Gay male fun college boys shower porn He shortly had his mitt up his

Gay male fun college boys shower porn He shortly had his mitt up his
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it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 5 I don't know why but fucking a girl in the ass is something I always had wanted to do. Sure pussy is great, hell its fantastic but there is just something about the thought of fucking a girl in the ass. Maybe its just the fact of going in thru the out door (so to speak) or a girl being in that submissive position and you know your about to enter where your not supposed to or that you know its a tight tight hole and it just has to feel so dam good, perhaps its all the above and the fact that this is my little sister just ads a whole mix of wrongs which create an irresistible appeal.

I suspect most woman want it or at least try it and I would bet they actually like it, love it even.

They have been programmed that your not supposed to go up there so they deny themselves the opportunity due to fear, pain and/or that "nice girls" just don't take it up there or that men don't marry girls who take it in the ass or a whole host of bullshit reasons.

For me a girl that will give me a piece of ass is a prerequisite for a long term relationship.

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Would you want to carry on with a girl who didn't suck dick (and if she swallows or at least lets you cum in her mouth then JACKPOT !), would she want you if you didn't eat pussy.All of these thoughts raced thru my head as I eased into my sisters little brown hole. The lube, plus the fact that she really wanted to, made for what I thought was an effortless initial entry as the head of my of dick slipped in and she instinctively tightened her anus muscle, it felt incredible.

I closed my eyes leaning my head back slightly, OHHHH BAAABYYYY, was all I could say. With her instinctive resistance came my instinct to push harder, to bury myself deep inside this incredibly tight hole. I grabbed her hips digging my fingers in and pushed slipping in only a fraction, she really tightened up, "easy" she said in a low voice.

I stopped, holding firm, but I stopped. My desire, my lust caused thoughts in my head of pulling back slightly and when she relaxed just plunge in and fuck her mercilessly until I was satisfied then depend on my sisters love for me, along with blaming uncontrollable desire for my actions and beg her forgiveness.

I pulled back slightly, she relaxed a bit and with my fingers still dug into her fleshy hips I whispered "I'm sorry sis" and with that I let go .my grip on her hips and reached for the lube. Believe me it was very tempting but I was looking ahead and didn't want this to be a one time deal. I applied some lube to her hole while inserting a finger into her as she laid her head down. I worked my finger in and out of her then stopped and applied some more lube onto my enlarged head and lined up again as she rose her head up and got back on all fours.

I eased into her again and went right in but stopped where I had made it to the last time. Go ahead, do it, she said. I started the in and out motion while slowly pushing in a bit more with every third stroke. Her head hung down and her hands clenched the sheet as I worked in and out of her.

I pushed in a bit more just getting to the thickest part of my cock when she raised her head up and started grunting.


I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing (which was getting in as much as I could as quick as I could) that when I heard her grunt it brought me out of the slight trance I was in. Even as cool as it was in the house I realized I was sweating. She was pulling away a little as I held her tight, determined not to cede any depth I had made but not going any deeper.

She was breathing HARD, my cock started to swell and she said "you almost done ?". I could only get out an "uh huh" as I increased my effort to bring it on.

I went faster and harder as she grunted "go ahead and finish". I went at it hard until a few seconds later UH, UH, OHHHHH ! I shouted as the first wave of boiling white lava erupted into her. Holding her firm and keeping myself in as deep as I could I let go another stream UH, UH, AHHHHHH which felt powerful enough to drill right through her.

Then with a few smaller squirts and working my muscles I squeezed out the remaining cum left in my shaft and with that I pulled out.

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She laid out face down onto the bed with her arms above her as I knelt behind her sucking in air. After about 30 seconds and still catching my breath I leaned down and rubbed from her lower back to her shoulders which elicited a breathy mmmmmmm from her.

I laid down half beside and half on top of her with my leg draped across hers as I gave soft kisses across her upper back while running a hand up and down her side. I pulled her long hair to the side exposing her neck then gave her a few sucking kisses then laid down beside her continuing to rub her back. I laid there rubbing her thinking about the discomfort she endured while working hard to satisfy me, letting me satisfy myself. She turned over looking at me, "was it alright" ?

ALRIGHT ?, Oh My God sis, that was incredible, I said. Have you done this before ?. No, Yes, well kind of, I said. She had that not quite understanding look on her face and I said, well I did try it ONCE but it was NOTHING LIKE THIS. How far did you get it in me ?.

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Not quite halfway, I said. WHAT ! she said propping her head up on her hand, you got to be kidding me, it felt like you had the whole thing in.

How far did you get in the one time you did it ?. Just the head, then I had to stop and take it out, I said. A huge smile of pride grew on her face and she laid her head back down. Well I have to admit, it hurt a little at the end but the feeling of having you inside me is wonderful. I want to be able to take it all, I feel so close to you when your in me. It will be even better the next time, she said.

Hearing her say that elated me.


She was willing, in fact wanting to continue for her pleasure and mine. It was what I wanted to hear, what I wanted to experience. I wanted to get so deep inside her ass, as deep as I have ever been in her pussy. I laid there savoring the thought and feeling of having my shaft buried deep inside that tight plump ass as I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke she was gone. I went to her room and found her laying in bed. I sat down and stroked her hair, she looked at me and said " I don't feel good, I think I do have a cold, my throat is starting to hurt and I ache. Upon our parents coming home and confirming her rising fever I felt bad knowing what she would have to go thru, that and selfishly thinking I would have to do without for a few days. Mom was checking on her and just when I got to her bedroom door I heard them talking and glancing in my direction, "can he stay home with me".

