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Mariella zanetti con licra negra rica rica
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"Ow! Softer please, not there!" Nick cried out in pain to Sam. "Sorry dude" Sam replied to Nick's cry of pain. "I was just trying out a new technique I found online".

"Well, maybe you should run it by me" said Nick's mother, arms crossed, clearly irritated by her pupil. "Yes mam" Sam said, lowering his head and averting eye contact. "Now, let's go back to the basics. Start with step one, if you will Sam. Nick continued to lay there, bracing for Sam's clumsy technique to hurt him. Sam began to roll his wrist's down the center of Nick's back and for a moment Nick thought that Sam had actually found one method that would not give him bruises when he woke up in the next day.

But unfortunately, Nick's hope quickly faded as Sam pushed to hard and made Nick yelp out a little cry of pain. "Too hard man" Nick said to Sam, "Please just be gentle". "I am very sorry sir, I am trying my best". "Well if that is your best, you need some serious practice" Nick's mother said.

"Let's call this wrap" Nick's mother proclaimed, "I think my son has suffered enough for one night" she said. Her pupils gave a small chuckle and grabbed their bags to leave. They left the room with Sam being the last, hands shaking and head down with embarrassment. "Sorry son, tonight seemed like a rough night" Nick's mother said, rubbing her son's shoulder. "Sam is not usually that bad.

I wonder what happened with him tonight" Nick said shaking his head a little. "I am afraid it won't get much better tomorrow, we have a new pupil joining us, a complete newbie" Nick's mother informed him. "No, oh god" Nick groaned with frustration. "Get dressed Nick so we can get going, I'm hungry for some dinner" she said, giving her son a weak smile.

With that, she left the room to close up the shop. Nick continued to lay on the table for a minute after his mother had left the room before pushing himself up to a sitting position with a groan. He stretched his arms out a little before tentatively rubbing his tender back.

It hurt to much to put much pressure on it. "Great, more bruises." Nick though in resignation. Nick got of the table, keeping the towel wrapped around his midsection and walked over to his pile of clothes. His mother ran a local massage therapy business and of course she needed someone to train her interns or pupils with. Her choice, Nick.

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So every week night, Nick was forced to spend a couple hours on the table with nothing but a towel on and get pounded by clumsy and rough fists, knuckles, hands, elbows and more. The whole laying naked on the table thing had bothered him at first since his mother was right there, watching and directing her students how to next tortue him but now he was use to it and his mother always respected his privacy.

Nick put on his clothes and walked out of the room to find his mother. He found his mother going around making sure all the doors and windows were locked. When she saw him, she said, "Oh good honey. You ready to go?". Nick nodded his head and gingerly began to walk to the car.

Even though it was the middle of summer, the darkness had taken over leaving only a faint light left. Nick's mother joined him in the car and drove home. From there, what was left of the evening proceeded as normal. Nick at a very late dinner then got ready for bed. He brushed his teeth, checked his phone to see if he had anything he needed to respond to, and then went to bed. In bed, Nick, being a highschool boy, obviously jerked one off, thinking about some cheerleader blowing him off or something.

Sleep quickly overcame Nick and thus his body began to form some nasty bruises. Tuesday night and Nick was back on the table, a waiting his undeserved tortue. The day had passed as normal with no noticeable events or interesting things occurring. "Ah Nick, your all ready ready." his mother said as she entered the room with her pupils following in behind her. Nick put his forehead back down on the table, groaning a little. "But before we begin Nick, remember, we have a new pupil joining us" said his mother.

"Why don't you say hi to her, Nick?" Nick awkwardly turned over, trying to keep his towel covering his parts.

Nick froze when he saw who it was. His face turned beat red and he instantly began to sweaty. "He-hey, hey Ahsley." he stammered out, making him more embarrassed. "Hi Nick." Ashley said, stepping forward with a giggle. "I'm so excited to have this great opportunity. I hope someday I will be a world renown masseuse." Ashley said to Nick and his mother, hopping up and down a tiny about with excitement. "Well, we are glad to have you." his mother said to which her pupils all nodded in agreement and all said some short greetings.

Nick quickly turned back over for he could feel the blood swelling up in his cock and hoped that the table would hide it. But his erection only grew as he could not stop his mind from thinking about Ashley. He knew Ashley from high school, she was going to be a senior this year and he a junior.

