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Part 1: Recruitment. Commander Jane Shepard. Hero of the Blitz. Warrior of Akuze. First Human Spectre. And Savior of the Galaxy, Vanquisher of the Reapers.

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Everyone knows her story, by the age of 26, she is a legend. On Earth she is what every soldier aspires to be. Men and Women both lust over the pictures of her in her N7 System alliance military space armour, her bright, flaming red hair flying in the wind as holds a M-99 Saber assault rifle in her hands, her crew and Ship, the SSV Normandy, behind her.

Sure the picture was taken for military advertising purposes but who cares, the public loved it. But what if you knew there was another member in the Shepard family? Another no one ever knew of?

Her brother, James Shepard. ################################# James was a Techie for a small and unknown company in present day California, year 2191 CE, 5 years after Jane, his sister, saved the galaxy. Unlike his sister, he wasn't famous or with the military. He didn't have the gifts to be the first or the body and skills for the second. It had been 6 years since he had even spoken to his sister. When she had saved the galaxy, you'd think that the least he would get was a "Hi, hope you're still alive after the reapers invaded earth." From her, but no, not even that.

He didn't mind. He was 24 years old after all. He didn't rely on her anymore. James was certain they would never speak till the day of their deaths. Just too different, with too much time passed to drift apart almost completely. It was going to change however. ################################# He was sitting in an Armchair on the porch of his small house, reading a book. He loved alone. James had long get even it to the fact that he would never find someone for himself a years ago.

He didn't mind.

He always had call girls whenever his heat rose. He would be the crazy uncle of his small group of friends children, if the ever got married. He heard the military AV before he saw it. It was all black with N7 logo on the doors and so he knew it was about his sister. As per usual. Though Shepard was a common family name on earth, with many claiming to be Jane's relatives, he and Jane both knew that they were the only family they each had left.

No one else. So it wasn't a mistake. They wanted him for something. A heavily built man in a black suit with the usual medals and honours walked intently towards him, two N7 soldiers walking at his side, guns at the ready. James put his book aside. "James Alexander Shepard, brother to Commander Jane Shepard, am I right?" The man asked as James put up his hands slightly in a mock gesture of surrender.

"Guilty as charged, sir. Something I've done wrong to the systems Alliance military?" He asked as the man shook his head.

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"Let's take this talk inside, Shall we?" ############################ They sat at the dining room table as the man, he called himself lieutenant Roberts, cleared his throat and began to speak, all the while placing a black sleek laptop on the table.

"If I may ask, when was the last time you spoke with your sister? After the reaper invasion, am I right?" He asked, while James just stared silently at his hands. "6 years ago, august.

5 days before she discovered the beacon, became a spectre and went after that rogue, Saren." He said quietly while the lieutenant almost had a coughing fit at his words. "You're joking, right?" He asked in a somehow hopeful voice, only to receive a deadpan stare of blue eyes from the man.

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He cleared his throat once more. "Well, right. What I'm about to show you is highly classified. It concerns your sister and most of her crew. The systems alliance military and the citadel are both keeping it under heavy wraps right now so as not to cause widespread panic but for all we know and have tried, you are are last option." He said seriously, only getting a slight nod from James, though he looked slightly.

Roberts continued. "4 years ago, we lost all contact with the SSV Normandy while it was enroute to the Citadel. It docked off for a short break a little ways away from citadel space.

Not far off but no near either. It was at the time that the crew and their commander, your sister, decided to have a&hellip."Party " to celebrate the victory over the reapers two years previous. Alcohol and food were in plenty and then well…" The lieutenant broke off embarrassingly as James looked curiously at him.

"What?" He asked as Roberts got a grip on himself. "Well…the Commander had a bright idea of "cutting loose" for the night and letting their pilot, Joker Moreau, give everyone on the crew shots of "blue moon". Though not lethal as Red sand nor addictive, it had the undesirable effect of escalating things at the party." He said as he put in some codes into the laptop and turned it towards James. It was a video.

