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Lesbian tgirl drills mature pussy balls deep
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"Another day…in my pathetic life…in this sad pathetic world." Sighing to herself like she did at the end of every work day, Denise Noble gathered her things from her locker, slammed it shut, and made her way to the bulletin board to clock out.

"Hey Denise. Rough work day?" Her co-worker Amy had just came to relieve her. Her long blonde hair was tied up in its usual high ponytail; two long strands of hair hanging in front of her face made her look like a character from an anime. She had pale white skin, even though Amy was always out and about in the sun.

Her bright blue eyes always sparkled with laughter. Denise nodded. "Yeah you could say that." She clocked out and slipped her hand in her purse pulling out a small black and red brush. She ran it through her red dyed hair, which she made a mental note of, needed to be re-dyed again. Her hair stopped just in the middle of her back. She was black with a Native American background. Her hair was always long and somewhat manageable. Tying up her hair into a loose bun, she shoved the brush back into her purse and waved back at Amy.

"Alright, I'll see you guys again next week." Before Amy could say anything else, Denise had left the staff room and made her way through the clothing store until she reached the front doors. She shivered slightly. "I don't understand as to why they have the air conditioning on full blast up here." She growled to herself and opened the door, letting the warm summer air hit her face.

"Much better." It was the middle of June, basically the beginning of fun and excitement. Looking around the parking lot, she spotted her car and quickly made her way toward it. She smiled as she eyes greeted her orange-red Camaro. She got this baby when she graduated from high-school. It was the last gift her father gave her before he passed away.

She loved this car more than anything in the entire world. She was just feet away from the car when a burgundy Impala almost ran into her. She fell over from the shock of it all, and she watched the car park next her Camaro. Her heart racing, she sat there glaring at the car. The sound of the door opening and then closing, and rushing footsteps were heard and she breathed heavily. "You jack ass! What the fuck is your problem!

You almost hit me! Did you not see where you were…" she stopped mid-sentence. Looking up her eyes widened and her heart seemed to stop mid-beat. Her mouth hung open as she took a look at what was probably the sexiest being that she ever laid eyes on.

His long black hair was a little ruffled, with soft streaks of blonde that could be mistaken for pure gold. Soft, creamy white skin that was tinted with a little touch pink; most likely due to the heat.

His lips weren't too thin, there was just enough plump for her to nibble and suckle on and turn an even darker shade of red. He was tall, at least over 6 foot, medium build; a strong chest, and arms that she could lick for days. All that aside, it was his eyes that she was drawn to the most. They were the most beautiful silver that she had ever seen. In fact, it was the first time that she had ever seen silver eyes. They were softly hidden behind long thick black lashes.

She felt like such a creeper, just staring at him, though she couldn't help herself. He was just sexy. He leaned forward sticking out a large hand that looked as if had seen its own share of hard work, but was still rather soft looking. "A-Are you ok miss? I didn't mean to startle you like that." 'Oh my god!

His voice!' It was as if his voice was hand crafted by the gods of lust. It was low and silky, yet masculine. It rang in her ears and she was begging to hear of more it.

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Shaking her head, Denise placed her small dark hand into his large pale one. "No it's ok. Don't worry it. It's my fault for not paying attention." She replied quietly as he helped her up. She looked down at his hand and her face grew hot.

'Oh no! I gave him the wrong hand!' He looked down at her. He was just over 6 foot, being as she stood at an average 5 foot 6 inches.

He smiled softly at her. Pearly white perfectly shaped teeth shone brightly, almost blinding her. She quickly looked away. His eyes continued down her body. She wasn't in the best of shape. Maybe just a tad bit overweight, but there was plenty of her to love. She had slightly large hips, and an ass that every man wanted to grab onto.

Her chest was rather large, she hated it, but if it meant getting attention, then why the hell not right? Her eyes were large and almond shaped, a beautiful shade of dark chocolate brown; and hidden behind short dark eyelashes. Her lips were full and never needing anything more than the occasional Chap Stick. She had a round face that had never seen a single pimple or blemish. She wasn't perfect, but she still didn't like the way she looked, no matter how many people told her she was beautiful, gorgeous, or sexy.

The longer he looked at her, the tighter his grip on her hand seemed to get.