Mom turned to see who was behind her and said No, he needs to go on to school, your father is taking a few days off to stay with you.

It must have been more than a cold she had. After a whole week she was getting better but I was about to explode. I mean there wasn't a day gone by I didn't jack off but there is nothing like the real thing. As I was walking the usual route home, consumed with the thoughts of sex I heard a voice say "hey mister".

Leaning against a tree and smiling was the same girl who had surprised my sister and I. "Pretty tough going without a whole week huh" ?. I automatically started running my eye down her body, the jeans she had on fit her perfectly.

As I looked up I noticed she was staring at the bulge in my pants. I didn't exactly know this girl but dam she was hot and she was my sisters "friend" and I was horny as hell. As she looked up at me I said with a smile, you couldn't handle it. Bet I could, she said looking me right in the eyes. Precocious girl, I thought, as we continued to stare at each other.

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How we gonna find out, I said. Come on, she motioned, as she turned walking deeper into the woods. I was right behind her, looking her up and down.

She was a few inches shorter than I was, about 115lbs with a little more than shoulder length straight dirty blond hair, slender body with her tits being a nice small handful each. As we were walking along I thought this is so surreal.

I've heard about this, read about it but does it ever happen like this. Can this be happening. Here I was in dire need and here is this scene playing out, this is to easy.

We reached a spot and she stopped and turned to me, I looked around surveying the area, trying to hide my nervousness. Looking at her I said, you sure you want to do this. Uh Huh, she said. What about you and your brother ?

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Believe it or not he's been sick to, she said raising her eyebrows. Looking at each other I let my eyes drift down then back up her body then looked back in her eyes and slightly nodding my head in and up and down motion she began to pull off her shirt.

I was busy kicking off my shoes and pulling my shirt off as she started siding her pants down. She was placing our clothes on the ground making a place to lay. She sat down on our clothes as I slide my pants down and kicked them off.

She sat there looking at me as I pulled my underwear down freeing my throbbing cock. She laid down pulling off her panties. I knelled in front of her, practically breathless with anticipation. I reached down to run a finger in her slit when she said "I'm ready".

As my finger ran inside her slot she was right, she was WET, hell I was aching myself and I couldn't wait to run myself deep into her sopping wet cunt. As I started to lean, getting into position she raised her legs up high and placed her ankles on my shoulders.

I knelt more upright than normal not knowing exactly how flexible she was. I reached down placing my cock at her entrance and pushed in. She drew in a breath as I slide in to my entire length.

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MMMMMMMMMMMMMM I moaned. I immediately started pumping in and out of her sweet dripping cunt. I was taking long fast deep strokes, wanting nothing more than to cum. Starting in a low voice she panted, fuck me, Fuck Me, then got louder, much louder, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEE, UHHHHH, UHHHHHH. At that moment I was absolutely pounding her, HARD !.

Each time I pushed into her and about to bottom out I shoved extra hard which made her grunt each time I hit. I was leaning further over her now with her ankles hung past my shoulders and her legs were practically straight back. I was holding myself up with my arms on each side of her head and had her wrists clamped in my hands.

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I was holding her down FUCKING her HARD as she continued to grunt each time I bottomed out. I was working hard, breathing heavy and sweating profusely as I felt the cum racing up my shaft. I knew there was no way to hold it off at all. With a strained voice I asked "can I cum in you ?".

YES, YES, IT'S OK, CUM IN MEEEEE. I didn't know if I could trust her but I was to far gone, no matter how hard I tried to hold it the cum was already shooting from my peehole as I was asking her. OHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD I shouted as I continued to shoot stream after stream of searing hot cum deep inside of her. I held myself inside her squeezing out every last little drop. As I let her wrists go and eased back she moved her legs down and squeezed her cunt muscles as I slowly pulled out then loosen up when I went in back in and squeezing again as I pulled back until I finally pulled out of her.

Without a word we both started picking up clothes and getting dressed. As I dressed I kept looking at her. When she bent down to pick up her pants I was looking at her ass. She turned looking up at me, seeing what I was staring at she stood up looked down over the back of her shoulder then glanced at me and said "maybe". My cocked jumped a little. We walked out of the woods and when we got to the path and just before we went our separate way she said "tell your sister I said hi", I gave her a quick nod and walked home.

My Mom's car was in the driveway when I got home. She's home early I thought. I walked in and all I heard was her yelling from their bedroom "Oh My God, What Do You Mean You Couldn't Help It, I Can't Believe This. I turned and walk towards my room and as I got to my sisters door it was closed and I heard her crying. I turned to see my Mom walking up and she said "get in the car".

She walked into my sisters room and I heard Mom say "come with your brother and me". I stood there stoically as they walked out and towards the front door then I followed them out.

All kinds of things were running thru my mind but nobody was saying anything. Mom had a disbelieving look on her face as she drove then said to herself "what are we going to do". As we were cutting thru another neighborhood and rounded a corner my Mom moved closer to the steering wheel straining to look then she said NO, it can't be ?.

I swear that's you two's cousin, the girl with the blond hair. WHAT ! my sister and I said simultaneously.