Mujer metiendole un consolador en el culo

Mujer metiendole un consolador en el culo
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I slid the key into my house for the first time in months. School was over for the summer! I twisted the the key and was greeted by my mother, father, and brother. "Alan!!" They all yelled as I opened the door.

I was swarmed with hugs and questions. "How was it bro?" My now 14 year old brother asked. "Pretty nice. Girls, girls, and." "More girls!" He finished for me.

My mom had cooked a big meal for my return home. It was nice to sit and eat with the family again. You never realize how much you miss it until you finally leave.

Or it might be because Im a big pussy. I was ready to finally retreat to bed after al the questions and food and other family things. I brushed my teeth and slept in my boxers. I woke up and not the usual way of an alarm clock.

Now that I was home I was expecting the smell of food drifting down to my room. I smelled nothing. I got myself out of bed but checked the clock. 10:00. I took a long stretch when I got out of bed. "Mmmmm. yeah!" I said satisfied with the stretch. I brushed my teeth and headed upstairs I walked to the kitchen and saw nobody.

I looked at the table to find a note that read: "Brad still has school and guitar practice. Its a thursday so your father and I still have work. Be home around 6! Love, Mom" "Aw shit." My stomach growled. I walked to the cupboard and got some cereal and poured myself a bowl. I suppose I should give you a description of myself. Im about 6 feet tall, I have black hair to my eyebrows, I have emerald green eyes, and I have a pretty good figure.

I have some pretty toned muscles. I think Im a pretty average guy. I sat on the couch and watched tv eating my cereal.

Unsatisfied with it I knew I was going to need something more. My mind thought of what I needed. Coffee. I polished off my cereal and looked for some in the house. Nothing. "Oh come on!" My parents were coffee fiends! Why didnt they have coffee? I dont think I'll ever know.

I took a shower and put on fresh clothes. I was going to get my coffee. My destination was the local coffee shop. I took a look at the beautiful town I had left behind as I drove. Trees and shops, a fountain at the center of the town, and people everywhere. I got to our coffee shop named "Brew's". I walked in and found the place suprisingly sparse with people.

I got in line behind a girl a few inches shorter than me. Her blonde hair was to the middle of her back and she wore a cute black shirt that showed off her sexy figure and short shorts. She was really, really sexy.

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Her turn came in line and she ordered a large coffee with 2 cremes and 4 packs of sugar. Just the way I like it! "$4.27." The clerk said. He didnt sound very pleasant. "Oh shoot!" She cursed. "I dont have enough!" "Hey, hurry up and fuckin buy this and get out." "Hey asshole.

Be a little nice to her. Ill spot her. Now get your fatass out of her face. Mine too" I said to the bastard. The man gave me the finger. "Fuck you." I said as I walked out, the girl close behind me. "Hey thanks for that!" "Your welcome. I cant stand it when." I stopped.

I finally looked at her from the front for the first time. She had crystal blue eyes and a cute face. Her tits looked amazing in that shirt.

"People act like that." I was starstruck by those eyes. Those eyes were like stars. I swear. I think she notice me being shocked at her incredible looks. She blushed a little.

"So whats your name?" "My name is Kacy" She replied. "Well Kacy, Im pleased to meet you. Im Alan" I told her. She held out her hand and I gave it a little kiss being as nice as possible.

She giggled. "Arent you a gentleman" she said. We got to my car. I was still starving. "So I havent really had a great breakfast, so would you like some breakfast with me?" "Why of course!" She said. It was almost 11. We went to resturant that was known for big delicious meals. Cheap too. We talked and ate during the meal.

I finally got my coffee too! This day was taking a nice turn. We shared music intrests and movies. We both loved funny flicks and rock music. Sometimes we both get in the mood for some nice jazz. I also found out this girl liked video games. This girl was my dream! I spent quite awhile with this girl realizing I was liking her more and more. We finished the meal and god. The time flew by. It was about 1 when we left. I opened her door and let her in. I rolled on my car to my side like a stuntman making her laugh I heard her through the windshield.

"I wanna be a stuntman!" I said jokingly. She laughed a little more."No, no! Dont do that! Then youd get hurt and that wouldnt be good, now would it?" I looked at her and smiled.

