This is a best funny video plz watch it

This is a best funny video plz watch it
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I don't know when I started noticing her, I just know that there was a strange feeling every time I did. My sister Laura was quite stunning. Sure, she was only just developing, but at the age of 13 she sure was something to look at. I would constantly think of her and what I would do to her if I had the chance.

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That was just a fantasy though, I was 16 and full of hormones. It was a few weeks after my sixteenth birthday. I had just got back from walking my girlfriend, Lizzie, home after school and went into the front room of the house. My sister was sat there watching the flatscreen, still in her school uniform. I just stood there and looked at her. God she looked pretty. Her long brunette hair reached down over her budding A-cup breasts.

Her tight blouse hugged them tightly, accompanied by her tie resting inbetween them. And her legs!

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God, her extremely tight skirt showed her little curves beautifully. "Daniel, is that you honey?" My mum yelled from upstairs. "Yeah it's me mum, what's up?" I replied. "Your father and I are going out in an hour. Take care of your sister, we won't be back until the morning." I forgot that they were away tonight. Well, Lizzie was busy tonight so it was just going to be me and Laura. Soon enough mum and dad had left the house.

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It got dark pretty fast and it was just me and Laura watching the tv on separate sofas. I hadn't dared leave the room while she was still in her uniform. I wondered if she thought the same of me in my uniform. What if she liked what she saw? Wishful thinking. "Hey, Jake, you want to put on a scary film?" She perked up. "Urm sure.

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but won't you get all scared?" I replied, smiling at her. "You can protect me can't you?" She sat up facing me, her gorgeous smile and eyes penetrating me. "Sure thing" I smiled. Sure enough she stood up, turned the light out and put on a new horror film dad bought.

It was crap if I'm honest, but I wasn't really following it. I couldn't stop thinking about her. Then it happened. The first scary scene and she jumped over to my sofa. "You scared?" I laughed. "You know I am! Can I get the blanket?" She replied, clearly upset already by the film. I nodded and lay down facing the tv. Laura got infront of my and put the large blanket over us.

I put my arm over her and we began to spoon. She was clearly scared but my mind was racing. Just as fast as she got in the blanket another scary part of the film showed up. She jumped and rammed her cute little ass back, straight onto my dick.

I didn't know what to do but she kept it there.


The warmth was amazing. She was still clearly into the film so I decided to move my hand onto her hip. Her soft skirt touching my hand instantly got me hard.


She must have been able to feel it, poking into her ass. My god I was getting turned on. Every time she jumped she grinded against my dick.

I was in heaven, but I wanted to get bolder. I moved my hand down to the bottom of her skirt, then I slowly reached out and touched her thigh, ever so softly. I felt her jolt but I wasn't sure whether it was the movie or me. Either way she didn't stop me as I caressed her leg slowly.

Her jumping at the film began to calm down, maybe she was getting used to it. After massaging her thigh for a while I moved up her, as slowly as possible. Before I knew it I could feel the material of her knickers. Oh my god, they were so silky, so soft.

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She didn't move at all, except for her ass softly pressing against my hard dick. Was this really happening? I got even more bolder and moved my hand up more. Shit, I was almost touching my 13 year old sister's pussy.

Fuck it, I've come this far. I lifted the material of her knickers and ran my hand up, making contact with her soft pussy lips. She moaned softly and pushed her ass harder into me as I massaged her clit. "Do you like that sis?" I asked, kissing her neck. She moaned and reached back, keeping her head forward.

I felt her hand on my pants. She unbuttoned them with ease and reached towards my hard shaft. Grasping it, she began to softly rub my tip. Shit this was unreal. She was trying to keep up the illusion of watching the film but we both knew what was going to happen.

I pulled her knickers down and began to unbutton her shirt. With this she turned around and took it off. No bra.


Dirty bitch. I kissed her perky little nipples as she tugged at my pants to get them lower. As I kissed her mounds I grabbed my dick and ran it along her slit. She pulled her skirt up to her stomach and I rolled on top of her, the tip of my dick slowly pushing into her. "I love you" she whispered. "I love you too." I said as I kissed her on the lips, our tongues meeting.

I thrusted into her, breaking her hymen. She let out a sharp scream but soon began to moan in pleasure as my dick pushed in and out of her tight cunt.

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She kissed me harder, her pussy tightened. Shit it was so tight. So good. She screamed in pleasure as her cunt pulsated wildly. This sent me over the edge. I moaned as I pumped shot after shot of warm cum into her deflowered hole.

I looked into her eyes and smiled. She held my ass and kept me inside of her until I got hard again. She moaned and kissed me, clearly wanting round two.

What a night.