Cutie teenage girl enjoying a dick

Cutie teenage girl enjoying a dick
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Tina's Tail "Nothing more than a mild case of boredom," she concluded as she turned on her computer with finality. "Anyway, it certainly beats the fuck out of watching Oprah." "And why shouldn't I be bored?" Tina considered this as she logged onto the BDSM personals site. "Four years of college, two years of law school and what am I doing with my life?" "Shuffling children back and forth to daycare and keeping house for Ted." Two unplanned pregnancies had hijacked all her professional aspirations.

Of course it wasn't all just boredom. There was pure lust too. Tina had always maintained a rich sexual fantasy life. In college she went beyond fantasy when she became the regular girl toy for one of her law professors. He introduced her to mild bondage and pain sessions. She couldn't get enough. It had opened up possibilities and ideas to her that she regretted she never had the courage to follow through with.

These days cyber sex with Sir Frank her virtual Dom had become her only way of scratching that submissive itch of hers without risking her marriage or her very comfortable life. Sir Frank worked very hard at scratching her itch ; regularly and well. For months now he had her routinely masturbating for him, spanking herself, restraining herself and writing to him about her deepest fantasies.

He kept her in a heightened state of arousal. She wore gaudy makeup and dressed like a slut for their on-line sessions. She even trimmed her pussy for him when he ordered her to; explaining to her husband that it made her feel sexier for him.


Ted's easy chair became her stage as she performed for hours in front of the web cam for Sir Frank. She never came so often and she was loving it. He rewarded her with the digital image of his cock shooting off on her monitor when she excited him sufficiently.

She felt like a desirable woman again and that made her even more anxious to please him. She never felt sexier. Then he asked if they could meet. Tina was a little reluctant about meeting; she expected that he would try to talk himself into her panties and they had agreed this would be a cyber only affair. Still, she had known him so long now and he was so nice. They decided that this would be a one time only meeting; just for coffee. She intended to hold firm to that no matter what.

It started well. Just two friends having coffee at Starbuck's. He was delightful, better looking than the mini-cam revealed and physically trim. Tina was having a wonderful time. She was like a young girl on a first date. It would be much easier to imagine him inside of her now in their future sessions.

After an hour or so of pleasant general conversation; Tina started to rise and announced that it was time for her to go. "Tina sit back down." Sir Frank said quietly but with authority. She hesitated and he shouted, Now!" loud enough to turn a few heads in the coffee shop. Tina sat down quickly, a little confused, and asked, "Frank what's wrong?" Frank leaned over the table to put his face close to hers.


In almost a whisper he said; " Listen to me you little cunt, we haven't even started yet." Tina smirked, thinking; "Oh, here we gohe still wants to play. Well, no way he's getting into theses panties" That's when he reached under the table and threw a large manila envelope on top of the table. On top of that he threw a thin red leather collar.

Tina's eyes lit up. A small metal plate on the collar was engraved -Tina Cum Slut. Tina had decided that this was going a bit too far. "Frank, this is bullshit, I told you that I only wanted cyber sex; I guess I shouldn't have agreed to meet with you if you're going to be an asshole!" She shook her head in disappointment. Truth be told, the twitching in her pussy suggested her regrets that she just couldn't bring herself to play along.

Standing again to leave she stopped dead when Frank opened the envelope and placed a photo of her on the table. Her stomach contracted. The 5x7 photo showed her sitting in her husbands chair.

Her legs were spread wide and high providing a clear view of the huge dildo she had shoved up her pussy. The thick gaudy makeup was not enough to hide the look of complete wantonness on her face.

"Bbbbut I trusted you." She stammered. Stunned, she fell back into the chair. "That's better, "said Frank "And look at this!" He flipped the envelope over. It was addressed to - Braddock, Higgins and Armstrong PC-. Her husband's law firm. Tina began to feel ill as the enormity of her situation began to register. "I have three more envelopes, and a lot less patience than I had a moment ago.

I have instructions for you Tina Cum Slut" Tina sat quietly; her eyes in a daze. He stared hard at her. " I want you to go to the ladies room; put on your new collar and remove your panties. Then come back here and sit down. Tina rose slowly. "And if you're not back here within two minutes cunt I'll be gone and these envelopes will be in the mail." Tears were welling up in Tina's eyes as she ran to the ladies room.

"Maybe this will all work out if I go along with him a little." She hoped. To anyone looking at them in the coffee shop it appeared as if they were having a lover's quarrel. The young lady; tears in her eyes, was listening intently to the man seated before her. A closer look however would have reveal that Tami was fingering herself under the table. Frank always did love to make her masturbate. Tami fought to keep her panic down as her pussy began to respond to her manipulations. Her long fleshy pussy lips provided ample area for her to stimulate.

