Colocha drogada en peru pasa casting AUDIO)

Colocha drogada en peru pasa casting AUDIO)
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Jasmine is 31 year old Korean single woman. She is a concert flute player doing concert tours in Europe. I was introduced to her by an European business friend.

In casual meetings with her I suggested that my entertainment divison could manage her professional career for her. She flirted with me and I took her out to romantic dinners, our conversations lead her to admit she was a virgin. She explained she studied music and concentrated on her musical career. She rarely dated and never had sex, I asked to go to Monte Carlo with me for a vacation between tour dates. We were sitting after dinner having drinks and casual talking.

When Jasmine said " I'm ready for you. I want to feel your cock inside me. I can't imagine giving this to anyone else." Jasmine trusted me. She knew I wasn't simply looking for a lay or a simple trophy notch.

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I had spent countless hours with her. I had let her know that I had a true interest in her as a person and she opened up to me. The only move I made on her is to kiss her the first time I met her.

After that, I let her lead the way to what she is comfortable with. My concern with her is the age difference. Not that the twenty four years difference bothered me, but her being an attractive thirty one year old, I feared she would think I was only interested in sex.

I'm known for sexual exploits and I've had a lot of sexual exploits.

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I know my way around a woman's body. The ability to give a woman an orgasm from simply speaking to her isn't learned overnight. With Jasmine, I'm able to make the most of each step. This gave her confindence and made her eager to take the next step in her adventure. Before dinner she had tasted my nectar. The sensation she received from feeling me explode inside her mouth and down her throat was thrilling for her.

She didn't want to stop and tested my limits of how many times I could come in a single day. Her delicate lips looked amazing when she worshiped my cock. I took equal pleasure in devouring her tender pussy. Knowing I delight in foreplay, she urged me to kiss my way down her neck to the ends of her dark curls atop her chest. I spent ample time licking her young supple breasts then kissing down her torso. I savioryed inhaling her sweet aroma as I kissed below her navel, pressing my chin to her virginal pussy, continuing my journey down her thigh.

Tickling the underside of her knee with my tongue, I press her legs together again, which put pressure back into her tight pussy. I move with her legs together and changing legs. Making sure the other leg had fair treatment, I mirror my path back up. I see the small trace of her wetness dampening her pink shorts raising my mouth to the bottom hem of them.

I bit into the cloth and slowly withdraw, pulling them down slowly with help from my hands to slide them along her hot firm ass. My future nymph isn't wearing panties! I slowly tug them down her smooth legs exposing her cleanly shaven pussy. It is swollen with anticipation. I didn't rush anything about this experience because I wanted her to know that, each time we did something new, it would be special. The look in her eyes hold tremendous excitement. Once her shorts are free from her body, I kiss her toes.

Then I kiss just above her ankle, the top of her calf and the middle of her thigh. Each kiss is soft and graced with the tip of my tongue. Our eyes met between each tender touch so that I can read her enjoyment. Jasmine has a wide smile and is glowing lust. She slides closer to the edge of the bed draping her legs over my shoulders. I nestle my face at her dripping pussy kissing the swollen lips just as I kiss her. A light feather kiss starts it.

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The contact sends goose bumps up her body. My next kiss is a tease of my tongue tip again. It is salty sweetness and is very hot. Pressing my mouth firmly into her oozing slit, with a wide tongue, I give a long, full lick from her open hole up to her clit. Jasmine moans softly and her body trembling her approval, her hips tilted back.

I settle into her fleshy bud suckling against it. My tongue driving along the valley of her pussy, sending her writhing in pleasure.

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I moan as I drink her in. This brings her to the brink. Sensing this, I slid a single finger into her open pussy. Only two digits deep, I curl my finger upwards. The coarse flesh of her g spot is easy to find. That's all it takes. Jasminea's body begins thrashing. Her orgasms washing over her, wave after wave pulsing through her body. She feels the Earth move through her stomach, her legs quivering as she moans. That is the first orgasms ever experienced and given to her by a man. She is wanting more.

