Caught Stealing had Suck the Security guard Dick

Caught Stealing had Suck the Security guard Dick
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Chapter 5: Hannah vs. 100+ Outlaws Hannah did not know what time she fell asleep, but she did know that despite her fatigue it took her at least a few hours. She cried the entire time too. She kept waiting for Tank or one of the other bikers to come in and rape her some more, but it never happened.

Eventually she somehow was able to fall asleep, and she dreamed of simple pleasures like being back at home with friends and family throughout the night. "Wakey wakey slut!" Tank exclaimed, slapping Hannah in the face hard and waking up the weary Asian.

"No! Please no more! Please just let me go!" Hannah started begging, as the awfulness of her situation instantly set in. "Boy do we got a fun day planned for you," the cruel biker declared in excitement. "Well, fun for us Outlaws anyway, I'm not so sure about you. Its Saturday bitch, that means pretty much the whole gang is gonna be around to use you. I guess word about you spread real fast, it sounds like every single Outlaw is anxious to fuck your tight little holes. I sure hope Big Joe comes by today, I wanna see how well you can handle his cock." "Please stop this, I'm begging you so much," Hannah pleaded desperately.

"I'll give you whatever you want, anything you want I swear." "What did I say about calling yourself 'I'?" Tank asked, as he unlocked Hannah's wrist and ankle from the bed. "I'm—this slut is sorry, just please…let this slut go, please sir," Hannah replied. Tank finished untying the petite Asian and then yanked her off the bed and over to the dinner table. Waiting for Hannah there was another plate of leftovers from last night, along with a glass of water and a dirty fork.

Tank forced her to sit down at the table and begin eating, and as she did so Hannah noticed that there were about seven or eight other bikers scattered throughout the room waiting for her. She felt the knot in her stomach as she realized she was about to be raped again in just a little while.

"Eat up whore, you're gonna need all the energy you can get, today is gonna be real long for you," Tank advised the Asian girl. Hannah picked up the fork and reluctantly began eating the scraps from the plate. Even though the food tasted horrible, she barely noticed.

The only thing she could think about was what kind of sadistic things the gang had planned for her. Whatever it was, she figured it could not be as bad as yesterday, when she'd been raped close to 50 times and swallowed more than a dozen loads of cum.

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"Put these on slut," Tank said, tossing a pair of 6" stripper heels at Hannah's feet when she was done eating. Hannah bent down and attached the stilettos to her feet. They were so trashy looking with their clear, plastic heels and black leather straps that wrapped around her ankles. When she was finished putting them on Tank grabbed her and dragged her over to a stool near the wall. Welded onto the stool was a massive 9" steel dildo.

As soon as Hannah saw it she started crying. "Your pussy is gonna be doing a lot of work today whore, so we're gonna give you a little time to loosen it up a little bit," Tank declared. "Start fucking that thing right now, and look at us while you do it. Let's go bitch, get that cock inside your dirty little cunt." Hannah let out a bleat of despair as she stood over the dildo and turned around so that she was facing the entire room of bikers.

She squatted over the steel cock and positioned herself so that it was lined up with her incredibly sore pussy. Hannah cried in pain as she spread her pussy lips and slowly lowered herself onto the huge shaft. Her pussy ached so badly from the previous night and each inch of the dildo that penetrated her was unbearable. "All the way down whore, get it all in there," Tank ordered, stroking his cock as he watched the little Asian skewer herself.

Hannah was crying in humiliation and pain as she squatted down on the dildo until it was completely buried inside her snatch. The feeling of all 9" of it inside her was extremely unpleasant. She was so drained from last night and her legs were quivering as she struggled to maintain her balance.

"Let's go bitch, start fucking it, and don't stop until I say so," Tank commanded. Hannah sighed wretchedly but obediently started fucking the huge shaft. She used her long, slender legs to piston her cunt up and down the dildo. A couple of minutes passed as she gently pumped her body along the steel cock.

"Harder slut, fuck it hard, and go all the way down it like a good little whore," Tank instructed. Hannah watched the man pick up the steel cane from a table and instantly began fucking the dildo more zealously. Her thrusts were also much longer as she repeatedly pushed her body up until just the tip of the steel cock was inside her snatch before drilling the entire thing back into her pussy.

Hannah groaned in pain each time she was forced to stuff the dildo into her aching sex. She could feel herself blushing in total shame as the bikers all leered at her outstretched pussy.

"Rub your tits together slut," Tank commanded, smiling at the Asian while he massaged his cock. "And keep fucking that dildo bitch." Hannah moved her hands onto her breasts and began gently squeezing and pressing them together. They were still extremely sensitive and inflamed from the canings and even touching them was painful. Nevertheless, she wisely kneaded the small mounds of flesh in her hands while she propelled her cunt up and down the steel dildo.

After more than ten minutes passed by, her body was glistening with sweat and her legs were getting extremely exhausted. "Please! This slut is tired! Please let me—let this slut stop!" Hannah implored the men. "Shut the fuck up whore, and keep fucking that cock, I know you love it," Tank replied angrily. The heartless Outlaw forced Hannah to fuck the dildo for 10-15 more minutes, and by the time he finally told her to stop Hannah was completely drained. Her body was soaked in sweat and she could hardly feel her weary legs anymore.

