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Lovely teen mandy sky pussy rammed hard
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(Dota, League of legends and Smite sex stories inspired by art from Tortuga) "It is the perogative of all summoner servants to do as their master bids, no matter what is asked of them." It was a rule Lina and Rylai the crystal maiden knew well.

Sometimes even appreciated. Whenever they had made a bad tactical move, their summoner and master would be there to correct it. True, summoned fighters could not die.


Feel pain and be incapacitated for a long amount of time, true, but not killed. As soon as their summoner gathered enough energy, they could bring them back. "A summoner can NEVER be killed nor Harmed. Any creature of the world who even tried to harm a summoner would be erased from existence." A rule all summoned warriors had come to both appreciate and hate.

Appreciate if their summoner was kind, courteous and helpful to his warriors. Hate if they got a total misogynistic and egotistical bastard who only cared about himself and earning cash for himself to use in the city on sluts and fine food and nothing else. They would rather have an idiot for a summoner.

He didn't HAVE to control them, just provide them with energy for special/magical attacks and defence. Idiot summoners were managable, even good guys/gals.

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They didn't even have places to sleep when it came to such summoners. He wasted all his money on himself. Then when these types of summoners ran low on funds and were POLITELY reminded to pay up (No idiot would ever risk kicking out or not serving a Summoner in his/her establishment) They ( the female warriors )would be whored out while male warriors were loaned for muscle.

It was degrading. Just like now. Lina could not stand to look at the leering faces of the orcs as they took a good look at her through her red clothing, hoping to get an early glance at her busty tits. He could see their summoner at the caves entrance, laughing and shaking the hand of the lead orc as gold was exchanged. She wanted to spit in his face.

No summoner had been more hated by his warriors/Ancients but loved so truly by the orcs. And now this. They hadn't been sold just for a day or two. Not even a week but 3 FUCKING YEARS. 3 years as a sex slave to orcs. And he had given them BREEDING RIGHTS. Did the bastard even know what a child of orc heritage that gained hers, Rylai's or any other female summoner powers or powerful genetics would do??

And giving such power to the orcs!!!! He left just as Rylai was taken off to another part of the cave that would be their home for 3 years by one of the orcs.

At least there weren't many orcs. She couldn't survive a gangbang. Heavens! Why hadn't she, Rylai, Lanaya, Luna, Lyralei and Mirana just accepted their last summoner's offer to leave the battle with him when he led them to victory in the Major battle. He had defeated every other summoner's Ancients with the first all female ancients fighting group seen in the realm and been given riches and power beyond imagining.

Few had ever reached the final battle, giving up halfway and fading back to their own worlds with their memories erased. He was the 5th to have won the honour of winning all battles. She and the other 5 ladies would have been living like Empresses right now, with a man who actually cared. Now she was only going to become some orc breeder for the next 3 years.


############################# Her full red lips quivered as the orc who would take her first looked at her from her kneeling position. He was already taking in her copper orange hair, full lips, busty chest and fine body. He knew he was going to enjoy the next few years. He suddenly moved his powerful hand to her neck, choking her. And as soon as she opened her mouth, he gave her the thing she feared the worst.

An aphrodisiac pill. The pill was designed to remove all inhibitors towards sex, as well as make its female taker have a subservient and obedient nature to the person who gave her the pill. It was reportedly made from Nightstalker blood And it's effects were almost instantaneous. From a look of fear and disgust on the great fire ladie's face to one of wanton submission.

"Master." Lina purred out. The orc smiled.

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Victory. #################################### Lina sucked her orc master's balls and cock for the sixth time, her full red lips marking his unwashed and musky smelling nutsack in bright lipstick marks. He had already cum twice down her throat and Lina was not surprised as his creamy cum erupted into her mouth for a fourth time, filling it to the brim with a sea of smelly and backed up orc ball gunk.

This time she did not swallow, opening her mouth to show her enslaver her prize. Her mouth was a sea of yellow white orc seed, it's colour denoting its lack of freshness from her master's balls, yet knowing it was good enough to get a woman with child thrice over. She played with his seed, watching his approval as she gargled and then drank down the thick offering, her lips once more going to his uncut dick to clean and eat any of the thick cheese like smegma orcs accumulated under their unwashed foreskins.

Though she licked her full red lips in pleasure and gazed at her orc master with adoration, it was all due to the drug. Inside, she was screaming and muttering curses at the orc. But lina could do nothing when it seemed her body was on autopilot. Her body and mind would still feel pleasure and that scared her even more. Should the orcs wish, they could fuck Lina and Rylai into submission, bring them and no doubt any other female summoned warriors to heel with their hard and thick monstrous dicks, breaking them by continued conception and birthing of orc children till they broke amd their wombs and minds were shattered to those of sex sleeves.

She knew of the dangers as she drank down the orc s Seed. Their cum was an aphrodisiac and somewhat of a fertility drug. Each drop was readying her eggs, increasing the fertility of her ovaries almost tenfold. He released his seed once more down her throat, her lips making a tight seal round his dick as she slurped his cum down her silk like and warm throat. 'Master, Your seed is so thick and virile ,perfect for breeding your orc offspring in my womb.