She was widely known for being on the slutty side, even having once allegedly blown off the entire high school football team in the boys locker room right before their game. It was also rumored that she would take it up the ass the bathroom behind the stadium at lunch to anyone with some cash. Ashley had been in the past the center of Nick's jerk off sessions as she had been for probably every boy at school who knew her.

Nick could keep his mind clean as he kept imaging Ashley running her tender hands down his naked body, rubbing him up and down. Ashley's attire did not help matters in the slightest. Since it was the dead of summer, Ashley had decided to wear short shorts and a belly shirt. Nick's eyes kept going back to her long smooth legs and her small patches of cleavage. Ashley clearly had no problem with her body, showing if off to the world.

"Alright guys, let's get started." Nick's mother said, clapping her hands to show her enthusiasm. Nick just braced his back, waiting for their onslaught to begin. When his mother asked for volunteers, Nick's heart sank as he heard Sam's voice volunteer. "I practiced a lot. I hope it is up to the right level." he told his mother as he stepped forward, hands over Nick's tense back.

Luckily for Nick, he was able to zone out the pupils tortue for his mind could not stop racing on about Ashley. He would subconsciously respond to them when they posed a question to him about how they were doing but he was mainly focus on Ashley. So there he lay, cock bulging, face still red, and praying to god that his mother would not instruct him to flip over so they could practice relieving his chest muscles.

Surely his life would be ruined if that occurred especially since it would not be clear the cause of his raging boner. They might assume it was Frank, the guy working on him now who was a thirty three year old guy, who was the cause behind his erection.

His social life would be ruined. Finally, the dreaded moment came to pass. Nick's mother said, "Ashley, I think you should try now.


You have seen the others do it so now let's start you." "Okay, meme, whatever you say. How should I start?" Ashley said, nervously stepping forward to Nick's semi-naked body.

"Okay first start like this." his mother directed Ashley, taking her hands and guiding them down Nick's back. "Now, try this. Just push down a little while you roll your wrist a little." Nick's mother said to Ashley in a soft, kind tone.

"Like this?" Ashley inquired, searching for a nod of approvement from his mother. "Uh, yes that seems alright. Nick, how does it feel?" his mother answered. Nick was a little flustered and it took him a little bit to take in his mother's question and form a response. Nick dared not to insult this popular girl so he stuttered out, "It's good, uh it feels, ve-very nice Ashley".

Ashley gave him a huge smile and a little giggle before resuming her massage. This went on for a little longer, Nick lying prone on the table, trying not to cream his shorts as Ashley touched his body and giggled. Finally, Nick's mother called it a wrap, and everyone began to leave the room, ready to go home. However, Ashley stayed behind and once his mother left, walked back over to Nick who was still prone on his back under the towel. She leaned down to him, put her mouth right next to his ear and whispered, "Your so hot Nick.

I think we'll have lots of fun here". Nick tried to respond but couldn't as his full attention was focused on fighting back down the orgasm he could feel surging up through his balls. Ashley then placed her hand on Nick's lower leg and began to slowly creep it up to his balls. Sadly for Ashley, Nick's mother was calling Nick, asking if he ready to go. "Uh, just a minute mother." Nick said in a semi desperate tone. By then, Ashley had already moved away from him and was out the door.

Nick waited for the door to close and then flipped over and immediately began to stroke his uncut cock. He pumped it fursioly, imaging Ashley wrapping her hands around it, cupping his balls. Her beautiful tits, her long luscious legs. Nick came almost immediately after he started, spewing it all over him, getting some stuck in hair. Nick rested for a little, and then quickly got dressed, trying no to make his mother wait for any longer.


For the rest of the night, all Nick could think of was Ashley and what tomorrow night would yield. He had many wet dreams that night. Finally, another day had passed a Nick was back in as a test dummy. Nick went to the room and pulled out his phone to pass the hour or so he had before the training session started.

His mother was busy working on a client so he had nothing to do. About five minutes into his boredom, Nick heard the shop door open. "Ah, hello Ashley. You sure are early" Nick's mother said while working on her client. "Sorry, I just thought I could use this extra time to practice with your son.