Tears of awful sadness streaked her cheeks as Tank grabbed the Asian's hair and yanked her off the stool. "Please stop!" Hannah begged, as the huge Outlaw marched her over to the bed and forced her to lie on her back atop it.

With help from another biker, Tank proceeded to tie Hannah to the bed spread-eagle. In just a couple minutes she was securely strapped down, with her wrists and ankles fastened to the four bed posts and her defenseless pussy right at the side of the mattress. Her legs had been spread so excruciatingly wide that they were in a complete splits position and perfectly in line with the edge of the bed.

Hannah whined in discomfort and desperately begged the men to untie her. "Let's hurry this up fellas," Tank declared, as he glanced down at his watch. "We only got about an hour and a half." "No!!! Please!! Please don't!!" Hannah screamed, tugging at her bonds as she watched Tank strip down and move towards her. Tank grinned with delight as he stood before the squirming, terrified Asian and lined his cock up with her vagina.

He drove viciously forward and rammed his large penis deep into Hannah's aching pussy. Within seconds he was pounding into the Asian maniacally, ignoring her screams for mercy as he fucked her like a complete psycho. "Aaaaaaiiieeeee!!! Pleeeeeaaaassseee!!" Hannah wailed, trying with all of her might to break out of the ropes that held her.

"God how the fuck are you still so tight?!" Tank exclaimed, grabbing Hannah's breasts and crushing them in his hands while he furiously raped her. Hannah screamed in agony and squirmed around in her bonds, but she was completely powerless to stop Tank from pounding her as hard as he wanted.

Her arms and legs were tied down as wide and as firmly as possible, so all she could do was wait and try to absorb the excruciating fucking. It took nearly ten minutes but he eventually did cum. Hannah hardly cared anymore as he plunged his huge shaft into her pussy and began flooding it with his seed.

"Thanks whore," Tank said, as he removed his cock from Hannah's gaping vagina and left her sobbing on the mattress. "Noooooooo!!!" Hannah shrieked, shuddering in terror as another biker appeared before her with his bulging cock in his hand.

Despite her piercing screams and desperate pleas the giant Outlaw proceeded to fuck Hannah's pretty little cunt.

When he was finished he was immediately replaced by another one of the bikers. On and on it went for nearly 1.5 hours as all nine men in the room violently raped Hannah and spewed their loads into her bruised, gaping vagina. When they were finished she was quickly untied and given a few minutes to shower.

"Put this on slut, hurry up we don't have time," Tank commanded, throwing a handful of clothing to Hannah as soon as she was dragged out of the bathroom. Hannah picked up the clothes and stared at them incredulously.


The outfit consisted of a skimpy black leather bra, the same 6" stilettos she'd worn earlier, and a pair of daisy dukes that had been sheared down to nothing more than a denim g-string.

When she slipped the garments on Hannah felt her face burning in humiliation, and could feel the smiles of approval from all the bikers in the room. "Let's go bitch, you got a super busy day," Tank stated, as he motioned to a few of the Outlaws before exiting the room. Two bikers seized Hannah's arms and led her out of the bar and into the parking lot. She was forced onto Tank's chopper as usual and together the men peeled out onto the main road.

Hannah knew how utterly ridiculous she must have looked, dressed like a complete slut and riding with a bunch of massive, angry bikers.

Yet each person that passed by hardly gave her a second look, and it seemed like they were not one bit surprised at the sight of her and the Outlaws. It wasn't until they drove past a police car on the side of the road with the word "sheriff" on its side that Hannah realized just how hopeless her nightmare was. To her complete dismay and horror, the law enforcement officer in the car simply smiled and nodded in Tank's direction as soon as he saw him and the other bikers. They drove for about 20 minutes before they turned off the road and into the parking lot of an old, abandoned warehouse.

Hannah felt the huge lump in her throat as she looked around at the many, many bikes littered all around the building. There must have been 70-80 motorcycles, not including Tank and the others who had just pulled in. As soon as he parked his own chopper and began dragging Hannah toward the warehouse, she could hear the raucous laughter of countless Outlaws inside.

They entered the dilapidated structure from the side through a sliding gate, and were instantly greeted with a deafening cheer of excitement. Hannah felt her knees buckle as she stared in wide-eyed horror at the sea of bikers packed inside the warehouse. They were all gazing at her lustfully and she knew how much the image of her—and especially her outfit—was turning them on. She whimpered miserably as many of them reached out and groped her while Tank led her toward the center of the building.

"I hope you're ready cunt," the biker whispered into Hannah's ear. "You're about to get fucked by more guys than you can imagine." Hannah felt the heaviness in her chest and the tears already forming in her eyes as she stared at the ominous setting in the middle of the warehouse. It was clear that the gang had taken quite some time preparing for her arrival.

There were several ominous fucking stations for Hannah: A versatile rack capable of tying her into almost any position imaginable, a metal suspension machine, and a stockade like those from the medieval times. All the furniture was placed together, and positioned around them on each side were several expensive, high quality video recorders. "Well boys, I hope you're all ready to fuck some tight little Asian holes!" Tank shouted out loud, as the entire gang of men gathered around him and Hannah.

