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Roxy dee and linda leclair lesbian scene by sapphix young teen
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My niece Hailey and I were sitting outside after a dinner at my parents' house. She was telling me that she would be graduating in a couple of months and that she was really looking forward to going to college in the fall.

I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews. Hailey, Matt and Jake are my sister's children and my brother has 2 daughters Samantha and Stephanie. Samantha was already away at college, Stephanie, Matt and Jake were playing horseshoes on the other side of the yard.

My siblings and their spouses were inside the house with my parents and Hailey and I were just sitting on the lawn watching the sunset over the horizon. We could hear the horseshoes clanking behind us and it was a beautiful March evening. The temperature that day was mild for March in Pennsylvania and Hailey had on these tight shorts. I must admit out of all my nephews and nieces, Hailey was my favorite. We kidded around, she had my dry sarcastic humor and sometimes I couldn't tell if she was teasing me or dead serious.

Some of the things she said to me were almost sexual, but I took them as jokes and I would tease her as well. As we were sitting there, a cold wind started blowing and when I looked over at her, her tight shirt revealed her nipples as they hardened against her tight shirt as the cold air passed over us.

I joked to her "are you just happy to be sitting beside me or is the cold wind affecting you". She looked down at her nipples and she looked at me with those green eyes, batted her eyelids and said "Well, uncle Stan what would you rather it be the wind or your closeness to me?" I felt my cock growing and tried to hide it.

I'm pretty sure she didn't notice. Hailey plays all kinds of sports in high school from volley ball (her favorite, basketball, she runs for the track team and has lettered in every sport she's played. She has very long shapely legs, a small torso and tight cantaloupe size breasts. She has shoulder length brown hair and now, I can tell her nipples are at least an inch long when hard. I've seen her in a bikini on numerous occasions and her ass is nice and tight, there isn't an inch of fat on her.

I usually date women who have more curves, but I have to admit the sight of my 18-year-old niece gets my blood flowing in the nether regions. We sat there for a bit and then she moved over closer to me. I could feel her closeness as she put her bare leg against my bare leg. I wanted so bad to put my arm around her and hug her close and kiss those lips, but I'm her uncle and supposed to be the mature adult.

Without any advance warning she turned abruptly toward me and shoved me backwards and I was lying on my back thinking what the fuck, she jumped on top of me and sat down right on my hardening cock. I let out a little oomph as she knocked the wind out of me and she put her hands over my hands and leaned down and said "Pinned". All the nephews and nieces and I would wrestle while they were growing up.

It was a game we often played, but this time there was something different in the way she threw me back and grasped my hands and said pinned.

Normally, I would kick her off and then flip over on top of her and say "pinned" as well, but this time I was going to let her win. Mainly because she wasn't just sitting still on my cock, but gyrating her hips back and forth. She had on black shorts and as I lifted my head and looked down at her crotch I seen a telltale sign that she was enjoying the sensation.

We often talked about sex. My siblings would be shocked if they knew how much knowledge I was teaching their kids on man and woman relations Hailey, looked down at me and then she leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Uncle Stan, I think I won this time. I got what I wanted and I wanted to beat you at least once in our wrestling matches. So do you concede defeat". I looked up at her and smiled and said "No Hailey I think we were both winners" at that she jumped up and off of me and ran over to her cousins and siblings shouting "I pinned Uncle Stan" Fast forward to graduation.

I hadn't seen Hailey or her cousins since that picnic at my parents house. My jobs prevented me from visiting them as often as I'd like. But today, Hailey was graduating from high school and I cancelled my appointments so that I could attend. Hailey had turned into a very lovely girl.

Just 3 years ago she was all gangly legs, arms and she was awkward when she walked. Today I beheld a beautiful young woman walking across the stage to speak as class valedictorian. She had already accepted various awards for the sports she played and now she spoke with confidence. I was sitting with my siblings and parents and I could have sworn instead of talking to the whole audience she kept staring at me.

I guess it could have been my imagination, but it did look like her gaze landed on me more than on any one else. After graduation we all met back at my parents' house. It was June 14th, late in the year for graduation but we had some very heavy snows and her school was cancelled several times over the winter. It was Friday night and I asked everyone if they'd like to come out onto my pontoon boat for a little jaunt around a rather large lake near my house.

