Nude men An innocent game of pool abruptly turns into a super steamy

Nude men An innocent game of pool  abruptly turns into a super steamy
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Two days later. Laura had been a little bandy the day before, but when we set off on our hiking expedition along with forty other girls, she was as athletic as the best of them. She was really very pretty, and I had been disappointed that she didn't visit me the previous night.

But maybe her purpose had been achieved, maybe I had been dropped. I tried not to think about it. Ridiculous for a grown man to get wrapped around the finger of a little girl. But then, I reflected, little girls are often the most dangerous. I remembered a friend's five-year-old girl who had done such a number on me one day that I had got as hard as a rock!

Coy, teasing, dropping her pants and pressing her soft little chest against me at the slightest pretext, the tot had exuded a heavy sensuality that was all female. I had been shocked and astonished, and since that time I had viewed all women with equal suspicion, nine or ninety, it didn't matter to me.

It was a hot day, the sun burning down relentlessly from a taut blue sky. I led my chattering gaggle through picturesque glades and up densely wooded slopes. They followed me as if humoring me.

Talking and giggling, they took no notice whatsoever of nature's works. A few of them lit up cigarettes, affecting a blase air of the city girl who really finds the country too, too boring. I took them several miles into the forest, and I would have walked all day with them if they hadn't started complaining.

Some wanted to sit down and have a quiet cigarette, others wanted to go back to camp and sleep, and the rest didn't care just so long as I didn't exhaust them altogether.

This was something of a dilemma for me. I was used to handling classes of boys and girls, but not girls alone. Once again I found out what power they exert on a mere male when they're all in a bunch. Luckily a compromise presented itself to me in the form of a small lake, about an acre in area, lapping at the foot of a thickly forested slope.

"Okay, okay!" I shouted, and the chattering died down a little. "Here's a good place for you lazy people to take a break. Smoke, eat, swim, do whatever you like, but shut up!" With shrill cries, most of them tore off their clothes and rushed into the cool waters.

They dove and splashed, and I sat down with my back resting up against a tree trunk, to take in the sights. Most of the girls were just budding, their buttocks still boyish and their legs long, stilt-like, vaguely gangling. Their little cunts were bald as eagles, and their tits, if they had emerged at all, still looked out of place. Only a few were already ripe. One dark girl had a brown thicket of hair covering her generously proportioned box, and heavy, hard tits that barely quivered when she walked.

Brownish pink nipples riding high, she walked with her shoulders thrown back, proud and conscious of the stares of the other girls. They cooed when they saw her pubic hair especially, checking their own cunts out, and those hanging between the legs of neighbors, before turning their gaze enviously back to the matted triangle of the precocious little woman. This was the girl who hung around me for most of the afternoon, together with her friend.

The little woman's name was Angela, her friend Doris. And where Angela was fully developed, womanly, and ripe, Doris was the opposite.

Pale, skinny, blonde, washed-out eyes, a bony chest and protruding pelvic bones, even her cunt looked thin and undernourished. They hung together by nature. Every good looking girl has a plain girl friend who admires her, envies her, and bolsters her ego whenever it's needed. Doris was Angela's fan club -- and I wouldn't have minded becoming a member. Apart from Angela's precocious development (she was just fourteen), she had the face of a sex symbol already.

Oval, brown, her lips a red cupid's bow, her nose small and straight, and her eyes almond-shaped, turned slightly at the corners. She could melt a man just by looking at him. Several times she walked out of the water directly at me, her long dark hair slicked back over her shoulders, her eyes deep and unfathomable, those round, high tits with the young nipples staring at me, and her smooth round belly with its triangle of hair swaying towards me as if she was challenging me to a sexual duel.

Behind her, like the faithful servant, came Doris, pale, neutral, and thin, but always ready.

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Angela would stand close to me, looking through me, her cunt inches from my mouth, and address Doris. They would talk about the weather, with Doris giggling asinine replies. Then she would turn and walk back into the water, her big round buttocks moving like oiled orbs. I knew I was staring, and I knew the other girls were watching my every move -- but I couldn't help myself.

They swam for an hour and one by one retired, taking the towel out of their junior knapsacks and reclining in the shade, naked as the day they'd been born. What a feast for me! Trying to seem cool but inwardly burning, I looked up dozens of little cunts peeking back at me from innocently opened legs or provocative postures.

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Angela was last to come out of the water and took her towel to stand in front of me again. With a distant look she began to dry herself, paying inordinate attention to her fully fledged tits, and drying her box as if she meant to wear the hairs off it.

Doris came up beside her and dried herself down too, graceless, awkward, trying to copy Angela and failing. I just sat there and looked directly into Angela's box. What was the point pretending I didn't care?