"For those of you who haven't met her yet this little slut is Hannah. We picked her up a couple days ago. She was on her way to some vacation spot but we convinced her to be our little whore instead. As you can all see she's real glad to be here and real excited to meet the rest of the gang.

She's taken a lot of cocks so far but she's still nice and tight, so let's fuck her real good and hard and show her what we do to Asian cunts around here." Hannah was shaking in absolute terror now as she listened to the thunderous roar of anticipation from the crowd.

Tank, meanwhile, looked at the various apparatuses and contemplated which one to use first. After awhile he decided upon the wooden stocks and asked a couple of his friends to help put Hannah into the contraption. They quickly stripped off her bra and daisy dukes and dragged her toward the machine. Hannah screamed in fear and struggled frantically as they forced her neck and wrists onto the bottom half of the stocks before closing the upper part and securely locking her into the device.

"Please!!! Please let me out!! Not this please!!!" Hannah begged hysterically, futilely trying to free her head from the stocks. The holes around her wrists and neck were so small that the stocks were barely able to clamp shut around them. This effectively meant that Hannah could not budge her hands and head even an inch, and the psychological torture of the restriction was truly unbearable. Not being able to see anything going on behind her was also very distressing. "Okay boys step right up and get to work on the bitch!" Tank shouted, motioning toward Hannah's gorgeous upturned ass.

"And don't worry, I promise you'll all get multiple turns with the cunt. We're keeping her here all day and night, until every single Outlaw ain't got no jizz left in his balls." One of the bikers came up to the stockade and placed a large metal bowl directly beneath Hannah's head and pussy, and warned her to keep her legs spread apart.

Meanwhile, several other Outlaws had settled next to the video equipment and were beginning to film Hannah's imminent and insane gangbang. Hannah screamed dreadfully as one of the men behind her smacked her ass before placing the tip of his cock against her anus. "Aaaaagggghhhhh!!" Hannah squealed, as the powerful ogre began roughly shoving his dick into her asshole. "Goddamn this bitch really is tight!" The Outlaw roared, gripping Hannah's thin waist firmly while he ripped his cock into her sphincter as hard as he could.

"Noooooo!! Pleeeaaaaasssee!!!" Hannah wailed miserably, as the biker hammered away at her asshole. The man's cock was huge, and Hannah could feel her tender anus getting absolutely torn up. Thankfully it took him just a couple of minutes to cum, and the small Asian trembled in disgust as her rectum was flooded with semen.

When she finally felt the massive biker pull his cock out of her ass, Hannah screamed in horror as he was instantly replaced by another Outlaw. "Please stop!!" Hannah sobbed, writhing around miserably as she felt another pair of rough, giant hands seize her hips. "Fuck that's a pretty little cunt," the enormous biker remarked, as he pressed the head of his dick against Hannah's pussy.

"Aaaaoooowwwww!!!" Hannah screeched, as the giant Outlaw ripped his cock deep into her sore cunt. "Don't forget fellas she's got another hole up front!" Tank shouted, pointing toward Hannah's completely restrained head.


Several bikers immediately raced to the hallowed spot. The first one to arrive quickly dropped his jeans and boxers and smacked the tip of his huge cock against Hannah's face. He held it in front of her lips and ordered the Asian to open her mouth, but Hannah refused. "I said open that mouth bitch!" The ogre shouted, slapping Hannah across her face viciously. Hannah squealed in pain and quickly parted her lips for the man. As soon as she did, he brutally plunged his cock into the Asian's mouth and toward her throat.

He gripped Hannah's head with both hands and used his powerful hips to slam his penis in and out of her mouth. Hannah could not see anything other than the biker's thick bush of pubic hair right in front of her, but she could hear the deafening chants from men all around her urging the rapists to fuck her harder.

"Fuck yeah!! Holy shit I'm cumming!!" The biker behind Hannah roared, burying every inch of his huge shaft inside the Asian's pussy.

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Hannah did not even notice her cunt getting filled with sperm. She was much too busy trying not to choke to death on the massive dick stuffed inside her mouth and throat. The Outlaw in front of her was merciless, as he thumped his penis back and forth into her face nonstop. It was the most horrific forced blowjob imaginable, as Hannah's hands and head were both restrained and she was completely powerless to stop the hairy beast.

Despite the huge cock that was lodged in her mouth Hannah's anguished scream could be heard by all the men in the warehouse, as another Outlaw got behind her and rammed his penis into her asshole. Meanwhile, the biker fucking her face finally reached his climax and started spewing his sperm into Hannah's mouth.

Hannah sobbed dismally as she felt the hot spunk gushing into the back of her throat. When he was done the man yanked his dick out of Hannah's mouth and gave her an appreciative smack in the face before leaving. "Augghh!!

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Aauugghh!! Aauugghh!!" Hannah shrieked over and over again as the massive Outlaw behind her brutally pounded her asshole. "Plleeeeaaaasse!!!" The little Asian begged, a look of sheer terror on her face as another huge biker stepped up to use her mouth. "Open your mouth whore!" The man ordered, slapping Hannah so hard that the ring echoed inside the warehouse. Hannah wailed in pain and respectfully spread her lips wide for the tattooed giant. She immediately started gagging as he drove his cock deep into her little throat.

