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After clearing out of Johnny's shack and getting Tracy back to her car I head home trying to piece together what I'm going to do tomorrow and what I'm going to say. I pull in the driveway and see Kori's mother's van parked in front of the house. I bolt inside and find everyone my Mom and Dad talking with Mary. I get a hello out of my mouth while bolting through the house; I hear the girl's talking in Liz's room and throw the door open. There is Liz, Katy and Kori sitting on Liz's bed talking, at least until I barge in the room.

Liz and Katy are in t-shirts and short but Kori is sporting a loose knit top and some sweatpants but more importantly I'm not seeing any signs of bandages. "Girls I need to speak with Korinna please," I say quietly. "But it's my room," Liz says as Katy stands her up and pulls her out. "I've missed you," Kori says sheepishly. "I've been making a fool of myself for you, but you haven't been there to see it," I reply keeping my voice down. "You're not making a fool of yourself baby, I want them to be afraid and you're doing that," Kori says putting on a happy face.

"Except this way is slow and lazy, yes people are becoming afraid of me and the rest of the crew somewhat but this will go a lot faster if you let me start taking the guys who beat you and put them in a burn barrel," I tell her pacing. "Okay but I've got a surprise for you tomorrow if you're tired of waiting but I want more fear and I want Heather," Kori says taking my hand to stop the pacing.

"Yeah well I don't, I don't want her words or her presence," I tell Kori stopping and sitting down on the bed," I do want the names of the guys who did this." "I know baby but all I have are faces, I don't know them personally," Kori says quietly.

Kori is popular as hell and could find anyone's name at school in a matter of minutes. I get a bolt out of the blue and grab my phone; I shoot a text off to Jun to see who Kyle was friends with last year. Kori is wondering what is going on but a reply text a minute later tells me Kyle wasn't at our school last year.

I reply to Jun to run it against the school Ben came from and show Kori the texts to bring her up to speed. "Honey I trust Ben and you should too," Kori tells me while we wait. "Yeah trust someone who let you get taken away to do what exactly? I've seen about as much of him at school as I have of you," I say to Kori getting a little agitated.

"Baby calm down, they're both transfers but Ben is a friend of mine," Kori says trying to persuade me," If you trust me then just trust him, there is a surprise and it'll get you what you are craving baby." "I'm craving a lot of things I can't have right now honey," I tell her sitting back down. "Sooner than later honey, I'm still stiff and a little bruised but healing well," Kori says cuddling up to me. Katy and Liz come back in and I bring them up to speed on what I've been having Jun work on.

Katy starts to spin on a more aggressive strategy of just taking Kori around and finding the guys on the street but Kori shoots that down. Finally Kori heads home around eight and I'm alone in my room when Liz decides to pop it. "Hey sis, if you're looking for a replay of the other day I'm game but you need to keep from moaning too loud," I say smirking from my computer.

"And like Kori I'm a little bruised bro," Liz says after closing the door," but in a good way. I have a pair of targets for you if you're interested?" "Kori won't like us rushing the gun," I tell Liz turning in my chair. "And either you are saying no or you're warning me off," Liz replies moving to sit on my bed," First off however I need to know that Greg is off the menu, I know you'd love to hurt him physically but if we work this out I want him left alone." "Okay I don't understand why but unless he comes after one of us I'll leave him alone," I promise Liz while thinking about a way around it.

"Alright, well I say go after Greg's sister Allison. I know she's not in the moralist camp like Greg but she and I have been talking and I think if you brought her over to our side it would fuck with his head which I am comfortable with.

The other person is that fucking bodyguard of Heather's, I got a bead on her and I know where she'll be Friday after school if you're interested," Liz says giving me the rundown. "All sounds fine except for the nobody to beat like a drum option," I tell Liz frustrated," Also we have a conflicting plan if we go after the bodyguard, Devin has a crush on her and wants help convincing her to come around to our way of thinking." "Okay so no bodyguard but can we do something with Greg's sister please," Liz asks pleading a little.

I nod and get a hug around the neck for my taking on yet another task. Liz leaves me alone to my thoughts and I head to bed to get ready for the next day. Thursday and I'm moving around like I'm walking on water, people part the way as I walk and even a few teachers are keeping an eye on me throughout the day. At lunch I drop the location of where I'm going to give my speech from and aside from people wanting a preview, I keep my lips sealed and only chuckle when asked questions.

During homeroom I get a heads up from everyone that there should be a good turnout and that the walking park is a good location. Hippies in the area decided a while back to make a park, state picked up the idea but nobody took out the fifty feet of trees around the park on all sides. No cars can get in and there's even a playground for children in there, or for me something to stand on. All of us get out of school and head straight for the park where I get a pleasant surprise, Johnny is waiting there with several of his crew and he's decked out in a hooded sleeveless jacket.

"Hey man, I got some security for your vehicular transport while you say what you need to say," Johnny says with a smile. "Well after this hopefully I can help you get back on track with your thing sooner than later," I reply heading into the park.

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Not many people are here yet considering the light rain usually causes people want to stay inside but I spot Vicki and a few punks standing around. I pass them and get on top of a straight metal slide and crouch down to wait for more people to arrive.

It takes the better part of an hour but I'm staring at about sixty or seventy students who have gathered. I have my hood down over my face and stand up before raising one hand and listen to the crowd go silent. "I believe I have your attention. You came here to learn the truth and believe but first I have a question," I say to the crowd," Do you want to know what I believe in?" I can hear some confusion and more than a few people say yes.

I shake my head and look out into the crowd. "I believe in what I see in front of me. I see people who are tired of being backed into a corner and told what they have to do by someone who are going to push them to get their way.

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I see my peers too quiet and too scared to even stand up for themselves. I believe in the idea that if people don't like you for who you are THEN FUCK THEM!