Please fill my pussy with gallons of orc spunk and release your lust upon my cunt. Breed me like a bitch in heat and make my womb heavy with orc children." She said lustfuly, laying down on her back and spreading her legs. In direct opposite of her words, Lina was screaming mentally.

NO! NO! NO! What was she Saying? Doing? All she could do was spread her legs like some gutter whore for an orc bastard to fuck her. The drug was completely ruining her. The orc grinned lecherously at her drugged words, pushing her legs farther apart as he pressed his thick green cock against her moist opening, her cunt welcoming his hard green cock and gripping it in her warm embrace. With a roar of triumph, the orc began slamming into her cunt, taki g her hard as she screamed due to the forced pleasure struck upon her body as his cock pummeled her pussy hard.

Her red eyes were dazed as the orc fucked her for over an hour, changing positions as he finally lifted her up by her body, her legs held apart in the air and her body held to his as he took her hard, pounding into her. "Who is your Master, Fire Whore? Tell me right now!" The orc demanded, licking her dazed and fucked stupid face as he pounded into her.

Lina was breaking now, and she knew it. His cock was hitting the entrance to her womb savagely, forcefully demanding entrance each time. If she accepted and opened up to him, she was a goner, She would be knocked up for sure with an orc baby! But she was already too far gone. "Yes, Fuck me! Cum inside me! Breed me and bring my Human womb to heel with your thick orc cum! Knock me up with a half orc baby! Let my Master breed his little sexy firebug!" She screamed out brokenly as the orc roared his triumph, an answering roar letting Lina know rhat no doubt, her friend Rylai had also been broken.

He dropped her back onto the bed, climbing atop her with his cock back inside her as he forced his tongue into her mouth, Lina sucking on it obediently like a trained slut and whore as the orc finally pasted their lips together in a deep kiss and began to cum what felt like cupfuls in her womb, her cervix opening slightly to let him seed her. He filled her womb orc sperm, her eggs drowning and being taken by orc swimmers. Soon his offspring would make her grow gravid, a testament to her orc breeding.

He pulled out of conquered cunt and lets the last thick lines of yellow cum mark her face, his jizz running out of her bred womb. ################################# She walked by the hulking figure who pulked her by the chain around her neck, her belly bloated as her womb grew with child. Her cheek and face showed her shame. The orcs could never actually break a Summoned Warrior/Ancient.

A couple of minutes of being a cock hungry slut perhaps but never permanent.

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They had to keep up the drugs for that and if they ran out, well…it was only their bastard of a summoner's orders to be the orcs sex slaves for the next 3 years that kept the creatures alive. Even they (the orcs) knew to hightail it out of there when the time ran out. For now though, lina could feel the Orc's bastard spawn within her, trying to bring out the maternal feelings within her.

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Lina let her hand trace her swelling womb. She felt nothing. As soon as it was born, she'd burn it to death in an instant, incinerate it to ash and spit on her "orc master's" face as his spawn died. If only she and the others accepted "his" offer&hellip. It would have been "his" child the bore lovingly.

What she saw next as they came to a large part of the cave shocked her. There was Rylai, naked as well, her own womb swelling with orc child but when did these others get here?

Lyralei The windranger, Mirana, Luna, Lanaya The Templar Assassin. All here. All of them pregnant with an orc baby. They had all been sold to the oror as well. And she knew by who.

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And they would pay. She and the others were chained to a feeding trough. She only had to look at it once to know what was the gunk swimming around in it.

Sperm. Orc Sperm. Fresh straight from the source if rhe steaming air and smell were anything to go by. "Eat up sluts! You won't be getting much else.

You'll need all the protein you can get for those swellin bellies." one of the orcs said lecherously.

Lina and the rest took tbe moment to look at each other. The orcs wouldn't feed them anything else and even though they wouldn't/couldn't die of child birth and/or starvation, they would be too weak too resist their slavers.


That and the orcs would probably feed them their thick and copious loads straight from the tap of their ever bloated balls of sperm next time they had sex or serviced them orally with their mouths should they refuse. Looking away, her face burning with shame, Mirana caved first. She bent down to the trough and her tongue came to scoop down a thick chunk of heavy orc sperm that no doubt tasted horrible, her mouth working to chew the thick almost solid liquid that orcs gave from their balls.

A grunt of satisfaction was heard as an orc let loose a seemingly huge load of cum.

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It was more like he was pissing it out with the way it came out of his cock, tapering off and going soft. "There's a little extra for you sluts. Now get a good load of that special sauce and dig in whores!

None of you sre leaving till that trough is licked cleaned. And don't even think of puking!" the orc said, grinning madly. Nothing else left to do, they all began to eat their "supper".

With each bite, chew and swallow of the thick sperm, Lina the Slayer swore revenge. "I'll escape this place. We all will. Then I'll convince the others. We'll leave these battles behind and go find "Him". Only he can make us get over the experiences we've had with these scum and thst bastard summoner." One of the orcs walked over to the trough just as her thoughts ended, squatting near its edge and placing the head of his thick cock into the orc gunk.

If they thought he was adding some extra of his seed, those thpughts were dashed by the huge surge of tellow spreading in the trough. The bastard had just pissed in their "Meal" "Hope you whores love the seasoning." Lina was now sure.

The death of these orcs would be slow.