Plus, I really have nothing to do right now" Ashley told his mother. "Oh, thats fine. I love eager and dedicated workers.

Nick is already inside the room. I'm sure he would be fine with starting early." "Thanks" Ashley replied.

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Nick's face was white and he was dreading Ashley opening the door. Fucking Ashley in his dreams was one thing but interacting her in reality was to much for him. Ashley opened the door and confidently walked in, flashing Nick with her brilliant smile. Ashley was drop dead gorgeous. Once again she was wearing very revealing short shorts. She was also wearing a very low hanging v-neck that left almost nothing to the imagination. Nick could swear that if that girl bent down ever so slightly, her nipples would surely pop out.

Nick sat there awkwardly, randomly touching his phone screen, waiting for Ashley to put her bags down.


Nick had once again began to sweat and shake. It must have looked like he was riding one of those foot massagers that the fair has every year. Nick was trying to act cool and look at her but faltered after a few moments, reverting back to looking at the dull floor. Finally Ashley had finished setting her bags down and turned around to face him.

"Hi Nick." she said, moving in closer to him while continuing to give him a warm and pleasant smile. "Hi Ashley." he responded, looking at the floor, muttering out the words. "Ah Nick, you know, I was wondering if you would be willing for me to start massaging you. I need all the practice I can get and you seem like the perfect subject." she said, now having closed the gap between them to a couple of feet. "Uh, yay, um sure Ashley. That would be fine." Nick replied, trying to be diplomatic and not make any assumptions.

Although Nick had verbally agreed, he made no physical move to lay down, he just sat there, terrified of what might come to pass. It wasn't that Nick was afraid to have sex but he was afraid of the super popular high school senior standing in front of him. "Come on Nick." she said, coaxing him. "Come on, get undressed so I can began to provide you with some much needed relief." Nick lurched forward at these words a little, causing Ashley to giggle and Nick's face to turn a shade redder.

"Uh, uh shouldn't you, um you know, uh leave the room while I get dressed?" Nick inquired of her in a shaky and soft voice. Ashley laughed at this, before moving closer so that their bodies were touching and said, "Usually high school boys jump at the chance to get naked in front of me. I always know what to do from there." Ashley had began to slowly rub Nick's sweaty,slender thighs and leaned down so as to provide Nick with an even better vantage point of her cleavage.

"Is something the matter Nick? I mean, your friend Collin had no problem undressing in front of me. I'm sure that if you asked him, he would readily tell you that he had no regrets about what we did after soccer practice. In fact, I'd be willing to wager that he would say it was the best afternoon of his life." Ashley informed him with her seductive tone all the while moving her tongue all around her luscious lips.

"You, Collin, Collin, you, soccer?" Nick barley muttered out, very much surprised that Colin had experience with Ashley. Nick continued to sit there, scared and also excited of what Ashley was insinuating.

Finally Ashley, growing impatient of waiting for Nick to undress, placed her hand on Nick's growing bulge in his shorts. Nick gasped at contact, and immediately jerked his body away. "My, my mother is in the other room. She could come in at any time!" Nick protested to Ashley. But Ashley was simply horny and needed some good cum in her stomach so she ignored his protest's and once again began rubbing his tent that had grown in his shorts.

"Ashley please, she'll hear us!" Nick cried out again. "No worry, I locked the door on my way in. Plus, I have a lot of practice of sucking and fucking in silence" Ashley said, giggling some more at her later remark. "But, but Ahsley, we, we…" but soon, Nicks protests were smothered by Ashleys lips. Nick began kissing back with a vengeance. Emboldened by her kiss, he began to reach his hands down her shirt, cupping her beautiful tits.

He began rubbing her nipples, moving his fingers in slow circles. "So, how about you get naked now?" Ashley whispered to him. Nick wasted no time in responding to her request. A moment later, Nick was buck naked and laying down on the table. "Before we get this party started" Nick said, "I think I should get to see some beautiful tits."Ashley smiled at this and pulled off her shirt, leaving her standing right in front on him in her purple bra.

Nick began to stroke his cock, taking in the beauty of Ashley's body. Ashley reached behind to back and unclasped her bra, and let it fall to the floor. Nick stroked even faster, eyes wide, stunned by the sheer sexiness Ashley had brought over him.