All the nephews and nieces said that they would love to come, but the adults all declined. Which was just about normal for my family. So, the next day they all met me at the dock. The nieces were all wearing bikinis under their shirts and sandals and the nephews were wearing bathing trunks. I had on a very loose pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Well, we motored around the lake and then I headed to a deep hole, a secluded spot on the lake that I knew of where they could swim and not be bothered by passing boats.

I anchored and put the ladder over the side of the boat and the girls all took off their t-shirts and jumped in. Followed closely by the nephews. They swam and I watched. After about a half hour of this, they climbed out and asked if I'd take them over to the beach where more kids their age were playing on the shore.

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As I pulled the boat near to the beach, I couldn't get any closer because of submerged stumps and I told them that. So, they all jumped off the boat and swam over to their friends. Except for Hailey. She came over to me and sat down beside me on the bench seat. I had my shirt off and was catching some rays. Hailey asked me "Uncle Stan, I was wondering if one day this week you could bring just me out and we could fish just you and me, like we used to".

I said that would be great, since she would be starting college soon and we wouldn't have much chance to go fishing like we used to. We watched her cousins and brothers playing on the beach and running into and out of the water.

Hailey, then reached down and took my hand and put her fingers in between my fingers and we held hands, she then put her head on my bare chest, her hair cascading down my chest and she just lay like that. Then she looked up at me and said, "you remember when I used to do this when I was just a kid".

I said that I did and then I put my arm around her like I did when she was younger, but I either overshot where my hand should have landed or looking back on it, I think she moved her chest, so that my hand (which should have landed on her arm) now landed on her bikini top and touched her breast.

Without thinking of what I was doing or who I was doing it with, I reached out my fingers and touched her nipple through the fabric. My fingers circling her nipple and felt it rise under my touch. I felt her press her boob into my hand and she gave an audible sigh.

I came to my senses and pulled back my hand rather quickly.


She said, "it's okay Uncle Stan. I really liked you having your hand there. There's nothing wrong about you doing that. I felt a little self-conscious at first, but then I pulled up her bikini top and put my hand back on her breast and squeezed it and then began fondling her breast. I felt my cock hardening and I tried to hide it.

She looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes, smiled and then she put her hand on my cock and squeezed it through the fabric of my shorts. I gasped and quickly stood up. "Hailey, this is not right" I said.

She got down on her knees and was staring at my cock and then looked up at me and said, "I've wanted to do this ever since March when we watched that sunset together and here we are and no one is around". She reached up and pulled my shorts down and then quickly grabbed my hardened cock and put her mouth around it. I gasped in and said "Hailey, what are you doing? You are my niece". She didn't stop, she kept sucking, her mouth taking all my manhood into her mouth.

It was an awesome sensation. She kept sucking me and then I maneuvered myself so that I could sit down. She kept sucking my manhood and then she took all of me into her mouth and started gagging. I touched her hair and ran it through my fingers as I used to do when she was so much younger. I heard her purr and she kept on sucking my whole length of my cock.

She brought her hand into play and stroked my cock as she sucked it. I felt my balls tightening and told her she might want to stop and just jerk me the rest of the way.

But she kept sucking and she picked up the pace. I could barely contain myself. I was writhing around on the boat seat. Her mouth tight on my cock, when I shot my load right down her throat. She released my cock and sat back on her ass and spread her legs. She had cum dripping down her chin and then she took a finger and pushed the cum stream up into her mouth. "I had wanted to do that for quite some time Uncle Stan.

I used to peek in on you when you would sleep over at our house. One time I even took off your underwear and stroked you, but you never woke up.

I was going to suck you then, but I was unsure how to do it. One of my girlfriends on the volleyball team showed the rest of us how to do it and I almost gave you a blow job that evening while we watched the sunset" she said. I just leaned back on the seat and as my cock began to shrink to its flaccid state. She said, "do you want to see something?" I had no idea what she was referring to and in my post orgasmic state I just nodded my head.

