Amateur teen girl Nicoletta Noirett in hardcore sex on couch

Amateur teen girl Nicoletta Noirett in hardcore sex on couch
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I sat at the bar waiting on the bartender to pour me another drink, I wasn't ever a bar groupie, but since I met this particular bartender on New Year's Eve, I couldn't ever seem to get enough of him. The bar was nearing closing time, and I knew that I was going to get his undivided attention.

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He was so good looking and so damn good in bed I couldn't get enough of him. My divorce was finally over with and I was a free girl these days.

I sipped my drink as I watched him work, and watched the other women flirt shamelessly with him. He wiped down the bar, counted his register and out went the rest of the patrons and he locked the door.

I turned on my stool, and smiled at him, he smiled back walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

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His lips were so soft as they touched mine. We talked while he cleaned glasses and got the bar ready for the next day. Finally he was finished.


He walked around the bar and stood close to me; he moved his arms around me and lifted me off the stool sitting me on the bar. He took a seat in front of me on the bar. His hands rubbed my thighs, as he parted my legs. My heart was beating fast, as he touched me and I got wetter and more turned on.

He continued to rub my thighs as he reached the upper portion his little finger brushed my pussy lips. I wore no panties under my short black mini dress.

I leaned back on the bar as I supported myself on my elbows. Bending over he moved my dress up where he could see my little tight pussy beautifully bald pussy. He spread my lips apart and I felt his tongue run along the edge of my right pussy lip.

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He took his time, that's what always made him so damn good. I felt his tongue inch up along my lip until it reached the peak above my hard little clit.

His hot wet tongue flicked my clit; I moaned as I leaned my head backwards and spread my legs a little further for him. His fingers spread my little inner lips apart, I could feel his fingers parting my hot little pussy hole. His tongue moved in and out of hole, as I felt a puff of air blown into my pussy. His tongue made its way down to asshole, he did the same thing, and his fingers pulled my asshole apart as his tongue violated my tight little brown puckered asshole.

I focused on the fucking I was getting by his tongue, so I wasn't aware when he placed something cold and hard into my cunt. My eyes opened as I watched him slide a wine bottle in and out of my cunt. He pushed and took most of the neck down to the larger part of the bottle into me. I began to rock my hips to his rhythm I loved the way he made me feel. I was nearing an orgasm and he knew it. He withdrew the bottle and began to lap at my wet pussy; his tongue licked into my hole and moved up to suck my clit between his teeth.

I couldn't stand it, I came, and squirted my cum all over his white pressed shirt. He smiled at me and pulled me up to face him.


He kissed me and I could taste my pussy on my mouth, it turned me on even more. He unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out and he pulled me off the bar onto his lap on the stool.

We hung precariously on the stool, I wrapped my long brown legs around his body, putting my arms around his neck I hung on as he rocked his cock back and forth in my pussy grinding my clit on his shaft, and I came again.

He stepped down off the stool hold me in the same position and he walked back to his room in the hall at the bar.

Opening the door he took me over to his bed and laid me down, never missing a beat he shoved his cock hard into me making sure I got all of his huge cock.

It bumped into my cervix, and hit that place that made me squirt. Pulling the dress up over my head, he jerked my bra down exposing my big tits. His mouth licked and sucked at my nipples as he continued to fuck me hard. I began to squirt and my legs wrapped around him holding him tight. I squirted all over his cock, and I could feel it running down my ass. He stood up, and looked at me as I lay breathing hard trying to recover somewhat. He walked to the door and whistled, I heard feet pattering down the hallway, it was Butch the bar's Great Dane.

He shut the door, as Butch hopped up on the bed. I looked questioningly as him when he grabbed my legs and flipped me over on the bed. He grabbed my waist and pulled me up on my knees. Peeking around, to where he stood I saw him stroking the dogs cock getting him hard. I knew then that I was going to fuck Butch. He spread my legs and I could feel the dog close to me, I felt his nose in my asshole, then I felt his tongue on my cunt.

It was hot, wet and very long, he licked at my pussy, and I moaned softly it felt even better than my bartenders tongue. The dog mounted me, and he took the dogs cock and guided it into my pussy. The dog began to hump me hard as his huge dick slid in and out of my cunt, it felt good, and I moaned loudly. I felt his fingers prying my asshole apart, as the dog continued to fuck my little tight pussy. His fingers jammed into my asshole, over and over again until I thought I was going to explode.

It was then that his hard big knot slipped into my cunt, I screamed it was painful, and his fingers jammed into my tight asshole.

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I couldn't decide where the pain came from. The dog barely moved while he was knotted into my cunt, and my bartender's fingers rammed my asshole over and over again, I came, hard and long, my knees nearly buckling.

The dog finally shot his load into my cunt, once he was calmed down enough his knot slid out of me and he jumped off.

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However, my bartender got behind me and I felt his rock hard dick slid into my asshole, he fucked my ass then moved to my pussy. He had a pretty good thing going three strokes in my cunt, and three in my asshole and switch. I felt his load being dumped into my asshole, when he finished he moved off the bed and jerked me up by my hair. Don't move he warned, and don't let a little bit of that cum fall out of my ass.

He went into the bathroom and got a waste can. He made me squat over it and forced all the cum out of my pussy and my asshole. I looked into the bucket there was a good inch of white creamy liquid in the bottom of the bucket. I told him I had to pee; he smiled at me and led me to the bathroom. He ran the water in the shower; it made me have to pee even more.

We got into the shower; he got between my legs and told me to do it. I couldn't of course pee while he was watching my pussy; he spread my lips apart and splashed the hot water on to my pussy and into that little wet hole of mine.

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Finally, I couldn't hold it any longer, I cut lose, my piss covering his face and chest. His tongue moved in the stream tasting the piss I let him have. I could hardly stand it, when I felt his mouth on my clit; he sucked and bit at it until I came. Standing again, he shoved me down into the shower and stood over me with his cock, in my face. I began to suck and lick at the head of his big hard dick, when he began to piss in my mouth, I tried to turn my head and spit, but he just held fast to my head and shoved his cock down my throat as he pissed into my throat.

I gagged and gurgled half the piss out of my mouth. He pulled out, and I spit in the shower, he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I was breathless as his tongue explored my mouth, I held onto him and let the water run over my tired body, he washed me and carried me to his bed where I went to sleep instantly after fucking him and butch for a few hours.

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My thoughts kept taking me back to being fucked in the bar, and fucked by the bar dog.