"She was so fucking hot!" he thought to himself. Ashley had the most gorgeous tits he had ever seen. To be fair, this was the first time Nick has seen a pair of tits outside of porn but still, he was sure no one else on the planet could boast a pair of tits that could compare to Ashley's. "Now Nick, how about you lay down so I can take care of you. I mean so I can further skills in the arts of massaging." Ashley said to Nick, moving closer while again flashing Nick with a seductive smile.

"Whatever you say." Nick replied, grinning a giddish smile. Nick lay down on the table, his erect cock standing above him like a flagpole. Drops of precum were already sliding down his cock head, collecting in his excess skin, forming a kind of precum based moat.

"I do hope that you'll forgive me if I forgo the towel" Ashley said, placing her hands on Nick's muscular chest, rubbing his pecs. "I think that would be preferable" Nick said, still beaming with a gidish joy. Nick began to fondle her breasts which hung over him. "Come here." Nick said, pulling Ashley downwards a little more. "I want to suck them." Nick began to swirl his tongue around her nipples, while using his hands to squeeze her breasts into his mouth.

Ashley tilted her head back in pleasure and began to talk dirty to Nick. Nick thought to himself, "This is amazing. I love it." as he continued to nibble on her tits. Ashley eyed his cock which continued to stand up, and began to stroke it whist Nick used his mouth on her. Nick moaned a little as her hands began to pump his cock, causing him to pleasure her with more vigor.

"Ah Nick, this intern deal looks to be one of the best decisions of my life" Ashley groaned to him, pulling her tits away from Nick. "Now it my turn to show you my oral skills. I think you'll find that I am quite competent." Ashley continued to say and then began to kiss his chest.

Nick just closed his eyes and rested his hands on the back of his head, awaiting his first blowjob, his well first anything sexual outside his trusty right hand. Ashley began a trail of soft kisses down his body until she reached Nick's dripping and erect cock. Noticing the pools of precum that has collected in his excess skin around his cock head, she swirled her tongue around his head, slurping up all the juices. "OH GOD!

That feels good" Nick yelled out at the first contact of Ashley's tongue on his cock. He immediately covered his mouth and turned white as he remembered his mother in the other room. Ashley stopped her pleasuring and stared at the door. Nick and Ashley both held their breath, praying for the door to remain closed. They waited and finally deemed the danger had passed. Nick's mother must have been busy. "I'm sorry. I just have never had that experience and it felt so good." Nick said in an apologetic tone.

"That's fine. It's an honor to know that my tongue can bring you so much pleasure." Ashley said. Nick resumed his previous pose and Ashley turned her attention back down to Nick's hard dick. Ashley placed her left hand on his balls and then engulfed his cock head in her warm, wet mouth. Nick groaned out in ecstasy, as Ashley worked on his cock. Ashley continued to slurp and suck on his cock head as she used her right hand to stroke the base of his cock.

"Ah, oh, oh, uhh." Nick moaned out as Ashley began to slowly lick the sensitive underside of his cock head. Ashley continued to tenderly swirl her tongue on his sensitive underside, causing more moans of pleasure to reverberate from Nick's mouth. Ashley gave Nick one last good, tender swirl before taking his cock in her mouth, sliding up and down her pole. With each thrust, she took more and more of his cock in her mouth. Ashley tried to deepthroat him but had trouble taking such a massive eight and half inch cock.

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"Ah, ya, ya, you can do it." Nick groaned out, coaxing Ashley into taking it all in her mouth. Finally she accomplished her task and Nick could feel his cock hitting the back of her throat.

Ashley began to suck him with a fury, sliding up and down at a fast pace. Nick's amatuer body could not hold back in the face of this kind of pleasure and so he moaned out, "I'm gonna cum! Go, go, faster, yesharder, ooohh!"Ashley continued to suck on his cock as Nick thrusted forth, shoving his cock all the way in.

Nick released his load which cascaded into her mouth and down her throat. "Uhhhh" was all Nick could manage to get out as he spewed load after load of his cum into her mouth. Ashley did not slow down her pace at all, slurping up his cum while fiercely pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. She had choked a little when Nick had thrusted it all in and the first wave hit but now she had it under control, coaxing out all of Nick's sticky love. Finally Ashley began to relent as Nick ejected his last drops of cum, gently swirling his tongue along his cock, sucking the head some.