She stood up and removed her bikini bottoms. She had a small bush of hair and her pussy lips were just dangling down, my now flaccid cock, shot up and hardened. She reached down and stroked it and a little precum or perhaps post cum flowed out and she bent over and put her mouth on me and sucked it off.

She then climbed up on the seat beside me and spread her legs and then she took her fingers and spread her tiny pussy lips and showed me that she was still a virgin. Then she blew me away by saying "Uncle Stan, I have never had intercourse with a man, but I have a problem that I wish you might take care of for me." I answered, "what is that Hailey?" (although I had a pretty good idea of what she was going to say, but what she said totally blew me away) "I am bi-sexual, but even though I like boys and you were the first blow job I've ever given, the first load I've ever swallowed.

My girlfriend would like for her and I to do something called tribbing and she has a real nice double dildo, but she is afraid and I am too of not busting my hymen properly. I would like you to take my virginity". Well, I think my mouth hit the floor.

I just stared at her for about a minute and then I said. "Hailey, I'd be honored to be the first man to enter that lovely pussy. But, with your cousins and brother so close, I don't think this is the proper time or place." She looked like she was going to cry. I held her in my arms and asked her what was wrong.


She said that she really wanted to lose it today, because she had a date with her girlfriend that evening and she really wanted to try tribbing with her a and getting her first orgasm. I looked at her and said, "you have to be kidding, you've never had an orgasm yet" She said "No, I haven't. All we have done so far is kiss and touch each other and touch ourselves. With the tribbing and me not being a virgin anymore my girlfriend and I could trib and she could give me an orgasm." Well, her legs were still spread open and I was looking at that hymen.

I looked over at the beach and the kids were playing and no one was even looking this way at all. So, I knelt in front of her seat and leaned into her and started licking her pussy and then I moved my tongue up and started licking her clit. I reached up and put my hands on both of her bare breasts and fondled them, pinching her nipples all the time sucking on her clit and licking her pussy.

She started squirming on the seat and then she laid down on the seat and spread her legs even wider. I thought about mounting her right then and there, when all of a sudden I heard splashing beside the boat and my nephews voice calling out. "Hey Uncle Stan, can you lower the ladder so I can get up on the boat".

I quickly got up, wiped off my mouth and pulled my shorts up in one fluid motion. I looked back once as I seen Hailey getting her bikini bottoms off the floor and then I went over to the side of the boat and looked down at the water. Matthew was treading water and said, "why did you pull up the ladder?" "I didn't you're on the wrong side of the boat, the ladder is on the other side of the boat". I replied Matthew looked around and said "Oh yeah, duh.

I forgot you only have one side entrance" and then he swam around to the other side. He grabbed on to the bottom rung and said, "Do you two want to come up to Charles house, he lives right up there on the hill" He said while pointing to a nice size house overlooking the lake. I was kneeling on the seat looking down at Matthew and I said "Not really Matthew, Hailey and I were just sitting on the floor working on some lures and tying off rigs to go fishing. I thought all of you might want to go do some Walleye fishing when you were done swimming" By this time Hailey came over and knelt beside me and looked down at Matthew and said, "c'mon brother let's go fishing.

This could be our last time to fish before I head back to college in a couple weeks". Matthew looked up at Hailey and said, "You know why I want to go up to Charlie's and it has nothing to with pizza".

I looked at Matt and then at Hailey and Hailey said, "Matt has a crush on Charlie's sister". I smiled and said "Oh, so I guess fishing is not on your mind now. Well, ok you all go on and have your pizza" I said looking at Matt and when he made eye contact I winked.

"What time should I pick you all up. Because I'm going to go do some fishing." Matt replied "Charlie said he'd drive us all home. He said he often sees your boat heading down to that cove around the bend. He said, 'I bet your uncle is not going to want pizza, but rather fish'. "Well, he's right. So, you two just swim on over to your friends and I'm going to go fishing. I guess I'll give you all a call next week to see if you want to come out for fishing only this time." I was pretty sure that Hailey was going to decline, because unbeknownst to Matthew down in the water, Hailey had her hand down the front of my shorts and was stroking my cock, it was all I could do not to moan while talking to him.

