Sofia trola de junin comiendo concha

Sofia trola de junin comiendo concha
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Hello, my name is Jackson.Im about 5'10 blond hair and a chiseled face. This is the story of the dream world I was sucked into.

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Enjoy!! It was 6:00 am when the talking bird started the best time of my life.

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I was in my bed awake and just staring out the window. Oh before I continue let me just say that Im 15 and VERY horny. Well then some stupid bird ran straight into my window! It fell onto the window sill and twitched.

So i carefully opened the window and he got right up and said "Jackson Levont you are summoned to The World Of Pleasure.

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You shall arrive by noon today." then flew away. A little shaken i got up got dressed and went to school. During lunch a little while before noon me and my best friend TJ (with hish sexy ass black shaggy hair and 5'7 frame) (who Ive shared a couple sexual experiences with) were talking and kidding around when his hand accidentally brushed against my cock.

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I instantly got hard and asked if he wanted to go to the bathroom and he nodded yes. Then everyone except for him and and me froze. At first i was confused the i saw the time. It was noon.

The room started to shake and we both blacked out. I woke up and realized i couldnt move my body.


I saw TJ lying beside me naked and also paralyzed. He started to move he got up and asked where we were. I shrug my shoulders which had just regained movement. He then grinned and said "Do you want to finish what we were about to do?".

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I shook my head yes. He then unzipped my pants and my hard cock sprung up all seven inches. He then proceeded to cram it down his throat taking time to like the tip and add suction.

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I started screaming "Oh,Yes! yes FUCK YES!" then right before I reached my release he stop yanked his pants down and shoved my hard cock in.

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It was the best feeling i have ever had in my life. after a few seconds of him bouncing up and down on my dick i came in his ass pulled out and stated to shove my tongue down his throat.

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As we were kissing he started stroking his dick. I noticed and grabbed his 6 inch dick (we were both pretty big) and gave hi m his release then we both lay down and fell asleep his dick in my hands awaiting the next day in The World Of Pleasure.

Character Info- Jackson is 15. Jackson has a 7 inch cock Please leave feedback first story ever gonna