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part 3. The V.W.O.M CLUB When I woke up Debbie and the others sat around on the floor talking and laughing. Anyone just seeing them talking would have thought everything was normal except the girls were in various states of dress or rather undress.

Ann looked over and asked "Have a good nap?" I said ugh yea. Debbie said "Good now who's next?" By now I was getting excited again and said Judy. Judy walked over to me and looked at Debbie as if to ask should she. Debbie glared at her and said "Do it or you are out of the club" then when Judy just stood there Debbie yelled "NOW BITCH" then softer she said " You know what I have so it's up to you, in or out? Judy immediately pressed her chest into my face and I had to shove her back a little to be able to eat her top.

When I did I saw tears running down her face and a look of pure fear on her face. I stopped and asked " Ann--Debbie---Someone tell me what the fuck is going on here!" "DAD SHUT THE FUCK UP AND EAT!" Then debbie in a normal tone said All these girls are members of my club and as the president I tell them what to do. If they don't do then they are out of the V.W.O.M. and suffer the consequences for leaving. Then she laughed and said get busy doing your part. As I starting eating Judy's top I couldn't help but wonder why these girls were doing this and what Debbie had meant by suffer the consequences.

As I finished her top and sucked her young pear size tits I soon forgot about what was said and was enjoying the feel of this young virgin giving herself to me. As before I ate her bottoms off then took her virginity and when I was ready to come I was held in place until I had emptied my load deep in her. Then of course when she got up each girl including Ann would sample the mixture of our juices. Then Debbie started to ask who would be next and before she could finish I said Joan. Since Debbie was talking she didn't hear me so I said Joan again when she gave me a dirty look like I was taking to long.

Joan moved to me and the scene repeated it's self again I ate her top then bottom then fucked her being held in place as I came in her no longer virgin hole. Then Debbie without asking said she was next then Ann. Since I had already had Debbie and Ann over the last few months I was a lot more comfortable now. I ate Debbie's undies then fucked her but instead of being held down was allowed to just cum in her on my own. Then Ann got her undies eaten and when we started fucking she pulled me close and wispered in my ear that she had no choice but to do what Debbie said and please forgive her.

I was shocked once again and in the process lost my hard on. Ann got up and quickly said Debbie I think he needs to rest for awhile is that ok with you? Yea for a little while but he better keep in mind this weekend is far from over and he has a lot of fucking to do before it is.

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I just lay there trying not to think about anything but Ann's words kept coming back haunting me until I drifted off to sleep. I was woke up by Fran licking my cock and when I looked down I could tell she wasn't really into it. She was just going through the motions. Debbie said Dad sixty nine her. So I reached up and lowered her pussy down to where I could lick her clit and tongue her pussy. After a few minutes Debbie demanded that I now fuck her. I had to admit I had thought about fucking her since I was at her home and saw her picture.

As I eased my cock into her she had tears in her eyes and was wimpering softly into the couch pillow. I wanted to stop but my lust and Debbie's demands were just to much so I thrust into her breaking her hymen and then I just laid there enjoying the feel of her once virgin cunt spasm around my cock. I had no intention of moving when Debbie screamed at the top of her lungs "FOR CHRIST SAKE FUCK HER" I did but very slowly to savor the feel of her around my cock.

We fucked for about 20 minutes and Debbie again yelled " OK DAD GET ON WITH IT WE DON'T HAVE FOREVER FOR YOU TO CUM IN HER" I started pounding her and in a couple of minutes I came harder then I had all day. I came so hard it actually hurt my balls. They felt like they had drawn back up into my belly.

I held Fran for a minute not wanting to loose this remarkable feeling even though it hurt. Debbie reached over and pulled Fran off me and then talking to me said it's time I tell you what is going on and what our V.W.O. M. club is about. I started to say something when Ann put her finger to her mouth letting me know not to say a word. Debbie sat on a chair in the middle of the room and said I formed this club and named it V.W.O.M. club because that is what it is.

Now just so you know I have something on each and every person here that can fuck their lives up forever.

That's why I am the president and everyone knows their place. If any of you Bitches think I won't use what I have then ask my fucking father. He made me suck his boss off a long time ago and took pictures. I found them then figured out I could use them to make him and his scum boss do what ever I said. Then when Dad moved here I knew what I wanted to do.

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I told my so called father to pack his shit and leave and not to try and contact us again. The Bastard knew he had no choice and he's gone. I also sent a copy of pictures where Sam was sucking his boss's cock to his wife. She left and is getting a divorce. Hope she gets every thing he has. Now as for all of you! I have something on each of you that I will use against you. I AM IN CHARGE! Like a dumb ass I asked so what's the club? Debbie laughed and said Virgins Wanting Older Men! NOW SHUT UP FOR THE LAST TIME!