Her mound was already swollen. She had to be careful to avoid touching her terribly sensitive clit. Exciting her clit always triggered her orgasms like throwing a switch. She would die of embarrassment if she came in that chair. Her releases were loud with unmistakable spasms and frantic breathing. There would be no way to conceal it in a public place. She needed to keep her finger off that clit.

Frank had played with that pussy too often not to understand what Tina was thinking. He wanted her aroused but he wasn't going to make her come. Frank wasn't even going to let her come. He had turned into a cat toying with a trapped mouse. She would do a lot of squirming for him before this was over.

"I'm going to need that pussy nice and moist Tina Cum Slut, is it ready yet?" He spoke to her as if she was having a hard time understanding him. The question broke her trance, "Yes. Yes I'm wet" she whispered.

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"Good, pull out your fingers and lick them… slowly" Tina lowered her eyes in embarrassment but slowly pulled her hand to the table top. After a quick look around the room she brought her fingers to her mouth and began licking them.

"MMMMmmmmmm Good huh." Frank laughed at her, he grabbed her hand and snarled, "Follow me," pulling her towards the restrooms. He stopped in front of the Men's room. Tami's eyes widened and she was shaking her head no but Frank didn't carehe took a leash from his pocket and attached it to her collar. Then he pushed her inside and locked the door behind them. He surprised her with his roughness as he grasped her by the hair and spun her into a stall. "Sit down and take off your blouse" She sat on the toilet and took off her blouse as quickly as she could ; frightened by a coldness in his voice that she had not heard before.

"The bra too stupid" came his next order. When she looked up he had already dropped his pants and her face stared straight at his cock. His member was already very excited.

"Don't look so surprised," This is nothing you haven't seen before is it?" With care he wrapped the leash around his hand slowly pulling her face closer to his crotch. Suddenly he yelled, "Open up cunt…wide." No sooner had she opened her mouth when he grabbed her by the back of her head and plunged his cock fully into her mouth and down her throat. He moaned at the wonderful sensation of her gagging on his cock. "Suck it cunt Suck it" He bent forward holding her head in a vice grip as she started to choke and panic.

He relished the sound of her gasping for air when he released her. Her saliva flowed freely down her chin and her mascara had run down her face with her tears. He thought she looked beautiful; a perfect cum slut. "Open wide!" he shouted Tina opened her dripping mouth to beg him to stop but before a word came out he had shoved himself deep into her again.

She had never accepted a cock so large so fully and the sensation of it rubbing and pulsing in her throat made her undeniably randy at the same time as she feared suffocation.

He released her again and this time she wasted no time taking in as many breathes as she could. Drool flowed freely out the corners of her mouth and onto her skirt; she looked down and began to sob.

"Boo hooboo hoo." Is the little slut gonna cry now?" Frank words held no sympathy. "Open up cuntopen up." Tina opened her mouth again and braced herself for his attack but this time he held back. He began a steady and shallow in and out jabbing; allowing her to breath as she sucked him. "I'm being nice, so you better make this good" he warned and snapped at her leash. Tina closed her eyes; forced herself into a higher gear and set her mouth to work as if she absolutely loved sucking his cock; as if she always wanted to suck his cock.

She tried to give him the best sucking he had ever had so he would not hurt her anymore. Somewhere in all her emotion she lost sight of her old self and she realized she was sucking him like the submissive cunt slut she knew she was. The cunt slut she had always hoped someone would release. Then came his shudder.

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Franks hips bucked in erratic spasms and he raised himself up on his tiptoes. He seized her head as his teeth clenched and he let out a long "AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Tina felt his cock pulse. She had never swallowed cum before and was trying to prepare herself for it but to her surprise he pulled out at the last moment. Opening her eyes she was greeted with a glob of pearly cum spurting into her face; then another, until it was dripping from her chin.

"Open up, open up, cunt " Frank's urgency confused her. She wrapped her lips around his still engorged member again and sucked like she truly loved it.

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She felt his cum caking on her face when more of his blast hit the back of her throat. She gobbled it up loudly and hungrily as she felt he would want her to do. "Suckkkkk iiiitttttt! Swallow, swallow……AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!." Frank, still held fistfuls of her hair as his convulsions settled.

Letting go he pulled his deflating cock out of her mouth and used it to smear his cum over on her face until it formed a clear mask.

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Tina was in mental and physical shock. She didn't know what to do or think and she couldn't stop trembling.

"I've been fucking sodomized in a Starbucks!!!" she thought. Without a word Frank began to arrange himself. Tina sat on the john staring ahead blankly. When he finished he barked, "Turn around and get on your knees cum slut" it was that cold voice again. Tina opened her mouth to protest but decided against it.

She turned slowly like a naughty child. Getting on her knees she rested her forearms on the toilet seat. Frank tied her leash high and tight to the plumbing pipes in front of her.

