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Handsome man fingers  licks and pounds sweet darlings cunt
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What the hell is wrong with me. I can't figure it out can't you see.

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I'm totally stuck on this hot guy. Contact with him makes me totally high.

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I crave him something awful every day. But he continues to stay away. Why won't he treat me like all the other men.


I know if he'd just try he certainly can. I really do not ask him for very much.

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Only to know when I will get his special touch. But that was much more than he could stand.

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That would not due for my sexy man. Other guys think that he's totally crazy.

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Cuz if he doesn't take better care of me he's lazy. They all wished I liked them half as much as him. But they are all no match he will always win. I know he will just drive me insane.

And I have only myself to blame.

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Because I'm totally stuck on this hot man. To get in his pants I would do anything I can. God I so want to fuck his horny sexy ass!

But I will always treat him with respect and class. Even as I'm slamming my strap on into him. I will make him cum so hard it will shake every limb. I have to figure out a way to get this man. I will do whatever it takes whatever I can.


Till I can touch him he will be on my mind. Because no sexier hunk will I ever find.