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Christy I was out this morning riding my bike. As I turned a corner I saw a woman pushing a stroller.

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I was on the street, and she on the sidewalk, I see an older woman, probably the grandmother, pressed into service by the daughter to care for the infant. "Hello, I guess we are both getting some exercise this morning." "Good morning, yes I am babysitting my granddaughter, last minute so I decided to bring her outside." "That's nice." "You have worked up a good sweat already I see," she said.

"Are you heading to the park or heading home?" "Yes, I have been riding for 4 miles so far." "I am heading home for a cup of coffee," she said. "Hey didn't I see you at my church on Sunday." "Yes, your wife seems very involved there, but it looks like she has enough at home to keep her busy." She says, pointedly looking at the crotch of my bike shorts.


Smiling, "I wish, but no, she doesn't seem interested anymore, do you happen to have some ice tea at home?" "I do and the baby is ready for a nap, shall we go to my place and get you something refreshing?" "Love it, please lead the way." I will text my wife, let her know I met some guys at the park and we are talking.

She is probably still asleep." "Just around the corner, second house on the right." "For a grandmother, you are a good looking lady, I am Mike." "Aww thanks, I'm Christy, I have lived a good life and enjoy as much as I can.

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You are certainly quite fit yourself." "Thanks, Christy." We got to her house, walked through the side gate, left the stroller and bike there, and walked into the house. Christy turn to me, "Help yourself to the tea in the refrigerator, while I put the baby down and the glasses are in the cupboard to the right." "Do you mind me freshening up in the bathroom?" I asked.

Christy responded, "Hey Mike, do you mind if I take a quick shower, I am quite sweaty myself." "Well, we are on water restrictions, do you like to shower with a friend?" "Sure my shower is big enough for two, come with me now, I can help you out of those tight shorts." Two minutes later, we were standing in her bathroom. "Did you get the baby down already? "She is sleeping soundly." "Nicely done grandma." "Thank you, I was inspired.

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How old are you Mike?" "64, but young at heart, mind, and body." "I am 44, I started early. My daughter is 24 and she may be back soon." We should get started, please turn on the shower as I get naked. Do you like your water hot or warm? Warm to hot is great. Did you notice the lower heads on the shower wall. I had those installed just for my height, they shoot right between my legs Let me help you with those shorts Mike, you look very uncomfortable, they are tight.

Christy you look great for a 30 year-old, let alone 44. Mike you are making big points with me, I so want to touch your crotch and see if it is as hard as it looks Babe, you have made me hard with that naked body of yours.

Chrissy pulls the shorts slowly down your thighs as my cock springs free May i ask. . what? How big? 38DD Your hands feel really good around them. You are more than a mouthful yourself. Oh my god, I can't wait until I can wash those for you Mike, this may gross you out but I want to taste the sweat on your balls.

May I lick them clean? Yes. Christy, I am all yours Christy got down on her knees, spreading my legs wide, I gave her full access to lick my balls from the bottom, nibbling, and sucking lightly. Your hard cock is rubbing against my cheek. Oh yea baby, you know what you are doing. I am watching Christy burying her face to kiss, suck, and lick my taunt cock, I can feel her hot breath and wet mouth all over me Mike you taste so good I want to return the favor after our shower babe.

I am going to lick you so good Christy. Christy seems so excited to take my big cock deep into her mouth, practically swallowing it. I am loving what you are doing to me Baby, I can feel your throbbing cock on my tongue Do you want to cum in my mouth now Mike or wait for later? Later please, let's shower, I want you in the shower Here is my body wash, would you do me the honor of washing my tits?

Oh yes I poured some of the coconut shower gel into the palm of one hand, rub my hands together then gently place them on her tits. Gently rubbing, in circles, playing with her nipples. Christy is leaning back against the wall of the shower, the jet of water flooding her pussy while I am wash her.

You have wonderful hands Her nipples are squeezed between my thumb and fingers. Carefully washing them. my hands going under and over and around her big beautiful tits.

Christy pours some body gel in her hand and starts lathering my chest. Christy you are so beautiful, my bike ride this morning was a very lucky one For me as well, you are such a well-built man Christy's hands move to my shoulders and then my arms Christy says, have goosebumps all over my body I moved closer, my chest and her chest rubbing, and we kiss deeply.

My hand begins to wash between her legs, instinctively she parted them. Christy is moving against me now, rubbing, body to body. I feel my hard cock against her. Christy reaches down and strokes it slowly. In a moment I step back, and turn her, I am washing her back. My hands on her shoulders, back, more gel into my palm.

Oh Mike I'm so hot. Yes baby i can feel the heat from you My washing reaches her butt cheeks, washing her ass roughly. Christy leans her head forward against the wall, breathing hard as her body throbs. As my hand finds the crack of her ass. Oh yes baby, open me up My hands are between her ass cheeks washing her pussy.