She is ready to feel my monster long hard thick cock deep inside her. I know she is very nervous and apprehensive. I know every woman is, at the least, a little nervous for her first time. This night is developing slowly into an erotic first time experience for Jasmine. Jasmine looks up at me then says " I'm ready for you.

I want to feel your cock inside me. I can't imagine giving my virginity to anyone else. That's my surprise for you." She said it calmly, I nearly choked on my drink at the unexpected remark. The immediate growing bulge in my pants quickly announces my evident lust. " Are you sure, Jasmine?" I said, " I've never wanted you to feel obligated or pressured in any way." " I've been thinking about this over and over in my head.

There isn't anything special about tonight at all. But I'm with you and that's special enough. That's why I want to give you this special gift of my virginity. You're an incredible man." She tilted her head up to look me in my eyes. Her dark eyes have a sincere warmth about them that told me she meant every word she said. I bent over kissing her soft lips. My hand holding the side of her neck, keeping her face to mine.

A deeply passionate kiss which made my hard cock strain more. Her hand subtly stroking my arm until she pulls my wrist away from her head and down to her breasts.

My large hand sliding beneath her low cut tank top and starts to massage her soft supple fleshy orb. Her breasts are medium size fitting my hand perfectly. Her nipples, like little erasers, pushing out against the confines of her shirt. She gives a soft moan when I took one of them between my fingers and lightly pinch.

I lean in kissing her again as she slides her way up the mattress from the edge. She pause to remove her top over her head, she is braless. Her breasts are perfect and full. Her dark nipples are screaming for attention. I calmly remove my shirt, as she took in the show intently. " I want to savor this," I told her. " We haven't rushed anything so why start now?" I kneel onto the bed and kissing her again.

Oblivious to my words, Jasmine hungrily kisses me. She is ravenous, it is wild and untamed. I pin her arms to the pillow behind her kissing down her neck. My mouth following the familiar trail down to her succulent tits. Holding her arms with my right hand, I move my left down to caress her breasts slowly and tauntingly.

Slowly and deliberately, my lips and tongue circling her areoles but didn't make contact. My hands flowing all around the outsides of her soft breasts. Then I make my way to the other and gave it the same treatment.

I went back to the first breast giving her nipple a firm suck. I roll it with my tongue across the roof of my mouth. I pull more of her tit into my mouth, letting her feel the full suction all over. My left hand drifting down to her wet pussy, my fingers dancing over her hairless pussy. Her hips are rocking to my rhythm. I slowly guide my middle two fingers on her slit then push entering her awaiting wet pussy. She moans loudly when my two fingers enter her. " Oh God.OOOOOOhhhhhhhh.OOOOOOhhhhhhh.AAAAAhhhhhhhhh." Her senses are overloaded with the new sensations.

She begins thrusting her hips forward as the sensations from her pussy spreads through her. Jasmine broke the grip I had on her arms moving to undo my belt and pants.

They fall to the bed, allowing my monster hard cock to spring free, standing straight out bobbing up and down. Jasmine gasped staring at it, the broad mushroom head and the purple veins snaking around the length of the shaft. She laid there, in front of me, playing with her barely explored young pussy.

I move in between her legs leaning my body over her my hands on each side of her. Her lustful gaze piercing my soul. I lean down kissing her. The purple tip of my cock is resting against her pussy lips. She gasps then pushes her hips forward trying to get me to enter her.

To her dismay, I didn't reciprocate the motion. Instead, she notices my arm fumbling in the nightstand while I'm kissing her. I produced a condom from the drawer and sat back. She relaxes again, pleased that I'm showing concern for her. She strokes my veiny, thick shaft, then she whispers " Please, no condom.

I want to feel the skin and every vein of your cock rubbing my pussy walls." " are you sure, Jasmine." I ask. She nods her head yes.