As I said I have some thing on all of you. I decided Dad was going to fuck each of you and before this weekend is over each of you might be pregnant. If you aren't then you will come back here anytime I say until he has you pregnant. I am already caring his child and Ann is also. Now Dad you will spend time with each of these cunts and fuck them to make sure they get pregnant.

If you want to know why I am doing this it's because I can. Then she started laughing and laughing at us. Then like a light switch she stopped and said if any of you fuck someone other then George I use what I have.

I will tell you when to fuck and who. Now George get your ass busy with Dee and fuck her good. All I could think of was why the hell had I gotten myself in this mess. I had to think of a way out and damn quick. I started to feel Dee and Debbie said "HEY STUPID TAKE HER IN THE BEDROOM"! "THE REST OF US NEED TO TALK!" I took Dee by the hand and led her to the bed room. We sat on the bed and I held her in my arms as she shook. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help and she said no I have to do this and so do you.

I hugged her and said I was sorry and she kissed me and said I know. We then started making out and as I eased into her, her body responded to me. We actually made love to each other and when she came she wrapped her legs around me so tight I couldn't move. She contracted and then loosened her pussy milking my cock then I came in her. We lay there breathless and she clung to me and nuzzled her head into my arm and fell asleep.

I was Just drifting off when Debbie opened the door and looked in. She walked over to the bed inserted her fingers into Dee and smiled. She said give her about five minutes then fuck her again understand? I nodded my head and Debbie left. We made love twice again before Debbie returned with Joan and grabbed Dee's arm and escorted her out of the room. As she got to the door she said don't want to waste it all on one girl and laughed as she exited the door closing it behind her. Joan was about the same size as Dee but then again felt completely different as we started to make out.

I sucked her tits and licked her pussy to get her well lubricated for me to enter her.


We made love twice inside of an hour and I realized my dick hurt from all the action. Now I had something else to worry about Could I get through the weekend in one piece. It was about then that Debbie walked back in with Judy. I told her I needed to rest and my cock was wore out and sore. Fine then rest as long as you want but you better figure on fucking them all this week end. Judy and I fell asleep together with me holding her in my arms.

God knows how long we slept but when I woke up she was staring at me. I didn't move until she leaned up and kissed me on the lips. My dick still hurt. More sore then pain but could I get it up and make love to her. Then she surprised me with what she said."I feel sorry for you I know you are being made do do this. I wish I could do something to help" I gave her a light kiss on the cheek and then she again kissed me on the lips and forced her young tongue into my mouth.

I started feeling my cock respond and felt her body respond as well. We made love ( the reason I say made love instead of just fucking is because I truly cared about these girls by now and knew we all had to do this or else.

After cumin in her the second time we lay on the bed and I asked her if she could tell me what Debbie had on her. She said she had wrote a note in her diary that she would like to make out with a teacher, and said what she would do to her. "So this was a women?" She hung her head and said yes she was attracted to her because she thought she was real hot looking.

debbie came in at that point to inspect Judy and bring in Tina. satisfied that Judy was filled with cum she escorted her out but not before saying take an hour to rest then fuck her and plant your seed deep in her cunt. As soon as Debbie walked out I asked Tina what it was that Debbie had on her. She looked at me and instead of telling me she asked are you working with her?

"HELL NO!" I almost yelled then wispered at least not by choice. She sat there then she said she caught me and a older guy making out under the bleachers at school and took pictures of us.

He had his weeny out and I was touching it is all. Debbie said she would give the picture to my Mom and the principal. If Mom found out she would kill me and the other boy. Then she said you know she is filming all of this don't you? "What?" Yea see that flower it has a camera in it.

She made all us girls help her set it up. Ann went and bought them for her.

I think she is helping her do all this. I said ok be very quite then and let's try to sleep. (I was exhausted and the sleep would do me good.) We fell asleep with Tina laying across my belly and her little hand laying across my limp cock.

Debbie burst into the room Cussing and walked up to me and slapped me across the face then grabbed Tina by her red hair and jerked her to her feet. "YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU RUNNING YOUR MOUTH?" IF THE COCK NEEDS TO KNOW ANYTHING HE CAN ASK ME!" NOW GET BUSY FUCKING ASSWHOLES! She turned and stormed out the door. I rubbed my face and tried to sooth Tina and stop her crying. I admit I was getting turned on caressing Judy besides I had resigned myself to the fact that this Little Bitch did have control and right now I had to except that fact.