His eyes finally made it to their hands. He raised a perfectly arched eyebrow and his smile widened. "Married?" Quickly removing her hand, she placed it behind her back and continued to avoid eye contact with him. "Y-Yeah. Going on a year actually." Her dark skin continued to heat up. If she wasn't married, she would've asked for his number by now.

Of course she had the feeling that she might get rejected in the long haul. He chuckled. "Well then, marriage is a serious thing you know. Of course I wouldn't know. I don't plan on being married for a very long time." He placed his hand that held hers into his pocket and stared at her more.

She finally turned her head and smiled weakly. "Well, hopefully you won't rush into it like I did. I'm only 24. Sorta missed out on wanting to experience a life filled with fun and excitement." She shrugged and folded her arms under her chest.

She looked up him, regardless of how gorgeous he was, she was still annoyed over the fact that he almost ran into her. "Wow you're only 24? I thought you were younger than me at least." He chuckled again and ran his other hand through his hair. 'I love it when he laughs.' "So umm, exactly how old are you?" Denise was usually into older guys. Her husband was 5 years older than her, and she found him to be very handsome and a gentleman.

She loved him to death. "I'm 19." His smile again burned into her. She wasn't sure if she was going to be able to contain herself. Yeah she met a dozen guys before, and they had amazing smiles, but his smile was… "Wait! What? You're only 19? I-I pegged you to be older than that! I mean look at your body! And the car you're driving! I thought you would've been in your late 20s early 30s." "Hehe, you like my body?" His eyes swam with laughter and something else that she couldn't quite grasp.

His smile widened more, showing her all of his perfect teeth. His hand clutched onto his hair and he moved a little closer to her. "You know, I'm liking your body too. Got everything in the right places. But you know," the hand that was in his hair lowered and he brought it to her chin lifting it slightly so her dark brown eyes could swim into his silver ones, "I'm really loving your eyes.

They're such a delectable dark brown; like dark chocolate." He leaned in closer, her heart was racing, pounding loudly in her chest. She lost her breath for a moment; his lips were so close. She wanted to taste them more than anything.

Her lips parted a little as if giving him an invitation to take her right then and there. The hands that were clutching her purse loosened. Her gaze lowered to his lips; those rose tinted full lips. A soft moan left her own as his face continued to move closer to hers.

Less than a centimeter separated them from full on contact. He stopped and chuckled once again. "I'm not going to tease you like this. You're married after all." He let his hand drop and he stepped away from her. Taking his keys out of his jeans pocket, he locked his car. "Well, it was nice almost running into you. Who knows, maybe we might cross paths again; and this time, it won't be where I almost kill you." He pivoted on his heel and walked away. His pants hugging loosely around a firm shapely behind.

Denise cleared her throat and shakily remove her keys from her purse. "I can't believe that just happened." She unlocked her Camaro and walked the last few feet to the driver's side door. Opening it, she tossed her purse inside and sat down in the seat.

She slammed the door shut and sat there staring at the parked cars in the parking lot. "Why me?" Her head fell forward and smacked into the steering wheel. She groaned and just let it sit there. "I can't believe that just happened! I almost lost myself for a moment." Her legs began to shake a little, and she raised a hand to her chin where his fingers had touched.

She smiled to herself. "I'm just going to pretend that it was all a dream. I can't get too worked up over a dream." With that said, she sat up and stuck her key into the ignition. She hooked her phone into the charger and blasted the radio. Fall Out Boys "Immortals" blared through the speakers. "Hell yeah! This is my shit!" Rolling down the windows, she put the car in reverse, backed up and then put it into drive.

She peeled out of the parking lot, her eyes scanning the shops to see if she would spot the young man. When she didn't, she just shook her head and exited the shopping mall and onto the main road. "Jessie, you just don't understand though! I've been working there for over a year and I'm still not getting the credit that I deserve!" "Listen Den, I know that you're working your ass off, but do you honestly think that they really care for you there?" Denise was in the middle of her kitchen in the middle of making dinner for herself.

Her husband wasn't going to home that night, on a last minute project for his job. She sighed as she stared at her laptop, her best friend on video chat with her. Setting down the small knife she was using to slice cucumbers for her salad, she sat down at the table and stared at her friend. "I know, but I feel that if I do work hard enough, I might just get promoted." Jessie shook her head and nibbled on some orange slices.