There is nothing wrong with you," I yell out getting their attention," I believe that you are who YOU want to be because it makes you happy. The people in front of you in the hoods are my family because it's the only label that we acknowledge and we're proud of it.

You want me to do something about these oppressive assholes." I listen in again and hear people talking and more people saying yes. Again I shake my head. "Well why haven't you done anything about it? There are at least fifty people here who could have shut down the bullying but you stood afraid because the person being bullied wasn't you at the time was it," I turn my attention to Hideo in the front of the crowd," You there, you were present when Vicki and her punk friends were being bullied and you did nothing because they weren't in your group." I can see his shame and more than a few are glaring at him and some of the people next to him.

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I draw their attention back, pointing at the crowd. "None of you are any different so I'd think twice before attacking him. And even if he were the only one being victimized if you don't help people who are suffering the same abuse as you it leaves you alone when they come back to get you. You need a rallying point and I'm here, we can end this regime. But you have to put all your lies to rest, no freaks or punks, no nerds or jocks, no popular or outcast. Either you all come together to face them down or you get put down when they try to do to you what they've done to others who stood up against them," I tell the assembled crowd.

I can hear them talking amongst themselves and motion to my family to go out among them. I watch the mingling and explaining go on, I see some of the groups blending. It's uneasy but I need them on the same page if I'm going to push back. A pair of figures heading towards the assembled group get my attention quick and I spot Ben and one of the 'moralists'. I recognize him as the preppy that was driving the car when I gave Hanna a ride home. "And here they come everyone," I point out Ben and his friend," You are here seeking something more." "I'm here to put you back in your place you lunatic," the boy says stepping into the crowd.

I slide down the slide and motion for everyone to part the way; I see my family start taking up positions around him and Ben. Both are dressed in black slacks but Ben has a blue polo shirt and brown leather jacket on while the preppy kid has a white button up shirt and a grey windbreaker. I get about ten feet away from them and stop. "Is this truly what you want," I ask them. "Yes, this is what I was asked to do," Ben says before turning to the preppy kid and backing up pulls his hood over his head.

"Wait you said you understood what happened," the kid says to Ben shocked. "I do understand, but Kori is my friend. I don't turn my back on my friends," Ben says taking position in the circle around him," This is your moment Bryan, do what you will." I can see Bryan is confused but he's holding his side and I'm not sure what's under his coat is too big for a gun or knife.

"Is this what you want," I ask Bryan pulling my hood off my head. I watch the baseball bat come out of Bryan's coat and people start talking. I can see my family moving in to take him down but I stop them with a gesture.

"I'll give you want you want," I tell Bryan taking my coat off, then following it with my shirt. I'm standing in a light rain with no shirt or coat on and a crowd around me staring as a scared 'moralist' with a bat is trying to find his courage. Everyone in my family wants him but I'm not done proving my point. I hold my arms out straight and look Bryan in his eyes. "I'm right here, do it. Come on, do it, do it," I see him waver at my acceptance for a beating," WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! DO IT!" My telling Bryan to do it has him scared and looking for a way out. I can see him looking for the best spot to make a break for it and watch him settle on Jun, sadly his commitment to Jun on his left leaves him open on his right as Katy crosses the five or so feet and slams her fist into his jaw. I watch Bryan drop to the ground and the bat goes rolling away as Katy moves in for the kill. Girl takes a page out of my book and gets into a top mount position and starts hammering away at Bryan's face, Bryan for the most part is trying to roll away and keep his fists up but Katy is screaming and angry as she rains rights and lefts down on him.

Jun grabs the bat from the ground and I start half dancing half walking up to the beat down and place my hand on Katy's shoulder as I see Bryan isn't doing much defending since he's been knocked stupid. "Ease up Sister, this one isn't going anywhere and I have something better in mind," I tell Katy quietly.

I help Katy off of Bryan and motion to Devin and Mathilda to stand him up. I let them get him to his feet, each one holding an arm by the shoulder and with him bent over exposing his head.

I wave to Jun and he brings me the bat. "As I said they are snakes who do not care about the feelings of the mice," I say gesturing to the crowd before pointing at Katy," And now a group of 'mice' just showed a 'snake' that there are more of them than there are of him. Now I guess we see what happens when mice turn the tables on a snake." I can see Bryan coming to his senses and I watch him struggle against Devin and Mathilda but they have him firmly in place.

I use the bat to tip his head up to face me; I am covered in rain and must look like the devil himself because Bryan is crying at me.

"Bryan, I want the students that did Kori on Friday. You give me them and I promise you that you will bear my message to your friends and not be my message to them," I tell Bryan quietly.

"I'm sorry, I don't know them I swear," Bryan says starting to cry. "Then you must be made an example so that they know what I'm going to do when I find them," I say moving the bat to the back of his head. "They don't go to our school, I was told to pick up a phone from Taylor. He said it belonged to your girl and to give it to Heather," Bryan screams out crying.

"So Taylor knows who they are, well that changes things," I say lowering the bat off his head," Are they friends of Taylor's?" "Kyle knows them, Taylor came up with the idea and Heather approved it," Bryan says still held fast. Pieces from yesterday start clicking into place, Kyle has the connections and a pretty face will distract even me if used properly.

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Get people who don't know Kori to take her out to the stone field and beat her so she can't identify them at school. It's a brilliant plan except the loose ends they left in their delivery. I break from my deep thought and return my attention Bryan. "Well now that I know I have some bad news for you, I know that you're not sorry you helped them.

You are sorry you were on the losing side," I turn my attention to my family," Katy had her fun, anyone else want him before we send him back?" I can hear the crowd talking and some of them are looking like they want a piece but my attention gets pulled by Natsuko tapping me on the shoulder. I turn to her and she holds her hand out for the bat. I hand it to her but hold up a finger telling her to wait one moment.

I move in close to Bryan's head so he can hear me. "You will live through this, if you don't abandon Heather and Kyle after this I will make sure to come for you and finish this myself, do you understand," I ask quietly.

