Voluptuous sweetheart strokes a dick with her wet mouth

Voluptuous sweetheart strokes a dick with her wet mouth
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Father Cameron sighed and tapped his foot on the grimy linoleum floor. He got up early every morning to say Mass for a bunch of ungrateful old Catholics, and he needed a break.

Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, the busiest day of the week. Two Masses down, three to go. What he really needed was… Sister Megan entered the sanctuary, her drab dress obscuring the shapely ass and perky tits that Father Cameron jerked off to every night.


Beneath her habit, she winked at Father and smiled seductively. "Why don't we try something new tonight?" she whispered into his ear, leaning up against him with his shoulder between her boobs.

She felt his rock solid dick against her thigh, and was about to reach underneath all the priest-garb and give him a massage when Father Lawrence, the boring priest who practiced celibacy walked in. They sprang apart and acted like good Catholics. Although Sister Megan's wet pussy demanded otherwise, she turned back to Father Cameron and walked out of the sanctuary, her patent-leather nunnish shoes clicking on the floor as Father Cameron deflated and had a dull conversation on Thomas of Aquinas with Father Lawrence.


In Sister Megan's quarters, she heard a "moooooo" come from the closet and hoped the cow she had ranted was shitting on the floor so they could take it out and smear it on each other later.

She couldn't wait until all of the Masses were over. Father Cameron grudgingly said Mass after Mass, looking like the epitome of chastity and celibacy.

He rushed through, shortening the homilies and using mental telepathy to get the congregation out of the church quickly. After the last Mass, he rushed to Sister Megan's quarters. He knew she had a surprise planned, but that was the extent of his knowledge. His underwear was growing tighter by the second. Sister Megan welcomed him in with open arms—literally. She embraced him, massaging his back, feeling his boner through her dress.

He tore off her habit, flowered nun-panties, and dress eagerly, and she returned the favor, discarding his vestments on the other side of the room. Father Cameron was just about to reach his fingers into Sister Megan's cunt, which was already dripping on the floor, when he heard a "Mooooooooooooooooooooo." "Is that a cow?" he asked. "Yes," said Sister Megan. "Let it out, would you?" Father Cameron walked over to the door, opened it, and the cow entered the room.

Sister Megan walked into the closet, grabbed a handful of cow shit, and threw it at Father Cameron's face.

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He licked it off and grinned. She coated his body in it, smearing the dung on his back, arms, and legs. He put some between her boobs and on her ass, a delicious chocolate-y coating.

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Sister Megan rubbed her shit-smeared boobs in Father Cameron's face, and he groaned appreciatively. She reached down and held his cock in her hand, stroking it with growing intensity.

Between Megan's hand and his own hand up her pussy, his cock was throbbing and tingling with rapture.

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Megan reached her hand around and fingered his ass, then pushed him to the ground, sliding him underneath the cow. His dick was pointing at the ceiling, and as she sat down it slid right up her cunt. She sat up and back down, bouncing on Father Cameron's dick, screaming out loud with pure joy.

She bounced her boobs with her hands, even though his vision was blocked by the cow. His long dick penetrated deep inside of her, and she felt a pleasant tingling in her clitoris.


He arched his back, giving her the challenge of finding new angles, which she did with ease. He moved out from under the cow, and she moved her crotch to his face.

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He licked the juice coming out of her cunt, which was now covering his face. She tasted like pineapple and sexy nun. She got off him and stuck her pussy in the face of the cow.

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It licked tentatively, then more enthusiastically. Nun pussy tasted infinitely better than grass. Father Cameron saw the pink pucker that was the cow's ass, and stuck his dick in without hesitation. The cow "Mooooooooooooooooooooed," sounding quite happy. He pulled it out and ground it into a pile of shit on the floor. Then Sister Megan lay down, spread eagled, and pushed her boobs together. He sat on her stomach stuck it through her cleavage, sliding back and forth.

His finger was behind him, fingering her cunt.

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She wrapped her arms around his back, finding his ass and moving upwards. He stood up suddenly and sat on the cow, motioning for Megan to join. She sat on his lap, and again his dick slid into her cunt.

She pulled his hair and bit his shoulder, which knocked him off balance, causing him to fall off the cow. Megan jumped off, prepared to resume on the floor. The cow was startled and moved, stepping with one hoof on Father Cameron's stomach and the other on his head.

Megan heard a crunch and realized that his skull was broken and he was dead. She scooped out some brains from his cracked skull and ate them, smacking her lips. She took his cold fingers and stuck them in her cunt, moving them faster and faster.

With a dead man's fingers inside her, she moaned and squealed until she reached a climax. She made a high-pitched shriek and licked her juice off of Father Cameron's blue fingers.

She was always hungry after sex, so she ate more brains and gnawed some skin off his feet. She sucked on his dick for a bit. She was vaguely disappointed that he hadn't had the chance to come, but she realized that being fingered by a dead priest was worth it.

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She smiled, and prayed the rosary.