"So if you arent busy at all today. You wanna catch a movie?" "Well not now but I can around 9. I have to get to work" she said as we arrived at her car. "Heres my address. Pick me up at 9!" She wrote her address on a piece of paper and gave it to me. "See ya, handsome" she said and kised me on the cheek.

I smiled and watched her fantastic ass sway from me to her car. She waved as she pulled out. I sat in my car for a minute. Thinking about what had just happened. She was amazing. This girl had it all. Jesus, I wanted her so fucking badly. I pulled out and drove home awestruck. I think time went by 2 times slower than it should normally is that day after being with Kacy. Imagine everything doubled and your trying to get with a very beautiful girl. My brother came home first and showed me his new song.

Then my parents came home. I told them I had a date and told them I wasn't hungry even though my stomach growled. It was 7. 2 hours left until I finally got to be with her again. I needed some air. I picked up a few twenties and left.

I drove through my town just trying to get my mind off of her. Everything reminded me of Kacy. A flower, It reminded me of her sweet smell. A blue bird reminded me of those piercing eyes. I was falling for her.

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And fast. It was finally 9. I drove to her house trying to stay calm, not trying to seem nervous, even though I was. I knocked on her door. "Hey, Alan!" She said cheerily, greeting me with a hug. "Hey," I replied as cool as possible. I had a movie idea in mind. The Notebook. I know the notebook is out on DVD now but this theater showed movies from a few years back, to new, to even black and white ones. I decided to go to that one.

"How would you like to see the Notebook?" I asked hoping she didnt think I was a huge pussy: "Aww! How'd you know it was my favorite movie?" She asked, "Other than comedies" she finished giggling. I sighed. "Lucky guess." We went to the movies and I bought everything. I was glad I brought a few twenties. Not only did I pay for the date but I showed her some of my money, which I know made her happy. We watched the movie and nothing really happened.

She cried at the end. I dont know why, I wasnt paying attention. Apparently rain makes girls cry or something. The credits began to roll and we headed out. I was unsatisfied. We got into the car and she talked about her favorite parts. About halfway back to her place I heard a low rumble. I saw a crash of lightning and heard more thunder. Perfect timing. Things were about to take a big turn.

As we pulled into her driveway the rain finally came. "Hey! Look!" She cried "Its raining! Shall we dance?" She asked laughing again. "Lets!" I said smiling. We played in the pouring rain and danced and splashed! The water felt good on me after blushing so hard from being around her.

I grabbed her hand and spun her to me. Closely. I stared into her eyes. Her eyes were like stars.

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A crash of thunder and a flash of lightning lit up the sky and us. I noticed from the flash that she was looking at me too. This was it. I couldnt take it anymore. I pulled her closer. She moved closer to me. We met in the most incredible kiss of my lifetime. Her sensitive lips met mine. We locked and I slowly began moving my tongue to hers.

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We kissed slowly at first, then with much more passion. I hugged her tight kissed for a few minutes. It felt as if it was just us, our lust, and the rain. No other distractions Slowly she pulled away. "Lets. get inside" she said, inbetween breaths. I nodded also panting.

We ran through her yard and she pulled out some keys. She fumbled with the lock and opened the door and pulled me close kissing me as we entered. We walked and kissed going down a small hallway and she turned me to a door. The door had a sign on it that said "Kacys". I used a free hand to open the door as she pushed me on it. We got in and I saw it was filled with pink. The pink walls, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals. She gently pushed me to the bed and sat me down.

She lit some candles and incense and came to me grinding into me, mewing. She was as eager as I was.


She lay me down and was on top of me. She moved her hands to the button of my pants and pulled them down finally letting my throbbing boner free from my constricting jeans.

She pulled off my boxers next and exposed my cock. She kissed me more passionately and began unbuttoning her blouse. It showed her black pushup bra, covering her incredible tits.

I wrapped my arms around her and unclasped it from the back and let her tits show in front of my face. Her areolas were a pink color, kind of matching her room.

Her nipples stuck out proudly at about a quarter inch. I pulled away from her and took off my shirt, now being completely naked.