Then he pulled one arm back behind her backthen the other. Finally, he tied them together at the wrist with Velcro.

Exhausted she wanted to rest her head on the toilet seat but her collar would choke her if she moved more than a few inches in any direction.

Frank, standing over her turned to leave the stall. "If you liked that; you're gonna love what's coming slut." He called over his shoulder. Tina heard him unlock the door and to her sheer horror she heard male voices in conversation. She stopped breathingthen she started to quietly plead to herself.

"No no no no no no no …please no no no no " But her fears were realized, she heard the door close and lock. Then an unfamiliar voice said. " Hi, Tina Cum Slut, my name is Chuck but you can call me …Next." Tina reacted like a mad woman she jerked at her collar and wrestled with her wrist restraints frantically but to no avail. Soon she realized that all she could do was hurt herself and she stopped struggling.

"Don't stop for me princess, I love to watch them wiggle", Chuck laughed. She could hear the rustle of clothing behind her and to her anguish she felt her skirt being slowing peeled off her ass and bunching down around her knees.

This was followed by a long unbearable silence. Her imagination was running away with her almost to the point of terror. Then she felt an odd sensation running up and down the backs of her thighs. It tickled her and it was undeniably arousing but it was also humiliating. Chuck was behind her on his knees sniffing at her legs up and down like some kind of canine.

Up and down repeatedly, it was getting her increasingly aroused. His nose glided over her legs and moved towards her crack. He stopped at her ass. He sniffed, and sniffed like a dog who found a bone. It was obscene. He started to grind his face into Tina's rear.

Finally she couldn't bear the prickly heat coming from her pussy any more so she resigned herself with a moan and opened her legs wide to give Chuck full access. She gave up to her slut again. Chuck was not surprised by her display. This was not the first cum slut he and Frank had toilet trained.

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"You are sooooooo easy cunt." Chuck spread her asscheeks and shoved his tongue into her anus. If he hadn't held her she would have jumped a foot. Her collar strained against her neck as he continued to dance his tongue all around her nether regions.

Tina's ass turned into a commotion of activity. She rotated and ground herself around and around seeking out Chuck's tongue like it was life itself to her. Chucks tongue darted in and out and around teasing her mercilessly just to the brink of orgasm. Then she felt warm oil slowly running down her back, between her asscheeks, and down her legs.


"Ohhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyy" she whispered to herself, anticipating what would follow. She had never been ass fucked before but she was so aroused she knew she wanted it now.

She wanted it more than anything she ever wanted. She shook her butt from side to side, giving Chuck a clear signal that her ass was ready and his for the taking. She braced herself as he pushed her cheeks apart. But she didn't feel a cock enter her she felt a finger pumping in and out, then two fingers gliding in and out; lubricated by the oil dripping down her bodythen three fingersfour ; suddenly she realized she was going to be fisted. Instead of being appalled she was too far gone not to like the idea.

"Fuck my ASSSSSSS she called back to Chuck in a hoarse measured voice. Tina was bucking her ass in rhythm with Chuck's fingers now. "Fuck this sluts ass. Shove your hand up my ass. Do it Do it." Chuck obliged by easing his liberally oiled hand up her ass to his wrist. Tina's eyes rolled back in her head as Chuck lifted her up off her knees with the hand in her ass.

However, it wasn't until he searched out her clit with his free hand that Tina surrendered to her most primal desires. Her button was a switch. When chuck frigged it her body immediately took her into bone wrenching orgasm after orgasm. She opened her mouth and gnawed into her leash to suppress her screams and growls but she still heard the screams inside her head. She was screaming and falling and spinning and shaking and floating and drifting and finally delightfully basking in what she knew was her most complete and astounding sexual experience.

Chuck slowly and carefully removed himself from her orifice; the feeling of emptiness was a powerful disappoint to her. She knew she would need this again.

And again. Two days later: Frank turned down the remote and pulled out his cell phone. Chuck was on the other end. "Frank, I think I've got another live one, listen to this. - Bored housewife, no experience in BDSM.

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Wants to learn. E-Mail and Cyber only. Discretion given and required.- "Do you want to start this one or should I?" "You better take her buddy, said Frank "My schedule is really tight these days." "I know what you mean bud." "Just let me know when to meet for coffee dude." Frank couldn't help but chuckle.

"Will do Frank, "See ya." Frank put down the phone and picked up the remote. Turning it to full again Tina Cum Slut's head bobbed back into action in his lap and her butt wiggled with muffled buzz of the dildo up her ass. "Let's hurry up there Cum slut, gotta get you home to hubby and the kids soon." Tina was happy to be exactly where she was.

However, she sucked faster so she could get back to her vanilla life. "You can't live on cum alone can you?" she thought.