A good quality HD video at that. It was the bridge of the Normandy, food piled and spilled everywhere, drink on tables and then.&hellip. "You capturing this EDI? Cause this is going to be a WILD night" He recognised that voice from anywhere. Jane. His sister. She was naked on her knees, her thick, wavy red hair covering most of her face as she licked the huge tennis sized balls of a Krogan, who was grunting in pleasure as she moved her wet tongue from his now wet balls to his HUGE 15 inch Knobbed cock.

It looked like a horses, only BIGGER!! "That's right Shepard, service my shaft. Put that mouth to good use." He said before grunting as she slipped her tongue into his piss slit. "Shit.

Take my load you red headed human WHORE!!!" He roared as he unleashed streams of thick white cum all over Jane, covering her from head to toe. She began to lick up his creamy seed as the krogan, Must have been Wrex, walked away. "I'll be back for round two Jane. Let me just go and slip this baby in that Asari bitch of a doctor. Damn blue sluts are the only thing that can take a krogan cep'tin another female krogan." He said as he left Jane a sticky mess, winking at the camera as she blew it a kiss.

The scene changed to find The ex CERBERUS Agent, Miranda Lawson, and Jane on a table getting fucked by half of the crew, their pussies getting creamed time and time again. Another scene showing Jane giving Joker Moreau a bj.Another showing Liara T'soni getting her pussy Rammed by wrex and his horse cock. Another of Miranda, Liara and Jane getting a bukkake from the whole crew, Wrex's cock covering the 3 women the most in his krogan seed. James looked up from the laptop as the video shut off, an unreadable and calm expression on his face." Why show me this?

Jane is an adult and Military for God's sake. Her actions and life, sexual or otherwise, are none of my business. "He said a Roberts put the laptop away.

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" A few minutes later, the Normandy was attacked. Urdnot Wrex, Joker Moreau and almost all the crew dead and Your sister, Miranda Lawson and Liara T'soni abducted. By a Orange Yahg and his agents, a type of predatory alien.

Also known as the Shadow broker." Roberts said, looking at James straight in the eye. James shook his head slowly. "Didn't my sister kill him?" He asked as Roberts also gave a negative head gesture. "He survived. And captured your sister. For the last years he has been using the women like sexual toys, breeding stock and Experiments. He has sent videos every few month to the citadel, showing off his works.

He has altered their DNA, allowing them to be bred with and bear the young of any and all aliens and creatures. So far, he has made your sister breed and bear Varren pups, Two krogan offspring and Larva of a Thresher Maw.


His last video had her bearing a Yahg offspring, maybe his own. The ones of Miss T'soni and Miss Lawson are much worse. Along with the Same breeding experiments done by The Commander, Miss Lawson, T'soni and Shepard are used day and night sexually by the broker's minions. And when not with them, they are on their knees, servicing him below his desk." Roberts stated, raw hate in his voice while James just closed his eyes and sighed.

"Any rescue attempts made?" He asked. Roberts spoke once more. "One, a year ago. A group of Asari Commandos tried to breach the broker's fortress and retrieve them. They were ambushed inside, used, bred, experimented on and the videos of their trials sent to the citadel. Most of the failure came from your sister. She has been somewhat broken and didn't trust the commandos when they came for her and her fellow captives. She made them waste time having to convince her before they were ambushed.

That's why we need you. A full on Assault on the fortress OMEGA where your sister is held will be conducted. We believe that you can get her back. We wouldn't be asking but we can't risk another fuck up like the one with the Asari crew. YOU and only YOU can get to her. We will provide the firepower and the way to get her back. All you need to do is get her and her crew out. Do you accept?" He asked, his voice eager.