I kneel again between her spread legs slowly leaning over her until my face is inches from hers. " How do you feel, honey?" I ask. She moans in response " Oh God John," shuddering and squirming at the same time. It is time to take the gamble. " Do you want to stop now?" She shakes her head. " Noooooo," she mews. She is astonished at how kittenish and sexy she feels, and how much she wants me even after her orgasms. It had been a revelation. " Or do you want. this?" I gently take her right hand wrapping it around my painfully hard cock.

She gasps at its heat, the velvety-soft skin, the throbbing veins snaking around it and completely hard at the same time. Her hand flutters around it, causing it to jump involuntarily, and she gasps when she finally looks at it. It was so big. " You want to put that." She swallows," John, how can that even possibly fit?" I chuckle, deep growl. I gently grab her fingers, tracing the tips over the drops of precum forming on the head, then trail my fingers of my other hand over her wet pussy.

" You were made for this, Jasmine. Our bodies both want this. I don't think we'll have any trouble at all." I pull back and down, leaning over her once again, on my left hand, my right rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit, lubricating it.

I place the head against her slit, then I start pushing steadily, staring into her wide eyes. I'm so hard, so immense against her. She should be frightened, but her whole body yearns and aches, an emptiness in her abdomen that she is becoming more certain that only my massive hard cock can fill. She feels the heat of me pressing, pushing, slowly sliding inside her. She finds an anchor for her spinning senses in my eyes.

Then I descend down, plunging my tongue into her mouth at the same instant that I sheathed myself entirely within her, breaking through her hymen with barely a pause, shockingly stretching her throbbing pussy as the head slammed against her cervix. We froze, her in shock, me letting her tight, slick passage get used to my length and thickness.

I lift my head slightly and grinning wickedly at her. " See? We're a perfect fit." She is stunned beyond words. Her eyes glazed over then close as she whimpers in sensual overload. She is heaving, and bucking wildly, her body orgasming again, this time around my thick cock.

The feel of her hot silk squeezing me is too much for me; my control snaps. I pounce, sucking a flushed nipple into my hungry mouth, and I start to thrust inside her, each stroke eliciting a wild gasp from her kiss-swollen mouth.

Before I know it, I'm slamming my full length in and out of her, rearing back before each stroke. My only thought is to go harder, deeper, to fuse us into one with the sensations produced by our lovemaking. I needed more. Without breaking rhythm, I gather up her sprawled legs wrapping them around my waist; when she realizes what I'm doing, she helps, pressing her heels into my back, spreading herself wider so I can go even deeper.

Her mind is a haze of physical pleasure. She had no idea that anything can feel so unbelievably good. Every inch of her tingling, throbbing, crying out for more of me and my knowing, forceful touch. As her body flowers, opening for me welcoming my thrusts, she wants more. She wants me holding her, surrounding her, filling her. How had she ever felt complete without this? I'm completely out of control now, feasting on her breasts, quenching my burning cock in her honeyed warmth.

I'm slamming into her unmercifully, her hips rising eagerly to grind against me, her tiny, strangled moans raising the hairs on the back of my neck while hardening my cock further.


The reality of making love to her is so far beyond everything I had imagined, so far beyond the fantasies I had indulged in, planning how to win her, that I'm overwhelmed. By her openness, by her generosity in giving herself completely to my lovemaking.

I drag my lips from her taut, flushed nipple kissing my way up her neck, little bites timed to my wild thrusts. She arches her neck and moaning again, tightening her sheath around me, putting me at the brink; I finally kiss her again, plunging my tongue into her welcoming warmth just as my cock erupts, filling her clasping passage with my cum.

My sudden change in rhythm pulls her over the edge as well into multiple orgasms, these are so strong as to make the other ones seem insignificant. They both collapse, shaking and weak, in each other's arms.

She lay sprawled, stunned, under my weight, still impaled on my hard, throbbing and jerking cock. I have turned her world upside down. She, who up until tonight hadn't kissed and never had sex with man, is now writhing against me in abandonment, accepting every caress and enthusiastically reciprocating.

She can barely form a coherent thought for the desire still racing through her. Still, she nuzzles my ear whispering, " John?" " Yes, my flower?" " I think I might be ready to consider being your lover now." After a few minutes, She curls onto my stomach taking my deflating cock in her hand.