So, Matthew said "see you all later than" and he let go of the ladder and swam around the boat and then swam back to his friends. I turned around on the seat and sat down. Hailey still had my cock in her hand and was still stroking it, then she lowered her head and began sucking me again.

Slower this time. I laid down on the seat and stretched out and I put my hand on her head and lifted her mouth off my cock. I told her "Hailey, let's do this one together" She said, "What do you mean?" I told her to remove her bikini bottoms and put her pussy over top of my face.

She smiled and as she sat on my face she leaned down and started sucking on me again. She was getting quite good for only her second blow job. She ran her tongue over the tip of my cock and then put her mouth over just the head of it and began sucking hard.

She took her hand and stroked my length and then she would release her hand and swallow my whole cock. I could feel the head touching the back of her throat and this time she learned to relax her tongue and she didn't gag. She kept my cock firmly in her mouth sucking on it and breathing through her nose and her breathing became quicker and raspier as I was concentrating on licking her clit and sucking on her pussy lips.

I wanted so badly to shove my fingers up inside of her and feel that moist, tight pussy. But I wanted my cock to take her virginity. So, I increased my sucking on her pussy lips and running my tongue up the sides of her pussy, up to her clit and sucked on her clit and then back down to the base of her pussy and lick her taint.

I took one finger and sucked on it and then spit on it and then I put it up to her asshole and inserted it to the first knuckle. Her mouth came up off my cock and she turned around and said, "Uncle Stan, what the fuck are you doing?" "Shut up, Hailey and suck my cock.

I'm going to give you your first orgasm and you better be ready for it." She obeyed and began sucking me harder and faster. Stroking her hand and gripping my cock so damn hard.

Then sucking on my head and then she ran her tongue from the base of my balls, up my shaft to the head. I couldn't help myself, when her tongue hit the V of my cock head I shot my load. I moaned out audibly and I felt myself cumming even harder and harder, she grasped my cock even harder, squeezing it as she ran her hand up its length.

I couldn't see her face, but I imagine she had quite a load plastered all over her face. She sat up on top of me and pressed her pussy into my mouth. I pushed my tongue up past her hymen and entered her pussy. It was so tight on my tongue and I started moving my tongue all around inside of her pussy and I felt her shudder and she gave a little scream and I had pussy juices flowing down my chin on to my chest and into my mouth. Since she was so light and small, I had no problem lifting her upwards like a bench press and then as I sat up, I lifter her over and put her down on the seat beside me.

She was breathing hard and as she leaned back on the seat, I got up and knelt before her and then pulled her bottom out to the edge of the seat. She looked down at me and said that it was an awesome orgasm.

I looked up at her and said "that wasn't an orgasm, now you're going to get an orgasm. That was just a small preview of what you are going to experience." She stopped me and said "look, there are more people on the beach now and my cousins are walking up the hill. At that angle, they'll be able to see down into this boat.

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Can't we go somewhere else?" I pulled my shorts on and walked to the front of the boat and raised the anchor. I came back started up the engine and hit forward and then took off full throttle toward a nice secluded spot I knew of.

I turned around to see Hailey with her legs wide open and then she stood up, removed her bikini top and stood there stark naked. Her fully tanned body, long legs, short torso, small breasts with her nipples fully erect. She walked up to where I was driving the boat and then walked ahead of me to the front of the boat and climbed up onto one the forward seats, spread open her arms and she looked like a goddess or that girl in the movie "Titanic".

Her long hair was blowing in the wind and she had the nicest ass I had ever seen. She spread her legs and I could see her pussy lips dangling between her legs, then she turned around and my cock grew hard again. Her small pert breasts with her nipples hard and poking straight out at me. Her areoles so dark brown against her full body tan.

That small patch of brown pubic hair. Her muscled body, tight and firm. I thought to myself. "Damn, I'm gonna have this girl whether she's my niece or not. What a beautiful young piece of art".


I powered down and the boat slowed. I found the mouth to the creek that flowed into the northern end of the lake and went up into the creek. We went about a hundred yards and then it opened up into a small pond of about 4 acres. This used to be pond on a farm before the lake was flooded and the farm and land surrounding it was submerged. The pond and the farmland was under the water about 15' and the pond was another 20' deep.