#################################### The SSV Normandy left citadel space for Fortress OMEGA 5 weeks later. With a crew and army Of about 2000 Soldiers of mixed Alien heritage from Asari commandos to Krogan warchiefs, this was the crew that would liberate Jane Shepard and her friends or die trying. Also aboard ,and trying hard not to smack himself for agreeing to go, was James Shepard. They would reach fortress OMEGA in two weeks.

################################ Liara T'soni was in Hell. Her own private hell. Years of sexual degradation at the hands of the shadow brokers were going to destroy her soul and break her. She had suffered every humiliation known and unknown to her kind since they had been captured and was now on the virge of breaking mentally and spiritually. She had been mated and bred by so many creatures, born their offspring to term and birthed new breeds of powerful creatures mixed with her powerful DNA.

5 years and it still went on. Now she was dressed up in nothing but fishnet stockings and lace underwear as she sat on a silk sheeted bed, awaiting her latest "client". These were minions of the shadow broker that had done well in their duties and were rewarded with using the "Asari whore" as she was called. And it just had to be a krogan. "Ohh, FUCK!! Take that krogan cock, Asari bitch!!" He roared as he pounded into her flexible pussy, her cunt taking in the whole of his 14 inch thick Krogan Horse cock as he slammed into her sweet pussy.

She wanted to scream abuse. Wanted to spit in his face and use her biotics to slam him away. Rip his stupid smirking reptilian face to shreds. Unfortunately, she couldn't. The U3 brainwashing chip near the base of her neck saw to that, the damned device making her WANT the evil bastard atop of her as he plunged into her pussy.

Now all she could was scream in pleasure. "Yes!


Yes! Yes! YES!! Give me more of your huge krogan cock. Fuck me harder! Split me in two with your superior krogan cock!!" She shouted in ecstasy, her mind not believing the words she was saying as the krogan roared in triumph and plunged deeper into her pussy.

"Take it, you blue skinned bitch. Take that krogan cock and love it." He shouted, pummelling her pussy harder that before. Then he felt it. The entrance to her womb. Her cervix. He turned his eyes to the sweating and panting pleasure filled face of the Asari and smirked. "Open your mouth, bitch." He ordered and watched as she open her mouth, her soft lips parting as he pushed deeper into her and pressed his own mouth to hers, letting his long and thick reptilian tongue slip into her mouth to lick each and every part of her mouth as he finally grunted and pushed his cock against the barrier of her cervix, making her eyes go wide and her mouth clamp down over his tongue, returning the spit filled kiss as the krogan now pummeled her sacred Asari womb.

He broke the deep kiss and grinned, licking her face as he hilted inside her. "Hope you're ready to bear a Krogan baby, Asari slut. Thanks to the broker, you're not just gonna pop out another blue skinned pussy like you. Now tell me what you want, bitch." He said as she felt the huge balls on her ass begin to pulse. "Please, fill me with your sperm and knock me up.

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Breed my no good womb with your superior offspring. Allow me to serve the krogan species by bearing their superior offspring. Cum insidey sacred womb and breed my eggs with your powerful and virile sperm." She shouted in need, her mind all the while screaming in denial as the krogan grinned.

"Just the words I wanted. NOW TAKE IT YOU BLUE BITCH!!!" He roared as his cock began to spray near infinite amounts of thick krogan sperm into her defenceless and vulnerable womb.

She saw her belly began to expand as his cum began to bloat her womb with its amount. She felt her Powerful and Sacred Asari eggs get pummeled by his Krogan spunk, powerless as they were penetrated by his seed and began the process of creation of a powerful biotic krogan baby.

She slumped back on the bed in defeat, unconscious of the fact that her legs encircled the cumming krogan, hilting him deeper into her womb and not letting go. 10 minutes later, the Krogan left the room, Liara on the bed, her pussy leaking a seemingly endless lake of krogan spunk.

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Her womb impregnated and her beautiful blue body covered in a blanket of krogan seed as she cried silent tears. Who would save them from this nightmare? To be continued&hellip.