Oh my god, I am going to cum right now if you keep touching me like that Mike I can feel her juices as my fingers breach her pussy lips Yes, Christy I want u to cum, please do, I keep washing her pussy Christy is riding me hard, grinding against my palm Yes, you sexy woman, cum for me Christy is feeling the water from the jets hitting her clit, as my finger is rubbing her clit.

Her hips are pushing back against my hand searching for something. Christy's arm goes around me to hold my cock as I keep washing between her legs Mike, please put that big cock inside me I step back, bend her forward, and with one movement slide my cock deep inside her juicy pussy, my hands on each hip as I bury my 8 inches deep.

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Oh, fuck yes, Christy screams as she pushes back hard against me. Oh my god your pussy is so hot It's on fire for you Christy starts to pinch and pull her nipples.

I am pounding her hard from behind. Christy says, Yes Mike, deeper please, hit bottom I want to drown your cock in my cum I'm trying to hold on as her movements get wilder. She is circling her pussy on my cock. You are hitting every inch inside me, I am going to cum Mike She turns her head to me, we kiss deeply, I grab her breast, as her pussy starts to spasm and fill with her cum. We continue to kiss, and our tongues dance together as her orgasm continues as I'm still pounding her hard.

When her orgasm finished I pulled out. We dry each other off and we walk into the bedroom.


Christy's back was to the bed. I kissed her and then push her back, she fell on the bed.

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her legs hanging over the edge. I got down on my knees between her legs and start licking her slit. I begin with long slow licks from your ass hole to her clit, Christy's body is trembling with each movement of my tongue.

Each time my tongue touches her clit she moans and her body responds. Christy is arching up into my face bringing her juice mound closer to my mouth.

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Her hands clenching the bed covers. My hands move under her ass to bring my face still closer. My tongue can feel the hardness of her clit and my mouth covers it to suck. Christy says, "it feels like electricity shooting through my body" I stopped for a second.

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Mike please bite it and suck it hard I say, Christy I want you to squirt your juices all over my mustache And then I'm back to licking and sucking Christy says, please Mike, use your fingers I slide a finger into her ass and other into her pussy as I continue to lick and suck and bite her clit gently. The movement of my fingers drives her crazy, she is moaning loudly.

"Oh baby, yes it feels so good, pump those fingers harder. Be rough with me Mike, and I will squirt on you. My fingers are moving more deliberate, harder, faster, spreading her legs wider. Her ass lifts up off the bed.

"I am on fire Mike" Christy, babe cum for me She closed her eyes and arch her neck and back, she raised her hips higher as she screamed out, "omg yes", reaching down to spread her labia she started to squirt hot liquid all over my face, grinding her pussy on my mouth still, her body shaking wildly, my tongue hard on her clit. She rubbed her hand along her inner thigh, then licks the juices off her fingers.

I pulled away, stood up, and moved along the bed. I kissed Christy on the mouth before I lied down above her on the bed.

I love my taste of me on your lips Yes baby Please take me now, I said to her. If you feel up too it, please take my hard cock deep inside you and ride me. Christy moved to kneel on the bed between my legs and licked the pre cum from my cock. I am all yours Christy, you have won me over.

She began kissing and licking up my belly and chest until she was straddling me. All I want is to please you. So use me. Christy grabs my hands moving them above my head as we kiss deeply and she lower herself slowly onto my cock. Oh yes, slowly all the way down Grinding her ass against my balls and then moving back up my shaft My hard cock feels so good inside her hot juicy pussy, rocking back and forth on me as I move my hands down and around to her ass Yes, open your eyes Mike, Yes babe Christy moves forward and come down mouth to mouth and she licks my face her tits rubbing my chest My hands come to your nipples to play She is licking and kissing my face, tasting her juices, and neck as she starts to ride me harder and faster Oh Christy, I know I would last long, yes baby, this feels so good, you are going to make me cum But I will try to wait for you.

Christy squats above me with her feet on the mattress as she rides up and down on my cock, her ass smacking my balls.

Rub my clit Mike. I want us to cum together. Yes please, omg this is so good. Christy's pussy muscles are squeezing me and pulling me in deeper.

God this is heaven, I yelled out. I can feel the head of my cock is pounding her cervix. Christy arches back so that my cock can hit just the right spot. It's all I can do to hold on. She is riding harder as she begins to shake and moaning I'm being fucked by a wild grandma. Christy rises up above me and starts to squirt her hot pussy juices on my chest, then slide back down my shaft. She says, babe I am going to cum, cum hard, please fill me with your seed. Yessssss. . I begin to cum deep inside her.

Yesssss,oh yes. . she is still grinding on me. . .so wet and sticky, both of us. As Christy and I kiss deeply, she raises up spilling our juices all over my cock and balls We can hear the door, someone has come home