Me Stroking my dick till i cum

Me Stroking my dick till i cum
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Laura, Chapter 8 (This is the end of the Laura series, and I hope you like it.) I feel a little guilty for not giving you the full story, in the last chapter, of the details of my fuck with Laura in front of our house, so I'll get rid of my guilt by telling you the whole story. I had told you that I had taken off my boxers and Laura had taken off her panties but she had a miniskirt on, and I had shorts on, and we went out in front of the house in the moonlight, and proceeded to fuck in the street standing up in front of the house, and that's what happened.

And then I said that the kids caught us and ran out of the house and gave us a big thumbs up. They knew what we were doing. Well, that wasn't quite everything that happened. In fact, that night started a new chapter in our lives. There we were, Laura and I, fucking while standing up in front of the house near the front fence, and Laura is beginning to shake and shudder and I know she will be cumming in a few seconds, and my cock is stiff as a board and throbbing, and I know I will be cumming in a few seconds later, and I am already leaning against the fence because Laura's knees will become weak as jelly when she cums, and I will have to hold her up, and then I will be cumming in her, and I will have a hard time standing up.


And then the kids come flying out of the house and here we are, ready to cum, and those kids are cheering us on. But they did more than that. They both squeezed up against us, Mimi behind me and Bobby behind Laura, and we are asking them, what's this all about?

And the kids tell us, your knees turn to jelly when you guys cum and we want to hold you up so you both get the best cum. And we are asking, how do you know that? And they tell us, it's a long story but finish up, we are here to hold you up while you blast her pussy, Dad.

So Laura and I just pretend the kids aren't there, and we keep on fucking, and Mimi is behind me rubbing my tummy, and Bobby is behind Laura rubbing one of her tits, and actually, we both have a great cum, and it's great to feel the kids holding us up and squeezing us together.

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Mind you, by now, Mimi is 20 and Bobby is 19, and they are both pretty strong. And after that, we go into the house, and we ask the kids, have you been spying on us?

And they tell us, yes, a lot, because we get them turned on a lot. How?

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Well, even though it's dark, we keep our door open, and Bobby's room is across from ours, and both kids are looking at us from Bobby's room.

How? Well, they got a pair of infrared goggles from Army surplus, not that much money, and they look at us in the dark while we are fucking.

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And it gets them both hot as a pistol, and then they fuck the hell out of each other. And they bring us the goggles, and we put them on, and they turn off the lights, and it is weird, both their bodies are lit up in a kind of whitish green, and the rest of the place is dark.

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And they have been doing this snooping on us a long time, looking at us fucking in the dark in gay abandon,m and getting turned on by us, and then fucking each other silly. By this time, the shock has worn off, and Laura says, "You have been watching us fucking in the street, so you are supposed to you fucking each other silly by now." And Mimi says, "You got it.

But we thought we would like to do it in front of you, just the way you have been doing it in front of us for years, and at the same time give you a fine show." And both Laura and I say, "What are you waiting for?"s So the kids put on a play about a guy who wants to make out with a girl, but she doesn't want him. So he proceeds to win her over with sweet talk, and she slowly melts.

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They did a good job of it. About this time in their passion play, Mimi starts taking off on her clothing, and that gives me an immediate hard on because she is a knockout, and Bobby starts taking off all his clothes, and that gives Laura a wet pussy, and in front of the kids, we slide together on the couch and she unzips me and pulls my cock out, and I put a finger inside her pussy.

And then those two kids get on the carpet, lying down, and proceed to fuck up a storm. Holy shit! That turns me and Laura on so hard that we are on the floor next to them, fucking away like crazy. If fucking Laura in the street emptied out my balls, I'd never know it. I blew a lot of cum into Laura's cunt.

And the kids rolled over to us on the floor, and grabbed us, and said, "Join us." And Mimi said, "Dad, please, please, please, stuff your cock in me, even if it is soft." And Bobby rolled over to Laura and said, "Mom, I can't wait to stick it in you. I've been waiting for years." So what could we do? We caved in. I fucked my daughter, and there wasn't much cock to stick inside her, but the biggest pleasure was getting hugged and kissed and slurping tongues together.

But while stuck inside her, I could look down at her gorgeous tits -- they had to be at least 38C -- and they were perfect round globes with gorgeous points sticking up into the air. And her pussy -- very tight -- thank God Bobby had given it a lube job with his cum, so I could slip inside there.


And I felt a little sorry for her because I couldn't imagine my getting up a cum to shoot inside her. I did wet my middle finger and shove it into her asshole, and suddenly her stomach got tight and she said, "Daddy, shove it in all the way." And I did it and this kid began to shiver and she started biting my tongue. So I got a rhythm going, pulling that finger in and out of her asshole, and then she began jerking around like a marionette out of control, and dug her tongue down my throat, and her fingernails into my back.

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It lasted a long time, and finally she said, "Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, oh jeez, that was heaven." And my cock and balls were completely wet with her cum. And Bobby had another cum left in him, and shot it into Laura, and my darling wife came all over the place at least twice with her son's cock inside her.

And from that day on, as long as the kids were in the house, before they went out and got jobs away from home, Laura and I were fucking them when we wanted to, and each other when we wanted to, and it was a good deal.

They liked fucking us old guys. Actually, to this day, nobody fucks me like my wife. I have the deepest cums inside her. Not even my gorgeous kid with that wonderful tight pussy gets me as hot as my wife does. Of course, the kids did get married, and they both started popping kids of their own, but once in a while one of them came home to have a super-fuck with Mom or Dad before going back to their spouses.


On one such occasion Mimi was off the pill because she and her husband wanted a kid, and she didn't tell me. And on that day, I was really full of jizz, and that day she was particularly hot, and I came three times inside her. It was the closest I remember to fucking Laura. Well, two years later Mimi informed me that she didn't think her baby was her husband Tom's, and she had a DNA check, and that baby was my kid, and she was not going to discuss it with Tom.

They never did. It was a cute little girl, and when she turned 20, guess who I fucked, not just once, but a lot of times.

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