Once again, however, she couldn't do anything to help herself. The cruel Outlaw fucked Hannah's mouth for several agonizing minutes, and pulled out just twice during that span to give the Asian a few seconds to breathe. By the time he blew his load inside her mouth, Hannah's face was a dark crimson color and she looked like she truly yearned for death.

Meanwhile, the man behind her had already ejaculated inside her asshole and had already been replaced by another massive biker.

The new Outlaw was fucking Hannah's ass so hard that her skinny legs buckled violently each time he slammed his cock into the torn opening. Hannah's pleas for mercy were short-lived, as another biker soon had his cock buried deep inside her mouth. It was the most appalling, horrendous rape Hannah could have ever imagined, and it continued uninterrupted for nearly three excruciating hours. During that span more than 40 Outlaws happily used her mouth, ass, or pussy.

Torrents of sperm were now flowing freely from the three openings, and the bowls underneath Hannah's head and pussy were starting to fill with the disgusting fluid. Hannah's asshole and cunt were both badly torn and gaping horrifically. Her jaw, likewise, was terribly sore from the constant facial abuse.

"How you holding up there slut?" Tank laughed, stepping in front of the weeping Asian. "Please!!! Please stop this!! I can't take anymore!!!" Hannah begged miserably, as thick streams of drool and cum dripped off her chin and into the bowl below.

"What do you mean you can't take anymore?" Tank asked incredulously. "It's not even noon bitch! You got at least ten more hours to go, so suck it up and be a good little whore. You haven't even fucked half the gang yet, and I'm sure you know we're all gonna have a second or third round with you by the time you leave here." "Please just stop!! Leave me alone!!!" Hannah screamed in horror and frustration. Tank and a couple of other bikers unlocked the wooden stockade, finally freeing Hannah from the nightmarish device.

Her relief was short, however, as they took her over to the rack and put her onto it on her back. Hannah squealed in agony as the men spread her legs out as wide as physically possible and tied them off to the corners of the machine.

They then tied her arms down and adjusted the rack so that her pussy was on one end of it while her head dangled from the opposite end. "Okay boys let's get back to work!" Tank shouted, instantly prompting a pair of Outlaws to move to the Asian's pussy and mouth. The metal bowls of cum were once again placed underneath Hannah's head and cunt while the two bikers prepared to use the respective holes.

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Hannah screamed in agony as she felt one of the men grab her waist and spear his huge cock deep into her exhausted vagina. Just seconds later the other giant began smashing his own penis back and forth between her succulent lips. With her head suspended upside down Hannah was forced to stare at the man's enormous, hairy balls while he fucked her mouth viciously.

A little more than two hours passed by while the gang proceeded to rape Hannah in this new position, and about 30 of them were able to use the Asian during this time. Hannah's aching pussy burned like it was on fire, but the pain in her throat was even worse, as over a dozen Outlaws had stuffed their entire dicks down it. Hannah's beautiful face and hair were both completely drenched with cum.

Most of the men had chosen to ejaculate in her mouth, while a couple had pulled out and shot their loads all over her face. "Oh shit Big Joe's here!" Hannah heard one of the bikers shout, followed by a chorus of excited cheers.

"You hear that slut?" Tank asked, as he stood above Hannah's dangling head. "Big Joe's here. I hope we've loosened you up good for him. Get ready bitch, you're about to get your brains fucked out." Hannah heard the commotion of many bikers moving out of the way and the daunting sound of heavy footsteps quickly approaching.

After several seconds, Big Joe finally appeared and stood before the Asian's suspended head. Hannah stared in sheer terror and disbelief at the giant. He was without question the most enormous man she'd ever seen. As massive as Tank and the other bikers were, Big Joe was at least a ½ foot taller than them and outweighed most of them by about 100 lbs. He was not fat, however, but built very powerfully like a wrestler.

And indeed, to Hannah he truly looked like one of those colossal freaks that came out on WWE. "Shit you boys fucked this bitch up," Big Joe chuckled, as he gazed down hungrily at the helpless little Asian slut. "She is a hot little gook though. Nice and small, I bet she's real tight." "No please!! Please don't hurt me!!!" Hannah begged hysterically, as the goliath dropped his pants and presented his cock to her.

Hannah knew it was going to be huge, but the actual sight of Big Joe's cock was unreal. The monstrous shaft was nearly 11" in length and seemed almost as thick as a baseball bat. Big Joe stood in front of the Asian's dangling head and stroked his cock for a moment, allowing the fear to really settle into the girl.

When he finally began moving toward the other end of the rack Hannah screamed in horror and pulled feverishly at the ropes that held her. "Please no!! Please I can't!!! Please don't let him!!!" Hannah pleaded desperately up at Tank. "Relax slut, you'll live," Tank reassured the terrified Asian. "Nooooooooooooo!!!" Hannah screamed, tugging at her bonds harder once she felt the massive tip of Big Joe's cock against her aching pussy.