In the background, Denise could see the large 50" flat screen that was in her living room. Jessie's German Shepherd, Willow and Chocolate Lab, Buffy, sat on the couch their tails wagging as an anime played on the screen. Denise giggled at the sight and went back to focus on her friend. "Den, we've known each other since what? 8th grade? And we both know exactly what's going to happen: you're going to work your ass off. Then when you feel as if you're going to get what you deserve, you get excited and hyped up.

All too soon, you find out that your best wasn't good enough, you get pissed off, and then quit." Jessie's dark green eyes burned into Denise's. 'She right. I always get pissed and angry when I don't get what I rightfully deserve.' She dropped her head onto the table and started to whine.


"But Jessie! I don't want to quit! I love working there. The customers that come in are so nice and sweet. Plus I really do enjoy the clothing." Jessie giggled. "I know you love it there. But honestly sweetie, is working there really going to make you happy in the long run?" Denise shrugged.

"Maybe… I don't know." A clicked and the shutting of a door could be heard on Jessie's end. "Hey babe, I'm home." Jessie's fiancé walked into the camera view, wearing his waiter uniform.

His short blonde hair combed back and showing his cool blue eyes. "Oh, hey Denny!" He kissed Jessie on the forehead and chuckled. "I told to stop calling me that Matt!" She raised her head and glared at him.


"Oh you love it." He smiled at her and looked back down at Jessie. "I'm going to get started on dinner ok?" "Well then, that's my cue to help him. We both know that he's helpless in the kitchen." "Hey! Don't hate on my cooking skills!" He left the screen. "Talk to you later Denny!" "I'm seriously going to kill that damn man." Denise's eyes widened as she then remember of the boy from earlier.

"Hey, if you two aren't humping like rabbits later, can you call me? There's something I want to talk to you about." Jessie nodded and brushed back her long red hair. "Of course, though I have a feeling that we are going to be humping like rabbits tonight.

He just took off his apron. Mmmm, so sexy." She giggled. "But I'm going to go help him in the kitchen. I'll catch ya later Den." And with that, Jessie disconnected the call.

Denise stood up and walked back to her half made salad. She smiled to herself as she thought of the boy from earlier. Picking up the knife she sliced up a few more slices of cucumber, placed them on her salad and went back to the table. "Bon appetite." After a hot shower and 2 hours of watching Youtube videos, Denise laid in bed.

She wore an oversized black skull and stars t-shirt. She laid under the covers and stared up at the dark ceiling.

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Thoughts of him ran through her mind. She couldn't stop thinking about him. And his voice! She played his words over and over again in her mind. A soft moan seeped through her lips.

'Well, I'm not going to be getting any tonight. Guess I'll just do what I always do every night.' She thought. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and slowly lifted it up. Arching her back as she did so, she kicked the blanket off her body; the shirt finally made its way to her large breasts.

The 44DD large mounds jiggled a little as she pulled the shirt over her head. Tossing the shirt to the floor, her left hand grabbed onto her left breast and squeezed it a little roughly. "Ahhh…" Her nipple hardened almost instantly.

She bit her lip and ran her fingers across the tightened small nub. Her nipples were always at their most sensitive when they were hard. If she played with them enough, she would cum within minutes. She felt a dampness between her thighs, but she decided that her moist hole would have to wait.

She wasn't ready to play with her just yet. Her right hand went to her mouth. Slipping a finger inside, her tongue immediately began to attack it. The warm muscle was always a favorite of hers. She enjoyed how warm and wet her mouth was. Sucking deeply on her fingers as if she was giving a blowjob. The sensation of having something in her mouth always turned her on. She rubbed her tongue with the tip of her finger, pressing into it.

Feeling the tiny taste buds separate beneath it. She stroked her tongue delicately, not wanting to be too rough with it. Another finger found its way into her mouth, and she hungrily greeted it.

Her mouth produced more saliva, she coated her fingers with it. It always tasted sweet to her, with an almost syrupy texture. She loved how sticky her breasts always got whenever she drooled all over herself.

She shoved her fingers a little more into her mouth, muffled moans echoed around the room. The hand on her breast squeezing more roughly, her fingers pulling and pinching at her dark Hershey colored nipple.