Moving further down, she sucks off any of the remaining cum from me. My cock stirring, reawakened from the warmth of her young lips. My cock is swelling up inside of Jasmine's mouth. " Mmmm, does this mean we can do it again?" Smiling at me with her devilish grin.

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I ask Jasmine to roll over onto her stomach. I watch as she rolls over and got on all fours. Before I began I stand behind Jasmine taking in her small ass, so round, so shapely and so beautiful.

Then as I knelt on the bed I noticed Jasmine's face aglow and her eyes wide in anticipation.

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I begin to explore her ass, to caress it, massage it and rub her cheeks. I pull her cheeks apart slightly revealing her sweet tight pink anus. I run a finger over her sensitive little bud watching it quiver when I touch it. I then lower my head planting soft tender kisses all over her buttocks.

Jasmine coos when she feels my lips on her ass. I place both hands on her ass and begin to massage her buttocks again. Jasmine feels the tender but firm deep massage of my fingertips. I push her ass cheeks together then pull them apart to expose her sweet asshole each time. When I exposed her anus, Jasmine feels the cool air on her rosebud. I again lower my mouth to one of her cheeks pressing my lips against it. Then I blow a steady breath onto Jasmine's anus watching as goose bumps cover her skin.

I take my time planting well placed kisses on her buttocks and then begin a slow torturous journey toward the crack of her ass. Jasmine smells so fresh and so sweet. My lips then came into contact with the crack in her ass, trailing a line of kisses down to her anus. Jasmine's body tenses as she is nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time.

I gently pry her cheeks apart wider exposing her small tight hole even more. Then I lower my lips to her anus gently kissing it and caressing it with my lips.

I repeat this erotic act several times as Jasmine moans as her ass is pampered for the first time. I then move lower kissing the sensitive spot between her asshole and her pussy and Jasmine groans again. I then extend my tongue lightly licking the sensitive area as I continue the journey toward her pussy. Jasmine flinches at contact with her sore pussy as she is unprepared for that. I then begin to lick a line from her pussy back to her asshole and then I flick my tongue across her ass hole.

Jasmine's body gives into the incredible erotic sensations and craves more attention. I take my time and spent many minutes repeating the actions that turns Jasmine on. My hands continue to massage her beautiful globes while my lips and tongue explores her asshole. Her body twitches and flinches at the long strokes from my tongue and her buttocks tightens when my tongue probes her anus.

Jasmine lays on the bed, she feels her heart racing and her chest pounding. I lean over whispering to her again telling her how beautiful she looks with her ass pushed up high in the air. Then I begin to explore her with my fingers. I place my index finger on her tailbone sliding it down slowly toward her puckered asshole. I probe gently with the tip of my finger and it fit perfectly in the entrance of her tight hole.

Jasmine tenses up at first tightening her ass then she relaxes when she realizes that I'm going to be gentle. I press my finger in gently applying a little pressure as my finger enters the outer edge of her anus entering it just ever so slightly. Then I probe a little deeper and wiggle inside Jasmine's ass.

I then remove my finger and Jasmine feels its absence. Then she feels a cool substance on her anus and she realizes that I have applied some sort of lubricant to her ass.

Jasmine feels me kiss her ass cheeks again and then my finger returns to her asshole and spreads the lubricant around the entrance. Jasmine feels her asshole pucker up as it receives the tip of my finger and she is curious how it will feel when I finally put it in her. Her body aching with desire and she realizes that she wants more. She wants to be touched, penetrated, and filled up and to be explored in her forbidden area. My finger slides in deeper and Jasmine instinctively clamps her asshole around my finger.

I hold still in her, waiting for her to relax before probing deeper. I wiggle my finger back and forth and let it slide out slowly to the first knuckle. Jasmine feels my finger slide out and she instinctively clamps her ass around it again, this time to hold it in place. I feel her anal muscles clench my finger as if she is milking it and nursing it. I know the battle that is going on within her body. The sphincter is designed to push things out not pull them in.