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The girls were all watching me like hawks, and doubtless Laura had told them of our midnight tryst. "Why don't you take a swim, sir?" Angela said in a surprising voice. I had expected her to sound husky throaty as if she'd been smoking since the crib.

Instead, her voice came out reedy and silvery, like a five year old boy without balls. "I don't have my costume," I replied. "Come on, sir!" all the girls yelled as if conducted, "take a swim!" "We don't have costumes either," Angela reminded me primly.

"Do we, Doris?" "No," said Doris. "We don't have costumes." "I'm sorry," I said firmly, "but that would contravene camp regulations." "And I know something else that broke the rules," said a voice from the crowd. Laura stood up and gave me a big, cautioning smile. I sighed and took my clothes off and they all cheered, and dove into the water.

It was as if the fleet of Lilliput was after me. Dozens of girls jumped in after me, swimming with short, brisk strokes while I headed for the center of the lake to get away from them. Angela, it seemed, had earned her tits by exercise. Swimming. She was right behind me, no matter how I poured the juice on.


And, towing along in her wake, was Doris. The others dropped away as the three of us tore across the smooth surface of the lake. I kept looking around to see if they had given up yet, but no, there was Angela's head, just visible above the water while her strong arms dug in and out to keep her hot on my trail. And just behind her was the head of Doris.

We reached the opposite shore and sank down on the grassy embankment exhausted. Angela lay down beside me, her chest heaving, her tits quivering, wet and beat. And Doris lay alongside her, near death. "You can certainly swim," I told Angela.

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And she, despite her tiredness, answered she could do more than swim -- for the right guy. "Oh, come on," I replied. "You're only fourteen, what do you know about things like that." "Enough," she said cryptically, and Doris added, "She knows everything." "You'll only get me into trouble," I said, my eyes drinking in her firm tits and hard belly which were gleaming in the sun.

"They'll fire me. You wouldn't want that would you?" "It won't happen -- if you cooperate." "What's that supposed to mean?" "We know all about Laura and you," she said calmly, "and you have our word that it won't go any further, just as long as you cooperate." I could hardly believe it!

In her silvery angel's voice she was laying down the law to me as if she was the head of the toughest gang in town. Oh well, I thought, if they're going to blackmail me into it, I may as well enjoy it.

"Okay, I'll buy your silence with my cooperation. What do you want me to do?" "I want you to make love to me," Angela said curtly, "and I want you to show Doris what it's like too." "Yes," said Doris. "I want to know about it too." "So what do you think is a good opening?" I asked.


Angela looked at me for a moment, then determinedly took my prick and tried to stuff it up her dark, downy cunt. I lay back and watched this little spectacle, letting her perform while I relished the electric tingles of pleasure shooting up through me. In the end she became peeved and asked if I always let the woman do all the work.

I laughed, and began to cooperate in all seriousness. I motioned her to come sit on my face, and she straddled my mouth with tense excitement. Then I directed Doris to get her lips around my prick and make it stand up.

She thought that sounded like fun and attacked my prick with gusto. And while her thin lips did their best to take all of my limpness inside, I let my tongue rove in Angela's softly overgrown cunt. It was a fat little thing, swollen and firm, opening easily to give me a generous view of her tight pink cunt hole. She looked down at me, her hands timidly stroking her big tits, waiting for my tongue to take its toll on her stability.

She didn't have long to wait. I located her tiny clitoris and gave it everything I had. Circling it with my tongue, nibbling at it with my teeth, sucking it out and drawing at it, till it was time to get back down to the pit again. I shoved my tongue up her cunt. She tasted like Laura, but more womanly, more mushroom than baby powder. My prick rose and filled Doris' mouth to bursting point. She gagged and coughed, but bravely returned to purse her lips around the throbbing head, her little hands working around the base of my cock and down into my big balls.

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It felt good. For an amateur she was making a lot of professionals look stupid. I rested for a moment, content to look up into Angela's dark box, fingers idly caressing her clit, and prying up her cunt, rimming her anus. She had her eyes tightly closed and breathed only with effort. Her chest heaved and I had to squeeze her tits briefly before returning my attention to her cunt.

She was wet and restless, her hips shuddering with an unearthly rhythm, so that I found it difficult to put my tongue in the right place. But it seemed that any part of her little cunt at all was a good place, and so I began licking with abandon, slobbering all the way up and all the way down, tasting her and kissing her, sucking more juice out of her hole when she paused for a second, waiting for her to explode. Doris worked on my prick most conscientiously, but I got the feeling the whole affair was lost on her.

