy. He moaned as he told me how different I felt with Chuck's hot cum still in me.

He wasted no time before fucking me fast and hard from behind. I reached my hand down and played with my clit as he fucked me. I was going to get my third orgasm after all! With his hands on my hips he pounded my pussy with raw passion. I was screaming for him not to stop. I came hard, this orgasm was more intense than the two Chuck had given me, I didn't want it to stop. In the middle of it my husband started cumming inside me, temporarily extending my orgasm.

Exhausted he stopped, but stayed in me until I was done convulsing and he started to go soft. When he finally slipped out I stood up and turned around giving him a big kiss.

Then grinning as the cum was running down my leg I told him to look at the mess the two of them made. I spread my legs a bit and he did take a look at my pussy, full of two men's cum and stretched out. He laughed and kissed me again before offering to help me shower.

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To this day we have not repeated anything like this, but we have talked about trying again.