Each time Jasmine relaxes her asshole, I push my finger in deeper until she clamps around it again. This process continues until my entire finger is buried in Jasmine's ass. With my other hand I continue to pay attention to the rest of her ass. My hand wandering all over her shapely buttocks massaging and caressing her soft skin.

At the same time I continue to slide my finger in and out of her asshole and I enjoy watching her anal muscles grip my finger each time. Her breathing has become labored and she begins to rotate her ass in tiny circles as if to get the finger in deeper. I'm in no rush as this is exactly what I had planned. I want Jasmine to enjoy every moment of the anal sensations. I want to work her into a state that she will beg me to fuck her ass.

For now though I'm content to worship and devour her small hot luscious ass. I lower my face to her ass licking her as I probe her with my finger. I take my other hand reaching under her to find her pussy and her swollen clit. As soon as I made contact with Jasmine's hot wet pussy her body trembles as a wave of pleasure passes through her. I'm very skilled at finding a woman's g-spot and I located Jasmine's again instantly. Between fingers rubbing her g-spot, another diddling her clit and a third finger in her ass, Jasmine groans loudly her body shaking with desire.

She knew that she is close to another orgasm. My two fingers in her pussy matching the rhythm of the finger in her ass. Jasmine feels all the fingers in her separated only by a thin membrane inside her. I pump my fingers in and out sending her into a wild frenzy. I feel her body giving itself over to me again.

It is mine now to do as I wish. Her pussy is dripping wet, her ass clamped tight around my finger and her hips pushing back at me. I do not want her to explode just yet. I suddenly remove my fingers from her holes leaving her empty. Jasmine screaming for me to put them back in her, to fill her up again. Her eyes are wide open and she has a wanton look on her face.

Her body is begging to be fucked but I'm in no hurry. I'm enjoying this moment and I'm savoring her dilemma. I love doing this to a woman, teasing her and prolonging her climax. I want her anticipation to last as long as possible. I reach under her again locating her very sensitive clit. Her pussy is sopping wet and I know she is very close to a climax. I play with her puffy pussy lips as she rubs her clit then I push first one, then two and finally three fingers into her pussy.

I now have three fingers in her pussy as I pick up the rhythm. The thrusts become deep and hard as I relished with the delight of her pussy with my fingers. She respondes by pushing her ass back against my hands as she fucks back at them. " That's it Jasmine, fuck back, fuck my fingers," I call out to her. I finger fuck her pussy as she pushes back against me. I'm getting carried away and I begin to furiously fuck her lovely hungry body with my fingers.

Sensing that she is close Then it happens Jasmine explodes. Her body jerking as I pull my fingers out of pussy. Her pussy spasming as a massive orgasm rocks her. Jasmine screams out with her mind blowing climax. I feel her hot juices from her pussy coating my fingers. I suddenly flip her over on her back, roughly spreading her legs and filling her sore pussy with my hard cock again.

Another orgasm rocks Jasmine's body. This one even more intense than the last and it caught her by surprise. I lift myself up looking at my beautiful young lover. She has a look of pure lust and ecstasy in her eyes.

I pull out of her, turning her over pulling her hips up again. Her head is turned to the side and her long black hair is draped over her shoulder.


I got back behind her caressing her curvy ass again. I whisper to her. " I am going to fuck you in the ass now. I can see that your ass is ready to be fucked." " John, I'm not sure," Jasmine said nervously but she knows she has come this far and I'm not taking no for an answer.

I pour more lubricant on her ass working it into her asshole. Jasmine arches her back pointing her beautiful ass back at me. I coat her asshole with a generous amount of oil and slide my thick finger back in her hole. I take my time preparing her ass relishing every moment. I then coat my entire cock with the oil placing the head at the entrance to her anus. I push forward and the thick cock head squeezes into her tight asshole. Jasmine is glad that she is stretched out from the foreplay.

