Naked young boys and free mobile download fucking gay Kyle Wilkinson

Naked young boys and free mobile download fucking gay Kyle Wilkinson
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Jake's p.o.v: "Damn lexi looks fucking hot today!" says jake. "Yo fr boy, when you gonna smash that phat ass of hers?! damnnn," says kyle (jakes best friend) "imma ask is she can hang out tonight then imma beat that pussy up!" shouts jake. . "YO LEX!" yells jake from across the hall.

*LEXI LOOKS OVER AND WAVES* "coming!" shouts lexi *she starts running over to jake as her big boobs jiggle with each step* (jakes thoughts: damn look at those big boobs, cant wait to cum all over them holy fuck!) "Hey what's up jake?" asks lexi.


"wanna come over after school, i'll be home alone *wink*," says jake. "sure! i got to go potty then ill meet you at your car *blows kiss*," says lexi. *she runs to the bathroom as her big ass shakes perfectly behind her* "Damn, thats gonna be all over me tonight man!" shouts jake. "Lucky cunt!," says kyle. *1 hour later* "Your house is so beautiful jake!

It's so big!!" yells lexi. "So is my dick," says jakewith a smirk. "what?" asked confused lexi. "nothing lets go inside" says jake.

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*they go inside and go to his room* "what you wanna do?"asks lexi. "are you a virgin.?" asks jake. "*laughs* fuck no lol" replies lexi. "good. wanna fuck?" asks jake. "sure why not babe *blows kiss* i've been waiting for you to fuck me. i always see your hug bulge in your grey sweats" replied lexi. "come here babygirl" says jake. *she climbs on top of him, making sure her crocth is againts his bulge* *they start making out* "take off your shirt daddy" says lexi *she takes it off for him* "damn look at your abs baby!

sexy as fuck" says lex. "let me see that sexy pussy babygirl" says jake with a smirk. *he pushes her on the bottom and lies her on her back and pulls off her leggings and takes her panties off with her teeth* "mmm baby please lick my sweet pussy - lexi *he puts his tongue on her sweet pussy lips* oh baby yes pleaseee - begged lexi *he starts licking faster and faster, flicking his tongue on her clit* holy fuck yes please baby right there omg!!

im cumming!

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please give it to me babe - lexi *he inserts a finger and starts finger fucking her lowly at first then adds a second finger* OMG babe yes! im gonna fucking cum all over your fingers baby dont stop! - lexi. *she cums all over his fungers and she pushes him off of her and pulls his pants down and takes his boxers off* let me see that big cock daddy!

- lexi ya baby suck my dick please babygirl - jake *he forces her lips around his cock and pushes her head back and forth* *5 minutes later* Oh fuck yeah baby! im cumming im cumming let me cum in your mouth baby im cumming right fucking now - jake yeah let me swallow your cum baby - lexi. *he cums in her mouth *lexi moans and swallows his cum* fuck me now daddy im so wet for your big cock - lexi.

*he pushes her on the bed and spreads her legs* He puts the tip in slowly and starts pushing it in slowly, making sure not to hurt her. *moan* - lexi.

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you want this dick baby - jake yes baby, give it to me please! - lexi. *he shoves the whole dick in and starts sliding in and out of her tight little pussy* oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! fuck fuck fuck fuck! dont stop baby!! - lexi *he goes faster and faster* shit! dont stop dont stop dont stop im cumming dont stop dont stop - lexi *just then, his mom bursts through the door!!* MOM - STOP! fuck! - lexi *jake doesnt stop fucking her* Oh baby dont stop please im gonna cum of fuck!!!

- lexi MOM - stop fucking that slut right now jake!!


*he doesnt stop* fuck me daddy *scratches his back* - lexi *he goes deeper and faster and harder* *moans* - jake fuck me !! oh shit im cumming dont stop! - lexi *he goes faster and he feels all her cum spurting out filling her pussy with her sweet warm cum* oh fuck! yes daddy that felt so good oh fuck me! - lexi *moans* - jake damn baby youre so good with that big cock of yours - lexi your pussy is so fucking tight babygirl - jake MOM - jake!

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you're grounded!!! who ever the fuck you re, get the fuck out of my house!!

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*lexi quickly gathers her clothes and runs out the room* mom what the hell?! she's the hottest girl in school! - jake MOM - oh shut up and fuck me! WHAT?

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- jake *she gets closer and. TO BE CONTINUED dont read any further lol. my story is too short and i dont wanna add anymore so. here i am. jut randomly talking lol. i cant wait for december 12th tho, ill be 19 hell yes! im finna get turnt as fuck i just wanna get fucked lol just kidding im not a slut. but i need a big cock! i haven't fucked in at least a week :( but i dont have aids or an std, i get checked every other week.

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im clean af. i've kissed a girl before which lead to oral lmao. it was hot as fuck to watch (some guy recorded it lol) i lost my virginity when i was 16. i was raped. thats why sex isnt a big deal to me. because i lost it to some random ass jerk.


i fuck a lot now. i hate when people say im addicted to sex. im not. its just, sex is so good and my pussy stay tight lol. okay its all good now!

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hope you enjoyed the story and if you read all the way down here then you have permission to fuck me lol.