I grabbed one of her breasts and massaged it while taking her nipple of her other tit into my mouth. "Oh. yes." she moaned. With my other free hand I desperately tried to undo her button on her jeans. After a minute or so I popped it open. She wriggled out of her jeans and her thong was showing. With that same hand I began to rub her mosit pussy through the thin fabric. She moaned even louder. I felt her pussy get even more wet. I grabbed the string on the side of her waist and pulled it down and took off her panties.

She too, was now nude. I grabbed her ass and slowly pushed it down lowering her on my cock. I felt the moistness of her pussy and groaned. "Mmm. like that baby?" she moaned. "Fuck yes. mmm" I said. "Not yet baby. Hang on" She pulled off of me and my cock came off of her slit. I was about to protest but I saw what she was doing.

She opened her mouth and took me in. She sucked expertly and moved at all the right spots. She got about halfway down my cock before slightly gagging. "That feels. fucking amazing Kacy" I told her. She sucked a little harder. I moaned. Realizing she couldnt get me all the way down she came up from my cock and spit in her hand.

She started sucking again and went halfway down. With the other half she began jerking me off. This doubled the pleasure. Her sucking me off and pumping my dick was going to send me over the edge. "Oh fuck! Kacy.! Im gonna cum!" I moaned bucking my hips slightly.

She sucked and jerked me faster. "Oh fuck. Its gonna be a big load. ahhh" I gasped. I shot my cum, and hard. It shot in her throat. Obviously not ready she gagged a little. She moved my cock down and it shot into her mouth like a fountain. She swallowed it all like a good girl. After all the cum had been shot she sucked my nob a little more causing me to moan loudly. The pleasure was insane. "Oh baby. That was nice. Hang on" she cooed. She went into the bathroom and I heard her gargle.

She came in a minute later and kissed me. "Your turn" I said into her ear as I pulled away. I flipped her over on the bed and went to her pussy. I spread her legs and began sucking her clit. She bucked her hips high. I pulled her down with my arms and licked and sucked faster on that sweet pussy. I moved one hand off her leg and used it to finger fuck her at the same time. She moaned louder. "Ohhhh fuck" she cried.

I licked her faster and rubbed the sides of her thighs and moved in around her hole before moving in faster and repeated doing this. "Oh shit! Oh fuck" She moaned "Im gonna cum baby! Im gonna cum!" I moved her hand in her pussy and licked her as fast as I could causing her to explode into my face.

I licked up what I could. I wiped my fast on her sheets, as casually as possible. I came up to her and kissed her slightly. I turned her again and kissed her back. I lifted her up and began moving my now rock solid dick onto her lips. "Please fuck me." she moaned. I wrapped my arms around her and and put my hands on her tits.

"I will" I said to her. I pushed into her slowly. She was like a vice grip. I began moving into her more but slowly enjoying the warm tight feel. After a few second I pulled out and pushed in, but faster. I kept doing this until I was a nice steady pace cause us both insane amounts of pleasure.

I was trying to make her feel as good as possible. I moved my cock in her deep searching for her G-spot. I pushed in a certain way after awhile and heard her moan. "Thats the spot, baby" she stated, panting. I kept moving in this way causing her pussy to get wetter and wetter.

This made me slip in a little faster and cause her and I to moan. My nuts began to clench. "Baby. I-Im gonna cum" I told her. She mewed and moaned loudly "Me. ahhmmmm. too" she said. I moved faster fucking her spot. Then it happened. She squirted with an orgasm so powerful it set mine off. The climax for us both was breath taking. I rolled off of her and got into a spooning position. I kissed her neck. She turned and kissed me. I pulled away and stared into her eyes. she looked amazing in candle light.

I stared at her and smiled.


"Im in love." I sad under my breath. "Me too." I heard her say. I looked at her and saw her eyes. They were watering with tears. I kissed her and held her in my arms. We fell asleep together. I woke up and she woke with me.

I dressed and so did she. I kissed her good bye and she did the same as well. Before she left we exchanged numbers and kissed one last time before I went home. I got home after the long night at about 7. The family was still home so I got to eat and talk about the date. Sex excluded. After the meal I began planning our second date. One that was going to be alot like the first.

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