Bryan nods and I stand up straight and walk back to my coat and sit on it cross legged to watch Natsuko. She moves up so Bryan can see her through his bloodied face and swelling eye, she's got a punk schoolgirl outfit on and while sexy on her it's the tone of voice she's using as she speaks Japanese while walking around Bryan.

It's this soft and sweet sounding speech coming out of her mouth as she moves around behind Bryan who is still bent over with his head exposed. Right then it hits me that more than one head is exposed and I hear Natsuko's tone go from soft and sweet to an angry Japanese harpy a few seconds before she golf swings the bat straight up between Bryan's legs and I hear a sickening smack as it hits his groin.

Devin and Mathilda let him go and Bryan just lies there on the grass in the rain holding his crotch and trying to breath. I wave everyone off and we start to pick up the pieces before I hold my hand up getting everyone's attention.

"Someone should take him home to his family," I say loudly," He's not going to talk about what happened here to them because he now knows that he's safe as long as he does what I told him." I see a few nerds come forward and as I back away they help Bryan up off the ground and slowly walk him out of the park. I can hear the crowd talking about what I said and what they saw. I keep hearing words like unity and it gets me to smile for a moment.

I put my coat back on but my shirt is soaked thanks the rain. My family and I part the crowd as we leave and I get the message for everyone to head home. Our vehicles are in the same condition we left them and as everyone heads out I head in a different direction, I'm off to get Kori.

I pull up to Kori's house and even before I'm off my bike I see Mary at the door to greet me, she's got a stern look on her face and her arms folded as I approach. "Hey Guy, you coming to see Kori," Mary asks plainly. "Yep and I need to take her out with me," I say as I realize that Mary isn't moving. "No you're not, I like you but she's MY daughter.

I will let her out when I think she's better and that's not now, you can turn around and head back home because she's not taking visitors today," Mary says keeping her ground. "So you are living in fear and hoping she does the same. Well we had to get this out of the way sooner or later I guess, hit me," I tell Mary pulling my hood back. "What are you doing Guy," I hear Carl ask coming into the doorway. "I blame myself for what happened to Kori, Mary blames me for what happened to Kori so now she needs to hit me until she feels better so that I can take Kori out of here and show her what I've been doing for nearly a week now," I tell Carl getting a shocked look from both of them before turning my attention back to Mary," Please just hit me." "Guy I don't understand why you think my hitting you is going to change anything," Mary says confused.

"You blame me, I'm the bad guy and this is my fault just hit me please," I reply getting down on my knees in front of them. Both Mary and Carl have looks of complete horror on their faces as I wait for my beating, I've been waiting for someone to just give me my pain allotment for not seeing the attack on Kori coming and I figure Mary would be the best person to do that for me.

It's the intervention of my personal angel that keeps me from getting what I feel I deserve. "Mom why is Guy in the rain and why can't he come in," Kori asks breaking up the barricade at the front door.

"Guy was just leaving honey, go back to bed and I'll bring you something to eat," Mary says trying to get Kori to leave. "Baby I'm here to take you out for a little while but your mother can't get over the fact that I am the reason you got hurt. I offered to let her beat me for failing you but she's confused by it," I explain still waiting to get hit. Kori gets me up off my feet and inside the house.

I watch Carl leave and come back with a towel before noting my tattoo. I forget that I don't show it off much and chuckle about it as I dry off. We all sit down in the living room to talk about things. "Guy I don't blame you for what happened to my daughter, I honestly think you'll fix this but I don't want her in any trouble while you do," Mary says trying to explain.

"So it's okay for me to be in danger because my past came back to bite her but I can't even spend time with her that isn't supervised," I ask confused. "Guy it's not like that," Carl says trying to keep it civil. "Really, either I'm in trouble or I'm not. I do what she has asked; I have people afraid and ready to fight. I get starting point to find the guys who did this and when I want to just take her out to show her this I'm told I can't because it's not safe," I say getting angry.

"Guy just calm down for a second and understand where we're coming from," Mary says trying to placate me. "I'm done understanding, I'm done waiting and having everyone tell me things just need to get a little better before everything will be the way it was," I say getting up," Can I take Kori with me or not?" "Guy we just don't feel that it's a good time right now with her…" is about as far as Mary gets before I drop the towel and storm out of the house.

I hear voices calling after me asking me to stop and while normally I would stop and try to work things out I'm tired of people making me feel like a tool. I get my helmet on and while it's not Kori with a hand on my arm Carl definitely makes a case to stop me from leaving.

"Guy you should come back inside and talk with us about this, spend some time with Kori and I can talk to Mary," Carl says tentatively.

"I'm done talking Carl," I tell him pulling my arm out of his grasp," You two don't trust me fine, good luck with this whole fear/revenge thing because if I can't even spend some time with Kori then I don't need to go and stand up to a guy with a bat and offer to let him take my fucking head off because it 'makes people more afraid of me'." I get on my bike and watch Carl back up from me wordlessly before I peel out towards home. I get in the front door and my Dad is waiting for me in the living room and I can hear Mom on the phone with Mary in the background.

"Guy sit down and talk with me for a minute," Dad says pointing to the couch. "No, I'm done talking and doing things that make no sense to get a result I don't understand. I'm tired of being punished for shit that I feel guilty about when I'm the only person doing something about it," I tell Dad heading back to my room.

I don't hear him call or come after me as I get to my door and once inside lock it and strip down and change into a dry pair of shorts. I can hear my phone going off and a knocking on my door means someone couldn't figure out that my open door policy isn't in effect right now.

I'm fuming mad and more than a little upset, everything was going according to everyone else's plan and now I can't even take my girl out and talk with her. I don't turn on my computer because as soon as I log on anywhere I'm gonna get asked a million questions as to why I'm not talking to anyone. After enough hours I've gone from fuming mad to sulking and miserable. I barely feel the cold and another knock at my door almost makes me look up from the space in between my bed and my wall.

