Junge girls mit geilen arsch nackt

Junge girls mit geilen arsch nackt
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The next morning around seven o'clock sweet little Zo?trolled into my kitchen grinning widely and wearing shorts and a low cut loose t-shirt.

I was sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast and reading the newspaper. Zo?trolled round and kissed me then sat opposite me. "Hi Rich, how are you this morning"? I replied that I was fine as she leant forward and rested elbows on the table. She followed my eyes down and saw I was looking at her cleavage. "I've got nice tits haven't I, not as big as moms or Tori's but they are nice aren't they"?

"Yes Zo?ou've got very sweet tits, and your pussy and ass are just as sweet". Grinning she looked at me and then said. "So you done me and my mom in the ass, you've gotta fuck Tori there even if she doesn't you to"! "What do you mean Zo? She came round and straddled my lap grinding her pussy onto my hardening cock. "Me and mom discussed it last night and we agreed that if you are willing we will hold her down and you can rape her ass till she screams in pleasure".

"Jesus girl that's your sister"!

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"Yeah but me and mom think when you get your cock in her she will enjoy it; we just have to force her to do it". She kissed me sexily and jumped up and strolling barefoot to the door said.

"Gotta go to school see you later"! I watched her sexy ass swaying out of the door and sat thinking about raping her sister's ass. It appealed to me. Later that day Jo called round, looking extremely sexy in a dress that reached below her knees, but was low cut enough to be interesting, bare legs and a pair of sandals showing off her sexy red toenails.

She walked up to and kissed me full on the lips then said. "Rich I'm bored take me out to lunch". I drove us to a nice country restaurant and we sat and ate a leisurely lunch.

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Jo smiled at me and I felt her foot running up my leg. "So what did that little minx tell you this morning"? I looked her in the eyes and told her what Zo?ad said. "Well yeah I think it's a good idea, you fucked my ass and Zo?ot it as well, so we both think she should at least try it; you up for it Rich"?


I looked at her and said. "You do realise you are asking me to rape your daughters ass, you want to hold her down and watch me shove my cock in her arse"? Jo smiled and nodded her head. "Yeah it sounds bad doesn't it but believe me she will enjoy it she is just scared to try it, Zo?s more adventurous and I tried it because I thought if I didn't you wouldn't want to fuck me anymore".

I reached over and caressed her hand and told her it didn't matter whether I got her ass or not I would have still fucked her. I felt her foot move up to my crutch and begin to rub along my now hard cock. "Mmmmmm feels nice and hard; let's go I want that in my mouth"! As she opened the door the sun shone through her dress revealing to all who were watching she had foregone her underwear.

I smiled as I walked up behind her and caressed her ass. Before I could start the car Jo dipped her head down and pulled my cock out and began to suck it like a mad woman.

"Oh fuck baby that's good"! I held the back of her head with one hand and drove off; with her mouth working her magic on my cock I couldn't concentrate on driving so I quickly pulled into a lay by. I jumped out and ran round and quickly pulled her out of the car. I pushed her over the bonnet and pulled her dress up and slammed straight into her wet pussy. "Holy fuck yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum like a slut". She screamed as she reached around and spread herself wide open for me.

I reached around and pulled the top of her dress down and grabbed her tits in my hands and began to tweak her nipples making her moan louder. "Yes, fuck me, harder you bastard fuck me hard, c'mon fuck me like a slut"! I was hammering into her pussy as I forced her forward onto the bonnet, her juices were running out onto my legs; I looked down and saw her holding her ass cheeks open when she said.

"Fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard"! I pushed my cock deep into her ass in one lunge and felt her muscles rippling along my shaft as she began to scream in pleasure. "Oh fuck yes, I fucking love it, your cock deep in my ass; now fuck me hard"!

I began to fuck her tight ass as hard as I could fucking my cock deep into her arse as she kept screaming in pleasure. "Shit I'm cumming I'm cumming, oh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, yeeeeeeeeesssssssss"! I turned her round and shot my load over her face and tits. She smiled up at me and scooped up my seed and swallowed it down greedily"!

