Nubile Transvestite Jogger Danyelle Carvalho

Nubile Transvestite Jogger Danyelle Carvalho
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"Ooo daddy." I said smiling looking down at my dripping pussy. "We made a mess didnt we?" He laughed. As we both looked around the room, noticed his sheets were done for, and his room had the clothes we threw off everywhere. Lloyds eyes met mine. He leaned in and kissed me. "I fucking love you." He said with his dick still inside me. "I love you too baby." I said kissing his cheek. I hopped off of his penis and laid next to him. We laid naked on his bed for what felt like hours. I got up and went to his bathroom to take my usual after sex shower.

The hot shower soothed my skin. "Hey you". A calm voice said. "Phil?" I said knowing it was but hoping it wasnt him. He pulled back the shower curtain. "The one and only. CHAPTER 5 My stomach churned in despair. I was tired of lying to everyone including myself.

As things weren't messy enough with fucking my brothers bestfriend! Now I've added Lloyds brother to the list. "Phil, no. This just can't happen anymore. " I said while covering myself. "What do you mean? we made our agreement, remember?" He said smiling. "But I don't fucking care Phil!" I said raising my voice. "Oh, so you don't care?" Phil said angrily. His whole demeanor was changing. I stepped out of the tub. "Look Phil, your sex is amazing, maybe even better than Lloyds, but I'm done with this.

Like I just cant. Its too messy." I felt tears coming. How could I be so selfish? Lloyd meant everything to me. Why would I do this? Phil breathed in deeply. So deeply, that it interrupted my guilty ramble. "Its a mess and I love it." He said seductively. I laughed it off and moved toward the door. Phil grabbed my arm tightly amd threw me away from the door. "What the hell is your problem?" I said holding my arm in pain. "The fuck is YOURS? You walk around this house giving me looks and shit like I wasnt just licking your pussy!" He said in frustration.

"Well you certainly dont have to put your hands on me." "Well youre not going anywhere until I get what I want." He said seriously. "And what do you want?" I said with my stomach churning. "You." Phil said staring into my eyes from across the bathroom. I was sitting in the bathroom window with my towel on as Phil walked toward me. He stood in between my legs and leaned in for a kiss. I dodged it "NO." I said pushing him off. But he wouldnt move. he continued by running his hands up and down my thighs.

"Phil stop." I said sternly. Phil was now slowly making his way up my inner thighs. I let out a slight "Uhh" because he knows thats my weakness. He was getting so close to my pussy. "Please. stop" I said again pushing him off.

Phil forcibly spread my legs, exposing my little pink opening. "There she is." Phil said smiling down at my freshly showered pussy. "Can I taste it? "He asked. "No! Ew." I said.

I hopped off the window and made my way towards the door. He grabbed my arm once again but this time landing me against the wall. "Phil. I dont like this. youre making me uncomfortable. " I said nervously. He walked over and untied the knot that held my towel in place. I felt my towel hit my ankles. Phil trickled his hands down my thigh and up to my pussy. I grabbed his hand to stop him.

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"Phil, stop it. Now." Our hands fought, but he won. "You're usually not this fiesty."Phil said. Stroking my pussy. "I know its because I wasnt thinking clearly before." ".and your mind is clear now?" Phil chuckled.

"Yeah.uhhh oh my god". I said trying to fight the pleasure. He was still stroking my pussy. I tilted my head against the wall behind me. "You like that?" Phil whispered. He inserted a finger. Phil licked my neck while fingering me. "Phil stop." I said pulling his hand out of me. Phil grabbed my neck hard. "You want to play it like that? I told you no one is leaving until I get what I want. And dont think about screaming bitch." Phil said "Fuck you, you have NOTHING on me." I uttered with his hands still around my neck.

"Oh but yes I do." Phil smiled. He let go of my neck and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He clicked on a few things and turned the phone toward me. It was a video. He pressed play. "Uhhh yeaah fuck it babyy, holy shit". It was me! It was me AND Phil. "You recorded us?" I asked angrily. "Hell yeah. That pussy is something special, and I have to keep it close. But for some reason, I don't think Lloyd will like this. Would he?


" I smacked him. "Fuck you!" I yelled. "Get on your fucking back bitch." Phil said plainly. "Phil. lets just figure something out". Phil walked over to me and shoved me down to the floor.

My naked body lay on the carpeted rug. Phil took off his shorts and got on his knees. He noticed my legs were closed so he opened them. He kissed my inner thighs until he reached my pussy lips. My back arched.