I can hear someone messing with my lock and after a few moments the door pops open to show me Mom has picked it. I see her search my dark room before spotting me in the corner and turning behind her.

"Are you sure you want to talk to him, I've seen him in a mood like this before," Mom tells my 'guest'. "Yeah, I'm pretty certain he'll kick my ass but I need to speak with him," Ben says entering the room. I watch Mom close the door behind him and he pulls my chair up to the foot of the bed right in front of me.

He's still dressed preppy and a lot drier than I was when I got in. I can see he's trying to figure out how to approach me. "Hey man, Kori's parent's are probably going to ban me from ever seeing her again so go have fun rekindling the relationship," I tell Ben leaning my head on the side of my bed. "Funny thing, I didn't talk to Kori before coming over here. I talked to Mary, she's scared that you'll do something stupid like hurt yourself," Ben says trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah well I've been doing stupid shit for the last week but hey, you weren't there so what do you know," I reply. "I know a lot, I know that there are plenty of people on their side who are scared shitless of you. I burned bridges that I was forming for information to bring you Bryan today, which by the way was scary as hell because he was bragging about how he was gonna fuck you up," Ben tells me explaining what he's been doing.

"Well great, good job bringing me one person," I tell him mocking applause," Now go get your dream girl so she can move on after me." "Not my girl man and more importantly she's got a man she's crazy about. Kori's been blowing up my phone since I told her I was coming over here. After today I wanted you to know how I felt about Friday, I fucked up and Kori got grabbed," Ben says quietly," I heard you're blaming yourself but it was me man.

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I'm sorry for that but you started something today, I think you should finish it." "I'm tired of doing what everyone else thinks," I reply coldly. "Well we're all going to be waiting for you tomorrow at school, we need you there to do that whole brooding hood thing," Ben jokes a little getting up from the chair.

"Want to hear the sad thing," I ask Ben getting him to stop," I didn't start wearing the hood because it looked cool or brooding, I wore it because I didn't want people to see me." "Too bad man, everyone is looking now," Ben says exiting my room. I don't get up to go to bed tonight, just lay on my floor in the cold as sleep takes over.

Tapping on glass rouses me from sleep and I discover by trying to move that when you sleep in the cold all your joints lock up hard. It takes me a minute to even get to my feet but thankfully my window is right next to where I was laying. It's just after midnight and I pop the blinds to see Kori standing there, she's got her warm clothes on and is dripping wet under the awning of the house. I get my window open and pop the screen out before watching as she tries to pull herself inside, it takes a bit of my help but after a few awkward positions with her halfway in and out we finally get her inside.

I replace my screen and see she grabbed a small pack of supplies as she strips off her wet coat and pants.

"I'm not done with you mister," Kori tells me sitting down on my bed," My mother might be a bit overprotective right now but I wanted to talk with you and I am not taking no for an answer." "Okay but you couldn't just come to school or maybe even come out to me when I left to talk to me or parents forbid come with me," I ask cold and grumpy. "Honey I just walked for two hours limping in the cold rain just to see you after all the bad shit that happened today. I'm here because you're doing something about what happened to me," Kori says taking my hand," God baby I'm cold but you're freezing." "I don't really notice it," I say pulling my hand back," I'll wake up Katy to take you home, your family doesn't want you here." "I love my mom but she needs to back the hell up and let me breath, she's been taking off work just to keep an eye on me and I don't go anywhere.

I've missed you and from what I can tell you've been hurting a lot recently," Kori says pulling me to sit on the bed," I'm not letting you go honey and I'm here right now." I let Kori pull me into my bed and under the blankets; she's warm and smells like strawberries which for some reason puts me out faster than a knockout punch.

It must be hours later when I wake up because I'm warm and I don't think I've moved at all since Kori pulled me into bed. I can tell she's moved more than I have because I'm cuddling a naked Kori and when I passed out she had a sweater and some bottoms on. I pull her close and start rubbing my body against her back and ass without thinking which gets a moan from her.


I stop and start to some space between us when I feel Kori's top hand reach back and start pulling my underwear off before I help her by pushing them down myself and move back up against her. I feel her hand shifting around before she finds my member and starts rubbing me, I keep where I am and once I'm hard we shift a little so that my tip is right at the entrance to her pussy. "I'm sore so that means gently, you do remember gently," Kori asks teasingly.

I push inside and get the warm and familiar feeling of Kori's velvet like pussy wrapping around me tightly, because of the angle I can only get a little more than half way inside. I wrap my arms around her and we start pushing our hips against each other slowly trying to get into a rhythm, it's not too awkward with her bruising but I stay gentle like Kori asked me taking slow long thrusts.

I wrap my arms around Kori and all the while enjoy the feeling of having her back again. I pull her closer and suddenly she shudders and I start to let go thinking I've pushed a bruised area. "Baby it's been a bit for me but that was a small one," Kori says looking over her shoulder and smirking," Can I get a big girl sized orgasm now please?" I pull out and roll Kori onto her stomach, moving quietly I straddle her ample rear and line my cock up with her again before pushing back into her pussy.

It's tighter like this and I move faster now than I could when we were on our sides, I can see Kori's back and all the bruises are mostly faded but some still have lines. I try to keep my temper under control seeing her back so I don't hurt her more just trying to please her.

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My pace is fast but not frantic as I see Kori pulling a pillow up under her head and is moaning lightly as I work her over. It's warm and I feel her purposefully squeezing down on me like she's trying to force out my orgasm. I go from sitting upright to laying over her propped up on my hands and going harder and deeper into Kori's pussy. "Baby I know I said gentle but please go hard," Kori pants before muffling herself with the pillow.