Her back arched higher and she raised her legs slightly. She tasted her fingers deeply, her tongue slipping in between the appendages. They tasted like the strawberry coconut oil that she used after she got out of the shower. 'So sweet.' Her hand moved over to her right breast, her arm causing the left breast to squeeze into the right one. She moaned louder as her fingertips brushed against the nipple.

Her fingers forced their way further into her mouth. She closed her eyes tightly, waiting for that almost gagging feeling that she craved whenever she did this.

Her throat squeezed tightly as the tips of her fingers reach the back of her throat. She had a bad gag reflex. It took a lot for her to get that gag feeling. She had to slip another finger into her mouth. Her lips stretching wide, making her look like a rather erotic female Joker. She groaned deeply in her throat, and moved her fingers into it.

Her stomach clenched and her throat squeezed even tighter. 'YES! This is it!' She then proceeded to move her fingers in and out of her throat, furthering the gagging.

She pinched her nipple and flicked it. Her body trembling as she fucked her mouth with her own hand. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head; her face becoming drenched with drool, it spilling down her cheek and neck down to her chest and shoulders.

She squeezed her thighs together and for that brief moment, he popped into her head. Her eyes flew wide open and she kept her fingers down her throat, muffled screams vibrating her throat and through her hand.

She came hard, her knees bending slightly, her toes curling; her pussy throbbing wildly. She laid there her fingers still in her mouth, her other fingers clamped tightly around her nipple. Legs wide open, thighs stained and wet. She slowly removed her fingers and coughed looking at them to watch the saliva leave her lips. They were soaked and dripping, the drool almost like a clear syrup.

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Panting she laid her hand to the side. 'Why did he pop up in my head all of a sudden? And when he did, why did I cum so hard like that? That's never happened.' She laid there just questioning it.

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But the more she questioned, the more turned on she became. Before she knew it, her drool covered right hand found its way to her throbbing, cum throbbing cunt. When her fingers found her clit, she almost jumped off the bed.

"Fuck!" She felt the heat from her cunt warm up her fingers. She gently rubbed the sensitive bud that was her clit, she felt it become a little more engorged as she rubbed it. Her left hand felt foolish for not doing anything, so it moved down as well, teasing her outer lips.

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She bit her bottom lip and arched her back again. She moved her legs up and spread them a little. Her heavy breathing filled the room as her fingers worked their magic. She closed her eyes and thought about him. His smile, his laugh, his fingers on her chin. She longed to feel those fingers on her body, exploring every inch of her.

She moved the fingers from her left hand deep inside. Two fingers became wrapped around her warm wave textured moist walls. She gasped softly, her right fingers still teasing her clit.

She rolled her bud between her thumb and forefinger, at the same time she pressed her other fingers into her g-spot. Her eyes closed tighter as she thought of him deep inside of her, filling her to the brim and stretching her to his size.

She rubbed harder against that sensitive little bean inside her. Releasing her bottom lip she panted harder. Her climax building, her cunt throbbing harder the longer she thought about him taking her from behind and pounding against her cervix. "FUCK!" She moaned loudly, the walls almost seeming to shake as she did. Her pussy clenched tighter around her fingers. "I'm…I'm gonna cum!

FUCK!" She screamed loudly, her heart racing her hips raised as she had all of her weight on her feet. She fucked her cunt harder; it continued to build, her womb almost feeling as if she being filled with his hot cum. "I'M CUMMING!" Her voice could probably be heard throughout the apartment complex. She shook almost violently; a rush of hot fluid flowed past her fingers as she pressed against her g-spot.

She felt it run down her wrists and thighs. Finally collapsing on the bed, her chest rising and falling fast, she opened her eyes and stared at the dark ceiling once again. Her cunt throbbed almost uncontrollably.

Her legs were still shaking as she removed her fingers. Bringing her them to her lips, she opened her mouth and gently sucked on them. She moaned softly and lapped at her fingers, like a kitten drinking milk from a bowl for the first time. Her taste sweet like candy, which was only made sweeter by the drool from earlier.

She sucked her fingers clean and dropped her hand to the side once more. "I really do hope I get to meet him again." She smiled before her breathing steadied. She had one image of him in her mind of his smile and the laughter in his eyes before sleep took a hold of her. (To be continued)