"God that fucking feels nice!" Big Joe exclaimed, holding his cock with one hand while he slowly sank it into the Asian's cunt. Despite how much it was gaping and lubed up from the countless bikers who'd ejaculated into it, Hannah's vagina was putting up a lot of resistance. The little Asian screamed in agony as her raw, battered pussy was stretched further than ever before, and further than she thought capable.

Big Joe's dick was so enormous that it literally felt like he was ripping her pussy in two with it. Hannah wept and squealed miserably as the behemoth continued driving forward until his cock hit her cervix and refused to go any further. Only a couple inches of the gigantic pole were sticking out of Hannah's sex.

"Aaaaaooooowwwww!!!" Hannah wailed in torture, as the huge biker slammed forward with his hips and tried to bury the rest of his cock in her pussy. "Fuck you bitch! Get ready I'm gonna fuck you into next week slut!" Big Joe roared, just before he began ferociously ripping his penis in and out of the Asian's cunt. "Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!! Noooooooooooo!!!" Hannah screamed, struggling crazily as the huge beast started pounding her pussy to a pulp.

The entire gang of bikers were all gathered around the wooden rack and stroking their dicks as they watched Big Joe demolish the helpless little Asian. Just the sight of her long, sexy legs spread insanely wide and her continuous, desperate attempts to free herself were enough to make many of them nearly cum in their pants. Every single muscle in Hannah's slender frame was visibly straining as her body tried to absorb the violent pounding.

"Oh God please!!! Please stop!!!" Hannah begged wretchedly, as Big Joe continued to demolish her tight little pussy.

"Damn you're still tight bitch!" Big Joe roared, reaching out and smacking Hannah's tits hard while he ripped his cock in and out of her vagina.

Hannah's face was twisted into a look of pure misery and tears of agony were flowing from her eyes. Every time Big Joe slammed into her she screamed at the top of her lungs and looked like she was going to faint from the pain. It was insane that Big Joe could even fit his cock inside the Asian girl, and Hannah knew that the giant was definitely causing some permanent damage to her cunt.

"Fuck yeah!! Shit I'm cumming!! I'm cumming you little slut!!!" Big Joe finally yelled, after fucking Hannah's twat for nearly 20 minutes. Hannah screamed in torture one last time as the juggernaut stabbed his dick into her as hard as he could. An instant later she felt his heavy load of jizz flooding into her pussy and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Hannah did not care at all about having his cum dumped inside her body, she was just extremely thankful that he was finally done using her.

When Big Joe finally finished depositing his seed and removed his massive cock from her vagina, Hannah could feel the incredible void that was left inside of her.

It felt as if someone had just exploded a piece of dynamite inside her cunt.

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"I'll be back in a few hours bitch," Big Joe promised the devastated Asian. "And then I'm fucking that pretty little asshole." As he walked away, Hannah could hear the other bikers congratulating and thanking the giant for coming. Hannah could feel a thick stream of cum dripping out of the cavernous opening that was her pussy. The hole ached and burned worse than ever before, and she did not know how she was going to handle any more cocks being slammed into it.

It had been the most excruciating fucking of her life, even worse than when Tank had taken her anally a day earlier. Her body was soaked in sweat from her constant struggles, and she was so exhausted she could not move even if she wanted to. "Okay boys let's give the whore a quick break," Tank said, an evil grin on his face.

"She looks real thirsty I think it's time we give her something to drink." There was a round of cheers and laughter, and several men moved forward and untied Hannah from the rack. They quickly dragged her off the machine and forced her to kneel on the floor, while one of them grabbed her wrists and cuffed them together behind her back. Hannah was so utterly fatigued that she did not see Tank and a couple of other Outlaws grab the two bowls of cum and empty them into a large beer-bong.

"Wait hold on," Tank said, grabbing the device after the men had finished dumping all of the sperm into it. "I think it needs a little something else too." The men all laughed sinisterly as Tank spat a huge, disgusting loogey into the large funnel. The bong was then quickly passed around to the other Outlaws, and each one of them also spat and blew their noses into it. By the time it came back to Tank over 80 bikers had contributed their saliva, snot, and even piss to the bong, and it was filled to the very brim.

"You ready for your energy drink whore?" Tank asked, holding up the contraption for Hannah to see. "You're gonna need this, you still got a lot more work to do." Hannah recoiled in fear as Tank bent down and brought the tip of the dangling hose to her face.

She could not see what was in the top funnel, but she could see that the tube was filled with cum and she started whining in disgust. Two Outlaws quickly knelt down next to her and grabbed her arms firmly, and another biker got behind her and jerked her hair down so that she was forced to look up. All three men held Hannah very tightly, keeping her from even budging. "Open your mouth slut, or it's gonna be fifty lashes," Tank warned gravely, holding up the steel cane for Hannah to see.

Hannah obediently spread her lips while she looked up at Tank with complete torment in her eyes. The biker immediately inserted the tube deep into Hannah's mouth and chuckled as he watched her tremble in fear.

After instructing her to drink the entire load, he twisted the valve on the hose and stared excitedly as the nasty concoction began draining into Hannah's mouth.