I begin to jackhammer down into Kori hard and deep making a light smacking noise which becomes the loudest noise in the room after my grunting and Kori's muffled noises in a pillow. I'm feeling Kori more than anyone I've been with in the past few days and I'm beginning reach my limit. Kori can feel it with the noises she's making in my pillow. I feel her shift her hips and put her ass up in the air a little before I slam in to the base feel my blood rush as I start shooting off inside her.

"Yes baby, that's it. Give me all of it," Kori gasps as I feel her clamp up with her own orgasm. I feel Kori's wonderful muscles milking me as I prop myself up on my elbows over her back.

I open my eyes after my rush and see Kori looking at me from the pillow with a sweet smile. I roll off of Kori and lay on my back for a moment before she pulls herself on top of me. "I missed you," Kori tells me with a happy grin. "I keep missing you," I reply a little sad. "Baby I'm still gonna see you and if I know you need me then I'll just sneak out," Kori says chuckling.

The two of us get about ten more minutes before my alarm clock goes off. I get to the shower and warm up with Kori in tow and almost make it back to my room when we bump into Katy as she's heading to the shower. I watch her face get that mischievous grin before she pinches my butt and moves past us to the bathroom.

We get in my room and get dressed when we hear my mother on the phone heading towards my room. Kori gets a wide eyed look and I sit down on my chair to put my boots on as Mom enters the room talking. "No Mary I'm telling you Guy was in no condition to go pick up Kori last night and his bike is still here. No I don't know where she is and I don't see how you could think that she'd be here if she was so injured that you've been keeping her home from school," Mom says before looking up at me without noticing Kori on my bed," Guy, I have Mary on the phone and she's freaking out, apparently Kori isn't at home this morning and the van is still there, do you know something?" I smile goofy at her and point to my bed, I watch my mother look over and finally acknowledge that Kori has been sitting there the whole time she's been talking.

Mom gathers herself before putting the phone back up to her ear and resuming her conversation. "Mary I found her, you need to talk with your daughter because my son is not responsible for you smothering your daughter so bad she snuck out," Mom says before smacking me once on the top of the head," I should ground your ass, both of you." Mom leaves the room and while the swat on my head was playful I need to not surprise Mom before her coffee kicks in.

We get ready and Kori gives a confused Liz a hug before following my mother to the car. I let get a hug and kiss goodbye before Mom takes her back home and once I get back inside I have everyone in the family staring at me like I've grown a second head.

"Hey she came over on her own and I was surprised just like you all, except I was surprised last night and not this morning," I tell them before grabbing my bag and getting on my bike to head to school.

I get to the parking lot and see everyone is in a bit of a standoff with a few of the moralists as they're waiting for me. I park my bike and grab my gear like normal before getting to the front and squaring off with Kyle at the head of the pack. "So are we having a problem here," I ask keeping my hood covering my face.

"You and your filth will turn around and leave school now, your antics are harmful to student morale and the well being of decent people who attend here," Kyle says with a level of undeserved authority. "Look at me for a moment Kyle because I want you to understand something that my grandpa used to say, it's a bit outdated but honestly I think it fits for this situation," I tell him noticing the crowd of students gathering around," While the wicked stand confounded, call me with thy saints surrounded." "Take your pseudo religious crap somewhere else you psycho," Kyle says spitting a little on my coat.

I lift my head up and show him my smiling face, it gets him to back off a second then slowly we both take in the surroundings I was paying attention to. Both our groups are surrounded by a small army of students of all makes and models. And while I'm smiling at the wonderful turnout Kyle doesn't look so good as he tries leads his friends out only to get stopped when the students won't move. "Friends, it's not their time yet and it's definitely not the place for this," I say to the crowd assembled," And we're not them, we don't trap people or keep them from going somewhere." I watch the crowd part as Kyle leads his people out before turning my attention to the crowd; I shake my head and let them get about their days before heading to my classes.

I don't do any big speeches and for the first time since last week the whole crew sits and eats in the cafeteria spread out among three tables. Ben joins us after a bit and everyone stares at him with a little suspicion before I kick a spare chair out for him to sit. Devin gives me a look and I nod then watch him get up and stand over Ben getting his attention.

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Ben turns to face Devin and everyone gets quiet at the stare down. "I'm sorry for choking you the other day," Devin says a little embarrassed.

"Well considering I'm the one who fucked up and let her get taken I think you were right to choke me so Guy didn't kill me right there," Ben says ending the tension. I chuckle a little and shake my head at the scene but my thoughts turn back to Kyle and this morning. Bryan must have delivered my message and considering nobody's talking about the beating he took I can figure Kyle's probably circling the wagons and keeping everyone in groups. It'd be stupid of him not to do something; I do a quick headcount and notice that Isaac isn't with us.

"Jun where is Isaac," I ask with some concern. "He's running an errand, said something about impressing you with something you'd never expect," Jun replies shrugging. After lunch the rest of the day goes uneventful and as I'm starting to head to the gym for homeroom I stop in the hallway and turn off heading towards my old homeroom. Tables in the common area for some crafting, probably a dance, give me a place to sit with my feet dangling off like a small child as I watch moralists head to their meeting.

Every single one of them sees me sitting there and the whole time I'm making sure they know I'm watching them but it's when Heather and her bodyguard come by that I really take notice.

Heather tries to keep from making eye contact but the bodyguard nearly burns a hole through me glaring. "Big important meeting today ladies," I ask all sorts of cheerful. "You don't have a cult meeting to go to," I hear the bodyguard ask as a retort. "Funny I was just wondering if you had any real say in what goes on in that little club of yours or if all you do is light lifting," I prod at her smiling still.

"I have a voice where I am only you speak for your friends," She says getting angry and starting to walk away. "He knows your name," I tell her in Russian. I watch the both of them stop but only the bodyguard freezes in place before turning around and walking over to me slowly. I can see some mixed emotions in her face as she gets into arms reach.