Phil licked the lips of my pussy. "Uhhh" I moaned as I grabbed my boobs. Phil stopped.

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"I don't know why you play these games Erica. I know you want this. Can't you just admit that?" "But I don't! " I said opening my eyes.

"Well then that makes you a liar." Phil said. He then began sucking my clit. I let in a big inhale and let out a moan. "Ohh my gosh Phil, uhhh." I cried out. "You like that baby?" Phil whispered He put his tongue in my tiny little pink hole. "OHH MY GOD PLEASE DON'T STOP". My toes curled and heat rushed over me. Phil pulled his tongue out of my pussy. He leaned over and bit my ear. He whispered "so can I fuck you now?" "Never." I said smiling.


Surprisingly I was serious. Phil seduced me into foreplay but I had to resist going any further. I sat up from off my back but Phil pushed me down. "The fuck?" I whimpered. "We're not finished. Not even close." Phil smiled.

He grabbed my neck. "I want you to ride me." "Im not doing that Phil. Forget it. Now get off of me". "Im not going anywhere baby".

Phil rubbed the head of his dick on my clit. "Nononono. Dont!" I yelled as I pushed him away. He was in between my legs and I couldn't get him off.

Phil continued circling his penis on my clit. "Erica.shhh its okay baby its okay shhh. Im not gonna hurt you" He put the head in my opening and forced himself in.

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I let in a huge inhale. I grabbed the carpet surrounding me. "No no stop Phil." Phil continued pumping in and out. in and out. He was fucking me so hard, my small titties were jumping up and down. "I know you wanted me to dick you down." Phil said inbetween pants. I was so shocked that he was actually fucking me. even after I said no. I never planned on seeing his true colors like this.

I came back fron this daydream and Phil was still fucking me like a mad man. It felt so damn good but i couldn't let him see that. "Ride me." He said again. "Lets get this over with". If Phil wanted to force me for sex, i was going to make him not want it. I pushed him down with my game plan in mind. But as soon as he put his cock in my pussy I almost came right then.

I spread my ass cheeks and bounced up and down his dick. "Ohh yeaah baby" Phil moaned he closed his eyes and placed his hands on my waist. "Fuuuuuck". I sunk down on his cock and fucked him slowly in circular motions. Phils eyes were closed. "You like that daddy?" I whispered "Do you really have to ask?

I love it when you ride me." He murmured as he smiled. I got off of him and he flipped me over on all fours. It was doggystyle time. I hate this position the most but almost every guy loves this postion. Phil put his dick in deeep in my snatch. He pulled out then thrusted back in, hard. He pumped in and out and his balls slapped against my clit which felt really good.

Phil grabbed my waist with one hand and held my face down against the floor with the other. "Yeah you dirty whore. You wanna resist me? Hmm? Answer me!" He slapped my ass. "I cant resist you daddy." I moaned. "Say it again." Phil commanded "I cant resist you daddy." I repeated "Thats fucking right bitch.

Noe come here and suck my dick." I crawled on top of him and began bobbing my head up and down his shaft. There was no deepthroating Phil's penis. It was too big! Phil pushed my head down until I gagged.

"Yeah bitch gag on my dick" I continued sucking his dick while I rubbed my clit. The vibrations from my moans made Phil moan. "Uhhhh yeaah Erica" he cried out. He pulled me toward him. "Will you ride me again baby?" He asked desperately. " You want me to ride you, Phil?" "Yes nowww!"he exlaimed. "Beg for it." I said. "Please ride me Erica. I love the way your pussy feels. Please baby" With that I sank down on his dick and Phil nearly came right then.

I bounced up and down. "Im gonna cum.OHHH UHHH" Phil mumbled in satisfaction "Me too!" I moaned. "Yes daddy yess!!" I screamed. I spread my ass cheeks again and rode him.

"Uhhhh SHIIITTT OH MY GOSH" Phil and I cummed in unison. "Holy shit" I bent over with his dick still in my pussy and kissed him. I could feel his cum leaking out of my cunt. I got off of him and grabbed my towel. "So can this be the last time this happens?" I asked. "Why are you such a liar?" Phil laughed. I stepped out of the bathroom and into Lloyds room.

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He was asleep. I climbed into bed with him and laid on his chest. "What a night." I exhaled. I was so exhausted from all the sex I had had that day but I couldnt sleep at all that night.