She winches in pain as her asshole is stretched wider than it ever and she gasps, " Go slow let me get used to it." I withdraw my cock head then push it back in this time causing more pleasure than pain. I push until a couple of inches are in her ass. Jasmine is holding her breath and her body is covered in goose bumps. I'm so thick that her asshole is stretched to new dimensions and holds my cock in a vice like grip.

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I slowly slid my cock in and out of her each time going a little deeper. Jasmine pushes back as if she is trying to poop as she is trying to make the penetration easier. Her brief pain has subsided and it is replaced with a feeling of fullness. She relaxes a little and then feels more of my cock slide into her asshole. She grunts out loud as she feels fuller and then a wave of pleasure passes through her. She is convinced that I have my entire cock in her now but really I only have about half of my big cock in her.

She feels so full so has no idea that I have about another four inches before I'm done. I keep adding more and more of my cock to her ass. There is discomfort then fullness and then pleasure each time I push deeper.

Jasmine tenses, relaxes and then enjoys it. This pattern continues until I have my whole cock buried in her ass. I reach around playing with her clit as I slowly thrust into her ass. Her pussy and asshole are on fire as my big cock reaches untouched areas in her body. Jasmine is on the brink of another huge orgasm as I methodically fuck her in her tight anus with my monster cock. I love watching my cock slide out of Jasmine's small shapely ass and then plunge back in as my hips slap against her curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust.

Her orgasm surges within her as I fuck her ass harder and faster. As Jasmine came her entire body is spasming wildly.

Her pussy convulsing and clamping around my fingers coating them with her juices. Her asshole is pulsating as I drive my big cock in and out of her. Her ass involuntarily squeezes and releases my huge member as I fucked her causing me to finally lose it. I slid my cock deep into her ass as my cock spasms sending a thick stream of hot cum into her.

I keep fucking her as load after load is fired into her ass. My cock keeps twitching and spurting inside the impaled Jasmine. Jasmine has never experienced feeling so full of cum.


My hard cock buried deep in her ass. I slow my pace eventually stopping allowing my cock to remain buried in her ass. I did not go soft right away and I gently move my hips pushing cum around in her ass. Some of it trickles out and runs down over her pussy lips. Jasmine can not take any more fucking and she pleads, " Please no more, I can't take any more John, please stop." Reluctantly I stop slowly withdrawing my cock from her.

I enjoy the sight of my big cock sliding out of her shapely ass. My cum flows from her asshole running down over her pussy and between her sweet thighs. We stayed in the same position for awhile and I massaged her beautiful ass as she remained on her knees with her ass perched in the air. I push down lightly on Jasmine's back causing her to accentuate her ass more.

I love looking at her and playing with her ass as she coos into the pillow. My cock grew hard again and looking menacing at her asshole.

Looking at her beautiful ass, sticking up, draws me to it and I raise my hand and spit into it, as quietly as I can. Then smear it all over, my long thick cock. Placing it against her asshole and gently pushing against it. Feeling it stretching, hearing her screaming, " Nooo, Nooo, it's to big Nooo." Stretching but not enough to let me in, so I push harder.

Making her cry out in pain and then easing back from it. She is whimpering and crying and saying, " No, No, I've changed my mind." Begging me to stop but it is to late now and I couldn't. I had my huge hands, on her waist, pulling back gently, on her pretty ass. Wanting to ram it up into her again but knowing, that would ruin it, for both of us. So I didn't do it. " Give it up baby, give it up." Easing the pressure against it, until I feel her relaxing again and pushing back against it, only harder.

" Noooooooooooooooo. agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Screaming, " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," as the big head squeezes up into her and holds her asshole open, sending it into spasm, as she screams and tries to pull away. There is nowhere for her to go, as I keep the big head on the end of it, up inside of her and wait for the little moan.

The little tell-tale moan that someone that's about to get fucked up the ass, always lets out. When their asshole finally gives in to, the idea that it's going to be fucked and relaxes, so that it can happen. I knew that I should let her go but the " Need to fuck her again " far out weighed my being a good guy.