And so I told her to bring her bare cunt over to where I could get my fingers into it. I felt sorry for her. All her life she would have to play second riddle to somebody, at least I could give her a little break.

She shuffled over on her haunches, her cunt open for my prying fingers to do their utmost. With one hand I held Angela down over my face and with the other I did everything in my power to stimulate Doris into a self-forgetful reverie in case I couldn't satisfy both girls.

She was getting the hang of it, quicker than I thought she would. Her pale, thin loins bobbed over my two fingers till they were up her snatch to the knuckles, and the juices ran wild!

I'd never seen such a wet girl. Dripping down over my hand, and down the inside of her thighs, pouring as if somebody had knocked over the container. I almost forgot about Angela in my attempt at reducing Doris to an insentient jelly of ecstasy.

But the downy hot box pressing into my mouth made her impossible to forget. I bit into her, shielding her tender flesh from my teeth by keeping my lips between them. She groaned and began to thrash about. Automatically I rolled over and covered her body with mine. Her eager hands guided my prick inside. She was wide open and loose. I was amazed at the capaciousness of her cunt, Angela must have lost her virginity to a super stud when she was ten, I thought, while my prick banged inside barely touching the walls of her dripping wet cunt.

Doris adjusted her position to fit in with us. She lay with her ass against the top of Angela's skull so that I could eat her out while fucking her friend. Pissy and tangy, a little sharper than Angela's box, and running wet, she excited my senses so much that I had to grit my teeth to stop from blowing. I hoed into her, meanwhile ploughing my prick into Angela's quivering cunt relentlessly. They were both moaning and groaning, shaking and begging for more.

I was like a ten-armed God, titillating, eating, squeezing, and fucking, absorbed completely in their flesh and smell, listening to their love songs with eager ears. Angela's cunt slurped loudly with every stroke and her fists beat against the grass in an effort to contain all of the passions coursing through her young body. Doris was squealing high and loud, her voice echoing reedily through the forest. I saw Doris' face, tense, pale, her eyes shut tight, her mouth wide open, and I decided it was her turn next.

Without warning I withdrew my prick from Angela's cunt and stood up to seize Doris' thin body with both arms. For a moment fear flashed through her eyes, but I gave her no chance to think about it.

I turned her around so that she found support against a tree trunk, and shoved my greasy prick right up her tiny cunt. She screamed high, like a whistle, and began to droop. I held her up and pushed the dick further inside. She was wet and ready, but suddenly she squealed again and the trickle of blood that ran down my thrusting prick told me I had scored yet another cherry.

This excited me beyond reason. I drew back once more and this time drove it in to the hilt, splitting her almost in two. Angela came over and helped to steady her struggling friend, one hand on her own hairy twat to keep the juices flowing for when I came back.

But for the time being I was more than happy with Doris. Skinny she might be, but her cunt was a masterpiece. Inside, muscles quivered and massaged around cock, producing the weirdest thunderstorms of emotions in my loins. I fucked harder and her box worked harder. It was not something she did deliberately. Rather it was a gift, a consolation prize for having been born plain. The boys would get the message down the grapevine soon, and Doris would be snatching them out of Angela's arms, if only for five minutes at a time.

She brought me to the brink of blowing. I withdrew all but my throbbing knob and waited for a few seconds till the sperm subsided. Then I started all over again, slamming it inside, parting her naked cuntlips and extending her hole to the maximum. Doris no longer made a sound. Her thin back shook and swayed, her hands clutched the tree trunk as if it was the only thing left in her world, and her full weight was resting on Angela by now, since her knees had turned to jelly.

In one way she was a pathetic sight, in another she was the perfect fuck. I reamed up her cunt till I came close to blowing again and pulled out. It was as if she had been de-boned. She collapsed in a sobbing heap on the ground, released by Angela who was already busy trying to stuff my prick up her cunt again.

Patiently, I laid the full-bodied girl on the ground and fucked her some more, slowly this time, taking it easy, curious to see how long this child-woman would last.

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Pretty soon she started to breathe with that special urgency that heralds an orgasm. I raised my loins slightly so that my prick would rasp against the top of her cunt and give her clitoris that extra booster. She began to growl, her childish voice cracking, faster and faster, till she came apart in a fireworks orgasm.

Her face screwed up tight for a second, then relaxed into a beatific smile while her body wilted and melted into liquid. Doris was still on the ground, an intense look in her eyes as both hands attempted to exhort a climax from her soaking cunt. Once again I was moved by her predicament, and so I walked over and slid my prick up her cunt for dessert. She cried out, her ass high into the air and her face on the ground, her body open to me.