"Start swallowing whore!" Tank shouted, whipping the cane across Hannah's breasts. Hannah whimpered in pain and quickly began drinking the terrible mixture of cum, piss, and snot. She tried not to think about the dozens of filthy men who'd contributed to the cocktail, or how so much of it had been inside her pussy and asshole just moments earlier, but she couldn't.

The feeling of the warm, syrupy fluid slithering down her gullet and into her belly was too horrible to describe. Nevertheless, Hannah continued to down the terrible contents, sobbing in absolute misery while she did. "Keep going slut!" Tank screamed, as Hannah paused after consuming nearly half of the huge load.

Tears were streaking down the Asian's cheek and she was whining desperately for mercy. Hannah was starting to feel extremely sick and did not think she could drink anymore.

She'd taken countless gulps of the sickening mixture and it seemed like it was never going to disappear. She'd already nearly puked, and would have if not for a warning stroke from Tank as soon as he saw her start to vommit.

"Start drinking bitch!" Tank commanded, striking Hannah's tits viciously with the cane. Hannah groaned in agony and once again began swallowing the horrible blend of the bikers' discharge. After a few gulps, however, she started groaning woefully as she realized what other contents were inside the bong. Hannah could taste the urine and snot that was mixed in with the sperm, and as soon as she did she started retching in complete horror and revulsion.

"Keep it down bitch, keep it down, don't you dare puke it up," the Outlaw behind Hannah ordered, yanking down on her long hair and keeping her head pointed straight up at the roof. Hannah was dry heaving violently and had already vomited a little in her mouth.

She could feel the rest about to come up, but just before it did Tank ripped his cane into her chest several times so powerfully that she screamed in agony and held the puke down. The cruel biker beat her two more times and commanded her to finish her drink. Hannah was shaking her head dismally and her entire body shuddered as she continued swallowing the filthy mixture. Each time she felt a thick, disgusting lump of snot sliding down her throat she had no idea how she was able to keep from throwing up.

By the time the entire load had been emptied into her body, Hannah was crying hysterically and looked like she wanted to die. "No puking slut," Tank warned, as he removed the tube from Hannah's mouth. "You puke and I'm gonna give you 50 shots to the tits, plus make you lick it all back up." "Please stop this, I can't take anymore," the dejected Asian begged. "Please just leave me alone. Please." Hannah could feel the sperm, piss, and spit all swirling around in her stomach and nearly threw up again.

The appalling drink had been more than a liter in size, and Hannah did not know how she'd been able to chug it all down. She'd never felt so disgusted before in her entire life, and wanted so badly to just get the nasty brew out of her body as soon as possible. "Okay let's go, get her back on the rack," Tank instructed the men holding Hannah.

"Put her on her front this time so we can fuck that ass again. I don't think anyone's gonna wanna be touching that pussy for awhile, not after what Big Joe just did to it." "Please!!!" Hannah screamed, struggling wildly as the men unlocked her hands and dragged her back to the wooden rack. Despite her resistance, the Asian was quickly strapped back down on the machine, this time on her belly.

Her legs were once again pulled excruciatingly wide and tied to the corners of the rack, as were her wrists also. Hannah whimpered in fear while the bikers around her discussed who was next in line to use her. It did not take the men long, and soon enough two of them stepped forward and flanked her defenseless body. "Noooooo!! Pleeeeaaaasssse!!!" Hannah wailed, squirming around miserably as she felt the tip of another huge cock against her anus.

In the meantime, the other Outlaw jerked her head back and instantly stuffed his cock deep into the Asian's mouth. As the two fiends quickly began pounding her ass and face in a powerful rhythm, Hannah wondered how much more abuse she was going to have to take.

She'd already fucked roughly 75 of the bikers, but more and more were constantly showing up to the warehouse. Almost every single Outlaw was here now, meaning well over 100 men were gathered around the suffering Asian. Thus, even though she didn't know it, Hannah still had about 40 more bikers to fuck. And then, as incomprehensible as it seemed, virtually the entire gang was going to enjoy a second round with her. It was about 3PM now, and if she was lucky Hannah would be finished by midnight.

Hannah screamed, cried, and begged nonstop as one biker after another proceeded to fuck her nasty little holes. It took more than three grueling hours, but eventually the remaining 40 or so bikers finally finished raping poor Hannah.

Half of them used her mouth during this time and nearly the other half chose to fuck her bloody, gaping asshole. A good amount of sperm was already starting to collect again inside the two bowls beneath Hannah's face and pussy. "Damn is that really everyone?" Tank asked in gleeful astonishment, looking around at the swarm of bikers.

"Everyone's had a turn with the slut, right?" "Looks like it's all you Tank," one of the Outlaws replied, tapping the man on his shoulder. "That bitch looks pretty fucked up though." "Nah she's a horny little cunt, I'm pretty sure she's enjoying this shit," Tank laughed, before nodding over at the suspension machine. "Here, help me get her in there." A couple more bikers came over and helped untie Hannah before carrying her over to the next fucking station.

It was about 8' tall and looked very similar to a playground swing set. Attached to the top beam at either end were four leather cuffs, and it took several Outlaws to hold Hannah in the air while her ankles and wrists were both locked into the bindings. When they were finished, the Asian was hanging in the air with her arms and legs both pulled extremely wide and tied to the horizontal beam above her head.