After all, this is serious, this is a tight piece of ass, a fine piece of ass. It is during the 6th or 7th scream, that I finally hear it, the moan, the " Tell-tale " moan. When all at once it just opens up like a flower and I feel my big cock sliding in and I moan, " Ohhh fuck.yesss." The whole time it is easing up into her deeper and deeper, she is crying and whimpering but never once did she tell me to " Stop." " Oh fuck, fuck your tight." She can't answer me because the pain is bad, really bad again.

Never had she taken one that is as big as mine and she wants to tell me to stop but she knew that if she can just hold on a few more minutes, the pain will go away and the pleasure will start.

But holding on is awful. Finally I can't wait anymore and start to ease it out of her and then push it back up into her, " Nooooooooooo, Noooooooooo, Wait.Wait." But I can't, I have to do it again, before I loose it and cum again. Holding her hips, I look down and jamming my pelvis forward,watching as my cock, pushes its way up into her pretty ass, her tight ass. Pushing up into it deeper and deeper, listening as her screams and moans, turn into little whimpers.

Little whimpers of pleasure. Then I see it, as her tight ass starts to respond to me, pulling away from me and then working its way back towards me. Swallowing my long thick cock, inch by inch, until the entire length of it, is up inside of her again.

Only to pull away from it and do it all over again. " Oh yeah, you like that big cock, don't ya baby?" Listening to her whimper, as she said, " Uh huh, uh huh," over and over again, swinging her little head from side to side, as she rode it.

Slow in the beginning but getting faster and faster, the longer she rode it. It wasn't long before she was screaming, " Fuck me John, fuck me." As she starts grinding on my huge hard cock.

Grinding and squeezing, pulling me up into her and milking on it, with her little asshole. " Agghhhhhhhhhh baby." " Work it, work that little ass of yours." " Work it until my cock falls off." Pulling back on her hips, driving it all the way up into her, making her cry, as she feels just how big it really is, as it stretches her little asshole, wider than they had ever been stretched before.

I feel her warm tight rectum clinging to the sides of my long cock, as it moves in and out of her, faster and faster. Clinging to it, like it never wanted to let go of it. Clutching on it, not letting me pull it all the way out of her. " Ohhh fuck yesssssssssss, fuck me Jasmine, fuck meee." In the beginning, I could see her little asshole, stretched around my long thick cock. But eventually all I can see, is her stretched rectum, as my long cock drag it out, only to push it up into her, on the next " In " stroke.

Stuffing it back up into her, making her whimper and moan, as I slam my cock, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. Once again she screams, " Fuck me John, fuck meee." Watching as her pretty ass starts working back and forth on it, while I hold still watching, while she did it.

" Fuck me baby, come on, come on." Holding onto her small waist t letting her grind on it. Feeling it squeezing and pulling on my cock. Milking on it, trying to get it to cum in her. " Ohhh yesss, do it, do it, fuck me with that sweet little ass of your's." " Show me, just how much you love my cock. That Big cock up inside of that sweet ass of your's, baby, do it. Oh yeah, that's it, that's it, fuck me Jasmine, fuck me." Screaming at her, as I watch her pretty ass grinding, grinding and all at once her back arches and she lost it, " Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh squeeze, Squeeze, and her tight ass starts bucking and jerking, as she scream back at me, " Cum baby, cum.

Now, nowwwwww, Aggghhhhhhhhhhh." The feeling of her tight asshole clamping down on my cock, made me loose it and all at once I ram it all the way up into her and hold it there, as she feels it spurting, " Once " Aggghhhhhh," " Twice " Aggghhhhhhhhh, " Three times " up into her tight ass.

Blasting her insides, filling her, with my warm white sticky cum. " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ." Keeping it up inside of her as long as I can. Feeling her small asshole and warm tight rectum, pulling and massaging my cock. Milking the cum out of it, until it is all up inside of her, all of it and as I fall off of her, my limp cock slides out. Just seeing her laying there, with my cum, oozing out of her ass. I kiss the back of Jasmine's neck then whisper in her ear " You belong to me and your my lover."