"Who knows my name," She asks me back in Russian. "My friend Devin, he's seen you watching him. Star crossed lovers or something eh Masha," I tell her still in Russian and keeping my spot on the table. "He told you my name? What does he ask about me," Masha asks in Russian with a timid and oddly shy tone. "Well he wants to see you, probably talk to you but he doesn't like the company you keep," I tell her plainly.

"This is a trick, you are trying to trick me to go after Heather," Masha says almost growling. "Here's the points you need to accept about his whole situation, while you two like each other nothing is happening as long you two are on different sides of this war. Second I've never gone after Heather but she's done her damndest to make sure that I know she wants me as a stooge in the worst way," I tell her finally standing up and pointing her attention to Heather behind her," And this whole time that we've been talking in Russian she's been wondering about your allegiance.

My people treat each other like family, how long will it be before you find yourself wondering why they're all talking down to you?" "You did this on purpose," Masha says in turning back to English. "Yes I did, I see power and an iron will. They see a dog on a leash," I tell her keeping to Russian," think about it and just watch, she'll turn on you if she figures out that you and Devin have feelings." I grab my bag and leave the common area, I don't know what's going to happen with my little scene but the ball is rolling regardless as I get back to homeroom and relay what happened to Devin and the rest of the crew.

He's not happy that she could be in trouble but I remind him that he wanted me to do something and that I've done what he asked. We all head out to our vehicles after final period and I finally see Isaac come running towards me out of breath and excited. "Hey man we need to talk now, Jun I need your help at your place," Isaac says catching his breath. "Yes Isaac because I just jump around at every opportunity to talk with freshman I'm mentoring," I say jokingly.

"Okay Isaac, we'll head over to my house and go over what you found," Jun says heading to Devin's truck. I hop on my bike and after a quick trip and some confusion with Lilly and Natsuko about what's going on. We get into Jun's room and leave the girls out for now at Isaac's prodding.


I get seated on Jun's bed as Isaac starts in. "Okay, I took my sister's idea and decided to try to follow Kyle after school today. When he left before homeroom I took my sister's car and followed him," Isaac says taking out a cell phone and plugging it into a cable on Jun's computer and hitting some keys," and this is what I found." I watch a video load up and see what looks like a small park in downtown; I can tell he's shooting from the car window.

Camera focuses on a very attractive strawberry blonde in a flower patterned skirt and white coat holding an umbrella, she's sitting on a bench reading and only looks up to search for someone before returning to her book. The video doesn't give me much for about a minute when I see Kyle walk into frame with a coffee cup in each hand before giving one to the girl and sitting next to her, I shrug thinking they're friends until I watch the girl start to get very cozy and goes in for a kiss.

The video continues with Kyle being more involved with conversation while the girl is more interested in having him around for other things. Isaac cuts the video and both he and Jun turn to me expectantly. "That's it," I ask looking unimpressed. "Dude that's his girlfriend, it has to be," Jun says taking Isaac's side. "Yeah obviously but yay it shows where they met one time," I tell them," Jun you know what I'm going to need before I do anything, especially after yesterday." "Man I just gave you award winning information," Isaac says frustrated.

"No, you gave me a starting place, its good man. But we need more," I tell him not overlooking the initial value of what he brought me. "So what do we need to get now," Isaac asks a little put off. "Name, address, class schedule for her school, friends and associates, contacts, not to mention face book and phone numbers," Jun tells him working fast on the computer.

My phone goes off and I see its Hanna texting me with an address. I let the Jun and Isaac work as I head out to my bike while punching in the address info. I get halfway out the door and see Natsuko following me out. I pull the spare helmet out before she even asks and we get down the road. I pull up and see the trailer park where Katy used to live with her mother last year before. Sure enough I pull up and it's the same trailer and not only is the family car here and I see Katy standing out front like she's keeping watch.

"Please for the love of all that I hold dear we are not here doing something with your former mother," I ask Katy getting a weird look.

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"No, this is all Hanna and Liz," Katy says smirking. We get inside and the place is actually worse than when we left it less than a year ago, I wade through trash and empty alcohol bottles heading to Katy's old room. Inside I see Hanna and Liz standing and waiting with Allison, Greg's little sister. They look like they've been waiting for a while and while Hanna and Liz are seemingly alright Allison looks nervous.

"Guy I'm so sorry about what happened to Kori, Hanna told me about it," Allison blurts out at me a little scared. "It happened. Bigger question, why am I here, I just got some great info on Kyle and was hoping to get after that lead," I ask and explain. "We need a camera man," Hanna says taking out a video camera from her bag and handing it to me. "Okay but why are we making a video and I thought you wanted me to take care of bringing in Allison," I ask Liz confused.

I watch Hanna smile before grabbing Allison by the back of her head and full on tongue kiss her, Allison doesn't freeze or lock up and I get nudged by Katy to turn the damn camera on. I get the video set up and start to record the scene in front of me. Hanna gets backed up while kissing Allison by both her and Liz as I'm watching my step sister start to strip Hanna out of her clothes. Once Hanna is stripped down naked Liz starts' 'helping' Allison out of her clothing, Allison takes to the stripping while rubbing her fingers on Hanna's slit and kissing down her neck.

I start to see Liz back off but in comes Natsuko who damn near tackles Liz against the wall and starts trying to tear her out of her clothes while stripping herself. Meanwhile Hanna has put her hands on Allison's shave pussy and is rubbing quickly while they make out against the wall. A loud thud in the room goes almost unnoticed as Katy takes her old mattress and moves it from against the wall and almost knocking some of the girls over puts it on the floor.

The whole mattress takes up the majority of the floor forcing the girls to move off the wall and onto the mattress. Hanna and Allison move over to the far side of the mattress away from me and I watch as Hanna takes control by laying Allison down on her back and sucking on an ample tit and using her hand slowly trail circles around her clit with her fingers.