I love going snorkeling here and it was also a great place to fish. As far as I knew, no one even suspected that up that creek was a very secluded fishing hole. I had never seen anyone back here in the 15 years of my fishing. I went to the middle of the lake dropped anchor and turned.


Hailey had walked back to get something to drink as I motored up here. Now she stood there buck naked. I walked towards her and I seen her tremble a little bit. I stopped in front of her and pulled my shorts down. My cock was already rock hard and I pulled her into an embrace and began kissing her. I took my hand and ran it through her long hair as my tongue opened her mouth, we tilted our heads and my tongue touched her tongue. Our first passionate kiss. She sighed as I sucked on her tongue.

My hands went down her back tickling her spine, till they rested on her tight little ass. I pulled her into me so that my cock fully erect, touched her. She spread her legs and I bent my knees and allowed my cock to go between her legs and then I stood up and let my cock lay horizontal under her pussy lips and then I started moving my hips back and forth dragging my cock back and forth across the bottom of her pussy. Spreading her dangling pussy lips. I could feel her wet pussy.

I could hear her breathing quicken and her heart was pounding in her chest as my chest pressed up against her small breasts. Her ribs were digging into my chest. She was really way too skinny and she had pointing ribs which hurt a little bit. I kept kissing her, as I moved my cock back and forth against her pussy. Her hands were tickling my back, up and down my spine. I grasped her ass cheeks, as I continued kissing her and then I lifted her up so that her feet were dangling and then I put my hands under her thighs and lifted her up even higher.

My cock straightening and poised just below her pussy. I slowly lowered her body till I felt her pussy lips on the head of my cock. I slowly inserted just a tip of the head of my cock into her pussy. Her eyes shot open and she looked at me. Those piercing green eyes, her mouth opened as to say something but, I kissed her even harder my tongue actively playing inside of her mouth, touching her tongue, touching the top of her mouth, the sides.

She kept her eyes open and on mine. She tried to look down, tried to wonder what I was going to do. She was so light in my arms. I let her fall just a little bit further as I felt the resistance of her hymen on the head of my cock.

Her eyes went even wider. She then wrapped her legs around me and her arms stopped tickling me, she tensed up and held onto tight her arms pulling me tighter as she tried to understand what it was that I was going to do.

In her mind she thought she'd lose her virginity on her back. She had no idea that this was even possible.

I lifted her up so that my cock was no longer touching her hymen and then I maneuvered my hips so that my cock swung outward a bit and then I lowered her.

She gasped as my cock head hit her clit and I began raising and lowering her body as my cock slid and rubbed along her clit. I never ceased kissing her and my eyes were on her eyes.

She had a terrified but joyful look in her eyes. I felt her pussy juices running down my legs, my cock was so damn hard, it actually hurt. It was like it had grown another inch or 2, gotten wider and fatter as it and I became aroused by the beauty of my niece and her body, her small breasts and firm nipples pressed up against my chest. Her damn bony pelvic bones were poking into my sides and I wish she hadn't of been so skinny.

As I continued to raise and lower her body, teasing her clit with the head of my cock. I felt her body relaxing, she had closed her eyes and went back to kissing me.

She was moaning and writhing in my arms. But, she was relaxing and that is where I had wanted to be. I had been doing this for about 15 minutes, just a slow up and down movement of my arms.

Lifting her up and lowering her down, using my hips to force my cock tighter and tighter against my cock. I felt the need to release, but I suppressed it.

Then I angled my hips and arched my body backward where she was almost laying on top of me. I pressed even harder at this angle, bringing the tip of my cock on the upward thrust, up under her clit hood and pushing her clit into the hood. I started moving it faster with smaller strokes pushing the head up against her clit and into the hood.

Her eyes opened up and she released my mouth leaned back and screamed as I felt her orgasm. Her whole body shuddered and she quaked in my arms for several minutes. I felt her pussy juices rapidly flowing down my legs.