Hannah's pussy was on graphic display to every Outlaw, and she was bawling in pain and disgrace at her lewd position.

"Looking hot slut," Tank lauded the miserable Asian. "You ready for round two? Relax and get comfortable bitch, you're gonna be up there for the next few hours." "Please stop!" Hannah whimpered, staring at the Outlaw nervously as he set one of the metal bowls of cum down beneath her cunt. Hannah began shaking in fear as Tank situated himself behind her and grabbed her ass-cheeks before yanking them wide apart.

She quickly started pleading with the large fiend as soon as she felt the tip of his dick against her inflamed asshole. It was all for nothing, however, as Tank ruthlessly speared his huge cock up into the bloody opening. Hannah screamed in agony as he began furiously raping her ass. "Damn bitch, looks like you're finally starting to loosen up!" Tank shouted, reaching up and grabbing Hannah's jiggling little tits while he viciously fucked her.

"Aaaaooowww!! Plleeeeaaaassse!!!" Hannah wailed, squirming around painfully as the ogre began squeezing and pinching her breasts as hard as he could. Tank fucked the helpless little Asian for ten excruciating minutes, crushing her tits and nipples with his rough hands the entire time. Fresh tears were coursing down Hannah's face while she frantically implored him to stop. Finally, she felt him drive his entire cock deep into her rectum just before he began shooting his cum inside the mangled canal.

As soon as he pulled his huge dick out of Hannah's anus, a thick stream of cum immediately began dribbling out of the hole and into the bowl on the floor. "You're only halfway done whore," Tank declared to the sobbing Asian.

"But if you can get through tonight, I think we just might let you go. How's that for a little incentive?" Hannah had a very hard time believing the monster, but a tiny part of her wondered whether he might have been telling the truth.

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She continued to cling to the hope that maybe, just maybe, the gang would eventually release her. Hannah simply refused to believe that this was how her life was going to end.

It was really the only thing that was keeping her somewhat sane, and giving her the will to live and endure. "Nooooooooo!!" Hannah screamed, thrashing around in the air as two enormous Outlaws quickly moved forward and sandwiched her between them.

Hannah yanked desperately at her bonds but she was powerless to stop the men as they clutched her squirming body and plunged their cocks deep into her asshole and vagina. She shrieked in agony as the pair of bikers instantly began fucking her like complete savages. They were both grunting in ecstasy as they tore their massive dicks in and out of the defenseless little Asian.

After about five minutes or so the Outlaw fucking Hannah's ass began to cum. When he was finished he removed his cock from the girl and was instantly replaced by another man. Several minutes later the huge thug pounding Hannah's pussy dumped his own load inside of her, and his spot was then immediately filled by another Outlaw also.

The process simply repeated itself over and over again for the next 4.5 hours. There was never a moment when a massive cock was not stuffed inside Hannah's cunt or anus, and in fact barely ever a time where both of the holes weren't being used simultaneously. Hannah was weeping dejectedly as another vile, hideous biker finished shooting his load of sperm up her pussy before pulling out and walking away.

He was the 72nd Outlaw to fuck Hannah ever since Tank had commenced her second shift nearly five hours ago. This meant that Hannah had been raped about 180 times total for the day, which was simply an absurd figure.

The fact that she was still alive was nothing short of a miracle, and also a testament to Hannah's resolve and mental strength. The Asian still was convinced that she would eventually and somehow make it through this nightmare. Fortunately for Hannah, there were just a handful of bikers remaining to use her. A good portion of the members had left after their first encounter, mostly because they had other places to be.

Unfortunately for Hannah, however, one of the few remaining Outlaws was Big Joe. The colossal giant had come back for her just as he'd promised, and was smiling depravedly now as he approached the miserable Asian with his massive dick in his hand. "I told you I'd be back whore," the behemoth said. "You ready to get that ass torn up?

You should be ready. I know these boys have been keeping you real busy." "Noooooo, please no, I can't…please I'm so tired," Hannah beseeched the enormous biker. "God you are such a fucking slut," Big Joe mocked the Asian, as he stared at the river of cum seeping from her hideously outstretched pussy.

"No please! Please stop I can't—I can't take anymore! Please!!" Hannah cried, writhing around in the air as Big Joe stepped behind her and clamped his huge hands around her buttocks. The giant fiend yanked Hannah's ass-cheeks wide apart and then effortlessly lifted her until her gaping anus was right above his cock. Hannah was already sobbing miserably as Big Joe inserted the tip of his penis in her asshole and slowly began lowering her onto the gigantic shaft.

She screamed in total agony as her sphincter was forced insanely wide to accommodate Big Joe's penis. Hannah vividly remembered how painful it was when the huge Outlaw had fucked her pussy just hours ago, and she could tell that this was going to be far more terrible. "Damn it's a good thing these fellas fucked you as much as they did," Big Joe commented, while he strenuously impaled more and more of his cock inside Hannah's ass.