Liz and Natsuko on the other hand are wasting no time with Liz pushing Natsuko on her back and diving face first into Japanese pussy. It's not slow tongue action from Liz as she attacks Natsuko's clit like money and chocolate were going to come out. Natsuko is moaning loudly at Liz works and I watch Liz swing her body around letting Natsuko get at her pussy in a sixty-nine. Allison has taken more control with Hanna back at the top of the bed by moving a hand to Hanna's own clit and rubbing lightly gets a moan out of her, both girls are moaning in between kisses until finally Allison starts to shake a little with her first orgasm.

All the girls stop to watch her twitch and whimper before resuming their own play. Liz is tongue deep in Natsuko while the little Asian punk is using two fingers to work over my stepsister's hole. I the two of them race each other to get the other to cum first moaning and grunting, it's Natsuko who wins out as I watch my step sister's head leave her warm folds.

"Oh shit I'm cumming," Liz gets out desperately with her eyes wide from shock of the orgasm. Natsuko slows down as Liz's orgasm subsides and after a moment Liz moves her body off of Natsuko. All the girls stop for a moment and lock onto Natsuko before grabbing her and pulling her in between the three of them, Hanna is on the left side pinning an arm under her and licking a nipple while using her fingers to slowly rub circles on her clit.

Allison takes the right side squeezing and pinching Natsuko's tight nipples with her fingers while kissing her neck and licking her ear. Liz on the other hand pulls a leg up so I can watch as she licks her fingers and taking two of them rubbing them inside Natsuko's pussy fast and frantically. I move and zoom in on Natsuko's face before panning back and getting the whole shot in play.

Natsuko is writhing in pleasure as three girls work her into frenzy, all of them prodding and causing her to go into sensory bliss as they press every button before I watch Natsuko start moaning lightly with her first orgasm, as I sit there waiting for a position change that doesn't happen.

Instead of letting Natsuko go so she can relax all three girls keep pushing her hard, Liz using three fingers in her pussy and Hanna biting down on Natsuko's nipple lightly while grinding it in her teeth. Natsuko isn't getting a rest today and I watch as she start making high pitched whimpering noises and a pained/pleasured expression on her face.

"I think she's gonna start speaking in Japanese if we keep it up," Liz says getting a nod from Hanna. All the girls start going for broke with Natsuko's body and I watch with morbid fascination as they keep her cumming. It takes about a minute more of frantic work when Natsuko starts doing a full body shake and bucking her hips against two different hands starts cumming loudly.

All three girls keep hold of her and after more minutes they move Natsuko off to the side of the bed, I move in and see she's conscious but not aware as she is in a full recovery. Katy is staying out of it but I can tell she's getting hot and I'm right with her.

I watch as the girls pick up where they left off between Hanna and Allison going at each other kissing and rubbing their bodies together, Liz moves off to the side and holds Natsuko's head coaxing her back.

Allison finally puts Hanna on her back and spreads her legs and straddling one leg starts rubbing their pussies together. It's a slow grinding and I see Allison doing most of the work trying to keep their clits right on top of each other, Hanna helps by spreading her own lips which exposes her clit more. I watch as Hanna starts to really feel it and her rider notices too, keeping a reasonable pace when giving a woman an orgasm is nice but you really just want to see her finish.

Natsuko starts to rouse and looks around for a second before rolling over to Hanna and bites her nipple lightly, the reaction is instant and wonderful with Hanna arching her back and moaning. Liz pulls her off and the two of them cuddle and watch as Allison finally starts to speed up her pace.

Allison leans over and I can see her good sized c breasts dangling as she speeds up almost frantic to either give or get and orgasm. It takes a few more seconds to find out Hanna is the winner of the orgasm race as we all watch her body lock up and biting her lip moan lightly.

Allison rubs for a little bit afterwards and finally all the girls sit back for a moment with some content looks all around except for Katy and me. "Wow, that was my first full on lesbian scene," I tell the girls stopping the camera. "Well it's not over big brother, I want to make Greg hurt and we're not done yet," Liz says getting up. "Okay well I'm here too ya know," Katy says grumpy. "We know Kate," Hanna says getting a death glare," sorry, Guy can make it up tomorrow I hope." "Okay first off the lack of details is making me want to run for safety," I say loudly while standing up and getting everyone's attention.

"Well I want to show Greg what fucking a sister should look like so I spoke with Allison who is apparently the one in their family that got the sex drive," Liz explains starting to get dressed," She wants to try things out and when I told her about what happened with Greg…" "I am going to mess with my goody Christian brother's head by having my first real sex with a guy with the one person that he would literally die over if he found out," Allison says shifting in her spot on the bed," If that's okay with you." "So we're having me have sex with Allison because it'll hurt Greg when I have Katy here who is looking to rip my clothes off with her teeth," I tell the girls doubtful of their idea," I'm thinking I am gonna go with Katy on this one, no offense Allison." "Guy I really want some now but the plan is Allison on camera, then we get someone to edit it and we have a showing for Greg tomorrow," Katy says holding back her disappointment.

I move over to Katy and put her up against the corner lightly before giving her one long deep kiss. I break the kiss and watch as she slowly opens her eyes to see me waiting. "You hold onto that because I'm going to want it back later," I tell her before backing up.

I start to strip down and while every other girl here has seen me naked Allison is the one I'm paying attention to. I notice her eyes go to my tattoo but it's when I get to my boxer briefs that she pays close attention to the bulge.

I beckon her towards me and watch as she moves up on her knees and pulls my cock out of my shorts. "Oh shit that is so not the size of my dildo at home," Allison says take me in hand. "Yeah well I told you that he's bigger than your toy," Liz says finally dressed and smiling.

I let Allison keep hold of me and her hands are gentle but unfamiliar and a little awkward for her but after watching the massive orgasm fest I'm ready for anything.

I lean down and cup one of Allison's large breasts, its heavy but firm and not drooping as much as I would have thought. I squeeze and get a moan before watching her back up on the mattress. I crawl onto the mattress and in between Allison's legs, I start to line up my cock with her but get stopped by Liz. The rest of the girls get off the mattress and it's Katy who takes up the camera.