She was breathing extremely hard as if she had just sprinted 3 miles. She wrapped her muscled arms and practically squeezed the air out of my lungs with a tremendous bear hug as I pushed and held my cock, using my own cock muscles to throb up against her clitoris. She screamed again, calling out my name. "Damn, Uncle Stan, I'm cumming again." This time as I felt her climax and she screamed my name I raised her body, pulled back my hips, let my cock get the right angle and then I lowered her quickly at the same time I thrust my pelvis and drove my cock deep into her pussy.

She screamed even louder as I broke her hymen and I felt the blood which feels different than pussy juice. Hotter, not as wet. She started crying but she wasn't pouting. Her eyes flew open and she looked at me like she was considering my very soul.

She then kissed me and she bit down on my lower lip and broke the skin as another orgasm racked her body and she shuddered and came again as I continued thrusting my cock in and out of her faster and faster.

I walked her over to the bench seat and laid her down on it, then I grasped her ankles and spread her legs open as wide as I could and began pounding her pussy with the whole length of my cock. Bringing the tip of my cock just barely out of her pussy and then slamming it back in with all the force I could manage.

Each thrust would propel her further back on the seat and I had to keep dragging her ass back to the edge before I would thrust it back in.

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She had learned somewhere or maybe just now figured it out how to clench her pussy muscles around my cock as I plunged into her. She suddenly came up off the bench seat, sitting upright and screaming so loud that birds resting in the trees took flight.

She kept orgasming, her pussy juices mingled with the blood of her now torn hymen flowing down my legs and down into her ass crack and all over the seat. "Uncle Stan, please no more, I can't take any more.

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Gosh this feels so damn good, but please no more". Then another orgasm hit and she didn't scream she was just mumbling and stuttering but not much sound was being emitted from her mouth. Her hair was plastered to her sweaty face. Her cheeks a bright red, her eyes clenched tightly closed and then I felt myself getting ready to release. She somehow noticed this, whether because my rhythm had changed or my breathing pattern or just woman's intuition, but she opened her eyes and looked at me and said "Uncle Stan, I am on the pill and I want to feel your load shoot deep inside of me".

I increased my stroke length and would pull the head of my cock out of her pussy and then slam I back in. Each time I would come out, she would gasp and when I re-entered she would yip a small scream. I kept doing this and her breathing became more labored. Her small breasts heaving under her breathing. She kept arching her back up off the seat and writhing all over the place.

It was all I could do to keep her pinned under me with her legs spread wide open. I then increased the pumping, staying firmly inside of her and only taking out 3-4 inches of cock but always slamming my balls up against her ass. I felt myself getting ready to release. She was breathing harder now and I leaned down and kissed her nipples, sucking hard on one then the other as I increased my pace and shortened my stoke.

Faster and faster I jackhammered her pussy. Then as I was getting ready to cum her eyes opened up and I released her tit and clamped my mouth onto her, gave one last hard mighty shove and pushed my cock deep inside her pussy and shot my load. She screamed into my mouth as I screamed into her mouth. We both cumming at the same time. I didn't release her for several minutes. My cock was still firmly inside of her pussy, but I had released her legs at the same time I went up to kiss her.

She now had her legs locked around my back. Her damn pointy pelvic bone sticking in my lower abdomen and her pointy rib cage poking into my chest, took away some of the pleasure, but not enough to warrant getting off of her.

We lay like that for several minutes, then her eyes opened, her breathing slowed and her convulsing relaxed.

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I pushed myself up and was getting ready to pull out and she reached up and pulled me back for a passionate kiss and then released and said "Please, can we just stay like this for a few minutes more?" I speechless, just nodded and then swung my legs up onto the bench, laid between her legs and then because of her pointy pelvic bones I maneuvered her so that my cock still was in her, but now we were laying on our side and she was in front of me and I could drape my arms over her chest to fondle her small breasts and put my hand down to her clit.

I used my fingers and scooped up some of our love juices and brought them up to her mouth and she sucked our love off of my fingers. She then tilted her head and I kissed her long and deep. We lay like that for a long time, the sun was setting, my cock still semi hard in her tight pussy and then I felt her slow rhythmic breathing as I realized she had fallen asleep.

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I too allowed myself to fall asleep and we slept… To be continued.