She adjusted her dress and kissed me. "C'mon let's get home and spend the rest of the day in bed"! After a lazy afternoon in my bed with Jo we were relaxing on sun loungers in the garden wearing swim suits; when Zo?alked in to the garden followed by Tori. "What have you two been doing; you've been fucking all day haven't you"?

Jo just smiled at her youngest daughter as she sat on the bottom of my lounger while Tori sat next to her mother. Zo?icked her shoes off and stretched her legs across my lap. "You like my legs don't you Richard"? She ran her foot over my crutch then moved it up to my lips. "I've got sexy little toes also haven't I"? I noticed her skirt and ridden up revealing her tiny underwear. I stuck my tongue out and licked her toes. "Oh yes you sexy little minx I love your toes, Tori's and your moms too"!

I sucked her toes into my mouth as she began to touch herself, pulling her knickers to one side and rubbing her clit. I looked over at the other two as Jo pulled her swimsuit off. "C'mon Tori lick mommy's pussy, c'mon make mommy cum". Tori got herself between her legs in a flash and burying her tongue deep in her mother's snatch. Jo pulled her legs up and open giving her better access.

Zo?ulled my trunks off and then began to rub my cock with her feet. "Rich I think Tori is a real slut now, she loves licking mommy's cunt"! Her toes had done their magic on me so I gripped her ankles and pulled her up to my crutch and pushed my cock into her; as she wiggled on my cock I began to suck her toes again.

Zo?ay back and watched her sister licking at her mommy's pussy; she opened her blouse and began to rub her nipples. I fucked her fast as I sucked on her toes and filled her pussy with another load. "Mmmmmm this is so nice your cock in my young cunt and watching my sister lick mommy's pussy; let's have more fun". She jumped up and walked over to Tori, she slapped her sister hard on the butt making her yelp.

"Zo?hat hurt stop it". Zo?rinned at her wickedly and grabbed her hair and pulled her back onto her heals. "Tori its you're turn to be my bitch for the night so I'm gonna drag you indoors and have some fun with you"! Tori smiled at this; it seems they had played this game before and she was willing to go along with it. "Ok Miss Zo?'ll do as you say"!

Tori slapped her across the ass again. "Of course you will bitch"! Jo and I followed her into the lounge where Zo?ade Tori strip off and kneel in front of her. Zo?tripped off. "On your back slut lay on your back". She squatted over her head and lowered her pussy to her mouth. "Now lick me out slut". Jo knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth and started to slowly suck me into her mouth.

Zo?eant forward and forced her sisters legs open and began to caress her pussy; suddenly she slapped her hard across her labia making her yelp. "Owwwww Miss Zo?lease be gentle with me". Zo?ept slapping her sister's sweet cunt as she ground her pussy into her mouth. "Tori get your tongue into my ass and ream me out make me cum slut.

Mommy come over here and lick Tori's pussy while I suck Richards cock"! Jo started to walk over but Zo?arked out. "Crawl you bitch, crawl over here". Jo got down and crawled over and began to lick her daughter's sweet pussy.

I strolled over and pushed my cock into her mouth. She sucked me like a fucking pro, surprisingly so as she had been a virgin a few days ago. When I was as hard as iron she caressed my nuts and smiled at me. "Go and fuck my mom Rich fuck her hard"! I got behind Jo and slid my cock straight into her pussy and began to fuck her hard forcing her face into her daughter's pussy.

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Zo?egan to abuse Tori's tits by twisting her nipples harshly. "C'mon Rich fuck my mommy hard, c'mon fuck the bitch hard"! I began to fuck her faster as she began to moan into her daughter's pussy.

"Oh yes fuck me Rich fuck me hard make me cum". She arched her back and began to orgasm again. I pulled out and shot my load over Jo's back as she collapsed. Zo?tood over her sister and rubbed her toes around her tits then pushed them into her mouth. "Suck my toes whore"!

Tori sucked her toes for a while then Zo?ulled them out of her mouth and rubbed them in the mess on her moms back she then rubbed her toes over her sister's pussy before shoving them inside making her big sister wince. "Ouch Miss that hurts". Zo?hen pushed them back into her mouth.