"Okay since I'm the only girlfriend of Guy's here I'm saying it now, she kisses him or falls in love with him and I burn the trailer down with you all in it," Katy tells everyone getting a group of weird looks.

I look behind me to see the rest of the girls are dressed and Liz is standing in front of Katy waiting for her moment. I'm aching to get inside a girl but I pause to listen in to Liz behind me, it sounds like she's making a video for Greg. I stop paying attention to what's behind me and start paying attention to the blonde in front of me who has taken my cock in her hand and is rubbing me against her slit. I can feel how wet she got with Hanna as my head parts her lips.

Liz is still talking when I push inside Allison, I groan and she gasps loudly enough to stop Liz from talking. Inside Allison is sloppy wet and I get three inches in when I feel her hips angle differently than I've ever had before, she almost is narrow in the middle but I simply press forward until I'm at the base and settle in taking long slow thrusts.

There's a sloshing noise and every thrust widens Allison a little more until I'm able to keep a medium pace. I watch her face which is a mix of pain and pleasure. I feel my balls slapping against her ass and her fingertips dig into my back with each thrust. "Talk to Greg on the camera," Liz instructs Allison as I pull my face out of the camera shot. "Hey Bro… I'm really getting fucked right now… and it's bigger than I've had yet… I hope you start fucking girls like this… cause you'd suck at being an… OH GOD THAT'S IT," is about as far as Allison as she cums on my cock.

Allison's nails dig into my back and I feel her legs wrap around my ass as she rolls through the orgasm and back to normal, I know they are still filming and I can hear Liz talking again but I'm more interested in Allison who is telling me to cum and with her wrapped around me and leaking all over the mattress I speed up my pace. I'm thrusting fast and using near my full length to make sure I get her to cum at least once more.

She's moaning again and thankfully there is no more talking to distract me as I speed up hard and fast before stopping inside and backing up half way and dump my load in her grunting hard. I feel wonderful and a little bad considering I usually last longer but the show the girls put on first had me ready by the end of it and this was a brief but epic release for me. I slowly back out and get pulled back by Hanna and Natsuko so that Katy can get a close up of my work.

I can see Allison pushing me out a little for the camera and she's got a really happy dopey grin on her face. Liz takes the center frame I guess after a few moments.

"So that's my little video for you baby, I hope you learn from it because I know we all did," Liz says in a happy tone," Love you." We all clean up and gather what little we brought with us when I tell the girls that Katy will be driving them home and Natsuko is coming with me and that I'm taking the tape, Liz starts to object but sees my face and nods her head quietly.

We all leave the trailer park and I get to Natsuko's house to see that her parents are home. I do a quick meet and greet and while her father is still a bit stand offish with me but Kimiko smiles and wishes me well as I head back to her son's room. Isaac must have left after I did and Jun looks a little bleary eyed going through information.

"How goes the hunting," I ask sitting down on his bed. "Good, Isaac is not happy about the lack of information he brought in.


I calmed him down and explained but he's new to the revenge business," Jun says taking his eyes off the computer. "Remember when I let you use my computer and you started uploading some nice programs for me late last school year," I ask leading him," there's a file called revenge, it's a video and it's locked." I watch Jun spin around and his hands fly across the keys and sure enough it he pulls up the file and loads it without my password.

"Yeah I have it here, really need to figure out a way to lock your stuff up in case I turn on you by the way," Jun says smirking. "If it ever comes to that I'll just take you out while you sit at the computer," I say moving up behind him. "Okay man I'm a little creeped out by that," Jun says looking over his shoulder," what's with the camera?" "I need you to do some video editing for me and I need it on a disk that will play on a DVD player," I explain.

"What kind of DVD am I making," Jun asks skeptically. "The kind that you don't want your parents to find you have in your possession, and do some editing on faces except for on Liz on the camera.

I'll be by tomorrow to check it before presenting it," I tell him heading out. I hate just issuing orders and leaving but I trust Jun and will figure out something more proactive for him in the future.

I get out of there and head straight to Kori's house, Carl greets me at the door but more to let me in than keep me out. Mary catch my hand on the way up the stairs and just looks at me for a second before letting go, I'm not sure why she did it but I get up and Kori brightens from her bed and rushes to meet me. Her kiss is wonderful and she still smells like strawberries as we sit down and cuddle on her bed.

I bring her up to speed on everything in order that it happened saving my best for last. "So a sex tape to fuck with Greg and Devin's got a sweetheart," Kori says gushing with emotion," You are making some great progress and with the whole idea of him getting people we wouldn't know I can see why, we'd find them fast." "There is one more thing honey, Kyle has a girlfriend," I tell her getting her to pause," I've got Jun trying to get all the information we can on her but I wanted you to know before everyone else." I can see her mind racing and I watch as she rubs her stomach unconsciously thinking about what happened to her.

I see her almost settle on an idea before sitting down on her bed and pulling me in front of her on my knees. "If I asked you to make what happened to me look like a good day compared to what you do to her would you do it," Kori asks taking my head in her hands. "Yes, I'd hate myself for it but I'd make her hurt," I tell her coldly.

"Oh baby I know but that's not what I want, we don't hurt other people to get them back," Kori says sweetly," I want you to show her why Kyle's just not man enough, I want her to leave him because of me and you. Can you break them up for me?" I nod yes and am already spinning out ideas in my head as Kori kisses me, we hold each other silently and I think about my two next moves, tomorrow Greg and hopefully I get to meet Kyle's girlfriend.

I think about what they'll do to stop me once I start breaking their personal lives up, how many will they send just to get me? Let them come, I'm hungry. I hope you all enjoy this chapter, put a lot in here so I hope my loyal readers will enjoy it. Comment and vote at your leisure.