"Otherwise I don't know how the fuck I'd fit inside this tiny little asshole." "Please just stop!! It's too big! What's wrong with you?!" Hannah shrieked, struggling feverishly as Big Joe continued to skewer her. "Shut the fuck up slut, you should feel honored to have this big cock inside you," Big Joe replied. "All you little gook whores love a big, fat American cock." "Aaaaaaauuuuuuggggghhhhh!!!" Hannah wailed, as the giant Outlaw forced nearly his entire cock up her ass until it physically couldn't go any further.

The Asian's earsplitting screams became instantly louder as Big Joe wrapped his hands around her dainty torso and started bouncing her up and down his penis with all his strength.

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Every time he slammed her onto his colossal shaft, Hannah looked like she was going to die. It was very obvious that with the size of his cock and how savagely he was smashing it into the poor Asian, Big Joe was completely wrecking Hannah's anus and possibly her intestines as well.

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"Oh my God!!! Please stop!!! Please I can't—you're killing me!!!" Hannah screamed in sheer horror. Even some of the other Outlaws grimaced as they watched the raging beast ferociously rape the living daylights out of poor Hannah. Her head was perched back and she was screaming louder and more wretchedly than at any other point throughout the day.

She truly looked like she wanted to be shot and relieved from the inhumane fucking. "Ah yeah bitch, here it comes!" Big Joe growled, driving his penis into Hannah's asshole one last time before he started cumming inside the Asian. Hannah was weeping out of control but looked hugely relieved that the psychotic giant was finished with her. Her head was slumped forward and she hung lifelessly in the air while Big Joe drained all of his sperm inside her asshole. Hannah was breathing heavily and her body was covered in sweat from her exertions.

By the time the Outlaw lifted her off his cock and walked away, she appeared extremely traumatized and was groaning incoherently. There were still about half-a-dozen bikers waiting to fuck Hannah, and they all did so over the next hour. Of course, just one of them decided to take her up the ass, and he was the last man of the bunch.

Hannah was surprisingly quiet as the remaining Outlaws raped her, for the most part whining miserably as they pounded her sloppy cunt one after another. She screamed in sheer torture, however, when the last one viciously fucked her anus for more than ten minutes before finally blowing inside of her. "Damn bitch, I gotta say I'm fucking shocked you made it," Tank declared, as he stood in front of the suspended Asian and nodded proudly. "You're a real trooper I'll give you that.

Good work slut, let's give you something refreshing to drink." The leader motioned to several of the remaining men and they quickly surrounded Hannah and untied her from the suspension machine.

Hannah groaned in exhaustion and anguish as soon as she was on the floor. Her hands were quickly tied together behind her back while a pair of Outlaws forced her to kneel on the ground. One of them grabbed her hair and tugged hard so that Hannah's head was tilted upward. "Open that mouth bitch," Tank commanded, as he held the tube of the beer-bong in his hand.

Completely broken and defeated, Hannah spread her lips and groaned as the evil biker inserted several inches of the rubber pipe into her mouth. A second Outlaw then grabbed the filthy bowl of cum from the floor and dumped it all into the large funnel of the device. There were easily more than 100 loads of sperm resting inside the bong, yet the men weren't finished.

Hannah remained still but whined in horror as the remaining 30 or so bikers surrounded her and once again expelled all the snot from their nose and phlegm from their throats into the bong. A few of them also pissed into it until it was about to overflow. "Remember slut, you better swallow it all, or its 50 shots with the cane," Tank cautioned the Asian. With a great big smile, Tank turned the valve on the tube and watched as the disgusting cocktail instantly began draining into Hannah's mouth.

The little Asian moaned in total revulsion, but proceeded to swallow the mixture like a good little skank. It took her more than five minutes, but Hannah eventually gulped down the entire blend of cum, piss, and other nasty discharges. It was incredible that she had both the energy and mental fortitude to finish the task, considering everything she had just been through. When Tank removed the tube from her mouth Hannah immediately started dry heaving.

"No bitch! Keep it down! You throw it up and that's 100 lashes!" Tank warned. Hannah had to suppress and gulp down the vomit that rose up to her throat several times, but she somehow managed to keep it in her belly. The thought of getting struck 100 times by the cane was more than enough motivation. The little Asian groaned in misery and fatigue as she immediately fell to her side when the bikers released her. She could not move and had to be carried by two Outlaws back to the parking lot.

A few of the men packed up the video recording equipment that lay around the various fucking stations. It was just past 1AM, meaning Hannah's gangbang had lasted an astonishing 15 hours, and every minute of it had been recorded by the biker gang. Hannah was barely moving as a pair of Outlaws dumped her onto the front seat of Tank's chopper.

The men hadn't even bothered to dress the little Asian. Tank positioned her so that her head and arms were slumped over the handlebars of his Harley and then peeled out of the parking lot, with the others following right behind him. They drove back to the bar and carried Hannah's lifeless body into the building. She was hardly coherent as they dumped her onto the mattress. "Good night bitch, I promise we won't fuck you too much tomorrow," Tank said. "But don't worry we got a lot of fun stuff planned and we'll be keeping you real busy again.

See you in the morning slut." **I hope you enjoy the story so far. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear comments or ideas about the story.**