She did stop crying and we melted together and I slowly made love to this little girl whose life was being run by the Bitch From Hell. We made love a couple times then debbie came in by herself. She seemed much calmer then before but still gave us a look that let us know she was pissed at both of us.

She calmly told Tina to get the fuck out she wanted to talk to me. Ok dad I am going to say this one time and you better pay close attention to me. Understand? I nodded yes and she said so set there and let me do the talking. It's getting late and your prick is beet red so I am going to allow you to rest the rest of the night. There is no need to fuck me or mom again since we already have your kids growing inside us. Just the fact that I am pregnant by you is enough to put you behind bars for the rest of your life so don't get any stupid ideas.

Tomorrow you will plant your seed in the other bitches, I have arranged for them to be here different nights during this coming week also. You will fuck them when you are told to and unless I change things that is the way it will be. Any questions?

Yea I had a fucking lot of questions to ask but just asked why? Debbie smiled and asked if I really wanted to know why. Yes I do if you. She stopped me and said ok. These little bitches and some other cunts have treated me like they are something special and I am shit all year. They did the same thing last year but now it's my turn. I have caught each of the cunts doing shit that if found out will cause them all kinds of hell.

So they do what I say or I put the information out and fuck them that way.

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I asked so why this though. Because I get turned on watching you fucking their little asses. I get to see them turn from virgins into cock whores right in front of me. They don't know it but each one is being judged also.

I will let them be after they are pregnant and I know they will want more cocks fucking their pussies every chance they get. Their families all live in a better part of town and think they are hot shit and they have taught these whores to be the same. But their little Bitches being pregnant by the time they are twelve will bring them down some.


I know some parents will make them get an abortion and when they do they will be back to get fucked again with the same results. I will teach each of the high class pricks that they aren't shit just because we don't live in their part of town. as far as V.W.O.M. it is me that wants all these little bitches to get fucked by an older man.

You just get to be the lucky guy. You don't realize it but there are more "VIRGINS" you will be getting and it won't be very long either. You can't tell me you don't enjoy popping their cherries now can you? No I couldn't but choose to say nothing. She was talking and I was listening to see if there was something I could use. There is one girl you will make sure is pregnant this weekend and you will fuck at least 4 more times before she leaves Sunday evening. Fran is the worst! Her parents give her anything she wants and she thinks she is better then anyone else in the world.

By Sunday evening she will be so well fucked she will be sore for a week. And hopefully pregnant too. Then we will see how high and mighty the asswholes are. I thought to myself yea they do. Hell she even was making changes to the addition I was adding on their home.

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Debbie was still talking and I had to listen and pay attention. Just maybe she would say something that would get me out of this mess. Don't think because I am telling you all this that you can use it against me. Remember the safe you installed in the former den? I changed the combination and have everything locked away in there.

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Now it's time to put that cock of yours back to work. In the morning I'll send Fran in for her first round of fucking and you better do a good job. She didn't send Fran instead she brought her in woke me by pulling on my sore cock making me jump. She said it's time and smiled at me then said see if you can knock the bottom out of her cunt dad. After she walked out Fran came over and sat on the edge of the bed. I wanted to fuck her again because to me she was already very hot.

I reached up and laid her on the bed. I started off by kissing her and she opened her mouth and our tongues danced together which made me hard almost immediately. She asked what I wanted her to do and I said grab my cock and rub it up and down. Then I said No instead start sucking on it while I eat you. We got into the 69 position and I was in heaven eating her pussy. I moved up her body after making her cum by eating her and slid my cock into her wet pussy.

As I did she moaned softly and then when I was buried to the hilt I started pumping her faster and faster. 10 minutes later I came just as she came also. I didn't even stop I just kept pumping her until I was hard again then really started pounding away at her.

It took longer but she came several times and I was loving it. Then I came again and collapsed on top of her. That's were I was when Debbie came in and did her inspection of Fran. Good But I think she will need more to make sure it took.

But for right now get your asses in the kitchen for breakfast. Fran moaned as she got off the bed and Debbie laughed and asked " A little sore Fran"? Then she walked in front of us toward the kitchen. As we sat down at the table Debbie informed us we would take a break until this evening just so my cum could build back up. I thought If the damn cock doesn't fall off first I was that sore from all the fucking I had done.

After breakfast we all went to the den and Debbie told the girls she needed help setting things up for tonight.

She told me to go to sleep on the couch because she wanted to fix things in the room and I needed to rest. I was feeling sleepy but wasn't sure why. I tried to fight it but fell asleep within minutes. The last thing I heard Debbie say was " Tonight Fran will get such a fucking and so will someone else.

and her laughing." Part 4 V.W.O.M. CLUB