"Suck them clean slut"! When she was finished humiliating her sister Zo?rabbed Tori by the hair and pulled her round and rubbed her face in the mess on her moms back. "Lick it all up bitch clean your mommy's back for her"! She began to slap her ass again making her squeal sexily. When she was finished she knelt there as Zo?ent upstairs.

I looked at Tori and asked if she was ok.

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"Oh yes I'm fine we play this game sometimes, Zo?eally likes being dominant more so than me"! Zo?alked back in with four of my neckties in her hand; she walked up to Tori and grabbed her hair and twisted her head back. "Who the fuck said you could talk bitch"? "I'm sorry Miss Zo? Tori noticed the ties and looked quizzically at her sister. "What are those for Miss Zo? Zo?ragged her to the dining table and pushed her face down onto it; she secured her ankles to the legs then tied her wrists to the opposite side leaving her spread-eagled over the table.

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"We are gonna have some fun with you now Tori. Mommy lick her and get her ready for Rich". Zo?pread her sister's cheeks wide open revealing her pussy which was soaking wet and her little anus. Her ring looked so sweet nice and tight. Jo slid her tongue along her slit and up to her ass and began to ream her daughter"! Tori's head came up and she began to struggle as she realised what was happening. "No, no, no; not my ass I said no; now untie me"! Zo?ent to her head and kissed her full on the mouth then with an evil grin said.

"It's happening Tori, Rich is gonna fuck your ass and make you scream, so just fucking relax and take it"! She got a jar of sex lube out of her bag and began to smear it around her sister's anus. She then slowly pushed a finger into her ass making her wriggle and squeal a little louder.

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"Please don't it's gonna hurt me"! As Zo?ushed a second finger into her ass Tori let out a yelp. "Ouch oh fuck stop it hurts, stop. Please stop Zo? don't like it; mommy make her stop please"! Jo cradled her daughters chin in her hands and kissed her softly. "Baby it's gonna happen Rich is gonna sodomise your virgin ass and make you scream till you orgasm"! I rubbed copious amounts of lube into my cock and moved behind Tori, Zo?ripped my cock and licked the en then placed it at her sister's tight opening.

"Rape her ass Rich, rape her and make her scream"! I pushed in slowly feeling Tori clench up trying to stop me, but I just ploughed in a little harder forcing my cock the first two inches into her rectum, then held still as she screamed out loudly. "Aaaaaaaaarrrggh please stop it hurts, it hurts oh fuck it hurts"! I ignored this and bit by bit I forced my cock into her virginal ass making her yelp at every thrust, "Uh, aaaargh, uh, uh, uh oh my god it fucking huuuuuuuuuuuurrrrts"!


With one final push I was all the way in her ass and held still as she sobbed and breathed deeply. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god"! I felt her ass relax a little as she began to get used to me in there. Then I pulled out and pushed right back in.

"oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck"! Tori went to her face and licked the tears off her cheeks while her mother slipped her hand under her and began to stroke her clit. "Mmmm Tori your pussy is wet are you enjoying this"? She shook her head. "No, no, no, no, please stop mommy"! I began to slowly fuck her tight ass with long strokes feeling her loosen up as she began to moan and push back onto my cock.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck, oooooooh fuuuuuuuuuck yes, yes, yes"! Zo?ot on the table and pushed her young cunt into her sister's face. "Now you are enjoying it aren't you.

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I told you, you would didn't I" "Oh god Zo?t feels good now the pain as almost gone, oh fuck yes, fuck me harder make me your slut"! I began to go at her ass like a madman watching her lick her sister as her mom tickled her clit; it felt so good this was the third virgin ass in one week and I had fucked her sister's virgin cunt as well.

Damn this was a special family all three girls would let me fuck them any how I wanted now. "Oh fuck I'm cumming, I'm cumming, mommy I'm cumming rub my clit, and Rich cum in me fill my ass with your spunk". This was it I shot a massive load deep into her ass and pulled out watching her close up slowly as my seed leaked out.

Jo was in like a flash sucking the cum into her mouth then as Zo?ntied her sister they sat there swapping my cum form mouth to mouth. I sat back spent, worn out as the girls looked at me. Jo spoke first. "Well I'm glad you moved here Rich and I think the girls are as well". They both nodded as I led them up to the bedroom so we could get some well deserved rest.