I slashed it up her and grabbed her skinny hips with both hands to ram her back and forth till I thought her eyes might drop out of her head. She loved it. Yelling and encouraging me, she let herself get dragged and pulled around, her face skittering over the grass along with her bony knees.

Her cunt slurped like a bilge pump and farted out air pockets while I poked it up with all my might. Then she came. With the force of a shotgun she exploded into a thousand pieces, threshing and crying, her mouth wide open and gulping in much needed air, before she fell back and grinned weakly up at me.

I stood over them both with my throbbing prick in my hand and delivered a number of strokes to it. The sperm squirted out over their prostrate, naked girlish bodies, dropping on them in white wads which they curiously licked up. Then I sat down heavily and rested for a bit. Half an hour later we swam back. The girls were still swimming, some of them asleep in the grass, others already dressed waiting to go back to camp.

Our return was cheered and hooted. Some of the older girls gave me knowing looks, their evil eyes checking out my limp and shrunken prick. Then Angela and Doris appeared, and another cheer went up. Angela grinned broadly and affected an exaggerated bandy walk. But Doris blushed and quickly put on her clothes. I took Angela aside and impressed upon her the need for keeping this a secret. "Don't worry," she said, favoring me with a melting smile.

"I know where it's at." "That's kind of you." "Not at all," she said, turning around to get her clothes. "I just know that if I play ball, you'll play ball, right?" "Yeah, right," I said, watching her undulating buttocks walk away from me.

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Cunning as a shithouse rat, that girl, but trustworthy enough. I counted heads and led my party through the woods, roughly into the direction of Camp Good Health. My sense of direction has never been too good. If I'm faced with a choice of directions, I will invariably pick the wrong one.

This has become such a strict pattern, that lately I've taken to going into the direction opposite to the one I choose to go in originally, and so far it's worked. However, on that day I took an entirely erroneous course and landed back at the lake. Just as I was about to turn back and find a tree to climb, I heard a strange noise. I came in closer, motioning for the girls to shut up. Sensing a distraction, they did, and watched as I crept through the bushes. Then I saw them.

Else and two girls, a third standing watch. They were all naked, Elsa lying back on the grass with one girl between her legs, another on her face, all of them sucking and being sucked, writhing around and groaning earthily.


Angela appeared at my side to take a look. I tried to shoo her away, but it was too late. Her eyes grew round and feverish at the sight, her hand unconsciously slipping down to her crotch to satisfy whatever pangs might spring up. Next to arrive was Doris, and then they were all craning their necks to get a good look. Elsa and her friends had noticed nothing. The sentinel was far too absorbed in the tangle of bodies at their feet to bother looking around. As for the trio, all they could see or hear was cunt.

Elsa got up on her knees after shaking her friends off gently, and began licking the sentinel's box with long strokes. She trembled, her girl's face flushing with the unmodulated sensations coursing through her, and she had to hold on to Elsa's blonde head for support. She had certainly chosen well. The two girls got up and watched Elsa regale the sentinel. Both were quite well built for their age, straight backed with round little asses and tender budding tits with pink, delicate nipples.

Blonde and freckled like Elsa, innocent eyes like Elsa, they might all be her daughters to look at them. One of them stepped up closer and took Elsa's big hairy cunt in her hand, to squeeze and knead it while Elsa's tongue slipped up the trembling sentinel's cunt. What a contrast, I thought, between the naked little cunt and Elsa's densely overgrown pussy. Little girls get bigger every day. The girls in my party began to giggle.

I supposed they were amused to see women do it together, that is, if they had seen men and women do it together. I tried to keep them quiet, because Elsa had the sentinel on the ground and was starting to fuck her with her pubic bone gnashing into the girl's cunt -- but the giggling grew till they alarmed the fucking foursome. Elsa jumped up, her eyes wider than ever, scanning the bushes. When she saw me she became furious and opened her mouth to curse me out -- but then she saw forty pairs of eyes around me, and her mouth fell to like a steel trap.

Some sense of mutual respect made us all withdraw.

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The girls in my party had enough on Elsa and me to send us up the river for years to come, but I knew they had other plans. The victorious look Angela threw me, and the smug smile on Laura's face was enough to tell me that. We got back to the camp in time for dinner, after which we sat around the fire like idiots and sang songs. Angela sat at one side of me, Laura on the other as if guarding their property.

I wondered who would visit me that night, and then I began to wonder if they'd keep me waiting long. I was developing quite a taste for young flesh.

This thought alarmed me a little, but then I shrugged. Whatever I might decide, these fiends in girl's clothing had me in their power. Nothing persuades like blackmail.