Ashley released his cock from her mouth with a load pop and removed her left hand from Nick's balls. She looked at Nick with a triumphant grin to which Nick could only stare back with a starry eyed gaze. Nick laid his head back down and just let his body recover from his first blowjob. While Nick may have been dog tired from his blowjob, Ashley on the hand was as driven as she was when she had started sucking him off.

Ashley tore off her shorts and underwear and climbed up on the table with him, a little bit of cum still clung to her chin.

She was a woman possessed, intent on fucking this teen boy even if he died in the process. "Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me!" Ashley told Nick although she did not wait for an answer before mounting him.

Nick still had his head rested on the table and was about to protest that he was simply to worn out but then he looked up and immediately, all his doubts went out the window. Ashley looked too hot to resist and his cock was immediately filled with blood again, standing up pointing at Ashley's awaiting pussy.

Seeing that Nick was hard and suitable to mount, she lowered her pussy onto Nick's hard cock. Ashley let out a little gasp as she felt Nick's cock penetrate her. "Ah yah. Ohh boy, boy, yes!" Ashley gasped out as she lowered herself further onto his cock. At first, Nick just lay still, a little unsure of exactly what to do and was content to let Ashley takeover. Ashley began to quicken the pace, now slamming his cock in her pussy. After awhile, Nick got a hang of it and began to truly have intercourse, fucking Ashley.

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They couldn't go to fast for Nick's mother would hear any serious, full own wild intercourse going on. But fast and silent they went, Ashley riding up and down his cock while Nick did some sort of take on the worm, thrusting his cock upwards to receive the bounces of Ashley. The two teen, raging with hormones filled the room with soft moans of pleasure and soothing rhythm of flesh slapping flesh. "Oh, oh, oh ya, yes, yes, go, faster, faster. Fuck me, fuck me harder!" Ashley cried out in a hushed voice, "I gonna cum, yes, go" Ashley continued, clenching her fists around the sides of the table and thrusting herself onto Nick's penis as fast and with as much force as she could.

Nick, inspired by his partner's enthusiasm and spirit, picked up his pace, forcing his cock into her with all his might. So they made love, thrusting at each other until Ashley climaxed. Her juices ran down Nick's cock, making a unique sound as they slid up and down each other. Ashley's orgasm provided Nick with the needed surge of inspiration to bring him to his second orgasm. "I'm gonna cum, yes, yesohh girl" Nick panted out, now sitting up, smashing his lips against hers.

Nick came into Ashley's pussy, filling her hole with his love while sealing the moment with a feverish makeout session. The room smelled of sex, passion, and sweat.

The two slowly slowed their fucking, and continued to explore each others mouth with their wet tongues. Nick's cock finally went limp, slipping out of her shaven pussy, dripping some semen residue on the table.

"Oh. That was fucking amazing!" Nick exclaimed after he pulled himself from their embrace. "You weren't so bad yourself, for a newbie" Ashley responded in kind, giving him a playfully cuff on the ears. "Well thank you, I guess." Nick said, giving Ashley a witty perplexed face. They both laughed for a moment before Nick said they better get dressed.

"Only about ten minutes before the main session starts." Nick noted, eyeing the clock. They both got off the table and went get their clothes to get dressed. Nick eyed Ashley's gorgeous tits once more before Ashley placed her bra over them. They both were dressed when Nick laughed that there was almost no point in him dressing as he would just have to undress in about eight minutes. They both chuckled at the end stood around, both content to reminiscence over what had just transpired.

While they waited, Ashley's long eyes and ample cleavage has once again caught his attention, and most importantly, the attention of his member.

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He could feel an erection coming on so he looked at the clock again. "You know Ashley, we still have a little over seven minutes, why don't you take of this little, well big problem" Nicks aid and winked over to Ashley, motioning to his growing tent in his shorts. "We'll have to be quick, won't we. I quite like a challenge." Ashley said, licking her lips.

Ashley walked over to Nick and slid to her knees and dropped his shorts and boxers around his ankles. Nick let out a satisfactory groan, "Uhhh!" as Ashley began to blow him off once again.